Bring back the Haunted House at AT!

Alton Towers: I really think they should get rid of Duel at Alton Towers and bring back the Haunted House.

From Rowan Booker
Posted August 17, 2006 at 9:48 AM
I was wondering if anyone else is really disappointed that they replaced the Haunted House with Duel at Alton Towers?

I used to love the Haunted House, but when it was changed into Duel it really went downhill. Half the effects don't work anymore (like theres no sound when Emily Alton is in the doll house, or Henry Altons talking head in the fire) and the ones that do you miss because your too busy shooting zombies.

And the targets arn't even on thr zombies themselves, just the walls!

I really want to bring the Haunted House back.....Anyone else got an opinion?

From Mark Walker
Posted August 19, 2006 at 8:04 AM
You don't like improved attractions do you? Check out my thread 'The Best Shoot - em - up ride' and you see that despite some setbacks, it's one of the best shooting rides out there. All the effects work and at least it has themeing unlike some really c*** and wasted rides...

From Adrian Walker
Posted August 19, 2006 at 8:08 AM
Sorry, gotta disagree with you on this Rowan. I think this is one of the better rides at Alton Towers. Being honest though I never rode the original haunted house so I wouldn't know if it was better than the original.

"And the targets arn't even on thr zombies themselves, just the walls!"

Granted, some of the targets are just randomly placed on the walls and thier arn't that many zombies in the attraction. Some of it looked like scenes from cartoon horror movies (see the guy with the giant rat? That was just terrible). I guess the designers kept it family friendly with the odd cartoon monster so as to not scare the youngsters which I am okay with. But because I am in my teens, naturally, I would expect more scare factor.

Other than what I've mentioned, Duel kicks ass. It has a soundtrack that rivals IOA's themes and scenary that rivals some of the best shoot em ups on the planet(MIB for one). It also has a great replay factor which comes with shoot em up rides. You can't get that with haunted houses.

Overall, the positives massively counter the negatives so in my opinion the haunted house should definetely NOT be brought back.

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