What's new on the discussion board: Air time, G forces and D23

July 5, 2011, 7:42 AM · Here are this week's top new topics on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board:

Bob Miller offers a couple questions for the roller coaster fans on the site: Most airtime on a roller coaster? and Which coasters have the highest G forces?

Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America
My pick for most airtime on a coaster? Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America

Amy lockland asks about crowds at Disneyland in July.

Daniel Etcheberry writes, I live in central Florida; what attractions in Southern California should I visit and which ones should I skip?

Joseph Catlett reviews some of The Perks of (Annual) Membership. Which ones are your favorites?

Dominick D rants about Stealing 3D glasses at the park?

David L. asks What does Disney NEED to announce at the D23 convention?

Here are a couple of new items from the past week, too: Goofy's Sky School and two new restaurants open at California Adventure and SeaWorld San Diego eliminates extra charge for Skytower and Bayside Skyride.

Finally, Jeff Elliott checks in with Last week at your amusement park...July 5, 2011.

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July 6, 2011 at 8:31 PM · Yay Raging Bull!

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