Theme Park Apprentice 5: Challenge 3

Challenge 3: Walkthrough Experience

From Tim W
Posted June 17, 2013 at 6:50 AM
Although they may not be as loved as dark rides, or 3D shows, walkthrough experiences have a huge impact on some theme parks. They range from everything from exhibits to displays to mini performances. Disney has one of the largest walkthrough experiences with Innoventions located at Epcot and Disneyland. Essentially this museum is a collection of various exhibits. Most recently, Disney’s Hollywood Studios developed the immersive walkthrough, “The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow”, replacing the former Narnia walkthroughs.

As you can see, there is a bunch of possibilities when creating a walkthrough experience. Your challenge this week is to create one of these experiences for your theme park. You should include specs such as the effects used, possible actors used, and a comprehensive list of anything that is displayed. While the challenge may be a bit vague, do not lose sight of creating an exceptional and immersive walkthrough.

The deadline for posting will be June 22nd, 11:59 PM, PT (website time).

From Alan Hiscutt
Posted June 20, 2013 at 5:15 AM

The Imperial Academy.
The Star Wars Universe boasts many immersive and wonderful sights. From the Barren wastes of Tatooine, to the plush jungles of Endor. Across the galaxy, The Empire maintained its presence, protecting and safeguarding its populous against the threat of the Rebel Alliance.

The Imperial Academy allows guests to take a tour through one of the Empires training facilities and witness some of the methods they employ to make their Stormtroopers the most dedicated and loyal soldiers in the known galaxy.
This walkthrough is a mix of a ‘behind the scenes’ and a look at how The Empire trains its troops. Think a little like the old Ghostbusters Spooktacular crossed with the pre-show from Disaster at Universal with a little of the walking tour at DHS thrown in.

The exterior is dressed to look like a bunker, similar to that seen in Return of the Jedi on Endor. Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers guard the Entrance and the Imperial March can be heard playing throughout the building. Once guests have passed security checks (any guest who decides to say “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” or “I can go about my business” will be treated as Rebel traitors and shot with by the Stormtroopers. Relax, it’s just water) they will find themselves in a large room decorated with Imperial propaganda and Stormtrooper armour on display. When the room is filled (250 people) the lights will dim and an Officer will appear on a podium with the Imperial seal on the lectern. They call for quiet and address the room.

”Greetings, I am Colonel Devilla. I am the commandant of this facility. I bid you welcome. The Galactic Empire is going through a kind of, Public Relations makeover. Which is why, it has been deemed necessary to open our doors to the public and put to bed the rumours that we mistreat our candidates and to finally quash the tail that all our Stormtroopers are clones. As you can see, this is an active facility and whilst I appreciate your curiosity, I implore you to stay within the designated areas. The troops you will see are trained and will follow one rule. Shoot first, ask questions later.

Any questions? Good. Now, what’s in store for you today? You will see our Stormtroopers in action as they demonstrate their accuracy on the firing range. You will see one of our awesome All Terrain Personal Transports; you will be shown a short holovid on life as a soldier in service to the Empire, just in case any of you want to enlist. Oh yes, at various times, I will be asking for volunteers to help, rest assured, you are perfectly safe as long as you follow all instructions to the letter!”

After a brief Q&A session that Devilla invites the guests to join in, he will select 2 children because as he says, they are much more mentally pliable at that age to join him in the first demonstration. As Devilla leads the group through a large blast door that shuts behind them, guests file along and stand behind a glass wall, Devilla and the two children are the other side where 3 Stormtroopers are stood. They are in what appears to be a virtual firing range. The range is really a 3D screen, (similar to those golf screens that “calculate your swing” and predict where your ball will land) and targets are set at various distances. There are monitors for guests to get a better view of the demonstration.

Devilla instructs the troopers to fire away and after a minute, all targets are gone. Two of the troopers Salute and leave the set, one remains. He is addresses only as Trooper and it is he who will teach the children how to aim and shoot at targets. Devilla all the while is informing the Children that not everyone is suited to the Imperial forces and if they don’t hit their targets, not to worry but if they do, and this is purely down to the children, the guns and targets are a real 3D shooting range, if they can hit 1 of three targets then they will be presented with a Cap that says ‘Imperial Recruit’ if they fail they get a keychain that says the same.

After the shooting is done, Devilla opens a door and invites the families to take their children back, the detention levels are not suitable day care facilities. Devilla then asks for another volunteer, they will select any one from the audience, they will be taken by the trooper to the next demonstration as the rest of the group file along to the next room which houses a full size replica of an AT-PT.

Stormtroopers will be guarding it and guests will be invited to take photos with the AT-PT and the troopers whilst they look around the room and see several exhibits that display props from the film. All with an Imperial twist on them. Props will include, TIE pilot Flight Suit, Blaster Rifles, Thermal Detonators, Official decree’s from the Emperor himself, an Astromech droid amongst many others.

All the exhbits have two types of information, one relating to their canon, such as "This blaster rifle was used by General Veers whilst he was training. General Veers is famous for identifying the weakness that the AT-AT displayed and is a graduate of the Academy on Carida" written and placed in the display cabinet. The other is where the prop came from and who used it in the film. The second information is available by pressing a button and a recording will tell you about the origin of the prop and who used it in the film,

After about 10 minutes (hopefully enough time for all the photos) Devilla will ask that everyone follow him to the demonstration.

The next room has seats for everyone and once they are all seated, Devilla takes the stage. He announces that he has a very special message from The Emperor himself. (If you have ever seen the holographic character on Disaster then you will be able to visualise The Hologram of the Emperor, if not then I apologise and hope your imagination can fill the blanks) The lights dim and Devilla kneels as the Emperor comes into view.

“You may Rise Colonel. I see that we have a number of guests. I bid you welcome. However…. I sense something is wrong…..”

Devilla and the Troopers stand to attention as the Emperor announces he senses a spy but they are not in this room. Devilla calls for the volunteer to be bought out (it is worth noting that this volunteer has been briefed on what will happen and where to stand and what to expect) he is forced to kneel in front of Palatine who accuses them of being a rebel traitor. The Emperor threatens to use the force to find out and the volunteer is lifted slowly into the air, they remain suspended for a few seconds before the Emperor concedes that their heart is true, and directs Devilla to find the traitor, if they can’t, Lord Vader will be only too happy to assist. With that the Hologram vanishes and Devilla decides to move everyone along to the final room.
The final room is a large dome shaped planetarium. Guests are given 3D glasses and invited to sit or stand and look up at the domed ceiling.

A Galactic map appears and the voice of James Earl Jones, as Darth Vader of course, is heard as the map expands. Vader tells the story of how the Republic fell due to the Jedi and the treachery of the council. How under the Emperor, the galaxy is now more united than ever before, as the Map expands, he tells of Imperial worlds, how the Empire has expanded and each and every planet is vital to the continuing growth of the Empire. The whole ceiling is changing colour, form the Red of the Old Republic to the Blue of the Empire, Major systems are bright, cobalt blue, and minor ones are a dark blue. Here and there odd snatches of yellow can be seen, neutral planets or those who self-govern. Vader recaps briefly the Clone Wars and the aftermath. He finishes by announcing that the Empire is currently building a weapon of such awesome power that no one would ever consider hostility against the Empire or its citizens again. It is a deterrent, not a threat and he warns the guests that the Empire will always be watching.

The lights come up and Devilla thanks you all for coming and guests can leave via the gift shop. It is worth noting that this attraction has a total time of about 22 minutes. It has 3 points in which a new group will start. Whilst Group 1 is in the pre-show, Group 2 will be in the AT-PT photo op, and Group 3 will be in the planetarium. Devilla can be male or female, there is no gender specific role at all.

The AT-PT is a much smaller, one man version of the AT-ST or ‘chicken walker’ it is easily small enough to fit in the room, and in case people are worried about not getting enough time for photos, there are two more outside the gift shop where guests can have their photo taken.

All the Cast on this attraction are ‘Imperial officers’ so they will react with some level of disgust if they are asked any Anti-Imperial questions. This goes against usual theme park behaviour but they will always give the information or tell guests where to find it but they will do it in character.
The building is quite large due to the walking element, but is worth noting that this building also houses the costumes for the whole park and has a First Aid Station and a lost and found as well. All manned by your friendly Imperial forces.
Separate, but attached to this attraction is a play area filled with swings, monkey bars, slides and a climbing frame called the ‘Imperial Junior Training Academy’. It really is just a play park for the kids, themed to go along with the attraction.

The walkthrough is quite interactive, all the exhibits along the way have recorded messages that play when a button is pressed given you detail of what it is, what film it was from, who used/wore it. The written information is ‘in character’ but for general info, press the red button.

From Bryce McGibeny
Posted June 21, 2013 at 11:06 AM
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

"Us and the Deep" is a walkthrough attraction in Uncharted Adventures' "Deep Sea". You have been invited to an educational seminar on the creatures of the deep ocean, located in an underwater research facility at the ocean floor. However, things start to go awry when what is unknown begins to make itself dangerously present.

Location - "Us and the Deep" is located in Uncharted Adventures' "Deep Sea". It should be noted that "Deep Sea" is composed of two sub-lands; "Exploration Cove" and "Trench City". This attraction is located in Exploration Cove, a waterfront town built up by teams of scientists who are dedicated to discovering the unknown depths of the ocean. Many different organizations have taken up residence in Exploration Cove, including OSeanic, the organization that has personally invited you to see their highly regarded underwater facility.

Technical Aspects - This is an walkthrough attraction that also takes on the role of a show. Small groups of 30 are taken at a time to go through the show. There are two different (identical) shows that can be run simultaneously, which helps to increase capacity. To increase capacity even further, there are many actors who can portray the same role. For example, Group 1 has actors 1 and 2. When group 1 moves onto the next room, actors 3 and 4 can begin the show with group 2, now in the first room. When group 1 moves on, and group 2 moves on, group 3 will begin the show in the first room with actors 5 and 6. This helps to keep the show constantly moving and will decrease wait times.

The experience itself utilizes real actors, animatronics, fire effects, constant changes in lighting, loud noises, projections, water effects, explosions and more. There is no height restriction, but young children may be scared by this experience. If you are prone to seizures, you will also be advised to not experience this attraction.

Facade - Guests will approach a large, shiny building that immediately contrasts with some of the other research facilities located in the seaside town. It is newer and grander, and has banners draped along all sides with "OSeanic" printed on them, accompanied by the logo. On top of the main building is a gorgeous model of the OSeanic Mark 7, the most technologically advanced submarine for exploring the depths of the ocean. A large archway serves as the entrance to the facility. Draped over the top half of the entry arch is a wide banner promoting "Us and the Deep", OSeanic's latest attempt to promote itself by taking guests down to their underwater facilities.

Queue - Guests pass through the entry arch and immediately into the "Surface Labs". Guests walk through different rooms of the main lab, each featuring flashy high-tech technology for examining underwater sea life and geography. The queue will go through the Cnidarian room, where they will see animatronic scientists monitoring and studying massive tanks of different jellyfish, the Hydrothermal room, where guests will see more animatronic scientists studying images of Hydrothermal vents and the creatures that live around them, etc.

Guests will then enter a larger room, dominated by a massive screen. The screen shows images and videos of lab technicians hard at work, submarines guiding themselves through the dark depths, etc. A male voice is projected over these images, and describes what you will be learning about today when you begin touring OSeanic's underwater research labs. The queue winds through this room a couple of times before veering off into a long hallway.

The hallway is brightly lit, and has pictures and newspaper articles lining the walls of all the major accomplishments OSeanic has done. At the end of the hallway, a Team Member (dressed appropriately as a scientist) will direct the guests into a large doorway to the left or to the right.

Main Show

Scene One

Guests enter a grand room with a stage and a podium. Banners with the OSeanic logo line the room. On the wall behind the stage is a large banner with the words "Welcome to Us and the Deep". Once all guests are in the room, a nicely dressed woman enters and makes her way up the stage and to the podium.

Michelle - "Hello, hello, hello! I am Michelle Franz, the founder of OSeanic. Welcome to Us and the Deep! Joining us today is Mark Wall, our head scientist!"

An awkward silence envelops the room and Michelle looks around uncomfortably.

Michelle - "Ahem... Our head scientist; Mark Wall!"

She claps and looks to the left as he stumbles on the stage. He drops all of his papers and scrambles to pick them up before standing beside Michelle at the podium.

Mark - "Errrr, sorry about that everyone. Anyways, we will soon be..."

Michelle - "We will soon be heading down to the underwater labs. You've seen all of our labs here above ground, but the real magic takes place under the surface."

Mark hangs his head in shame at Michelle's interruption, adjusts his glasses and flips through notes frantically while she continues speaking.

Michelle - "Now begins the real part of your experience here at OSeanic."

A large, cylindrical doorway slides open in the upper left hand corner of the room. Michelle begins walking towards it, ushering guests to follow her. Mark awkwardly stumbles behind Michelle. Soon everyone is gathered together in the circular room.

Scene Two

Michelle - "This is our high speed elevator. We have three of these that we all use daily to transport ourselves above and below the surface... Hang on, this could be a little rough."

The elevator isn't real (think Men In Black: Alien Attack). It instantly goes dark and the "elevator" begins to shake. The lights flicker on and off as Mark grips the side of the elevator walls for his dear life. Michelle doesn't move a muscle and remains completely still with her arms behind her back. A computer voice comes through: "Decompression in progress. Decompression complete". The shaking begins to decrease and the lights come back on.

Michelle - "It appears we have arrived."

Mark - "Oh thank goodness... I can never get used to that dang thing." Mark says into a brown paper bag he was hyperventilating into, but then quickly hides it behind his back from embarrassment.

The doors quickly slide open and Mark dashes out the door. Michelle rolls her eyes and addresses the guests.

Michelle - "Excuse my colleague.. He's a bit... Different. Anyways, follow me. The first part of our little tour is our opening presentation."

Michelle walks out of the elevator doors and the audience follows.

Scene Three

Michelle guides guests out of the elevator and into the seminar room. The room is round and there is a round, raised platform in the center of the room, in which Michelle and Mark stand, while the audience stands below them, around the platform.

Michelle - "Now, I know this isn't the most exciting thing..."

Mark - "You got that right..."

Michelle turns her head slowly to Mark, who then looks down and squints, trying not to laugh.

Michelle - "As I was saying, we need to educate you on our mission... What makes us stand out from the other ho-hum deep sea explorers in Exploration Cove. After this short presentation, we will then tour what all happens here at the bottom of the ocean. It's truly exciting!"

At the end of her sentence, the power goes out. The lights flicker on and off before its just completely pitch black.

Michelle - "It appears the power has gone out..."

Mark - "You don't say" Mark replies wryly.

Michelle - "Oh, could you please... Hold on everyone, just remain calm. The back up generators will start up shortly. They should supply us with enough power until someone is able to fix the problem."

A low hum echoes through the room. Suddenly, the room is flooded with a red light. Michelle looks around uncomfortably again, adjusting her collar repetitively. Mark has his face buried into his notebook and is shaking.

Michelle - "Well, there we have it. The back up generators kicked in, just like I said. Maybe we can now continue with our..."

The red lights that are illuminating the room begin to pulsate violently, accompanied with the noise of a siren. A staticky message is transmitted through speakers in the room; "If you are... Try to get back to the surface... We think that it's a... Attacking." The message cuts off and the siren noises come to a halt, even though the red lights still continue to pulsate.

Michelle - "Okay guys, keep calm, let's get back to the elevator."

Michelle and Mark descend from the raised platform and make their way to the elevator doors.

Michelle - "These doors won't open!" Michelle hits the metallic doors fiercely before hanging her head in disbelief.

Mark - "The back up generators aren't strong enough to power this elevator. Alright, everyone remain calm. We can find a way out and back to the surface, don't worry."

Mark rushes around to the back of the circular room and begins typing some code on a touch screen. A large door quickly slides open. Mark turns around and motions for the audience to follow.

Scene Four

Michelle and the audience follow Mark into the next room. The room is a giant lab, with dozens of computers, desks, tables, high tech equipment and one massive computer screen. However, the room is deserted, the screens all display static and lots of computers and papers are knocked over and sprawled on the floor. The room is still illuminated by the red lighting that the back up generator uses. Michelle gathers herself at the front of the room, under the giant computer screen, while Mark finds a working computer and begins to type away aggressively.

Michelle - "MARK! Now is not the time for this! We need to find a way to get us and our guests out of here!"

Mark - "Chill out! I'm trying to find a way to restart the power supply so we have enough energy to use the elevator."

Michelle - "DON'T TELL ME TO.... Fine. Do what you have to do, but we have limited time."

Michelle looks solemnly and hopelessly at the audience, then tries to regain herself to her strong, confident posture. Suddenly, a loud banging is heard against the metallic walls that compose the lab room.

Michelle - "What... What was that?"

The banging is heard again and dents appear all over the walls where the banging took place.

Michelle - "Oh no... Oh no... Mark?"

More banging takes place and more dents appear all over the walls. Water starts to stream in through the walls and onto the ground.

Michelle - "We have to get out of this room. The water will surely soon flood this room. Mark?!"

Mark - "Hold on I'm trying to..."

The large computer screen at the end of the room explodes into a ball of fire as Michelle ducks. Water continues to stream in through the walls.

Michelle - "What was that?!"

Michelle slowly brings herself back to her feet. Mark glances up from the computer screen.

Mark - "I had to destroy all of our research. This research facility is going down, and when it does, I won't be surprised if the other deep sea organizations search the remains for any of our data that could be useful to them. As for getting us out of here, I couldn't restore the power... So no to the elevator. But, I've got another plan. Follow me."

Michelle nods and tells the audience to follow her and Mark. The banging and the water streaming still continue as guests exit the room and enter the next.

Scene Five

The audience enters a long room, where both side walls are made of glass. Behind the glass is the darkness of the deep sea. On the left wall are airlock six doors that would lead to six docked submarines on the other side of the glass. Alarms are going off in this room. All six submarines are gone, leaving Michelle baffled.

Michelle - "All the submarines are GONE!", screams Michelle in panic.

Mark sprints to the end of the long room where there is one more airlock door. He begins typing furiously away at the touchscreen, but seems to be frustrated. A flash of electricity illuminates the room and reveals a massive animatronic giant squid on the other side of the glass.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Michelle - "I don't believe it..."

Her sentence is cut off as one of the arms smashes against the glass, creating a crack. Water sprays through and mists the audience.

Michelle - "It's going to break the glass! We have to find some way to kill it!"

Mark quickly turns around from the mini computer.

Mark - "NO! We have been looking for this for such a long time. It doesn't deserve to die. We must be in it's habitat, and we must have truly angered it. We must respect it and leave it alone. Plus, once I get this dang thing open, we can get out of here."

One of it's arms smashes the glass again, sending a crack all across the glass. More water streams through the cracks. More flashes of electricity surge through the room. The only time the audience can see the full animatronic giant squid is when the flashes occur. The alarms continue to go off, heightening the sense of panic.

Michelle - "MARK! HURRY!"

The glass is smashes again. A massive spray of water emerges from a new crack in the glass. More flashes of electricity occur as the squid also continuously smashes the back up generator.

Mark - "GOT IT! Come on everyone, this emergency escape pod runs on it's own power source. This is our only hope!"

Michelle runs past Mark into the pod while Mark ushers the audience quickly into the escape pod. The squid continues to smash away at the glass.

Scene Six

Once all of the audience is in the pod, the door quickly slides shut. The pod is somewhat cramped, but there is just enough room for everyone to stand. It is not very pretty, and has a lot of exposed wiring and mechanics. Three windows are in the pod, one is for the pilot. Mark quickly makes his way past the audience and takes a seat at the front to pilot the pod. The windows show only darkness, but when Mark cuts the exterior lights on, you can see the rocky and barren underwater landscape through the windows. (This is achieved by using 70mm projections)

Mark - "I'll begin to pilot us up to the OSeanic above ground research facility."

Michelle sits down next to Mark, and puts her head into her hands. She looks tattered and exhausted, very different from the beginning of the tour. Mark has also changed, from goofy to assertive.

No dialogue takes place as the audience's attention is diverted to the windows. As the pod continues to rise, guests can see the change in lighting and many different marine organisms from the different layers of the ocean. Soon the pod breaches the surface and guests are given a beautiful view of the surface of the ocean and a sunset on the horizon. The pod floats up to the indoor dock and the door opposite of the one they entered the pod in opens.

Mark and Michelle exit the pod first, and then the audience follows.

Michelle - "Mark... You saved us. All of us. Thank you."

Michelle lunges herself at Mark and they embrace in a hug. Mark pulls away and addresses the audience.

Mark - "While that didn't go as expected, I'm sure you got a sense of how little we know about the deep sea. We had no way of predicted that a giant squid, of all things, would have attacked our facility. I guess that goes to show that nature finds a way to fight back when you destroy something that belongs to it, in this case, the squid's habitat is what we intruded on. It appears we all learned a lesson today, thank you guys."

Mark and Michelle wave off the audience as they exit into a hallway through more of OSeanic's above ground labs, which show guests different marine aquariums. The hallway leads directly into the streets of Exploration Cove.

From Chad H
Posted June 22, 2013 at 3:39 PM
During the pitch I mentioned that this park would be based in Corsham, South West England, and that the reason for this was because of a certain… feature I wanted to include. Time to reveal….

Burlington: The Final End

Its November 3 1973 but this is not your Grandfather's 1973. What we know as the Yom Kippur war didn't end in October as its was supposed to. Instead on being limited to the middle east, the war has become a dividing point between east and west. Protests and rioting has begun in cities all over Europe by supporters of both sides- including West Berlin, where intelligence suggests that East German troops, supported by their soviet allies, are preparing to invade under the pretence of "restoring order". If this happens, it seems that it nuclear war, will be all but inevitable.

BURLINGTON: The Final End takes you to one of the most secretive places in the UK - The "Central Government War Headquarters" or BURLINGTON… But you won't just get to walk through some relic of the past… You will get to live what could have been if a few wrong choices were made.

BURLINGTON:The Final End is not your average theme park attraction. It is not a fake environment or constructed for entertainment. It is a real monument to what could have been during the darkest parts of the 20th century, and an experience not to be missed.


BURLINGTON (aka Stockewell, Stuberfuge, Turnstyle, Chanticleer, Peripheral, Site 3, and Hawthorn) was the intended location from where the UK would run its central government from in the event of Nuclear War seeming inevitable. When operational, it would have capacity for 4,000 people, including the Prime Minister, several members of his cabinet, Ambassidors (and high commissioners) of allied nations who had not evacuated, and several members of the Royal Family.

Although the facility was technically obeslete as a nuclear shelter shortly after its completion (as any ICBM targeting it would be able to penetrate it), it remained in use for over 30 years due to the costs of building a replacement, and the conversion of communications links ensured it remained useful. After being scaled back several times, It was officially was shut down in 2004.


Guests are lead into the pre-show theatre where they can sit and assemble until the rest of the attraction is ready and the whole tour group assembled. The theatre plays the "protect and survive" short films that would have dominated the final days of British TV - before the remaining station would be turned off for what would be expected to be the last time.

Once the group and attraction are ready, the group are addressed by a an actor portraying a British Army Brigadeer.

The Brigadeer gives the guests a briefing on the political situation - outlining war in the Middle east leading to , rioting in Europe, and intercepted plans by the Warsaw Pact to use the opportunity to enter West Berlin with a "Security and Stabilisation" force. If this happens, it is expected to lead to war…. He is then cut off by a runner who advises the Warsaw pact has indeed entered Berlin and West Germany has considered the invasion an attack on itself, and is demanding NATO intervention.

Journey 1
The guests are then lead into the Facility itself, via a long deep escalator, where a train of carts based on those designed for the facility await the guests. The Colonel begins to explain about the facility as the carts take off to the first main scene.


"This facility began to be excavated in world war two as as part of a cray scheme to build underground aeroplane factories - the Bristol Aeroplane Company built Engines here… or tried - they took about 10 times as long to build and almost all of them had faults somewhere, a disaster mitigated only by the sheer size of the facility they built here.

After the war it seemed only natural to build some sort of underground nuclear-bomb proof headquarters… And this place was ready to go. Of course, since then bombs and missiles have gotten bigger, we couldn't take a direct hit now… but we don't think they know about this place to target it anyway.

I believe the prime minster wanted a word, his rooms are just over here."

The guests are lead into the Prime Ministers offices

Scene 1: Prime Ministers office

In this scene, lasting 3-5 minutes, The Prime minister and his advisors are reacting to the Soviet Invasion of Free Berlin. The Prime minister and his advisors are debating what Britians response should be. In the meanwhile communications are coming in from NATO allies and other allied nations - along with a public statement from the Soviet Premier who insists that the troops are only entering Berlin to establish calm, with the characters reacting to them as they come in. Events included in the piece include

*The USA moving to DEFCON 2
*Demands from the West German Chancellor for swift and immediate NATO response
*French statements for both sides to avoid further provocation.
*Support from Commonwealth nations (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, etc), ready to put assets at the UK's disposal

The scene ends with the Prime Minister noticing the guests, asking what they're doing there, and after being reminded he called for them response "Well, I'm too busy for speeches now, you might as well show them around"

Journey 2
The Guests are lead to the BBC studio in this journey. The Colonel will answer any questions the guests have about the facility - partially in character. If noone is asking questions he will comment on the rooms that are being passed.

Scene 2 - BBC Studio
The guests are eventually lead through the Civil Defence/Security section to the BBC studio, where the first broadcast from the Burlington Studio take place. It starts with technicians hurriedly preparing for the broadcast, from their gossip they've clearly never met, and never even heard of this facility before a letter arrived on their desk telling them to report to Kensington (Olympia) station.

The scene ends with their first broadcast, annoucig that the normal BBC service has ceased, and that a further announcement from the prime minister will be broadcast shortly.

Journey 3
The guests are lead past the Larston/Pnumatic Tube station, and into a Dormitory area. The guests are allowed to linger here a few moments, and the Colonel will answer questions about the facility.

Scene 3 - the RAF and War Ministry
The guests are then lead into the section leading to where the War Ministries inhabit where the colonel says they will be given "Assignments". Instead, in a obviously improvised communications room the colonel is distracted by a number of reports. They start hopeful, the American Ambassidor has arrived, The Queen is securely placed in her Yacht in Scotland, but begin to escalate - a Shooting war has broken our in Germany, on both sides the fighting seems to be haphazard with some units seemingly unilaterally attacking, others refusing orders and pulling out. The last message is the most ominous - the UK Warning and Monitoring Organisation has advised they've detected a Soviet Nuclear launch… If its right, and headed this way, the UK has less than 5 minutes before its all over.

Journey 4
This journey is more hastily taken than the others, the Colonel not speaking or attempting to describe the area. Guests are taken to the map room.

Scene 4 - Map Room
In this scene, the Colonel advises the Prime minister that the Soviets have launched, and there is less than 5 minutes until the country will face a nuclear strike… The only question remaining is whether the Prime Minister will order a retaliation. As the time counts down to the ending, it finally occurs for a junior staff member to ask "So, where are the nukes going to land… Are any coming here?

The lights then all go out, suggesting that the facility has indeed been struck, and everyone is now dead.

A lighting strip then leads the guests back to the cart, who are taken through one of the large elevators to another exit of the facility.

Further use
The area shown on the map is just part of the excavated area (it being the last areas in significant use… There is plenty of space for underground or partially underground attractions, and other park amenities/facilities. Other areas can also be restored for school groups and other people with historical interests.

Use of historical locations isn't new to the UK theme park industry - Alton Towers uses the grounds of the former Alton Towers estate, and parts of the ruined manor.

From AJ Hummel
Posted June 22, 2013 at 4:58 PM
Smaug Cave Tours

Backstory: Although dragons can live in any number of locations, they most frequently inhabit caves, often in mountainous regions. These caves may be natural or self-constructed. Dragons are notoriously protective of their residence, and it is rare for any but very close friends to ever be permitted inside. Unlike most, however, Smaug has built more than a basic residence, creating an entire compound capable of housing around a hundred dragons and, even more unusual, any are free to stay provided they do not violate the "house rules".

Theme: Smaug has invited visitors to tour his home inside Smaug Mountain. To prevent congestion and keep visitors out of certain areas, he has asked some of his knowledgeable and trusted human friends to serve as tour guides.

Queue: There is no exterior queue for this attraction. Visitors proceed through a large opening at the base of Smaug Mountain, a 150 ft. tall peak located in Colony Valley (called "The Colony" in the audition). Inside, they find themselves in a large domed chamber about the size of a football field. Various small displays are scattered around the chamber, mainly about the history of the cave (portions of it were naturally formed and Smaug significantly expanded it in case of a crisis (ex: The Dragon-Human War)) and information about the various areas that can be toured. Several tunnels lead out of the chamber, but all but two are barricaded. One of the tunnels has a cattle pen queue set up before it, with a sign labeled "Cave Tours-Queue Here" at the start. The other tunnel has a sign labeled "To Secondary Activities".

As this walkthrough is somewhat three attractions in one, they will be covered in the most logical sequence. It is expected that not all guests will wish to experience each attraction. It is advised that guests allow 90 minutes to complete all three attractions (more on busy days).

Cave Tour:

The cave tour is a walking attraction through several chambers in the cave. Groups of around fifty guests (number not strict) are escorted through by guides (two per group). Scenes have minimal reset time, so groups can be brought through at approximately 4 minute intervals, giving an estimated capacity of approximately 800 visitors per hour. The tour is approximately 20 minutes long.

Chamber 1-Discussion Chamber: Guests are first brought into the Discussion Chamber, a large room with a circular table and chairs in the center. Various maps and charts are scattered about, some hung on the walls and others on a desk at the back. A couple filing cabinets are also located in the room. The guides explain that this room is where most meetings of the alliance task force take place, along with almost any other kind of formal gathering. The guides mention that the table is unique, with the latest in Argetine Industries presentation technology embedded within. To demonstrate this, one of the guides activates a holographic recording of Smaug welcoming visitors to Smaug Mountain. After the message ends, the guides lead the group into the next chamber.

Chamber 2- Sleeping Quarters: The sleeping quarters is a six story cylindrical chamber with the top open to the sky. Caves line the walls, each with a ledge large enough for an average dragon to land on (about the size of a typical two-car garage). Various noises can be heard coming from the caves, and sometimes a dragon will stick their head outside of one and peer at guests before retreating back inside. A cave near ground level shows that the interior contains a bed about the size of a parking space embedded in the floor with a stone cover that can be pulled over it, as well as a small workspace and a few storage cabinets. The guides explain that the bed size was chosen based on the average size of a quadruped dragon (about 30 feet nose to tail), and note that dragons tend to curl up when they sleep. The stone cover is there for those who prefer a hard surface, as various dragons have different preferences, and some prefer to build their own bed or lay directly on the stone. The chamber is open so dragons may come and go as they please with minimal disturbance, but can be closed off during unfavorable weather (forcing dragons to enter and leave through the atrium). Additionally, individual caves can be sealed from the inside by their occupant. Guides note that there are four identical sleeping chambers within the complex in order to accommodate everyone, and if necessary dragons can also sleep in the atrium. Once the guides finish talking and answer any questions, they lead the group down a curved descending tunnel to the next chamber.

Chamber 3-Collection Chamber: The collection chamber is a circular chamber with a curved ceiling about three stories high. A number of tubular openings are present in the ceiling. The floor below is covered entirely in wooden spikes. Guides state that this chamber is used for collecting food, as it would be difficult and inefficient for all dragons to hunt individually if many are present. The tubes each link to a trapdoor somewhere in the forest, which will open if an animal of sufficient size steps on it. It is then drawn to the collection chamber by creating a vacuum. Before the guide can finish explaining it, guests feel the rush of air as the chamber activates. A flailing deer drops out of one of the far tubes and falls into the bed of spikes below (to keep it PG, there is no visible blood). The guides apologize, and suggest the group moves along before the chamber activates again.

Chamber 4-Medical Ward: Guests assemble behind a glass wall, through which the medical chamber can be seen. The room overall resembles a typical hospital environment, but not all of the equipment is identical and the room is stone. A bipedal dragon lies facedown on one of the three beds, apparently asleep, with a cover draped over most of his body. Another bipedal dragon, this one earth-brown, is busy cleaning surgical equipment. The guides say the wall is to keep the environment sterile, then decide that they'll try to get the surgeon's attention, as he's much more knowledgeable about this area. One of them taps on the glass and calls out. The brown dragon notices and walks over to the window. He greets everyone and introduces himself as Canius, medical officer of Smaug Mountain. Canius talks briefly about his position and says he is responsible for treatment of all bipedal life forms in the compound. He also tells guests about a couple of the unique pieces of equipment inside the medical room before saying he must return to his duties, as someone has just been involved in a plasmablade accident. The guides lead the group into another tunnel, this one rising, to get to the next chamber.

Chamber 5-Invention Workshop: The tunnel emerges into a moderately sized chamber filled with various tools and equipment. Unlike previous chambers, which all had relatively smooth walls, this one is full of natural rock formations (such as stalagmites and stalactites). Guides explain that that this section is built in naturally occurring caves higher up in the mountain. Guests are free to explore the chamber and examine the various unique gadgets and equipment, some of which is interactive. Guides point out a few things of note, especially a blueprint showing a circular device labeled as an interdimensional matter transporter. Once everyone is finished exploring, guides lead the group through a short tunnel.

Chamber 6-Recreation Chamber: A reasonably large chamber, the recreation chamber contains mainly chairs and tables. A few computers line one wall, and a television-like appliance sits in a back corner, somewhat hidden by rock formations. The guides say that this chamber is a place for dragons to relax in their spare time, but it gets relatively little use. It is noted that many dragons, especially of the quadruped variety, prefer to relax by lying outside in the sun or sleeping, and that few have interest in any human-made technology, regardless of how useful it may be. However, it is present to allow for the greatest accommodation possible, as well as for occasions when the caves host human visitors. Visitors then proceed to the final chamber of the tour.

Chamber 7-Bedroom: The bedroom contains all the furnishings that would be expected in a normal bedroom, such as a large bed (approximately king size, but custom made), a dresser, lamps mirrors, and a closet, but all of this is set up inside a natural cave with no additional decoration. Everything looks nice without being overly extravagant, and it all seems to fit seamlessly with its surroundings. Guides explain that this is one of around a dozen similar chambers in which human visitors may stay, if they do not wish to sleep in one of the general sleeping chambers, and if desired a dragon could occupy one of these rooms as well. As per the "house rules", there is no species discrimination within the complex, so members of all intelligent species have the same privileges and expectations. Once guests have gotten their share of pictures, guides lead them out of the chamber. They thank the group for visiting and remind them of the other attractions present inside the complex before guests are shown out.

Guests leaving the tour exit into the artifact chamber, a gigantic chamber (though not quite the size of the atrium) containing many various historical artifacts. All of them have a display explaining their significance, and most are interactive in some form. There are also a few alcoves containing benches where tired visitors can rest. Those who wish to leave can take a tunnel back to the atrium (this is the same tunnel indicated "To Secondary Activities" in the atrium). Finally, the two additional attractions are accessed from this chamber.

Observation Deck:

To access the observation deck, guests must climb a steep, winding tunnel from the artifact chamber. The tunnel emerges onto a ledge 80 feet above the base of the mountain. From here, guests can see all of Colony Valley, as well as a few more distant areas of the park (the ledge faces the Forest and Argetine Industries sections of the park). For visitors who want a better view, an external staircase carved into the mountain allows access to the 150 ft. summit. From here, all sections of the park except Mythrrium are visible (Mythrrium is intentionally hidden from view anywhere else in the park), along with some of the surrounding area. The viewing area on top allows 360 degree vision and has a few signs to point out any visible landmarks.

For those who are unable to climb stairs, an elevator provides access to an interior observation deck located halfway between the two exterior lookouts. Guests have a view similar to that of the summit, but must look through one-way windows (the exterior of which are designed to blend in with the natural face of the mountain). During inclement weather, the exterior observation deck may be closed, but this will remain open. While able-bodied visitors are not prohibited from using the elevator, they are encouraged to use the exterior observation area as it provides a more authentic experience and has no wait.

Dragon Encounter:

In the back of the artifact chamber are four tunnels. Each of these tunnels leads to a character encounter chamber. At any given time, there may be up to four characters/pairs available for guests to interact with (exact number depends on crowds). Generally, Smaug is always present. When three or four chambers are in use, one sometimes features human characters instead of dragons. Signage at the entrance to each tunnel states which characters are currently present, as well as an "expected arrivals" list for the day, so guests may return at the appropriate time to meet the character they want to see (the character list is also available in the times guide picked up upon park entry).

All encounters work approximately the same way. Guests are admitted into the encounter chamber around twenty at a time, where the character waits. Guests are then free to hug, handshake, high five, talk to, take photos with, and do whatever other reasonable thing they want with the character. However, unlike most character encounters, this one is fully interactive. All character costumes are built to be as realistic as possible and allow for visual and verbal communication. There is no specific script for performers to follow, but all are told every detail about their character and are expected to portray them as accurately as they are able to. In addition, the chambers themselves have a handful of built-in effects that can add to the realism (for example, if a guest wants to see a demonstration of magic, a character could do the proper motions and a piece of furniture would lift off the ground and hover for a moment before settling back down). While there is no specific time limit, performers are trained to get through each group in around five minutes (goal is 200 visitors per encounter room per hour). There is a supervisor present in the room, but they play no active role other than activating effects if necessary, assisting with photographs, and stepping in if there is a safety issue.

Two other unique things about the Dragon Encounter are:

1. While all encounter chambers are the same, all props and decorations inside are removable and can be swapped out to fit the current occupant better. This process takes about five minutes to do during a character switch.

2. To help those who wish to see all characters avoid excessive waits, everyone who waits in the regular line for a character is given a card that will allow them express access to another character. To keep the regular line moving, only a third of any group will come from the express line.

The Dragon Encounter is the only guaranteed way to see characters at the park. Depending on weather, crowds, and other factors, characters may be encountered roaming the park freely as well (although most characters will only appear in specific areas). Characters which may be found in the Dragon Encounter include:


-Smaug (almost always available)
-Blaze (Smaug's mate, sometimes appears with him)
-Draco (sometimes appears with Smaug or Blaze)
-Icy (Smaug's son, typically accompanied by Smaug or Blaze)
-Firedrake (requires a unique quadruped costume)
-Thorn (appears in bipedal form only, may be joined by Beastie)
-Beastie (appears in bipedal form only, may be joined by Thorn)
-Any named character featured in later attraction proposals


-Auric Argetine
-John Wilson
-James (Smaug's human brother, sometimes appears with Smaug)
-Alice (Smaug's human sister, usually appears with James or Smaug)
-Any named character featured in later attraction proposals

From Joseph Catlett
Posted June 22, 2013 at 5:44 PM

In the 1960s and 70s the American cinema was a bigger and more varied world than today. Budgets for even the biggest studio pictures were much smaller and a cottage industry of secondary films, made on the cheap also found screen time. These “no-budget” films would often be shown as the second film of a double feature at the drive in or neighborhood theater. They also found life in what became known affectionately as Grindhouse movie houses. These were small, privately owned theaters generally in the less ritzy area of town. They were generally a little worn around the edges, paint chipping and an occasional spring popping out of the theater seat and they were the place in town to see those second features, the “B” films. You could see horror, sci fi, sex-ploitation, black-sploitation, and all the cheesy stuff that the big studios would never release.

This walkthrough, haunt style maze will let you step into the Grindhouse Movie experience. Expect to come face to face with some of the best known (and some for all the worst reasons) B movies and experiences inspired by those films in this loving tribute to this genre.

Guests to SCREAM park will come upon an old movie house, like the kinds seen in small towns in the mid 20th century. Light bulbs will occasionally burn out and flicker on the marquee. Above that marquee is the attractions name GRINDHOUSE while on the marquee will be listings of the B movies currently showing in the theater. Films showing are:











You enter the theatre and are greeted by attraction attendants dressed like movie ushers. The queue snakes through the theater lobby past old B movie posters. You then enter the theater towards the movie screen which is tattered on the edges with a minor tear in the center while movie trailers play on the screen. The queue then leads you towards the back of the theater where the projector light blinds out most of your vision as you enter the first scene in the maze...

(Please note that at the beginning of every different movie section a movie projector and mini screen will be used to display the name of the film being entered)


Based on the over the top sci-fi film, over the speaker system you can hear news reports about a strange light in the sky seen over the city. There are fears of an alien invasion. Authorities have requested that everyone stay indoors.

You pass by movie theater seats that are oozing with a purplish goo that pulsates with movement. There are arms and legs sticking out of the goo, apparently victims of the creature. Occasional bodies jump to life and grab for you pleading for help or to leave and save yourselves. You then exit the theater and out onto the street where the giant BLOB has swept into town, oozing over 60s era cars as street lights are sparking and fire plugs burst.Teenage victims of the Blob strive to break free from the ooze as you walk towards the 20 foot tall Blob and make your way through its clutches (achieved through purple colored inflatable walls you nudge your way through) which leads us into our next scene


Based on the Troma Studios film, toxic ooze greets us on the exit end of the blobs clutches as horribly deformed mutants, glowing with radioactivity harass you at the entrance to Nuke ‘Em High School. High school students are battling the mutants with shovels and pick axes while victims are torn apart and eaten. In the school cafeteria the Toxic Avenger, himself a mutant, fights off the mutants with blood spraying in all directions as water spouts out at you. This leads us to…


Based on the film about giant worms from under the earth, we are now in the desert of the American southwest. A portable radio announces out a news report about a flurry of small earthquakes happening outside of town with only minor injuries reported as of this time. Using gimble technology under the floor, the ground you stand on begins shaking like an earthquake. You then head into a canyon with very narrow walls where dusky orange, wormlike tentacles reach out for you and past victims in the clutches of the giant worms that have caused the earthquakes. You then head underground into a cave where you come face to face with the giant worm’s mouth whose razor sharp rows of teeth gnash and chomp at you. Which leads us to the next scene…


Based on the truly bad film about killer rabbits,we emerge from the cave into a nighttime nature scene with mutilated corpses with large chunks of flesh apparently bitten out of them. Some of the not quite dead victims reach out for you as you begin to notice that you are being watched by dozens of glowing eyes coming out of the woods. It turns out that the eyes belong to bunny rabbits…giant bunny rabbits, with glowing red eyes, sharp fangs and a thirst for flesh. This ridiculous concept turns horrifying as the locals are pinned to the ground as they try to fight off swarms of rabbits as they chomp down on their jugulars (the maze actors will be wrestling with blood soaked stuffed rabbits with some sewn to their clothing as they writhe in agony. Then just as you think you’ve escaped the carnage, giant 6 foot tall rabbits lunge at you with bloody fangs and bad intentions. Which leads us to our next scene…


Based on the Ed Wood, so bad its good classic film, we now pass through a grave yard with tombstones, obviously made of painted plywood while two cops near their police cruiser ask you what you’re doing here at night. They let you know there have been grave robbers digging up the corpses of the recently dead. As you proceed into the graveyard above your heads will whiz model flying saucers on easily seen strings. A Vampira looking woman,a very overweight man and a man in a cape pulled over his face shamble amongst the graves and grab for you. Around the corner the alien space ship has landed and you enter the ship. Inside sparks fly and instrument panels explode as the undead and a pair of human looking aliens in silver uniforms tussle with an earth man and woman. Which leads us to our next scene…


Based on the sci-fi film, you now find yourself on the bridge of an alien ship with large fore-headed orange skinned humanoid aliens at the controls. A man and woman are being held in body length glass tubes that are filling up with noxious gas as you seem to be next on the list for this fate. You then make your way to the inner bowels of the space ship. The ship is slowly being destroyed as is evident by the flashing lights, alarms and smoke filling the hallways. In these halls, giant Metaluna mutants (giant bug men with exposed brains) jump out at you from the shadows. Which leads us to the next scene…


Based on the Rob Zombie directed spoof trailer, you find yourself now in a Nazi S.S. bunker filled with scientific equipment as a mad German doctor has a woman shackled to a table who when he flips the switch gets turned into a Nazi Werewolf woman! You progress through the dark corridors of the bunker and get chased down by and have werewolf Nazis jump out and claw at you in the dark as deafening air raid sirens sound off as you pass by the evil Fu Manchu who laughs at your plight from his throne as the nazi werewolves have a bloody feast of victims(no one ever accused that film of making a lot of sense). Which leads us out of the bunker and towards a castle entrance leading us to the next scene….


You enter an old castle and are greeted by Riff Raff the Butler and Magenta the maid, the servants to the mad Dr Frank N. Furter the sweet transvestite master of the castle from the planet Transsexual Transylvania. Riff Raff and Magenta let you know you’ve arrived just in time for the master’s party. Just enter the party room and Dr Frank will be joining the festivities. It’s in this final room, made up to look like the party scene from the movie, that everyone is invited to join Dr Frank, Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia (a groupie in a spangled dancer’s outfit), Brad and Janet (two young lovers in their underwear) and learn to Dance the TIME WARP! Its just a jump to the left…and then a step to the right…you put your hands on your hips…and pull your knees in tight…but it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane…LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!!

Guests may stay in the Time Warp party room to enjoy the festivities for as long as they wish. You may purchase alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks along with party hats and noise makers.

As you exit the attraction you’ll see in a corner the chopped up body of Eddie, the rocker boyfriend of Columbia which Dr Frank is now hacking with a butcher’s cleaver, unless he gets you in his sights and chases you out of the building as Time Warp continues to play over the loud speakers.

At the attraction exit there is stand alone, open air gift shop shaped like a movie theater snack counter selling t shirts featuring B Movie icons and dvd/blu rays on demand of dozens of different grindhouse style films.

From Dominick D
Posted June 22, 2013 at 9:32 PM
Attack of the Dark Elves is a guided tour of Asgard. The experience will take 8-10 minutes to complete. The walkthrough includes audio animatronics and live actors.

When you enter Asgard City, you'll go straight for the signature restaurant, left for the Rainbow Bridge Coaster, and right for the walkthrough. The walkthrough and coaster have a similar storyline, except the walkthrough stays on Asgard while the coaster takes you to Svartálfaheimr.

Walkthroughs start every minute and a half, with each group holding 25 people. Your tour guide will introduce themselves and take you to an alternate version of the Hall of Asgard. You will then come face to face with an AA of Odin.

"Welcome to Asgard earthlings! I'm honored to have you here! We have plenty of sites for you to see, but before I let you go, I need (insert tour guide's name here) to check on the Tesseract. For those who don't know, the Tesseract, or the Cosmic Cube as some refer to, is one of the most powerful things in the universe and came from our very own planet. Carry on!"

We proceed to enter the room in which it's held, only to find out it's missing. The tour guide says,

"Oh no, this could only be the work of Loki!"

We try to return back to Odin, but suddenly dark elves (played by live actors) appear. The tour guide fights them with his staff, and we use an escape route. In the distance an illusion of Kurse is escaping to the mountains.

"Kurse is escaping to the mountains, after him!"

The mountain will look similar to Mount Asgard in Canada. We walk to the mountains through a forest, but are ambushed by more elves. Our tour guide defeats them and we arrive at the mountain. As we climb up, a large AA of the Fenris Wolf appears and starts to come at us until our tour guide fights him off. When we enter the mountain, Kurse is there played by a live actor. Him and the tour guide fight for about a minute until Kurse falls into a hole. The tour guide grabs the Cosmic Cube and we try to find a way out of the mountain.

"The hill is too much of a drop to go down for you humans, there might be a way out in here."

His/her staff lights up as we explore the mountain. Many Asgardian artifacts lie in here such as armor and weapons. About one minute later we run into Loki (again, played by a live actor).

"So it seems an Asgardian has come to retrieve the Cosmic Cube, only to have it taken away and have innocent humans die."

Loki attempts to come near us, but our guide defends us. Soon we arrive at a wooden bridge over lava.

"Stay back, I'll take care of him!"

Our tour guide pushes Loki into the lava, and we see there's a wooden elevator to the open world. We then trek back to the city (a minute walk) and return to Odin.

"I see you've retrieved the Tesseract, well done. Did you have any trouble?

"Yes, we had to go into the mountain and ran into the Fenris, Kurse and Loki. They're all unconscious at the moment, so you better hurry!"

"Not a problem. Guards, go to the mountains and arrest Kurse and Loki. I doubt we can capture the Fenris."

"Will anymore elves come?

"No. Fortunately we sent Thor and some humans out to defeat the elves on their realm and they succeeded. Humans, I'm terribly sorry about all of this nonsense, but please do enjoy yourself here!"

We leave the hall and our tour guide bids us farewell.

(Sorry about the lack of images, photobucket won't upload)

From Jay R.
Posted June 22, 2013 at 11:53 PM
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Exposition Summit: A Literary Park

Location: When I Was A Child.....

This walk through experience is based on the children's book, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Outside of the attarction is a large sign placard that resembles an open book. The right side list the author, Roald Dhal & additional info. The right gives a summary of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. (These sign placards are basically at the beginning of every attraction in the park)

Music is heard as guest approach the outside queue. There are a few different faux newspapers that are hanging on the outside of the gate entrance. The newspapers carry different headlines, such as "Today Only!" Mysterious Chocolate Factory Open" & "Final Golden Ticket Found!". There are also signs that state "No Spies"

An attendant at the front, appears as a reporter covering the story. "How does it feel to be touring the factory?", etc.

As you enter the attraction, immediately the fragrance of chocolate fills the air & a busy, whimsical, sensory experience awaits each guest.

The entrance is a large atrium, allowing you to see a large percentage of the inside of this attraction (i.e. the factory). It is 3 stories tall, with somewhat of a circular design and guest are able to see the outer section of each each floor.

Each floor has a different focus & there are large "Glass Elevators" (like in the book) that take guest between each floor.

While it is highly suggested that you follow the main path so you see everything, this walkthrough is designed so guest can explore different levels & rooms in any order.


The first level is a chocolate & candy lovers dream. The centerpiece is a "chocolate river" that creates a path on the first floor. This river flows from an impressive chocolate waterfall that begins from the 3rd level & flows down. The waterfall is visible from anywhere in the building. There is a glass barrier in front of the river and a few attendants placed at various points along the river. These attendants make a point of telling everyone the reason the barrier is there because a young boy fell in. There are large scale tubes & candy pipes with brightly covered "gum balls" that pass overhead in a wild freeway like maze.

There is a "marshmallow" slide for kids & adults, as well as face painting & balloon animals.


The second level contains many interactive elements & stations. Each station is staffed by an attendant, who monitors the station for time & # of guest. This allows guest to enjoy their time at a particular station, while also making sure guest don't linger too long & the lines keeps moving .

These interactive stations include the following:

Willy Wonka's Weird, Whimsical & Wacky Chocolate Taste Station - Here, adventuresome & brave guest can try a variety of non traditional chocolate covered items, including bugs, vegetables, chocolate soda, etc.

Violet's Bubble Room: Uh oh! Gum chewers watch out! Guest who walk through this blueberry scented room, must first squeeze through 2 massive "bubble gums" (these are huge airbags that you must literally push you way through) & then through a a "bubble filled" space, where bubble machines are blasting non stop bubbles all around you.

The Teavee Room - Guest who walk through this room will find funny variations of themselves on "TV". A variety of cameras display the guest on the chocolate TV's. There are also interactive kiosk with trivia & games. There are a few "TV" & Wonka inspired mid way games as well.


The third level is where guest can meet Willy Wonka & the Oompa-Loompas.

Loompaland - This "jungle" has Mrs. Salt giving a Q & A quiz (with candy prizes) about Willy Wonka, the book, etc. Any child named Charlie gets a special surprise.

Oompa Loompa Show - Oompa Loompas like to sing & dance....and if guest are on the 3rd level, there will be plenty of both. While there is a mini stage for the Oompa Loompas, most will follow guest around, encouraging them to sing & dance.

The Inventing Room - Here, guest can design & create their own signature candy. Tables & stations are available for guest to sit & make the candy while Willy Wonka himself instructs the guest on the process. Attendants are available to assist.


The walk through ends in Wily Wonka's candy store, where guest can buy plenty of candy including chocolate, licorice, gumballs, and licensed candy.

There is also special section where "Wonka Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight Bars" (and their "plain" companion bars) are available for purchase. Every day, a golden ticket is placed in one of these specialty bars. Any guest who buys a bar & finds the golden ticket, will be able to redeem that ticket for free admission to the theme park on their next visit.

From Christopher Sturniolo
Posted June 23, 2013 at 3:37 PM
Beyond the Rabbit Hole

Introduction: This attraction will be the first of many attractions in the park themed to the show Once Upon a Time. It will take a classic story that everyone knows and give it the OUAT spin instead of the Disneyfied versions one might expect.

Queue/Façade/Surrounding Area: Considering the fact that Alice in Wonderland is a story significant to the OUAT plot and that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is coming this fall, Wonderland will be its own section of the park. However, the area will be blocked off from view ala Diagon Alley by a forest-like façade. Here, guests will enter the queue through the forest before going underground where the actual attraction is.

Scene 1: The guests will go underground into the first chamber in groups of about 50 where they are greeted by an animatronic of the White Rabbit from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland voiced by John Lithgow. He tells the guests to imagine a world beyond comprehension in which logic and reason do not exist. The Rabbit asks the guests if they’d like to go there and he could do so through an enchanted portal. The Rabbit waves his hands around as a portal appears on the wall to reveal a tunnel. The guests go through the tunnel (it will be one of those old-fashioned funhouse tunnels but with projection effects) to pass into the next room.

Scene 2: Guests pass through the portal as they come up to a room with a small door. The White Rabbit (AA) tells the guests that in Wonderland things are not as they appear and that you can overcome anything if you look at something from a different point of view. Here the Rabbit snaps his fingers as guests are served the Drink Me Potion (specialty drink of the land) but are not told to drink it until the Rabbit says so. Once everyone has their potions, they all drink which causes the illusion that the guests are shrinking and the door becomes their size. This is probably going to be pulled off with projection mapping technology.

Scene 3: After passing through the giant door, the guests enter the Wonderland forest area featuring oversized blades of grass and mushrooms. In the center of the room is an animatronic Caterpillar; fez, hookah and all voiced by Roger Daltrey of The Who fame. The Caterpillar then asks the White Rabbit (AA) “Who R U?” which features him blowing smoke into letters at the guests. Here he engages in a conversation with the guests which involves random questions and the Caterpillar losing his temper. This will be similar to Mr. Potato Head in Midway Mania in which he can make comments about the guests through pre-recorded dialogue conversations. Annoyed by this, the White Rabbit escorts the guests out of the Caterpillar’s area.

Scene 4: The guests are greeted by Jefferson (Mad Hatter) played by a live actor in his tea party garden area. The White Rabbit (AA) asks the Hatter if they could join him for a spot of tea, but the Hatter asks if SHE knows that guests from the outside have arrived in Wonderland. The Rabbit says no and the Hatter tells the guests should hurry before they get caught. Suddenly, voices in the brush are heard as Card Soldier AA’s burst out of the brush to arrest the Hatter, the Rabbit and the guests and sends them off towards the Queen of Hearts’ court.

Scene 5: Once inside the Queen’s throne room, guests see an actress portraying the Queen of Hearts is seated upon a throne with a mask concealing her face accompanied by the Knave of Hearts (actor). Jefferson is brought before the Queen who whispers her orders to the Knave who tells Jefferson that he is sentenced for bringing visitors from the other world into Wonderland. The Queen reveals herself to be Cora from the series and tells the guests that their presence has violated her orders and orders all of the guests to lose their heads. While this is going on the White Rabbit steals Jefferson’s hat and uses it to create a portal for the guests to escape. This infuriates Cora who causes her Card Soldiers to attack the guests. The guests make it through the portal/special effects tunnel and into one last chamber in which the White Rabbit and Jefferson bid farewell to the guests and warn them that things are not always as they appear in beyond the rabbit hole.

From Tim W
Posted June 24, 2013 at 6:16 AM
I am waiting to hear back from one contestant still about challenge 3. Details will be announced this afternoon as to what will happen for the vote this week.

From Tim W
Posted June 24, 2013 at 10:39 AM

From Christopher Sturniolo
Posted June 24, 2013 at 10:33 AM
I already posted mine. I just edited my teaser.

From Mike Kinshella
Posted June 24, 2013 at 1:26 PM

The Witch House is a terrifying maze-style walk-through attraction located on the outskirts of Weird World’s Arkham region. Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s classic tale of witchcraft, human sacrifice and cosmic horror The Dreams In The Witch House, this chilling experience dares guests to enter the most haunted house in all of Arkham and step beyond reality, into hell itself. It is a fairly traditional walk through haunt but since it is a permanent attraction it benefits from richly detailed sets, animatronics and built-in effects along with puppetry and live actors that perfectly capture the creeping terror of Lovecraft’s shadowy world and all work together to scare the living hell out of those that dare enter the infamous Witch House.


"promotional shot" of a "prospective tenant" entering the queue

We enter the queue through a broken gate in a white picket fence that has seen better days. Past a sign reading “Room for Rent” we enter the dilapidated house and congregate in the foyer where a stair case leads up to a landing and then to the second floor. As the front doors slam shut behind us an actor comes down the stairs and addresses us from the landing. He identifies himself as the landlord and tells you that the house is accursed, that we are foolish to seek respite here. He tells us a brief and troubling history dating back to 1692 when an accused witch named Keziah Mason escaped a Salem jail and relocated to Arkham, taking up residence in this very house. It seems that since her stay most of the house’s occupants have died prematurely. Since it seems we will not be dissuaded, he hopes that we last longer than the previous tenant, Mr. Gilman and he apologizes for not cleaning up the mess before heading back upstairs. As he disappears out of sight, mumbling to himself we can hear far off whispers and what sounds like the cries of babies. Suddenly with a crack of thunder and a flash of lightening from outside the landlord’s body falls violently from the unseen second floor, twitching and swinging in the stairwell - hanged!

After this initial jolt, a door swings open with a menacing creek and we begin our journey…

Scene 1

We enter a seemingly normal bedroom. Strange symbols, inexplicable geometric patterns and mathematical equations have been hastily scrawled on the walls in what appears to be blood and other vile substances. On a small bed lies the body of a man - moving slightly under the covers. The infamous Necronomicon lies on the nightstand open to a page which shows similar designs to those on the walls. The bedside lamp flickers dimly, casting eerie shadows about the entire room. As we come closer to the bed the covers are suddenly ripped away revealing the male form to be the quite dead body of Mr. Gilman! His throat has been ripped away and there is a gaping hole in his chest, oozing gore. With a water spray effect (simulating blood) Brown Jenkin - a giant rat with the face of a man - bursts out of the hole in Gilman’s chest, hissing and snapping at us (Jenkin is actually a puppet operated by an unseen puppeteer under the bed). Another door leads us into a dark hallway…

"prototype AA" of Brown Jenkin

Scene 2

As we enter the hall which seems to stretch forever into darkness - a bobbing orb of light appears in the black before us and seems to whisper, drawing us onward. The pictures on the walls seem to change, becoming distorted and vile. As we approach the bobbing orb it suddenly fades and a shrill scream assaults our ears as it is replaces by the hideous visage of Keziah who reaches out for us with gnarled extending claws! A secret panel slides open in the wall providing us an escape route into…

Keziah "animatronic"

Scene 3

Another bedroom, this one covered from floor to ceiling with assorted crucifixes on every wall. An otherworldly green glow emanates from the room’s lone window and a woman in black is kneeling by the bed, sobbing and praying. As we come closer she lurches up, revealing her scooped-out eye sockets, caked with dried blood and pus. She cries tears of blood as she warns us to turn back and laments the horrors of the house and the unspeakable crimes that Keziah has committed here. We leave the hysterical woman to her mad prayers through a small doorway, with an animatronic Jenkin leering at us from above, which leads us into…

Scene 4

A claustrophobic space between the walls of the house seems to get smaller and smaller as we push on. Stacked all around us on the ground and on the cross beams holding up the walls are thousands of human remains. Skulls and bits of skeleton, all arranged in what appear to be morbidly artful formations. A lot of the skulls seem to be the size of children’s or babies’ and we see more cryptic mathematical scrawling. From somewhere far away the screams and frantic cries of infants can be clearly heard along with the chimes of a discordant music box. An icy wind blows through the space and as the room becomes alarmingly small we are forced to shimmy sideways past the grim decorations and out into…

Scene 5

We find ourselves in a large room that uses lighting and architectural tricks to appear as though it is out of step with reality (think very high tech versions of the classic Mystery Spot gags). Here gravity doesn’t seem to work right and objects, as well as the size and shape of the room itself, appear to shift as we walk from one end of the creepy area to the other. The far wall is arranged in a seemingly impossible array of angles which create similar geometric patterns as those found drawn in blood on the walls in the first room. The angles begin to glow and we hear the raspy cackle of Keziah as a supernatural portal opens up in the wall, presenting us with our exit to…

Scene 6

This room uses rear projection onto disguised screens as well as physical sets to convey a cosmic dreamscape. Beginning with a trip through a 65 foot spinning vortex tunnel which utilizes rear projection to create the effect that you are spinning through the glowing geometric configurations of the previous room, then a tunnel of stars. Once out of the vortex we find ourselves at the edge of a nightmarish vista, looking down on a sprawling city of the “Old Ones” - ancient cosmic demon gods who ruled the universe long ago. We are attacked by black slimy tentacles (achieved through puppetry) and ahead we see Keziah with Jenkin on her shoulder. From the waist down she has become a creature of unspeakable hideousness - a great black mass of tentacles and sinew. She lunges at us as an illuminated doorway swings open, appearing to hang there in absolute darkness. We hurry through the portal into…

"concept art" of the horrors that await in the realm of the Old Ones

Scene 7

We are now seemingly back in the Witch House, having escaped the harrowing dimension of the Old Ones, in what appears to be a child’s room. The broken music box melody from before can now be heard more clearly along with a disquieting lullaby crooned softly by a cloaked woman who is rocking a swaddled baby in her arms. As we pass by the woman reveals her face - it’s Keziah! She laughs, presenting the infant to us, who is not an infant at all but Jenkin, who fiendishly snaps at us as we narrowly escape…

Scene 8

"makeup and costume test" for Keziah's undead children

We find ourselves in a maze-like serpentine hallway that seems never ending. A pulsing red glow shines through cracks and holes in the walls and the tight space is choked with an otherworldly fog. Cloaked figures, fiendish undead "children" and Jenkin puppets assault us from everywhere as we traverse the twisting corridors - bursting out of holes in the walls and from behind faded paintings and swooping down from above! Everywhere we turn there is another fiend ready to strike! The temperature grows warmer and warmer as we enter…

Scene 9

Another large room with seemingly impossible architecture, everything glows brutal red and the air is hot and sticky with the stench of death. Body parts of adults and children are nailed to the walls which themselves are gushing blood, partially mutilated bodies hang from the rafters and from the floor boards - defying gravity. A huge cloaked figure (actually an actor wearing an impressive “rig”) with the head of a goat pours blood from a human skull into a large stone bowl. Statues of tentacle creatures are mounted all around and the cackle of Keziah can once again be heard echoing from every bizarre corner. More hooded figures lunge from unseen hiding places as we try to escape the gory madness that surrounds us! Suddenly a doorway opens…

Scene 10

Through the doorway we are back in what appears to be the house’s kitchen. All is eerily silent save the far off trill of the music box. The weirdness of the sacrificial room has completely disappeared… or has it? There seems to be an exit up ahead - the relative safety of outside can be seen! But just before we exit a puppet Jenkin pops unexpectedly out of a cabinet giving us one final scare. The rat laughs at us and tells us to come back soon as “there is always a room to rent here at the Witch House.”

From James Koehl
Posted June 25, 2013 at 6:32 AM
Alan Hiscutt- "The Imperial Academy" is a very interesting concept. Looking at the attraction as the Empire being the "good guys" and the rebels as the "bad guys" is an unusual, original and unique approach. It gives the audience a chance to walk on the "dark side", one not usually emphasized in the Star Wars universe. I especially liked the use of multiple concepts, from live-action and interaction, audience participation, film segments, actual props, photo ops- this attraction would be fun, popular, interesting to both Star Wars geeks and those not as versed in the genre. The playground at the end seemed a bit tacked-on, but would provide a place to blow-off steam for children, something often forgotten about in theme parks.
One minor complaint. The name Colonel Devilla immediately made me think of Cruella de Vil. Perhaps her distant ancestor?

Bryce McGibeny- "Us and the Deep" is a remarkable concept, mixing adventure with education. The use of multiple facilities would keep the action moving while cutting down wait time, but I still wonder if just two lines would be enough. I thought the story was interesting, making this undersea adventure believable and thrilling. The use of live actors, special effects and audience involvement would make this experience one that would be fun for most, scary for some, but memorable for all. Two things did bother me: 1) Why would Mark destroy all their data? No scientist would do that, regardless of the danger they were in or who else might discover it. It just seemed a rather arbitrary addition that added nothing to the experience. 2) For some reason , the title doesn't seem to "trip off the tongue" very well. I have no better suggestion- it just seems a bit awkward.
I liked the interaction of the actors very much, and how their characters evolved through the story. The dialogue was well-written..
This was a tough challenge, and your approach to it was exciting and a great addition to your park.

Chad H.- "Burlington: The Final End" is a unique walk-through attraction, unlike nearly anything found elsewhere in a theme park anywhere. This is not a theme-park construction, but the original historic facility, one that could have played a major role in your nation's military defense, and in your scenario did just that. I felt that your creation- very nearly a REcreation- of the end of the world would be exciting, interesting, and perhaps a bit thought-provoking. I think it would be a perfect fit for your park, which to me is beginning to seem like a "thinking man's amusement park" where you can have fun and excitement and still be able to use the gray matter in your brain. Unless I missed it, I was unsure if the characters in the action were live actors or AA constructs, but regardless they infused realism into what could have been a dry museum tour. If I had any suggestion, it was at the end when the bomb hit- rather than just having the lights go out, which would just make the audience think that someone turned off the lights, I would have had a blinding flash, a blast of heat, then darkness and silence. That would have made them sure what just happened- or could have. All-in-all, this was a unique experience, one that would make anyone from any nation realize how fortunate that we haven't experienced this...yet.

AJ Hummel- "Smaug Cave Tours" is a well-conceived, well-integrated attraction for your park. It fits perfectly into the fantasy world that your park is creating, bringing your stories to life. There are a few problems, though, that would be difficult to get around. First of all, it is difficult to make an artificial cave system look anywhere as good and as impressive as the real thing. The details would have to be done extremely well, or it would look like an artificial stage set. Second, the Collection Chamber. Having a flailing deer drop from a collection tube and be impaled on a bed of spikes?! Blood or no blood, that scene would be horribly upsetting to many if not most viewers. There is no way to make that scene less than traumatic and offensive- I read that and burst our with "Oh My God!" which made my family wonder what just happened. I told them, and they both said , "Gross!" The biggest problem is the fact that so much back story would have to be familiar to the audience to understand what they are seeing that it would be difficult to explain it in a way that they would want to bother learning about it. The information in this walk-thru would be important to their understanding and appreciation of the entire park, and if they did experience it and learn about Smaug and the Dragon-Human War they would get a lot more out of the park, but like a sign I just saw stated, "You can lead a human to knowledge, but you can't make him think."

Joseph Catlett- "The Grindhouse Movie Experience" continues your series of off-the-wall, tongue-in cheek (sorry, I just ran out of hyphens) attractions at your park. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I own nearly all the movies you included in your attraction. I loved your physical description of the attraction, with the burned-out lights and run-down appearance of the theater. You would need to make it clear, though, that the "grind" portion doesn't mean "bump and grind" involving pole dances- the phrase "grindhouse" is so out-of-date (I found a few more hyphens in a drawer) that my spell-check didn't have it listed and I had to add it.
Walking through these wonderfully bad movies would be great fun for everyone, whether they have ever seen them or not. Your attraction nearly crosses over from walk-through to fun house, with "The Blob hallway, the floor moving in "Tremors" and the final experience, the audience joining in "The Time Warp". Personally I would love to experience this attraction, if for no other reason than to embarrass my children by doing the Time Warp in public in front of them (and better than them!). My biggest complaint? "This Island Earth" is hardly a grindhouse film! It is a classic sci-fi movie of the era. What about "Cat Women of the Moon?"; "Planet of the Vampires", or the ever popular "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies", I am not making that one up. Back to the critique- I loved your concept! It would be fun, entertaining, would not require any previous knowledge of the subject matter (although it would help to be familiar with it somewhat) and would be the kind of attraction that guests could experience over and over. Another fine proposal!

Dominick D- "Attack of the Dark Elves" would be an exciting, action-packed adventure for visitors to your park. One thing that you must always remember is that many in your audience do not know the background story of your attraction and you must provide them that information or they are going to feel left out and confused. I admit to being less-than-familiar with it and had trouble getting connected with the action. You also would need another guide to direct the audience to the next scene, or they are going to stand there all day watching their guide fight with the Fenris, Loki and Kurse. I liked the use of live actors, and the fight scenes would be fun to watch, and visually this walk-through would probably be drop-dead gorgeous to see. That is another problem- the audience is going to want to look around, and hurrying them from one scene to another will make them feel a bit "cheated" out of admiring the beautiful settings. You had a beginning, middle and end of the story, but unless the audience understands the background to it the audience will still be a bit confused and detached. Your written dialogue was well-done, and I felt that it sounded natural and could go far in explaining the action if used to explain the action more completely. I think that, all-in-all, this was one of your better proposals.

Jay R.- "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" would be a chocolate lovers (and just about everyone else's) dream, and is probably the most pure walk-through proposal presented. It is a totally immersive attraction, letting visitors feel that they have actually entered the world of Willy Wonka. Getting visitors into this attraction would be easy- getting them out would be a challenge. It would be an extremely expensive attraction to operate, with so many attendants needed and so much being given away, but wow! Would it be fun! One concern to me was the bubble room and safety- that many bubbles would make the floor extremely slippery, just asking for a slip, injury and law suit. Too bad we must consider things like this.
Since this was a walk-through challenge, you were wise to not include one thing that I am sure you considered, so I am going to include it for you. A boat ride on the chocolate river. It would have to be included in this attraction or visitors would feel cheated. There, I included it for you- no points lost!
I thought that the amazing level of detail you presented and wide variety of attractions stuffed into this walk-through made it one of the most outstanding proposals this week.

Christopher Sturniolo- "Beyond the Rabbit Hole" would be an interesting walk-through attraction for many visitors, if not especially original or inventive. Those familiar with "Once Upon a Time" would enjoy actually visiting the locations that the original series imagined, while those not familiar with it would like to see a highly-detailed creation of the famous novels. It really did not go much beyond the series, though, and didn't really introduce anything new other than the physical experience of being in Wonderland. I was a bit confused with the White Rabbit. You established several times that he is AA, but you have him moving through the action, escorting guests through different rooms, etc. The Card Soldiers, also AA, actually attack the guests? This attraction would be interesting to experience, but how the proposal describes the physical attraction and it's actions is a bit unclear.

Mike Kinshella- "The Witch House" would be the quintessential haunted walk-through attraction in your park, or any park with a haunted theme. The storyline brought the visitors into the action immediately, carried them through each progressively terror-filled room and never let them relax more than just enough to let the next shocker hit them with full effect. You gave an extremely well-described proposal, using one of my favorite phrases- you "painted with words" so that we could see exactly what you wanted us to see in your proposal. The pictures included helped those of us not as familiar to the story to have a clear vision of what you are proposing for your park. This was a very good proposal, in a very evil way.

From Christopher Sturniolo
Posted June 25, 2013 at 6:53 AM
Just as a reference, the White Rabbit AA's will appear in each of the attraction's rooms and interact with the other AA's or live actors. In the case of the cards, they just pop out of the brush and point their lances at the guests. Thanks for the feedback.

From Tim W
Posted June 25, 2013 at 6:57 AM
I apologize for the delays again during this week, hoping that we do not have another week like this. Unfortunately, we cannot continue waiting for late contestants after this week and will only acknowledge the posts we receive on time. We are still waiting for Joseph M to post his proposal, as he will be posting sometime Wednesday.

When we post rankings, you may realize that we have enacted a penalty for anyone who posts late. The three late posters will receive the lowest 3 rankings, which will affect them during next week's vote.

For next week, we will have a vote regardless of people posting on time. Next week's poll will factor in the scores from this week, and the scores from next week. The bottom 4 contestants will be sent to vote in a double elimination week.

Finally, here is my review for this week:

Alan Hiscutt: I honestly thought you have made a great choice by going towards Star Wars this week. However, I fear that too much had been taken by including aspects of both Star Tours and Jedi Training Academy. The spy sequence sounded much like Star Tours, and the demonstration/training aspect was all too familiar of Jedi Training Academy. Besides that, the whole walkthrough was constructed well. The whole experience seemed very interactive, allowing people to step into the world of Star Wars and have some great photo opportunities.

Bryce McGibeny: Your proposal had some rather interesting and innovative ideas in it, starting with the technical aspects that were included. I thought the whole premise was very fast paced and thrilling, allowing audiences to play along. I can easily see being transported into an undersea adventure, where you are not quite sure what are going to happen. The addition of the giant squid would surely have to be an impressive feat, but it could work very well if it was believable.

Chad H: This is the type of attraction I have been waiting from you, something mysterious and curious that would get people excited about Britain. Exploring a forbidden area will easily make for an interesting attraction. You certainly have kept the premise for this restrictive, not going into great lengths of detail which became a plus for this proposal. While the premise of the attraction is quite morbid, I think it might excite guests to experience a war happening above them.

AJ Hummel: There are very few attractions that are 90 minutes in length that would entice me to see them. Unfortunately, this would not be one of those attractions. The “open house” premise to the walkthrough tour seemed tacky in some ways, showcasing almost a cartoonish dragon world. I thought the other two components saved the proposal, with the observation deck being a cool addition. I’m not sure if it was just me, but I had a very difficult time envisioning this attraction within your theme park.

Joepsh Catlett: A horror movie walkthrough maze, with some of the cheesiest movies ever made. Why not? I thought it was kind of cool how it was similar to a walkthrough version of the Great Movie Ride with some of the iconic sci-fi style movies in the middle of the 20th century. I think this would be extremely nostalgic, and would easily work well with a drive through restaurant next to it, similar to Hollywood Studio’s Sci Fi Din-In Theater.

Dominick D: The conception and development seemed to be a bit on the weak side during this challenge. While it was a good story, it reminded me much too much of what viewers already would have seen occur in the Avengers. I’m not sure I would believe some of these effects would be possible, such as a tour guide defeating a large wolf. The encounters seemed rather short lived with the tour guide immediately knowing how to push the opponents into a hole or into lava. I’m just not sure I would believe that could happen since it took a whole team of Avengers to defeat Loki.

Jay R: You definitely had the most memorable proposal during this week. The candy coaster interactive elements are a great addition making the walkthrough a combination between a tour and a playground. The whole concept was great fun, easily attracting families who will surely be grateful for the attention to kids here. Honestly, I would have loved to see a Chocolate River boat ride, but you stayed true to the challenge at hand this week.

Christopher Sturniolo: Being a Once Upon a Time junkie, I feel in love with the concept of putting a ride geared towards the show. The walkthrough is a fun journey, staying true to the Alice in Wonderland adventures. While I would have loved to see more interaction between the guests and the environment, the show style atmosphere allowed for an interesting story to develop before the guests. Be careful with some of the aspects in describing your attractions, especially when involving extremely complex AAs.

Mike Kinshella: Once again, you had an extremely original storyline that would scare anyone entering this haunted house. You did a wonderful job with describing this crooked house, with haunts around every corner. The proposal sort of has a Haunted Mansion vibe with inviting guests to rent a room at the Witch House. Overall your proposal was well executed with gruesome pictures to aid in the reading process.

From Andy Milito
Posted June 25, 2013 at 8:23 AM
Alan Hiscutt: Bringing in Star Wars was a good idea this week. Your walkthrough was really well themed to the Star Wars universe, and I'm sure fans and newcomers (newcomers? To Star Wars? Who am I kidding?) would enjoy it immensely. I had problems with the storyline. It all felt a little too familiar, and was nothing that really had me too invested. Good job though!

Bryce McGibeny: Your entry was really intriguing and fun to read. The back and forth between the two tour guides was great, and would certainly add humor to the whole experience. There was a good build up to the climax, but I found it disappointing that we didn't see any actual water until Scene 5 or so. Otherwise, very nice.

Chad H: Another interesting look at British history, your walkthrough was fascinating, if not a little depressing. The build-up to the "end" was really thrilling, and it was well executed, it just bothers me that you're killing all the guests before their eyes. I'm sure they would know what they're getting into, but it all felt really dark.

AJ Hummell: Your walkthrough matched your park's lore and theme very well. I just can't help but find your entry this week to be a little underwhelming. With all this history and lore you've envisioned, you could have put it to very good well use in this challenge. Instead, I just got a tour, "here's this," "here's that." The last sections of the walkthrough were interesting though, and were quite enjoyable.

Joseph Catlett: You never cease to amaze me with your theme choice and humor. The choice of movies for your multiple walkthroughs was great (loved The Blob and Rocky Horror Picture Show). Transitions between movies was smooth, and everything encompassed that B movie feel. Fantastic job!

Dominick D: As much as I love the world of Thor and Asgard, I was a little disappointed by your execution this time around. Asgard was well themed, but the walkthrough just felt like one big chase scene, with guests not being able to fully immerse themselves in Thor's world. Having Thor make a physical appearance, whether it be an AA or a live actor, would've been a nice touch as well.

Jay R: In all honesty, you picked the PERFECT source material for a walkthrough. You really matched the world Dahl created in his classic children's novel. It mixed big set pieces we know and love with interactive elements, giving guests a chance to truly enter the world of Willy Wonka. Great job!

Christopher Sturniolo: Alice in Wonderland is another franchise destined for a walkthrough like this. The traditional characters and scenes were all there, adding to the wonderful world of Wonderland (alliteration for the win!). I thought making the guests drink the potions was a little "sketchy." How do you account for allergies when guests drink it? Just a nitpick, but nothing to be overlooked.

Mike Kinshella: I'm pretty sure your entry gave me nightmares last night (either that, or I listened to A Clockwork Orange's theme one too many times...)! Your walkthrough was really well themed and especially dark, but you pulled it off due to the nature of your park. The special effects were really creepy, and I'm sure nobody would come out of there saying "I wasn't scared a bit." Really great job!

From Joseph M
Posted June 26, 2013 at 10:07 PM
As basically a science museum with rides, Positron Park includes walkthrough exhibits and guided demonstrations in every land to accomplish the park’s educational mission. The exhibits in the Electric Fields section of the park focus on electricity and magnetism in the setting of a 19th century British university town. Brick and stone buildings line a curved cobblestone street, with alleyways leading through manicured gardens and hedges.

A row of brick buildings includes one more prominent than the others, with a large sign reading “Riebau’s Books and Bookbinding.” This is the place where Michael Faraday completed his apprenticeship. The door is open and inviting, drawing guests into the small bookstore. Antique-looking tomes line the shelves, including all the classics of the period but a disproportionately healthy section of the scientific writings that Riebau granted Faraday access to, allowing him to teach himself physics and electricity. Electric lights wired somewhat haphazardly illuminate the room. The shop itself is rather small, with a couple of demonstrations of electricity, such as addictively loud hand-cranked Wimshurst Machines, tucked in among the books. As always in Positron Park, a lab assistant dressed in a period suit is available to answer questions and guide the demonstrations, perhaps instructing couples on how to conduct an “electric kiss” with the Wimshurst Machine.

The door to the back is left ajar, and we walk into the much larger bookbinding room, although the space seems to have developed a new purpose. A book lies unfinished on the binding machine, loose pages set aside. Clearly the more pressing matter is scientific, as almost all of the books concern electricity and magnetism and chalkboards on the wall feature sketches of experiments and Faraday’s famous drawings of lines of force. Due to Faraday’s lack of a formal education, almost no equations are to be found. The demonstrations in this room include a large flat acrylic case within an ornate frame filled with iron filings and lit from below. Large magnets are left on the surface, allowing guests to manipulate complex magnetic fields and visualize them in the filings. Another similar exhibit utilizes a cylindrical case to permit a visualization of the fields in three dimensions.

Other exhibits includes large dynamos (electric generators), stripped down to show the coils of wires and magnets. Guests can turn the cranks to light bulbs, power a speaker, etc. Versions of the apparatus with moving wires and static magnets and vice versa aim to hammer home Faraday's Law relating changing magnetic fields and voltage. Faraday's original electric motor, which utilizes a pool of mercury, unfortunately must remain behind glass.

Passing through another doorway brings guests into a smaller room with a Van de Graaff (static electricity) generator next to a large copper cage that six or seven adults could squeeze into. Another lab assistant performs demonstrations with the Van de Graaff generator such as the familiar hair-standing-on-end gag but the highlight is the use of the cage, which distributes electric charge around the outside, not affecting the interior. The assistant chooses several volunteers to stand inside the cage. After closing and locking the door, the assistant turns the generator back on, allowing it to warm up and build anticipation. She may suggest that the guests inside the cage check-in as “Inside the Faraday Cage” on Facebook or Foursquare while they wait. Once the generator reaches the highest possible voltage the assistant directs huge and loud sparks to the cage. Of course the occupants are in no danger due to the Faraday cage effect and are released unharmed.

While many of the demonstrations could be found in a local science museum, Positron Park differentiates itself from the museum experience with meticulous theming and costumes. Faraday’s lab in the bookbinding shop epitomize the types of themed learning that the Park is all about.

From James Koehl
Posted June 27, 2013 at 1:26 AM
Joseph M.- "Faraday's Lab" is a meticulously-detailed, well-written proposal, perfectly conceived for your park. It uses historically accurate devices and experiments to demonstrate important fundamental scientific principles in a fun, hands-on manner. You were correct that many of the demonstrations are the same as in a modern science museum, placing them in a historic setting and not in a sleek modern facility makes Faraday's discoveries all the more remarkable. One concern would be size and crowd management- people tend to hang around hand-on demonstrations longer than in a traditional walk-through facility, and with lots of stuff to do and "play with" the attraction could get a bit crowded quickly. I do suspect that your park, at least this portion of it, would be more focused on quality than quantity, but having several duplicate walk-through routes might be necessary to avoid long lines. This was a very original concept, written in a manner that makes it easy to visualize the attraction and highlighting an important part of today's electronic history.

From Tim W
Posted June 27, 2013 at 8:32 AM
As stated before, this week's rankings will count towards next week when we have our vote. 2 people will be fired from the competition next week. While our bottom 3 will comprise of our three late posters, they do have a chance to redeem themselves next week.

Here are the rankings for this week:

1. Jay R
2. Joseph Catlett
3. Bryce McGibeny
4. Chad H
5. Alan Hiscutt
6. AJ Hummel
7. Dominick D
8. Joseph M
9. Mike Kinshella
10. Christopher Sturniolo

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