Six Flags Over Georgia planning guide

Six Flags Over Georgia: what you need to know about SFOG.

From David L.
Posted May 23, 2010 at 11:14 AM
Six Flags Over Georgia is a relatively large park,(about 250 acres). I'll just post things in the order in which you would do them.

Parking and Entrance: Main parking is $15. There are two sixflags run parking lots. both are that price but they may make you park in one or the other. The closer parking lot makes you walk about 50 yards to the entrance at the minimum. The other lot makes you walk about a third of a mile or take a tram at the minimum. The ticket plaza is right when you get off the tram. If you're coming from the other parking lot you have to pass in front of the entrance. The entrance into the Promenade is a little like Main Street.

I can't finish it all now but will do later.

From David L.
Posted May 24, 2010 at 4:03 AM
Layout: The Promenade is a short main street. there are park map kiosks in the middle of the street. Photographers try to get your photo so try to avoid that. On the left is one large Loony Tunes store. The right side contains a general Six Flags store and a pizza place. The end of the Promenade has a stage with a fountain in front of it. To the left is the Goergia Section. Immediately after the Promenade is a small food stand. To the left is some lockers and guest relations. To right up a hill is a photo shop. Up the hill on the left after the photo shop is the Georgia Scorcher, a B&M stand up. Across the way is the log flume. Further down the path is another small food stand. The path follows under a long awning of vines to the USA section. The USA section is large and sprawling. To the left after the awning is a nut stand and then the bathrooms. Then comes the Wii experience. Followed by a character meet location (typically loony toons). Then there is Dr.Frights Frightorium. IT is only open during October. IN the middle of the this area lies Shake, Rattle, and Roll, an indoor scrambler. An arcade adjoins it. ON the far side is the Drive in theater. NOTE: the facade is the only thing left there. The actual building has been torn down. A dippin Dots stand sits in the middle of everything. Next to the Drive In theater is the path down to Gotham City. Next to that is another bathroom and then a shop called Attitudes. Next is some funky drawing place whose' name i forget. Then is an Icee shop followed by a barbecue restaurant. Then you pass the path to the French Section. then you get the Goliath Game area with 3point games to squirt the right spot games. Then you get Goliath, a B&M hyper coaster. Then there's a Goliath shop followed by more games until you get to a restaurant called DJ's Diner. You can eat your basic overpriced hamburger here. And that brings you back to the awning to Georgia.

this takes lots of work so i'm not finishing this now.

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