Beauty and the Beast Sing Along

World Showcase - France
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A "twisted tale as old as time," this 13-minute movie opens in January 2020.

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Reviews of Beauty and the Beast Sing Along

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I was really disappointed in this show. Firstly, the format of the film is in standard cinematic aspect ratio (16x9), so it only fills a small portion of the giant wall to wall screen. Secondly, the movie tries to alter the original Beauty and the Beast story to make it seem like LaFeau is the "hero". I get the tact of trying to offer something more than replaying clips from the original animated classic, but this new alternate storyline doesn't make any sense and is ultimately confusing. Finally, there's not much "singalong" to the movie with songs ending abruptly after they go through the hook once. I understand Disney want to pattern this after the Frozen singalong and only had 13-15 minutes to work with here, but they really dropped the ball here with a haphazard effort.

I don't expect this movie to last very long, and Impressions de France should reclaim its full-time presence in this theater within a year or 2.

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