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Roller coaster - 48 inches to ride
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An $8 million GCI wooden coaster added to Worlds of Fun for the 2009 season. Features include: 3074' of track, 85' first drop, 51 mph top speed, high-speed terrain hugging, banked bunny hills, and a banked S-curve. Utilizes two Millennium Flyer trains with 24 riders per train. Prowler took second place in the 2009 Theme Park Insider Best New Attraction voting.

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One of the most underrated rides in the world. Looking at a POV it seems quite sluggish, but it actually rips through its layouts. The airtime and laterals are almost voyage-level and rising it at night makes it even more intense. This ride Italy something like mystic timber’s to the next level.

While getting a bit long in the tooth, Prowler still hugs the terrain and turns on a dime, sweeping through it's unique course effortlessly. Be sure to ride this coaster at night because there is complete darkness after the lift hill, which lends itself to an amazing "night ride" - perhaps the best ride in the park.

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