X Games Xhibition at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris: It didn't pack 'em in in Anaheim last summer, but Disney's going to try again with its extreme sports exhibition -- this time in Paris.

From Ben Mills
Posted February 19, 2004 at 3:56 PM
ESPN's X Games Xperience, the unhappy product of Disney management that was supposed to pull in major crowds for the unpopular California Adventure, is set to be recycled and used in Paris, having been discarded by its mother park. The team behind the original show have been re-assembled to design a new show for display in Disney Village, Paris. Despite the slight name change, Disney's X Games Xhibition should remain largely unchanged, featuring a similar selection of extreme sports performed to dazzle audiences. However, this new incarnation may feature a more open layout, being set in the middle of the Disney Village area, rather than in a closed-off show area.

A similar event was organised earlier this year that was based on water sports and stunts, but was set on Lake Disney, the man-made lake in the centre of the resort. Whether any water events will feature in the new show remains to be seen.

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