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New at Disney World: My Spoiled Rotten Disney Girl's Perfectly Overpriced Princess Tea Party. Plus, more news from around Orlando.

From Kevin Baxter
Posted October 28, 2003 at 11:13 AM
MousePlanet - Oct 27
Jim Hill Media - Oct 27

The El Capitan theater in Hollywood offers some great post-film events when it shows Disney films. For "Freaky Friday" they held a Princess Tea, which was very popular with little girls in their princess outfits. WDW is now testing a similar program called My Disney Girl's Perfectly Princess Tea Party. (Is that the gaggiest name, or what?) Anyhow, the tea will be held at the Grand Floridian through this weekend and features a brunch that culminates with a meeting with Princess Aurora. Big whoop! The El Capitan tea had five princesses! Well, this one does include a My Disney Girl doll, a cameo pin, a princess bracelet and a gift for the adult. The price? $200 for an adult/child pair! More like the My Spoiled Rotten Disney Girl's Perfectly Overpriced Princess Tea Party.

There is a cheaper alternative, though. The Brown Derby in Disney/MGM Studios is serving up meals with an Imagineer. Lunch runs $61 and dinner will steal $100. I said it was cheaper, not cheap!

Jim Hill Media is reporting first-hand a problem Disney feared. Mission: Space, at one point, had a 25-minute wait while the older Test Track had a two-hour wait. Apparently the ride is not only hurling people into space, but people are hurling about 30 times a day. That's a lot of down time. The story questions the placement of the ride. Wouldn't a thrill ride work better outside the sedate gates of Epcot and inside the wildness that is Disney/MGM?

Orlando Sentinel - Oct 27

The Hard Rock Hotel will open a new restaurant on Thursday. Supposedly styled on a rock star's large kitchen, the aptly-named The Kitchen, it sounds like it will compete directly with many of the restaurant/bars in CityWalk. Well, duh. Of course a rock star's kitchen will have lots of booze. But how will they serve the drugs? Will there be a menu or do you just help yourself to one of the canisters on the counter?

Same article as above

The popular Jack Hanna Weekend returns on November 8 and 9. It says he will perform two animal shows each day, but doesn't mention anything else. I would hope something that merits a full Weekend would feature more than just this. Has anyone been to a previous one? If not, go to this one and let us know how it goes...

From Carrie Hood
Posted October 29, 2003 at 10:28 PM
Jack Hanna normally does the two animal shows but in between he has been known to wonder the park and appear randomally at the diffrent shows. At least this was true when I worked threw in 99.

From Russell Meyer
Posted October 30, 2003 at 9:58 AM
I was in Orlando last November during Jack Hanna's visit, and basically he did daily shows with the animals he brough to the park interspersed with videos of his television show. He also does a special lunch/dinner show for passholders.

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