Norway Princess Dinner Review

Walt Disney World: adult's perspective on the norway princess dining

From Hermione Potter
Posted January 12, 2011 at 3:21 PM
In full disclosure, I need to say that my friend had an employee coupon for 50% off. So my opinion is based on the fact that I only paid $30 including tax and tip.

For that price, and for the fact that all of us were just adults who had never done a character meal as kids and wanted bragging rights, it was amazing. We met Belle, Aurora, Jasmin, Snow White, and Cinderella. The food was really good (buffet appetizer, ordered entrees, and family style dessert) and because it was in Epcot and we had the last reservation of the night it was very empty - letting us be as wild and crazy as we wanted.
I got the feeling that if you had little kids it would be worth it to do this one over royal table (we tried to get in there and they were overbooked) because your kids get more attention here. We had at least 10 mins per princess because so few people were there. The only downside is if you aren't an adventurous eater because it is norwegian food. I loved it and after 100+ trips I can officially say I've met the princesses. (Now if I just had the patience to wait 2 hours for the mice!)

From Anthony Murphy
Posted January 12, 2011 at 9:18 PM
Very nice!

Norway is one of the places I have never eaten. What kind of food do they have? My family are not big fish eaters which kinda keeps us away.

I went to Cinderella's Royal table with my family (youngest was 16) a couple of years ago and I was actually pretty impressed. Food was good (though we know what to order there), the Princesses were nice and were really in character when visiting our table, and we got a professional picture with Cinderella. Not bad, in my opinion.

One character dinner I enjoyed for adults was Liberty Tree tavern which was a Thanksgiving Feast and a few characters to take pictures with!

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