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Tips on Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure: This response will give you some tips and notes on how to have a successful day at Six Flags.

From Jenna V
Posted December 28, 2006 at 6:45 PM
This response will give you some tips and notes on how to have a successful day at Six Flags.

-The Best time to go-

~ When should you go to Six Flags where the lines are at a minimum? Well, the best time to visit Six Flags is from Early April to Late May, when the kiddies are in school. The lines will be short in the morning, yet longer in the afternoon.
~ Always arrive at the park around 9:30, ½ an hour before it opens to get a parking spot closest to the entrance. The walk from the lot to the entrance is around 7 minutes, depending on where you park. By time you get to the gate to go in, it will almost be 10:00A.M.
~ Never go to the park on weekends. Kids are out of school and the crowds rush in. Go on an odd day such as Tuesday or Wednesday.
~Always check the weather before going. If the weather is going to be very warm, you may want to reschedule, it is very uncomfortable waiting in lines sweating to death. If it is too cold, or chances of rain, you should reschedule, all the way. Many rides close due to rain or very low temperatures.

-Tickets and the Flash Pass-

~Buy your tickets online. You save $20, and the line for tickets to get in will always be ½ an hour plus. The lines move slowly, and you’ll be standing there very long.
~No matter what day you go on, the GOLDEN FLASH PASS is the way to go. The lines for this are very long, so prepare to wait maybe an hour plus, but it is completely worth it.
~ You should complete the registration form online at for the Flash Pass and fill it out so you don’t have to do it there. I never done it, but there may be a possibility you can go to the front of the line and get your Flash Pass, yet that’s beyond me.
~ As soon as you get inside the park, run to the Flash Pass station, because later in the afternoon lines for it will reach 2 hours plus, so get a fresh start with it, even if it means waiting 1 hour.
~ The Golden Flash Pass definitely a lot of money, but if your forking up the cash for tickets and parking, don’t even try going to the park with out this.

-How it works-

~ The Flash Pass is an electronic system that virtually allows you to wait in line while you’re off doing other things. It is mini, like a beeper, and has a strap that allows you to carry it. You simply hold up your Flash Pass to the Reserved Sign near a ride, and it will give you a time to come back. Within that time, I would suggest reserving rides in an order you choose that is easy for you to navigate around the park. While your at home, you should think of a list of rides and an order you will ride them in to make your experience easier.
~ When your ride is near, your beeper will vibrate and ring and warn you to go to your reserved ride. Go to the Flash Pass lane and hold it up to the enter sign, and it will say “Have a great ride” and you will be able to ride.
~The regular Flash Pass does not reduce your waiting time what-so-ever. The Golden Flash Pass, how ever, reduces your waiting time by 75%, so instead of a 2 hour wait, you may have a 20 minute wait, or instead of an hour and a ½, a 15 minute wait. It is totally worth it, 100%, and you should always get it.

~Some Very Random Tips~

-If you don’t have the Flash Pass, start at the left side of the park, by Nitro. Everyone else starts at the right by Kingda Ka and work their way over to Nitro. You do the vise-versa, and you will probably get on all of the rides except Kingda Ka and El Toro. If you have a Flash Pass, I would suggest starting at the Right side and moving to the left.
-Remember to bring everything with you, because they need to check you and all to get back in. Sometimes, the line to get back into the park, just because you forgot your cellphone in the car might be ½ an hour.
-With the Golden Flash Pass, you are garunteed to get on all of the rides, and all your favorites several times. I have gone many times wih the Golden Flash Pass and gotten on every ride, even Kingda Ka and El Toro 3 times in 1 day. It is truly 100% possible.

Well, I hoped some of these tips were useful and helped, I just thought I would right that out, see ya.

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted December 28, 2006 at 10:00 PM
Thank you, it WAS VERY helpful!!

From Jenna V
Posted December 30, 2006 at 2:24 PM
Lol -blush- thanks, I was just really bored.

From scott sorensen
Posted December 30, 2006 at 6:30 PM
Maybe I'm just skeptical but this sounds suspicious to me. The PR department at Six Flags has been spamming coaster websites - creating fake user accounts then promoting Six Flags parks. This appears to me to be another example of this. Maybe this thread is real, in which case I apologize to the author and thank her for her comments. If this came from a Six Flags employee, I find it insulting and irritating. Six Flags is getting a very bad reputation amongst coaster fans. Spamming coaster sites certainly does not help your already poor reputation.

From Jenna V
Posted December 30, 2006 at 9:35 PM
Oh, lol. No, this is coming from a real person. I'm not all that happy with Six Flags itself either, the first time I went my day was horrible, but after that I got the flow of things, and thought I would just share some information on how to have a great day. I'm really not happy with Six Flags Overall impression; the prices, the HUGE lines, the trash, and the lack of security is just horrible. No, I do not work for SF either, I'm just some wanna - be coaster finatic willing to share :). The only reason I love Six Flags is because of the adventure you gain from riding some beastly coasters, and I want everyone else to experience that to. (Was that corny?) =P

From scott sorensen
Posted December 31, 2006 at 12:06 AM
Then you have my sincere apologies. Six Flags' PR has recently been spamming other websites while pretending to be members. It has been very annoying. ;)
I did check out the prices of the Gold Flashpasses. They are very expensive - more than the price of admission to the park itself.

From David Kirby
Posted December 31, 2006 at 12:41 AM
I find it really disgusting that in order to do all of the major rides in the park, you need to buy a gold flash pass. I was there last in the first weekend of May and the crowds were bad enough then, and that was even before El Toro was open. I guess it also didn't help that Kingda Ka was closed for inexplicable reasons (even though I think there might have been a slight breeze that day).

From Jenna V
Posted December 31, 2006 at 10:50 AM
Scott: Yes, Six Flags just cares about the money. I feel that the new owners have no respect for their guests at all - as long as they get the cash, then they're good with it.

David: Yes, I know. It's horrible. Disney hands them out for free, but even with some place as crowded as Disney, you won't need a Flash Pass. They actually know how to control the population and lines - unlike Six Flags. Yet, then again, Six Flags is ALL for the money. Prices for a Flash Pass are very unessecary, but I really do feel that if you go you SHOULD buy it to just get on all of the major attractions.

From steve lee
Posted December 31, 2006 at 3:38 PM
Wow. $68 bucks for one person is outrageously high, but I wouldn't blink an eye before paying it. I'm Six Flags' target customer, pretty much. My girlfriend doesn't ride coasters, so I'll do anything short of servicing an op to get through a line faster so she doesn't have to spend the whole day waiting for me to show back up.

I did get one of the Gold ones at SFOG earlier this year, and I daresay I almost felt dirty bypassing the 2 hour line for Goliath (after waiting, oh, four minutes or so. Later in the day, it made me wait 12 minutes).

I completely agree with everyone who has anything negative to say about this system, the pricing, and the overall negative effect such a system has on the regular parkgoers experience. But, I'm also a hypocrite, so there ya go.

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted December 31, 2006 at 3:50 PM
Hey Steve, now that you mentioned it, I did feel somewhat strange passing thru to the front at SFOT. I looked at the ppl in line & thought to myself, why don't they just go ahead & rent one too! But I guess if they knew about it & could get one they would. I did feel kinda funny at first but using one at SFOG I didn't feel bad at all coz there was a longer wait, you got lucky, I had to wait 30 min for Scorcher & 1 1/2 hrs for BTR for a reg. Flash Pass. I didn't get to ride BTR at all since I couldn't wait any longer, I had to leave at 3 or 4. But it would be worth it if I were renting one for myself, my hubby doesn't do well on rides, since it costs more for extras. I think I got jipped though at SFOT. It was a Sunday & was supposed to be charged for single prices on Sunday meaning, 2 flash passes for $15 ea but they charged me the regular price but still worth it.

From Jenna V
Posted December 31, 2006 at 4:29 PM
I totally agree with you. It's horrible to see those faces in line giving you those dirty looks as you take the seats (expecially the front row) you've been waiting two hours for. I remember the first time I went, I was one of those people giving the dirty looks too, but after all, as you said, 4 or 12 minutes for a wait is excellent for Goliath. I do feel very horrible about watching those people who may not be able to afford a flash pass waiting in line...expecially when it's 85 degrees out.

From steve lee
Posted January 1, 2007 at 11:03 AM
Here's the thing, though. I've seen the exact same expression on people's faces as I've strolled through the FASTPASS line at Test Track. And they have the exact same ability to utilize the system that I do. I've was standing in a standby line once and heard some guy tell his wife (as they observed FP people moving right along) that they "pay extra to do it." I didn't even think about correcting him, since the park map is pretty detailed about how FASTPASS works.

I'll tell you what I can't stand, though. Idiots who use the Flash Pass for a ride with a posted wait of five minutes. In the time it takes them to scan the Qbot, wait for it to update, and advance in, they could have already been off the stupid ride.

From Dave Chariot
Posted January 1, 2007 at 2:26 PM
AT great devnture you merge into the STATion so you really take no ones seat . unless your a VIG you get to take a seat from the exit.

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted January 1, 2007 at 3:00 PM
Yeah, as I stated, if they knew about it, they may've not been able to rent one so I don't really pass judgement on them, perhaps they either didn't know or just wasn't able to get one, if someone asks, I'll always let them know though.

From Jenna V
Posted January 2, 2007 at 5:36 PM
Yes, me too. I've had plenty of people come up to me and ask me where I get it, how it works, ect. I had reserved Kingda Ka and it was almost my turn to ride with a friend. 2 little girls (around the age of 12-13, I would say) went in the Q-bot Lane, not knowing what it was. (I guess they thought that was the main line, since it's closer to the entrance and the regular line is so far back. I went in that line the first time there too.) They were in front of me, and the person waiting at the Q Bot Lane to check it said "Sorry, you can't ride, you don't have a Q-bot" and they walked away all sad and mopy, with a 2 hour + line. (This was in the morning, at 11:2o) I called them over after waiting 15 minutes in the Q-bot lane with them and told them to ride instead of me, and they hugged me and their mother gave me $5 which I didn't accept, lol. Anyways, I had to wait another 20 minute for the next ride, but oh well. Yes, I don't try to shove it in people's faces...if the wait is 5-15 minutes, I NEVER use the Q-bot. Such a waste of time, by time everything goes through, you ring it up, you check it, your already there. The first time I went to SFGA I had NO CLUE what it was, and I was asking people where to get it and everything like that too.

From Jenna V
Posted January 2, 2007 at 5:39 PM
Dave: I know what you mean and all, you merge from the row or what ever, but those angry faces look at you as you walk up the flash pass line, going in front of them, then getting to the seats before them because of your flash pass. I understand how you just come from the flash pass line, then you need to wait in those rows at the station, that's what I do at least so I don't feel all bad about not having to wait in line.

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