Eating and Drinking Everything on Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

March 3, 2022, 7:34 PM · You can’t have a fully immersive multi-day Star Wars experience without fully committing to the theme, and that means at some point across these very busy 48 hours, the guests have to eat. As with many newer themed environments, the Galactic Starcruiser features fully immersive food and drink menus. Disney had already come up with a number of Star Wars themed dishes when they debuted Galaxy’s Edge in 2019, but there needs to be enough of a variety of foods on the Halcyon to fill guests for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners – luckily Star Wars characters don’t eat Second Breakfast. The existing restaurants within Galaxy’s Edge, Docking Bay 7 and Ronto Roasters, gave the Disney Culinary team a place to start, but the menus on the Halcyon have to be on overdrive not only to measure up to the high expectations of a luxury cruise ship environment and the high price of this experience.

Breakfast and lunch onboard the Halcyon are served in a pre-plated buffet style with open seating in the Crown of Corellia Dining Room. Guests can claim a table and make their way to the back of the dining room where food and drinks are available in a self-serve area. The variety of food choices that are available should satisfy all tastes and dietary needs/restrictions. Breakfast and lunch items are served on square or rectangular dishes that conveniently fit into slots in the cleverly designed trays, complete with the Chandrilla Star Lines logo. For all meals, soda, juice, coffee, and tea, along with both blue and green milk are included. However, mixed drinks (including specialty non-alcoholic drinks), beer, and wine are an additional charge. We were given two drink vouchers for each of us (six total vouchers) as part of the media voyage, which could be used during any of our meals or in the Sublight Lounge.

For the two dinners on board, guests are seated at designated tables, while each course is brough to the table family style. Guests who want an extra special experience during dinner can reserve a seat at the Captain’s Table ($30/person) where you receive some additional courses, a glass of champagne, and an up close and personal seat with Captain Keevan and other characters. While we did not have a chance to experience the Captain’s Table, we were assigned seats near the front of the dining room, which was nice for the first evening’s performance from Gaya.

Overall, I thought the food was excellent, and met the culinary staff’s goal of serving familiar flavors in interesting and alien ways. As with a menu with dozens of different items, there are bound to be selections that are universally loved and others that just don’t measure up. Below are some of the highlights of the items we sampled during our experiences on the Galactic Starcruiser.

Day 1 Lunch

Fire Melted Cheese Takeaway with Red Fruit Soup Dipper (left side of tray above)

This is exactly what you think it is, grilled cheese with tomato soup. However, the grilled cheese is pressed with something akin to a waffle iron to create a bubbly, cratered crust. The soup is tangy, but not so tomato-laden where it overpowers the cheese.

Sorgan’s Stew (top right of tray above)

This was essentially red beans and rice with crawfish. I’m sure some people will be freaked out with the sight of a whole crawfish, but I liked the use of an earthly ingredient appearing alien in a pretty standard culinary dish. For us, this wasn’t terribly otherworldly, but for many guests this might look and taste very alien.

Pork and Cheese Takeaway with Black Spice Spread (top center of tray above)

This is essentially a mini ham and cheese sandwich, but was served in a crusty, yet airy bun, similar to the filled PB&J bun. The spread was a very spicy mustard.

Tikka Tip Yip (chicken) with Paneer Cheese (left of tray above)

This dish was a bit of a surprise for me. You don’t really think about Indian flavors on a pizza, but this really works. Mini pizzas were served frequently with different spins on topped flatbread. We later learned that the Halcyon is equipped with a wood-fired pizza oven, which is used to cook all of the pizzas on board, which explains why the crusts were delicious.

Sunflower Butter and Jelly (upper left of tray above)

I grabbed this item not realizing what it was because it looked interesting with green dust topping what looked like a simple bun. Inside the interesting package is essentially a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and even though I’m not a fan of peanut butter, the way the filling oozed and balance with the sweet jelly was a solid combination that is sure to be a hit with kids.

Nori-crusted Redfish with Mushrooms and Red Cabbage (bottom of tray above)

This dish was excellent and would have been equally acceptable as a dinner entree. The salmon was excellently cooked with a couple of sheets of nori, which are typically rolled for sushi, placed on top to create a second skin for the fish. The accompanying veggies added depth to the dish with solid umami and sour notes.

Blue Bantha Milk Fruit Whip (top center of tray above and close-up below)

This was visually one of the most interesting lunch options available. The sparkly purple exterior of the dessert looks like a psychedelic star field and conceals a luscious reddish-purple mousse. The green and black dust alongside the white whipped cream create additional visual intrigue as well as contrasting textures to the gooey gel.

Choco Whip with Hibiscus Meringue (left of tray above)

This dessert was full of chocolatey goodness (both dark and semi-sweet varieties), and the meringue added an herbaceous element that was an excellent match to the decadent chocolates.

Chandrilan Salad (bottom right of tray above)

This was a pretty standard quinoa/couscous style pasta salad. I felt this dish could have used some more marinade or pickled veggies to give it an extra kick, but the textures of the grains with the chewy mushrooms provided a fun mouth feel.

Green Leaf Salad (upper right of tray above)

This is actually what you would expect. This salad had a cheese tuile and some red quinoa with the greens tossed in a tangy oil and vinegar dressing but was nothing out of this world.

Daily Sweetbread (bottom center of tray above)

Cookies were constantly on the buffet but called “sweetbreads”. These purple-tinted sweets were dusted with powdered sugar and had a fruity undertone.

There were 2 dishes that we did not try during lunch on Day 1. The first was Roasted Flora with Tubers and Red Cabbage, which again is pretty self-explanatory. The second Day 1 lunch dish we didn’t sample was Dipped Tip Yip (chicken) with Noodle Cheese, which looked like chicken nuggets on spaghetti.

Before dinner on Day 1, there were snacks served in the Atrium. Most of these items were pre-wrapped, but still kept with the Star Wars theme.

There were both sweet and savory options with cheese tuiles (similar to what was on the lunch salad), crispy cornbread sticks, salty-spicy snack mix, cookies with the Chandrilla Star Lines logo, and purple cake pops. Of all the snack options, the cake pops were the most popular, and unfortunately never reappeared over the rest of the voyage.

Day 1 Dinner

Day 1’s dinner featured an incredible performance from Gaya, but also included a delicious 3-course meal.

Spiral Dumplings with Flora Noodle Salad and Interplanetary Dipping Sauces

The dumplings were brightly colored (yellow for Tip Yip/chicken, blue for Bantha/beef, and green for vegetable), and the overall presentation of the dish was neat, resembling a very fancy bento box. The salad was composed of zoodles that were well marinated without being overly vinegary. The sauces (barbeque, Melahnese curry, Batuu spice, and Kaadu cream) went well with all three of the buns with the barbeque being the most ordinary. The amount of sauce provided is a bit minimal given the size of the buns, but as with any of the dinner courses, you can request additional portions from your server. Of the 3 buns, I liked the Bantha the best, but the Tip Yip and veggie buns were also quite good.

Chandrilla Chef’s Selections

Bantha Beef Tenderloins (Tamarind glazed with crushed moon rock potatoes)

Of the main course selections, this was by far the best, so much so that we ordered a second serving that was even better than the first. The filet was cooked a perfect medium rare, and the au-jus was very rich and flavorful – though a bit sparse on our first batch. Also, the sample plate of this dish presented at the media interview session following our experience looked to have more purple potatoes than what we saw on our dinner portions, making the dish appear more alien.

Stewed Shrimp with Lemongrass, Lobster Cream, and Coconut Lime Foam (top of platter above)

I really liked the flavor profile of this dish, and the foam was not as off-putting texturally as some foam toppings can be. The south Asian and Indian flavors blended well here, but the sauce was more like soup with the shrimp almost drowning in the portion we received.

Tip Yip Chicken (bourbon-glazed with red peppers and sesame seeds) (bottom of platter above)

This was a big hit at our table despite it being a rather ordinary dish. This is very much like orange chicken or General Tso’s chicken that you can get at your local Chinese restaurant, but it was not nearly as sweet, saucy, or sticky as so many versions of this dish tend to be. The pieces of chicken were not as chunky either, and retained a good amount of crunch even after sitting for a few minutes. This dish skews away from the overall theme of food on the Galactic Starcruiser but was really good.

Green Herbed Fluffy Rice with Puffed Rice Crisp (upper center of platter above)

The highlight of this dish was the rice crisp, which had the airy yet crispy texture of chicharrons, but still were acceptable for a vegan. The rice was pretty ordinary but was perfect for soaking up all the sauce from the shrimp. If I were a vegetarian or vegan, I’d be a bit disappointed by this dish by itself, but when presented with the rest of the items of this course, it was a solid background performer.

Surabat Spiced Flora (lower center of platter above)

These grilled vegetables were tasty without being over-seasoned. There was also a wide variety of vegetables to please a number of different tastes. I appreciated the use of purple cauliflower and other more common veggies cut in unusual shapes to give this dish a bit of a foreign look.

Jogan Fruit and Caramel Whip with Yuzu, Passionfruit, and Cardellia Jelly

This was a larger and more complicated version of a dish we had for lunch. The items are presented like a field of celestial bodies with individual components dabbed around the plate. The caramel whip was light and fluffy like a whipped cream, and the various dallops of jellies and sauces provided fun experimentation with the fruity, mousse-y Jogan Fruit gel.

Chocolate Assortment

We were also presented with 3 chocolates as part of dessert with 2 milk and 1 dark chocolate square. It’s almost like they knew us, because I tend to prefer dark chocolate while my wife and Zach are bigger fans of milk chocolate.

Day 2 Breakfast

Given the wide variety of dishes we had over the course of Day 1, I was excited to see what breakfast items the culinary staff could create.

Chandrilan Waffle

A buffet breakfast at WDW is never complete without a Mickey Waffle, but instead of everybody’s favorite mouse, these mini waffles are cast into the shape of the Chandrilla Star Lines logo. There’s nothing unusual about these except their ability to soak up an entire cup of syrup.

If a waffle by itself isn’t enough, you could also get a waffle plated alongside a rolled omelet and roasted sausage.

Whipped Eggs with Batuu-spiced White Sauce

I was not a fan of this dish. It was probably my least favorite of the entire trip. I don’t necessarily mind radish (used as a garnish), but the heaping dollop of red horseradish sauce in the center of the egg white was not to my liking. This type of horseradish is usually used to balance rich proteins and thick sauces, but there just isn’t enough flavor in the egg to counter the bitterness.

Compressed Fruit Plate (top of tray above – Zach started digging in on this before I could snap a photo)

The presentation of this plate was quite striking with some earthly fruits appearing very extraordinary. Everything tastes as you would expect here, and there’s no syrup applied so don’t expect the pieces to taste overly sweet like fruit cocktail.

Kale Porridge with Sausage Gravy and Egg Worms (bottom of tray above)

I really liked the presentation of this dish. The porridge was somewhat like a formed grit cake, which had a divot for the sausage gravy. The eggs were an added element of fun on this with a moist yet gelatinous texture, while the mushroom garnish provided an extra touch that elevated this dish beyond a standard breakfast item.

Palm Fruit Yogurt Acai (bottom right of tray above)

I loved the cute presentation of this dish in clear mini-milk bottle style jars. It’s more or less a parfait, but the blue-colored yogurt suggests that it was made from Blue Milk.

Crispy Tuber Waffle with Cheddar Egg Bite, Apple Fruit Bacon, and Herbed Egg-butter Sauce (bottom center of tray above)

This dish was pure perfection. The bacon spiral on top was like candy, and the hash brown-style waffle underneath was crispy on the edges and tender in the middle. The sauce brough everything together by adding salty notes to the fluffy egg bite. If I wasn’t making a concerted effort to try as many different items as possible, I would have filled up my tray with multiple portions of this dish.

Pastry Board (upper right of tray above)

This was a really fun presentation of rather ordinary items, so much so that I didn’t realize that the blue swirl with the ruby cube on my plate was a fancy pat of butter and jelly, so I inadvertently put the entire portion in my mouth instead of spreading it on my roll. The green-dusted roll is similar to others served throughout our voyage, but the purple topped muffin was a cool spin on a blueberry muffin. The croissant roll had a tasty raspberry jelly inside. If you chose to grab a boxed breakfast from the Sublight Lounge, this is some of what you would find in the box.

The grab and go lunch in the Sublight Lounge also included fruit, coffee, tees, and juices like you might find in a standard hotel takeaway breakfast.

As part of the Galactic Starcruiser package, each guest is given a quick serve dining credit that can be used at any counter service restaurant in DHS. We chose to use our credits at Ronto Roasters, because we didn’t want to fill up too much since there was also lunch being served on the Halcyon. The credit includes an entrée and a drink, including alcohol or specialty non-alcoholic drinks.

Day 2 Lunch

Chopped Tip Yip (chicken) with Cheesy Noodles (bottom of tray above)

Zach ended up getting this dish, and it must have been good, because it was gone before I got to taste it.

Bantha-vinegared Herb Sauce and Coti-cheese Pizza (top of tray above)

This was another delicious mini pizza with sun dried tomatoes and a sweet yet savory herb sauce. As with all the pizzas, the crust was pillowy while still having a crispy bottom and edge.

Sweet Tuber with Spicy Batuu Curry (bottom left of tray above)

This was kind of like a curry-flavored soup as the consistency of the sweet potatoes was extremely smooth. The flavor profile here was very similar to the shrimp curry we had enjoyed at the previous night’s dinner. The “stick” on top of the bowl was more like a granola bar than a bread, which I ate by itself instead of trying to dip into the sauce. The sweet potato was not terribly sweet here, and the overall texture was not paste-like, which potatoes can get if you overwhip them.

Chili-spiced Cucumber with Garden Grown Greens (top center of tray above)

I wanted to love this dish, because I love cucumber salad, but there just wasn’t enough pickling liquid here. It could also have been that the cucumbers were sliced too thick to absorb the marinade, but in either event, there simply wasn’t enough flavor with this dish. I didn’t really taste much chili here either despite spotting quite a few red chili flakes scattered about.

Tamarind-glazed Burra Fish with Long Fruit Leaf, Braised Kale, Chickpeas, and Curry (bottom right of tray above)

This wasn’t quite as good as the salmon from Day 1’s lunch, but it was still a dinner-worthy fish entrée. The added curry notes blended with the chickpeas gave this dish a bit of an exotic flavor without overpowering the delicate taste of the fish. The fish was well prepared and fork tender.

Kaadu Rib Bites with Sweet and Sticky Glaze and Spicy Salad (upper right of tray above)

This dish was like Korean style rib tips with kimchee slaw. I really liked the bold flavors here as both the glaze and the slaw had a zing to them. Unfortunately, the portion I grabbed did not have the most tender rib meat. I wanted to grab another plate of this but was too full at the time to eat any more.

Cream of Jogan (upper left of tray above)

This was another Jogan fruit dessert with its reddish-purple mousse-y center. I just couldn’t get enough of the different variations on this visually interesting dessert, and the fact that it tasted really exotic too made it an easy choice over more pedestrian-looking options like the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake and the mini chocolate chip cookies.

There were two vegetable dishes served during this lunch that I did not try. Both the Red Fruit Burrata and Marinated Seared Tofu had strong visual appeal, but I just didn’t have room to taste these items. I also did not try the Blue Focaccia with Sausage takeaway, which was an interesting spin on a mini hot dog. The purple-colored bread was a bit odd looking but might be a fun option for kids wanting to expand their palate.

Day 2 Dinner

Day 2’s dinner was billed as a Taste Around the Galaxy and provided 4 courses of interesting dishes.

Bread Service – Mustafarian Spreads and Breads

This was an interesting way to start the meal. There were a lot of different colors and textures on display here from the creamy whipped pimento spread to the black, crispy pita-like chip that looked like it came straight from the namesake planet’s lava flows. The blue focaccia from lunch appeared here again as did a charred corn tortilla-like bread that looked similar to what was served with lunch’s tofu. As a whole, this dish was similar to bread services we have had at Tiffins and Jiko with a wide variety of tastes and textures.

Shrimp Course – Iced Felucian Shrimp Cocktail

Eewww - blue shrimp! The look of this dish is certainly otherworldly, and a showstopper when presented on a special platter that creates a dry ice fog over the shrimp. For as bizarre as this massive shrimp appear, they taste just like earth ones. The dollops of cocktail sauce were thick, but not sticky enough to actually act as a dip. However, the cocktail sauce was quite tangy with a bit of spice. For us, the seaweed salad and marinated mushrooms added an extra layer of depth to a dish that could have been seen as a standard shrimp cocktail with some visual appeal.

Entrée 1 – Braised Bantha Beef Short Ribs with Rich Fig Fruit Demi-glace, Tuber-turmeric Puree, and Nightshade Flora

These short ribs were melt-in-your-mouth tender, and full of flavor. The mashed potatoes underneath them were nothing spectacular, but it didn’t really matter since the meat was so perfectly prepared. As with the filet from Day 1’s dinner, more sauce could have been provided on the plate to help bring more flavor into the mash.

Entrée 2 – Seared Kashyyyk Whitefish with Greenpod Puree, Jekka Seed, Cornseed Relish, and Yellowfruit Buttercream

Our server noted that this fish was akin to a grouper on earth, and the fleshy protein was quite flavorful without being fishy. The beurre blanc sauce accompanying this plate was amazing and brought a richness to the dish that took it to another level.

Entrée 3 – Seared Tip Yip (chicken) with Herbed Porridge, Roaster Flora, and Red Onion Vinaigrette

Our server brought this dish to our table in case Zach didn’t like the other options. The dish had good visual appeal, but the chicken filets were somewhat bland without any sauce component to counteract the blandness. The vegetables served with this were good, but not something that I think would appeal to most kids.

Dessert – Chandrilan Air Cake with Chocolate, Cream of Jogan Fruit, and Terateak Fruit Jelly

This cake was simply amazing. Presented in the shape of the ship’s logo, this dessert was a perfect way to end the evening. The decadent chocolate combined perfect with the cream (more like a Boston cream) and gel to hit all of the sweet corners of your palate. The cake is light and fluffy instead of being dense and heavy like so many chocolate desserts.

Dessert Cookies – 3 Different “Sweetbread” Selections

Like Day 1’s dessert, we were served an additional plate of desserts for our table. Today we received 3 different cookies, chocolate chip, lemon curd, and Jogan fruit. These 1-bite delights were a nice surprise, but it was hard for us to decide which of us got which cookie.

After the epic finale, the Crown of Corellia Dining Room plays host to an evening ending dessert party. Unfortunately, many of the options were repeats of dishes previously presented. However, there were a few new items here…

Butter Blue Grains (upper right of tray above)

This salty, buttered popcorn was served in cute little bags, and while the presentation was unique, the flavor was what one would expect. Outpost mix (same as Kat Saka’s Kettle in Galaxy’s Edge) was also available.

Amethyst Whipped Cream (middle left of tray above)

This was a gorgeous looking dessert. The lavender whipped swirl had a slightly herbaceous note to it, and the white fleshy fruit (maybe dragon fruit, but I’m not sure) added tartness to the sweet cream

Flora-based Sunny Nut-butter Sweet Cakes (bottom right of tray above)

These were essentially black-colored peanut butter cookies.

Daily Sweetcake (top middle section of tray above)

This brown sphere was like a cross between a chocolate chip muffin and a donut hole. It was a tasty little bite, but not particularly extraordinary.

Lavender Cream Sorbet (bottom middle section of tray above)

This frozen purple sphere with a crispy white chocolate coating was delicious. However, it was too large to eat in 1 bite, but too frozen, round and slippery to cut with a spoon. It took me a few attempts, including a near miss where it almost skidded to the floor, but I eventually managed to slice this in half so I could taste this delicious frozen delight.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

This dish reappeared here, so I grabbed a sample with its interesting floral garnish. This tasted pretty much as you would expect though the chocolate is not as dominating as I anticipated.

Day 3 Breakfast

Day 3’s breakfast had a number of dishes we had seen during Day 2, but there were a few new items that popped up that I had to try before we left the Galactic Starcruiser.

Spiced Bobotie with Red Fruit Jam (upper right of tray above)

Bobotie is an omelet-style dish from Africa that can be found on the buffet at Boma and occasionally during various festivals at EPCOT. This bobotie is a much firmer variation of the dish than I’ve had before and had an unusual blend of spices I was not crazy about. This dish was billed to have been made without any animal products, so perhaps that would explain the unusual texture, but does not account for the unusual seasoning.

Meteor Egg with Sausage, Flat Cake Batter, and Turmeric Aioli (bottom left of tray above)

This is the Star Wars version of a Scotch Egg, and I gave it a shot even though I’m not a fan of Scotch Eggs. I’m still not a fan of Scotch Eggs, but I applaud the culinary team for the cool presentation.

Breakfast Meat Pie (bottom right of tray above)

This was the last pizza of the voyage and might have been the best. The crust was still pillowy with ample crispiness. The savory cheese sauce was delicious, and all the salted meats on top made this a perfect end to our culinary adventure to the Star Wars Universe.

In addition to everything served in the dining room and Atrium, there were also dishes served in the Sublight Lounge. Guests could order from a diverse menu of small plates to accompany their drinks.

Smoked Redfish Littletubes

This dish was a pair of savory cannoli filled with a cheesy lox mixture topped with salmon roe. I simply loved this, and the cool presentation. The slightly sweet shells don’t quite match with the salty filling, but I think this is an ambitious dish for a bar menu.

Crispy-dried Green Beans

These were pretty good, but I thought the creamy sauce could have been a little thicker to better adhere to the beans. The dehydrated green beans had a dusting of salt, but really needed the sauce to give them flavor. They had a great crunch though!

Smoked Cheese en Cloche

This dish was as much about the presentation as it is about the taste. Smoke is injected into a dome covering the cheese plate, and when it’s delivered to the table, the cloche is removed to create an impressive reveal. Three different cheeses are provided (white cheddar, black goat cheese, and smoked gouda) as well as some crackers. I would have preferred some different crackers or breads for the various cheeses, but this was still a fun and elevated bar dish.

Hummus and Quinoa “Meatballs”

This was a pretty big miss for us. I think they were going for falafel here but mixing humus and quinoa into a falafel type mixture just didn’t work. The texture was mushy and just not very appealing to us. The red-pepper jam served alongside with cloyingly sweet and didn’t mesh well with the “meatballs”. We heard excellent reviews of the Mustafar Tuber Chips, and probably should have ordered those instead of this dish.


In addition to the food served in the Sublight Lounge, guests can order beer, wine, and mixed drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), which are also available during all meals. Mixed drinks in the lounge are prepared to order in special glassware (some drinks can be ordered in souvenir glasses for an additional charge), while the ones served in the dining room are poured into high-ball style glasses.

Mark of the Huntress

This bourbon-based cocktail is billed as having a “kick” since it uses 100-proof liquor, and while I thought it was definitely strong, it was not overly powerful. The fruity notes meshed well will the oaky spirit to make this appealing to guests who like sweeter drinks and those who prefer the taste of whiskey. I ordered this drink with dinner on Day 1, so it was served in a high-ball glass, which made it more difficult to nose than the wider rimmed goblet used in the Sublight Lounge. I didn’t think this cocktail justified being the most expensive drink on the menu.

Fiery Mustafarian

This exotic margarita-style drink was a real winner. We ended up ordering this in a souvenir glass, which includes an exclusive Chandrilla Star Lines stand. The base drink is a more tart version of a standard margarita, but the glass is rimmed with a smokey black salt and spice mixture, and accompanying the drink is a test tube of “lava extract” that allows you to increase the heat level. This red-tinted liquid really kicked the drink up a notch and made the liquid spicy without adversely impacting the flavor of the base mix.

Hoth Icebreaker

This is another drink where the presentation is very impressive. The tall slender glass accentuates the icy blue liquid, which is a vodka-based cocktail. Before pouring the mix into the glass (in the Sublight Lounge), the bartender places a clean glass in a blast chiller to evoke the frozen landscape of Hoth. This also keeps the drink colder a little longer, so the last few sips are as chilled as the first. The drink is topped with a fluffy, sweet foam (not whipped cream) and sugar sculpture shaped to look like a massive ice crystal. Overall, this drink is for those preferring a sweet cocktail, but I really enjoyed the presentation.

Dagobah Vimlet

This is a fun spin on a gimlet served in a martini-style glass. The herbaceous vodka-based mixture is a mossy-green color appropriate for a drink with origins on the swampy planet where Luke Skywalker meets Yoda in Empire Strikes Back. Crushed peppercorns are added to the mix to add an extra spicy element that sets this drink apart from what you might find at your local pub. I really liked this drink because it was approachable while still being very different from your standard cocktail.

Overall, the food and drinks on board the Halcyon are an integral part of the experience. Just like a sea-faring cruise, the food is all-you-care-to-consume, so bring your appetite, and don’t be afraid to ask your server for additional portions of your favorite dinner dishes. However, it’s a bit of a bummer that beer, wine, and mixed drinks are all an additional cost. The Sublight Lounge has an excellent menu of food items that compliment the diverse drink menu, so it’s a shame guests are forced to pay more to sample some of these fun and inventive potables. Also, the sheer volume of options on the drink menu means that you’re unlikely to be able to sample even half of the available items. There were all kinds of alien drinks making their way around the Sublight Lounge that I wanted to sip, but it just wasn’t possible without getting too intoxicated to enjoy the experience. Much like the Galactic Starcruiser experience, there are far more options and choices than you could possibly experience in a single visit (or even 4-5 visits), so guests should be prepared for a bit of regret if the choices you make may not look or taste as good as options you see or hear other guests getting.

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Replies (6)

March 4, 2022 at 6:19 AM

Is there a kids menu at this place? I’d love to try all these foods, but I fear parents will have trouble getting their picky younglings to do the same.

March 4, 2022 at 12:03 PM

Yes James, there is a "Younglings" menu for dinner, and while it does have some standard generic fare (pizza and chicken strips), there are some unique options that you might not find on your average kid's menu. We didn't taste any of these items, but items on the menu included some more adventurous options like rice paper rolls, cheesy spiral dumplings (essentially a cheeseburger in a bao bun, which is supposedly really good), and some of the same dessert options from the adult menu.

For breakfast and lunch, there are plenty of options that can satisfy those picky eaters, and if there are issues, I'm sure the culinary staff can whip up something more recognizable if needed.

March 4, 2022 at 10:53 AM

Some of this stuff looks pretty unappealing. I think this is taking theming too far. Food shouldn't repulse you, just to look like something out of science fiction.

March 4, 2022 at 12:29 PM

I guess the visual appeal of dishes is pretty subjective (as is the taste), but I didn't find any of the dishes "repulsive". Yeah, there were some strange looking items like those blue shrimp and a bowl of red beans and rice with a strange shelled creature in it (if you'd never seen a crayfish before), but I think the more visually bizarre dishes introduced some fun to the menu and reinforced the space cruise theme. Tiffins at DAK serves a whole deep-fried fish as one of its signature entrees, and while some might find the sight of a fish staring at you from a plate a bit repulsive, to others it's a delicacy.

I think that's what people are looking for here. It's not like Disney is presenting truly strange dishes like live insects or raw ingredients that would really stretch a guest's tolerance (though there was a dish advertised in early promotional photos/videos that utilized a dehydrated bonito flake that looked like a living creature squirming - we never saw this rumored dish, and it wasn't reported as being served at the Captain's Table either).

You also have to remember that the Star Wars Universe isn't really known for food like other popular IPs, so the culinary staff had to create a lot of these items based solely on the inspiration of the various planets and characters we see throughout the Galaxy Far Far Away.

This is all about having fun with food while staying within the Star Wars/outer space theme, and serving what the average guest would be willing to consume. The culinary team did an excellent job of stretching the idea of "space food" while still providing familiar tastes and approachable dishes. In reality it's not much different than you might find at Jiko, Boma, Tiffins, or Takumi-Tei (or many of the items served at kiosks during season food festivals), which bring very foreign flavors and presentations to the American theme park guest.

March 4, 2022 at 12:29 PM

Awesome and very thorough review!

March 4, 2022 at 11:55 PM


Sincere thanks for the work and attention to detail you’ve put into this coverage. Great articles, these have been!

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