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The Rocky Mountain Construction I-Box coaster features a 109-foot barrel roll drop and a top speed of 54 mph on 3,351 feet of track, including a total of three inversions and nearly 20 airtime moments. It opened March 23, 2018.

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Twisted Timbers was my first RMC coaster. It did not disappoint. Wild. Unpredictable. Full of unique surprises like the corkscrew drop off the lift hill interspliced with classic wooden roller coaster dips and banks. The signature RMC banks and switchbacks are great fun.

I did make the trip to Kings Dominion for the sole purpose of reviewing this for another blog and it far exceeded my expectations. The initial barrel roll drop, trick track elements and airtime hills - superb ejector airtime - make this a real winner. Another RMC masterpiece.

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