New For Dollywood?

Dollywood: What could be in Dollywood's forseeable future. After scouting construction sites I am left clueless and wonder if anyone had any info.

From John Griffi
Posted June 10, 2008 at 8:49 PM
As a frequent visitor to dollywood I like to consider the parks future endeavors an investment into the the future of the community. I have been researching and I was wondering, with the announcement that Herschend and Dolly will be investing over 100 million dollars in the park (or parks) in the next few years, what will be new for Dollywood?. I have seen two sites of construction both above the new wilderness pass area, but both can't be seen by the public. I even rode the train after it opened and could only see a parking lot and a field at best through the dense woods above the Mystery Mine. So what could it be? Theres usually lots of hype about new coasters but it seems absent this season so far. Does anyone have any info?

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