Some pics of SW History Sea World Aurora, OH 1977

Sea World Orlando: Video slideshow slice of Sea World history 35mm slide scans from Aurora, OH 1977.

From Chet Simmons
Posted January 3, 2014 at 3:28 PM
You might get a kick out of this slice of history from Sea World. It could apply to those interested in Sw Orlando or S.D.

I found 1977 35mm Slide scans of Sw in 1977 Aurora, OH (RIP) going through my files end-of-the year cleaning.

Featuring Shamu the Killer Whale, Justice League of America Super Hero Water Ski Show, Seals, Sea Lion, Otter, Dolphins, and Cap’n Kids World Sign.

I always found it curious why it was in Aurora, OH of all places. The winter climate permitted the park to be open only from May until September.

It was next to Geauga Lake amusement park. 30 miles from Cleveland. Driving distance of Cedar Point amusement park. But still an odd choice.

(I also notice one of the coasters over Tips for Visitors is Maverick at Cedar Point in OH where I had a season pass ; )

I’ve yet to make it to SeaWorld Orlando or SD. I’ve been to Disney World twice.

From Mike Gallagher
Posted January 3, 2014 at 5:36 PM
Interesting. I never knew Sea World had rights to DC characters. Oddly, my only visit to Sea World (FL) was in 1977 as well! But I don't remember Superheroes. All I remember is a Christmas tree made of poinsettias and having my brand new Polaroid One-Step camera ruined by Shamu's splash...

Thanks for sharing these pics, Chet.

From Rob Pastor
Posted January 3, 2014 at 9:43 PM
I was there a couple of times during their first few years, but I didn't really care much for the park. It was very small & there wasn't much to do. I coupled it with Geauga Lake Park which was adjacent to it. The two together added up to maybe a half day park at best. But Geauga Lake did have a few pretty good coasters in later years. But maybe only one or two back in 1977.

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