Wedding at CP

Cedar Point: We're getting married at Cedar Point. Because we're crazy. :) Got some advice?

From Meagan Evanoff
Posted April 8, 2010 at 8:07 AM
So, my fiance Michael and I have an unusual plan: after announcing our engagement at WDW in January, we're planning to get married at Cedar Point.

Details so far:
- Sat. Sept 4th (just prior to Halloweekends)
- On Breakers' beach if they'll let us - but we may reserve the rotunda in Breakers
- Very very very SHORT ceremony (10 mins, tops) probably before or around when the park opens
- Only immediate family, two friends and photogs (about 14 people total including us)
- Not really formal wear - sundresses for the ladies and slacks and button downs for the guys
- About of 10 us will be staying at Breakers the night before and after

We've gone to Cedar Point for years and years, so park and coaster tips we're probably good on.

Things I'd like to know:
- Do you think it's better to get a hotel-and-ticket deal for everyone staying and then get tix for people not staying separately? Or get a group rate on tix, get them all together, and get the 5 or so hotel rooms together? We were quoted $550 for two nights and a one day ticket package.
- How are the spa treatments at Castaway Bay? I'm planning on dong my own hair and makeup the day of, but a makeover for inspiration the day before would be fun. And a massage sounds swell. But I don't know the quality. Anyone with experience?
- We would like to do a "First Ride" (on Maverick! That's "our ride") instead of a "First Dance" - where the non-coaster-averse members of our wedding party (I'm guessing 6-8 of us?) go on together and our photog stands off to the side and gets some shots. We'll wait in line if we have to, but just for this ONE RIDE on this ONE DAY, do you think the CP folks would let us bop to the front of the line? I'm planning on posting this whole deal to several (very well read, i.e. with book deals) wedding blogs so hopefully I can entice with free publicity. We don't want special treatment for the rest of the day (and if we did, we'd get a VIP tour -- see below), just this one thing for 5 minutes. (also, we'd only do this if we planned in advance and got the go-ahead, we'd never just try to line jump!! We have manners! :))
- Thought I would at least try to contact the OnPoint blog guys, Tony and Tyler. Is there a way to do it other than leaving a comment with my email address for all the world to see? Do they do the Twitter feed as well? Can I DM them?
- Anyone been on the VIP tour? is it worth it? We are thinking of doing one for just us (Bride and groom) but I don't want to alienate anyone else... Maybe we'll do it another day...

I'll try to think of others. Thanks guys!! *hugs*


From Scott Sanders
Posted April 8, 2010 at 9:46 AM
Awww..that's pretty cool. Congrats! I don't know the answers to any of your questions, but just wanted to comment. Wonder how many wedding requests they get. Probably not too many.

From Derek Potter
Posted April 9, 2010 at 5:41 AM
Congrats guys. I think that marketing would eat the whole wedding deal up. A wedding party on a roller coaster is something that the news would pick up, especially in that area. I would call the park and try to get through to them by phone.

A group rate single day ticket is $32.99. Not a bad price. Keep in mind that group rates require 15 tickets minimum. Some other offerings they have for a group are the unlimited drink wristband for 7 bucks or the food vouchers. They also offer catered meals for a price. Your hotel package tickets end up costing about the same price once it's broken down, but depending on the hotel you get a couple of other little perks along with the ticket such as mini golf tickets or food coupons.

The big perk of the VIP tour is that you get to cut in line. You get free drinks and good seats to shows, but there really isn't much else to it. By September, half of the shows will probably be closed for the year, and I'm not sure that you'll be waiting a long time in line at the end of the season.

Have fun guys.

From James Koehl
Posted April 9, 2010 at 9:51 AM
Best Wishes!! Maybe they'll let you tie tin cans and shoes to the back of one of the Cadillac Cars and put a sign on the back of it saying "Just Married"!!

From Meagan Evanoff
Posted September 9, 2010 at 5:30 PM
BUMP with pictures!!

Just thought some CP fans would like to see some pics from the aforementioned wedding, which happened this past weekend.

And a little plug for us: there is a Facebook Connect comments section just under the blog post - for every 20 comments there, we get a free 11x14 print from our Photographer. :) I hope we can get one! :D

Thanks, guys!

From Michelle Culpepper
Posted January 7, 2011 at 6:47 AM
I loved your wedding pictures!! My husband and I are thinking about recreating your wedding for our vow renewal and his 40th birthday. Got any tips or advice on the hotels, VIP passes, photography or places to take pictures? Did you market your wedding with any of the blogs, tv stations, etc? Was it hard to get CP to let you have your wedding there? Its just going to be he and I, the officiant, photographer and possibly a videographer. Do you think a news team in the area would be interested in the story? Sorry for all the questions....I'm just really excited!!

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