Changes at The Cove

Sea World Orlando: SWF has changed their lineup for dining at The Cove for 09.

From tilikum shamu
Posted December 25, 2008 at 9:04 PM
Another interesting, yet positive change at SWF, is that they are doing away with their Backstage at Believe and Shamu Rocks dinner buffets. Everything is being rethemed to the Dine with Shamu. Speaking with folks at the park, it seems like people wanted the interaction with the killer whales — not just watching the making of believe videos and such. The dine with Shamu is a pretty neat experience and I recommend it to anyone. Also, it looks like starting with New Years, they are adding some "special" Dine with Shamu's like they do at SWC. The first is the New Year's Dine with Shamu, and it looks pretty cool, starting with a private cocktail reception at underwater viewing. Also, dining checkin will occur at underwater viewing, and they'll be using a different entrance than they have in the past.

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