SpacePark 360: Have you seen it?

Planets, flatrides, and coasters OH MY!!

From Mike Shirley Jr
Posted February 5, 2011 at 7:43 PM
So this isn't a post about an existing park, but one that could exist in the future!

I just got back from my local planetarium and saw the most amazing theme park ride simulator show, SpacePark 360. It exhibits about 5 flat rides and 4 coasters that each take place on a different planet in our solar system. Each ride is designed to incorporate elements of the planet it's located on. How about a coaster suspended over a lake of methane on Saturn? Or a pendulum ride in a crater on Mercury?

I did find out that some of the rides were based on exisiting ride designs (Top Scan; Superman in Parque Warner Madrid, Top Spin, and a Ranger/Kamikaze hybrid), but the coasters have very unique ride elements that I won't give away! (Ok, one coaster train has it's cars rotate 180 degrees.....MID-RIDE!!)

Anyway, if you see ads for, hear about, or run into this show, it is a MUST see! I know it's been sold to some places but not sure where. It'll be at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, OH until February 13 if you're in the area. It does have a website,, that has ride discriptions and info.

My fellow ride aficionados and insiders will truly appreciate it. If you've seen it, leave your thoughts!!

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