Space Mountain

Roller coaster - 40 inches to ride
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Originally opened in 1977, the Anaheim version of Disney's indoor "wild mouse" coaster ride through space now features an on-ride musical soundtrack, as well as a special Halloween version, "Ghost Galaxy" that runs in October.

Disneyland's Space Mountain also includes a dedicated loading bay for disabled guests, so they can load at their pace. The ride vehicle is on a platform that will eventually be slid into place and take off like other ride vehicles.

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Space Mountain remains as one of my favorite coasters. Though it doesn't have much thrills, the on-board audio soundtrack by Michael Giacchino makes the ride. All three overlays are amazing, but the original version is far superior in my opinion. Nonetheless, all three make for a great attraction that should never be missed on a trip to DL. So much better than Disney World's version too

My most recent experience was with the Hyperspace Mountain overlay. I have to say this version of the coaster is INCREDIBLE. The integration of music, visuals, and the track are nearly seamless, and it's a must even if you're not a Star Wars fan.

When we visited last, the Halloween Ghost Galaxy overlay for Space Mountain was in place, and it was excellent. Essentially, there is a space ghost (not the one from the old Saturday morning cartoons) who chases you throughout the course of the ride. It is a very cool effect. My whole family loved Ghost Galaxy and we rode it several times. I also loved the way the onride music ebbed and flowed with the track layout, and how it swelled whenever the ghost appeared. Many people say the Disneyland version of Space Mountain is better than the Florida version, but both versions are a whole lot of fun, and are different enough that they can mutually coexist. If I was forced to pick one or the other I guess I would give a slight nod to Disneyland's version, but my wife says the opposite. Either way, Space Mountain continues to be a fun and invigorating coaster. Outstanding.

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