need help! Question about kennywood

going to kennywood and need help figuring out if any rides will cause me problems.

From Jessica noname
Posted July 10, 2007 at 6:09 PM
Hey, I am going to kennywood amusment park in pennsylvania, and I am fairly overweight. I weigh like 245 lbs, but I only look like i'm around 200 lbs if you had to guess. I mean my abdomen is fairly decent size and I've got a larger chest proportion than most average girls. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if I would have trouble with most rides, or which rides? Thanks for any help! :)

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted July 10, 2007 at 9:02 PM
Well I think, as I often say, if you don't have a tryout seat available by the que line then I always get inline anyway, try to get in, if I can't then just move on to another ride but since I'm really not familiar w/the park, you may want advice from someone else who is. I think you can probably fit on Thunderbolt & Jack Rabbit, maybe Phantom as far as coasters are concerned. Take a look at the ride list & if there are photos available, make an educated guess. Usually if you look at the ride, you can pretty much tell if you'll fit or not. I'm large too & usually only have trouble on wood coasters but only certain ones though. Have fun!

From gina scardanello
Posted June 7, 2010 at 12:26 PM
hey i was wondering the same thing. what rides are "fluffy" friendly at kennywood? im supposed to go this saturday so i would appreciate any info ASAP just send me a message. what rides are ok for bigger people. i myself am bigger, but carry my weight fairly well, so what rides are good for me and what ones should i avoid all together??? thanks hope to hear from someone soon!!!

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