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Time Warp

Action Zone
Roller coaster - 54 inches to ride
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This mild roller coaster features a short run through barrel rolls, abrupt drops and sharp turns. The riders are positioned lying face down, and then lifted into place to give the feeling of "flight".

Express Ticket Option.

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This was my 1st Zamperla Volare and will probably be my last unless I decide to ride the installation at Luna Park just to get the credit. The ride was extremely uncomfortable, mainly because 1) it's essentially a case of riding in a cage; and 2) during every inversion, the ladder that the rider must climb in order to get into position hit me on the legs. I'll stick with B&M flyers, thank you.

Another rough ride produced when Paramount owned the park. I actually threw up once after riding this one. The "flying" sensation isn't all it's cracked up to be. Trust me.

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