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Busch Gardens Tampa: I have a variety of questions about HOS and asking opinions on many things.

From Samantha G
Posted September 9, 2007 at 12:32 PM
Well I'm 16 years old and my mom agreed to let my boyfriend and I go to a theme park this year. I am very excited about it because I usually never get the chance to get down to Orlando or Tampa unless for a school field trip. Anyway, I finally decided to check out Howl o Scream and other Halloween events at theme parks. I have never attended a halloween event like HOS or HHN, and I have never been to Busch Gardens either. So here are my questions for HOS...

I've heard that Friday is the best night to go in order to beat the crowds, it that true? And if so, how long are the waits in lines usually?

The "Freaky Preview Nights" are a lot cheaper and I see that they end at 1am instead of 2am like some other nights. But do they have any other limitations besides that? (Just wondering why they're so cheap).

Depending on if you go on a night from 7:30-1 or 7:30-2 will you really have enough time to get through all the houses and scare zones and roller coasters too? I've never been to Busch Garndens or anything like this before, and I know it's tough to get through everything at a normal theme park let alone when I want the houses and roller coasters.

Are there any specific coasters or houses or scare zones that were particularly good that you'd like to recommend?

About this "Fright Feast" I heard it was really worth it to go to that. I was going to check it out later, but how much is the cost for it and such? (excuse me if that was at HHN and not HOS, I can't remember)

I know atleast at HHN there was a "Stay and Scream" thing you could get. Where you could go to the park throughout the day and stay there through HHN at night too. Is there any kind of discount like that for HOS? I couldn't find anything about it.

I've heard a lot more that HOS is better than HHN. But would anyone else like to agree or disagree?

That's about it for all my questions. I'm very excited to go and I'm just trying to get the best time possible. Thanks for the help everyone. Feel free to add in any other opinions or tips you have to help me out. Thank you.

From Erik Yates
Posted September 9, 2007 at 2:26 PM
Quick answer:
Yes, if you are in the park and have your tickets for HOS you can do stay and scream. They hold you by the Cheetah Chase.
Yes, the Frightfeast is very good, and you can do atleast three houses before the rest of the park opens.
Freaky Preview is cheap, and platinum passport holders get in for free......for that reason it is very very crowded. We were there last year, and had a sister had an epileptic seizure...caused by the event....
We had hit three houses and had seen some lines. We went back the next week and had NO lines. We were able to do the houses 7 and 8 times. It was insane.
Its done very well, but you will see it very busy on Friday and even more so on Saturdays.

From Krystalynn Walker
Posted September 26, 2007 at 5:34 PM
Well actually, I attend Howl-O-Scream every year & I noticed the prices for Freaky Preview.. So I called up Busch Gardens and asked about it. The lady said it is the same exact thing as any other night. All the haunted houses, shows, etc.
Plus, I would say it is scarier/better than Halloween Horror Nights, not to mention cheaper!

As for Fright Feast, we're trying it for the first time this year it should be great.

From colleen f
Posted October 1, 2007 at 10:34 AM
We did the Freaky Preview on Saturday and it was packed. We did 1 house (Trapped- the only thing scary about it was seeing what happens to theatre majors) and the 3 big coasters. The scare zones seemed to be well done.

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