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This Dale Earnhardt-themed Hyper coaster from Bolliger and Mabillard is the park's tallest and longest coaster, with a 211-foot initial drop and 5,316 feet of track. The coaster features seven drops, as well as the Cedar Fair "staggered" Hyper coaster cars - four seats to a car, two together in the front row, and two to the side of those in the rear.

Intimidator was added to the park in 2010.

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Less intense but every bit as enjoyable as its counterpart in Kings Dominion, Intimidator sacrifices extreme turns and lateral Gs for big drops and airtime-inducing crests. Sure, this bad boy doesn't cause grey-outs, and it doesn't quite stack up to the aptly named Fury, but it's a very enjoyable coaster worthy of praise.

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