"Its a small world" movie in development

April 23, 2014, 2:07 AM


with disney working on a number of movie/tv projects from rides
such as Big thunder mountain tv show,another Haunted mansion,Tomorrowland,Magic Kingdom movie and Pirates of the caribbean just wondered what other rides would you like to see turned into movies

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May 1, 2014, 6:56 AM

I do not think it would just be a movie but maybe movies, animated shorts, and possibly a television show would be Figment and maybe Dreamfinder from Journey Into Imagination at Epcot Center. Figment is a cool character that could be used by Disney for much more than one ride. Of course if you have the sidekick Figment you have to have Dreamfinder.

May 2, 2014, 1:53 AM

That would be cool

May 8, 2014, 6:35 AM

Small World as a horror rated R film, the first for Disney, where the little people terrorize every man, woman, and child that goes through their path. They keep singing that awful hypnotic song. Children are lurred in by its fake castle like facade and parents come along as its a calm smooth ride. It's all too late when they board that boat to their eventual doom! It gives me goosebumbs just thinking about it. What lurks inside......it's a Small World after all.......... Woo ha ha ha.

Yes it is a true life experience where I will tell my kids that I did survive getting stuck for 30 minutes on that ride listening to that awful hideous music that seemed like eternity. I did it but it put a horrific imprint on me that will last forever and I never will ride that ride again or until one of my kids wants to go it.....

Edited: May 10, 2014, 3:14 PM

Apple- Your idea is creative (and 'truly' based on a true story), but Disney would never make a R-rated movie. But if it was just for laughs, I find your idea very humorous.
Duncan- Didn't Disney already do a Haunted Mansion movie with Eddie Murphy? And I don't get the idea of a BTM TV series.
I would like to see Expedition Everest turned into a direct to video film of some sort.

May 11, 2014, 2:50 PM

Tyler yeah they were meant to be rebooting the Haunted Mansion with guillermo del toro said to be attached but haven't heard much for a few years. here is more on big thunder tv show

May 18, 2014, 7:09 AM

They should do a movie on DINOSAUR!
oh wait
That was already a movie.

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