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With over 68 rides including 15 roller coasters, Canada's Wonderland is Canada's most prominent theme park. Canada's Wonderland is also North America's most visited seasonal theme park, attracting tourists and locals alike. The park was opened in 1981, sold to Paramount Parks in 1994, and purchased by Cedar Fair, its current owner, in 2007. For more information call (905) 832-7000, or check out the website at

What's new for 2012?
Canada's Wonderland has added two new attractions for 2012: Leviathan, a B&M mega-coaster and at 306 feet, the tallest roller coaster in Canada; and Dinosaurs Alive!, an animatronic dinosaur exhibit costing an additional $5 on your day pass.

Following in the footsteps of other amusement parks, Canada's Wonderland has incorporated a paid line-skip program, Fast Lane, which allows users to skip the line on 15 attractions for an extra $45.

How do you get to Canada's Wonderland?
Canada's Wonderland is located alongside Highway 400, about 20 minutes North of Downtown Toronto. To get to Canada's Wonderland, take Highway 400 to the Rutherford Road exit and the main entrance to the park is East of Highway 400, just North of Rutherford Road.

When is the best time to visit?
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays during the Summer, and Sundays during spring and fall.

How do I get tickets to Canada's Wonderland?
Tickets are avilable through Ticketmaster, online at, at the park, or through many corporate partners.

Where can I find discounted tickets for the 2012 season?
Red Flag Deals, an online Canadian bargain site, has various deals with corporate partners and specialty days listed here.

Plan your day at Canada's Wonderland
Come early to avoid rides with long queue waits, like Behemoth. Come with comfortable clothing as you would with any park. Bring lots of water. Remember that they do not allow aluminum cans in the park.

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