Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is a motion base show in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. While it's not the best, it is also recommended. The minimum height to ride is 38 inches.

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Step into the cockpit and take the controls of the Millennium Falcon on this interactive adventure. Opening May 31, 2019.

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Reviews of Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

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The interactivity of the attraction with the immersive theming of the overall queue and area makes this ride pretty darn good. My advice- don't overhype this ride because you love Star Wars, that will lead to disappointment. Go in hoping to have a fun time and try to ask for the pilot seat (they will always give it to you if you ask).

I have now been on this ride twice.
There are 3 jobs available, pilot, gunner, and engineer.
The ride itself is a motion simulator with 6 positions, similar to the layout on the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.
Once inside the building, everything looks great. In fact, the whole land looks great. After a great introduction room, similar to the Tower of Terror room where a large group is given a backstory, one is funneled to the proper ride entrance. This is where your job is assigned. I have not been the pilot.
Next is the “chess” room. This is where C-3PO was beating Chewbacca at the holographic game and Han advised to let Chewy win. Again, the room looks great. In addition to a job, there is also a color for the 6 crew members. The room is uncrowded, and there is time to wander around and take photos and push buttons before your color is called. Entrance to the ride starts when your color is called.
The cockpit is set up with 6 seats, 3 to a side. There is a big screen, similar to a windshield of a car, but bigger. The pilots have an unobstructed view, but the other positions do not have a full view of the screen. Once the ride starts the pilots need to navigate from the launchpad. At this point a small screen, 90 degrees from the main screen, instructs you how to do your job. Pardon me while I vent.
NON-PILOT ISSUE #1: I am no longer looking forward, but I do get to push buttons that affect the mission.
NON-PILOT ISSUE #2: I am focused on the side panel, not on the visuals from the main window.
GUNNER ISSUE: I’m supposed to keep pushing a button, but there is no “targeting”. The gunner positions on the Falcon had interactive seats. The seat would move as you acquired a target. This ride is just pushing a button.
ENGINEER ISSUE: This is just silly. Push the flashing buttons as quick as you can. Again, this takes my focus from the main screen to a panel 90 degrees away. I have no idea what this ride looks like.
Note that the Disney Play app was interesting, once I figured out how to use it for this ride. But the app is still not ready for prime time.
In summary, the queue is terrific, but the ride is a disappointment. It doesn’t seem to be a fully thought out experience. Think Star Tours, blindfolded. Mission Space (Walt Disney World) blindfolded. Tower of Terror, with the Introduction Room as the best part.
My suggestion for improvement would be to use stadium seating in the cockpit, and move the button layout in front of the position, instead of 90 degrees from the main screen.

Awesome ride! I don't understand the negativity at all.

Honnestly, what a huge disappointment. Nothing more than an upgrade to mission Space.

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