Test Track

Test Track is a track ride in Future World - Test Track at Epcot. While it's not the best, it is also recommended. The minimum height to ride is 40 inches.

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You’ll tour an idealized automotive design facility in this ride sponsored by Chevrolet. While you wait to board, you’ll get to choose some of the elements of a new car that will be tested during your ride. Once on board, you’ll ride in a six-seat “test vehicle” as unseen engineers test your car for traction, response, efficiency, and, of course, speed. The finale blasts you through the wall of the test facility for a high-speed ride around the outside of the Test Track building.

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Its ok but nothing that special. Not worth a huge wait!

A neat thing about this attraction is that after you get off the ride, you can use the car you created in the post-ride area. You can virtually race your car against other cars, or you can stand in front of a greenscreen to pose next to the car you designed.

If you ever want to win an argument over the importance of theme in an attraction, point out that this is the same ride as Radiator Springs Racers and Journey to the Center of the Earth - two world-class Disney attractions I would much rather experience again than this extended car commercial. The long lines just prove how desperate for thrill rides Epcot is these days.

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