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Six Flags Great Adventure: Just got back from the park April 3. Most things open, with the odd exception.

From jason stanley
Posted April 8, 2007 at 10:23 PM
Just got back from the park April 3. Most things open, with the odd exception. It was quite busy, but the longest wait I had was 1 hour. That was for Kingda-Ka (3 times) and Superman (once).
I noticed at 6pm there was no line at all for Superman. Line was an hour or so during the day.

Kingda-Ka was about an hour all day. 1st thing in the morning, at 5pm and again at 6pm. They only had 1 boarding line open all day because of a staff shortage. So whenever there was a time-to-wait sign in the line, I doubled it and that was very accurate.

El Toro was down to one train all day, and the line was outrageous. So I waited until 6:45 to get in line. I figured if they only had 1 train working, then they can stay until I get on the darn thing. I was off the ride by 7:45 (they close at 7). Worth the wait. This is the only wooden coaster I would ever wait an hour for.

A couple of other pointers:
- be through security by 10:45
- sprint to Kingda-Ka 1st
- run to superman 2nd
- right across to The Great Amercan Scream Machine. This should make the best of your 1st 60-90 minutes.
- skip Skull Mountain
- all other coasters worth a ride
- during my day, i wished i had spent the $$ on the flash pass
- ask for no ice in your drinks. almost 50% ice in my drink
- get your season's pass card before you eat. there is a coupon for some $$ off your meal.

Cell phones. OK. LISTEN UP. IF YOU PUT YOUR CELL PHONE IN YOUR JEANS POCKET, IT WILL (WILL, W-I-L-L) ABSOLUTELY FALL OUT. I met 3 people whose cell phone fell out. One was in 4 pieces on the ground. Very simple solution. Purchase an under-your-clothes belly-bag (from a travel shop) and zip your phone in there for EVERY ride.

KINGDA-KA. LISTEN UP AGAIN. If ANYTHING falls off your person, the ride stops for 25 minutes while the staff inspects the ride to make sure your thing hasn't been stuck anywhere dangerous. NO HATS, GLASSES, CELL PHONES, BANDANAS, NECKLASSES, ETC. Happened twice while I was in line. You are going 128MPH (206KPH). Anything loose will fly off.

Batman. Worth the wait for from row.

Superman. NOT worth the wait for front row.

Kingda-Ka. Front row much more fun than anywhere else. But HUGE wait.[EDIT]

From Dustin Kern
Posted April 9, 2007 at 2:06 PM
That's a great review, but just one thing. If you were going to write a review, there was no sense to post the exact same thing as a response to anything topic. Obviously they know the website and read it if they know to ask for suggestions. They would have obviously read this topic seeing as how it relates to their question.

Again, great review, there just isn't any point to wasting posts seeing as how they only allow 50 responses.

From jason stanley
Posted April 9, 2007 at 4:53 PM
Yah,sorry. I wrote that for the other thread 1st, and then at the last minute decided to start my own thread.

You're right. Sorry.

From Chris Tobin
Posted April 16, 2007 at 2:17 PM
Very good review, but skull mountain is an ok ride, and i would recommend not to skip it. Good Job!!

From David Kirby
Posted April 16, 2007 at 4:54 PM
Skull Mountain is a waste of time. If you're going to have an extremely mild roller coaster indoors, you at least need some theming. The pest part of Skull Mountain is the front of the building with the water fall coming out of the skull.

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