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Leviathan is an excellent roller coaster in Medieval Faire and one of the best attractions at Canada's Wonderland.

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This Bolliger & Mabillard mega coaster opens officially in May 2012. It features a height of 306 feet, track length over one mile and a top speed of 92 mph in a three and a half minute, US$28 million ride.

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One of only six giga coasters in the world (soon to be 7 with Orion opening in 2020 at King's Island). Certainly an awesome ride. It's fast and smooth with a fair amount of airtime. I recommend sitting in the front row to really appreciate the speed (my favorite) or in the back row to experience the most airtime. You can't go to Canada's Wonderland without riding this one if you really enjoy roller coasters.

Leviathan was my first B&M giga coaster and one of the most awesome coasters I ever rode. The sequence couldn't be better and there are some nice surprises, such as a high speed left turn which is totally unexpected and provides good ejector airtime. This coaster provides both floater and ejector airtime, never letting up. With no mid course brake run, it's unstoppable until the end.

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