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'Plan Your Day' Game Plan: Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park: Thorpe Park is set to be the premier white knuckle park in the South of England. Naturally, this means one thing: you're gonna need a game plan. Fortunately, Ben Mills has one for you.

From Ben Mills
Posted November 9, 2002 at 12:45 PM
Thorpe Park is set to be the premier white knuckle park in the South of England. This is the cause for an abundance of high speed, high thrill rides.

Naturally, this means one thing: you're gonna need a game plan.

Lucky for you, I had some spare time...

1st - From 5th April 2003 - Nemesis Inferno (The new inverted coaster in Calypso Quay)
2nd - Colossus
3rd - Zodiac
4th - Vortex
5th - Detonator
6th - Logger's Leap
7th - Ribena Rumba Rapids

Now you're nice and wet you can go and get completely soaked on Tidal Wave. Bear in mind that if you're not into high thrill stuff you have only done three rides at maximum (you might find Logger's Leap or Tidal Wave too much to cope with). If this situation arises, and you have kids with you, now is the perfect time to ride the multitude of children's rides scattered all over the park.

Things to do later in the afternoon or when lines are long - Flying Fish, Pirates 4-D, Calgary Stampede,

Things you can skip if you have to - Teacup Twisters, Waterbus, Sunken Garden, Model World, Rocky Express, Canada Creek Railway, Depth Charge, Neptune's Beach, Wet Wet Wet, Safari High Dive Show, Thorpe Farm, X:\ No Way Out.

Kid's attractions (skip if you don't have children with you) - Neptune's Beach, Sea Snakes and Ladders, Fantasy Fish, Galleon Race, Happy Halibuts, Ollie Octopus, Slippery Serpent, Swinging Seashells, Up Periscope, Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride, Chief Ranger's Carousel, Miss Hippo's Fungle Safari, Ranger's Showcase.

Best Virtual Q Tickets - Colossus, Logger's Leap, Nemesis Inferno (expected).

That is the complete list of confirmed rides for 2003 at time of writing. Another two rides are going into Lost City, one being a Magic-Carpet style ride and the other being a Ferris Wheel, but whether they will draw big enough crowds to warrant an early morning visit however, is yet to be seen.

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  • From Hannah Maclean
    Posted August 15, 2005 at 6:49 PM
    Hi, Just to update with the new rides,Samurai should be 4th,Rush 5th and Slammer 7th! Just personal opinion...anyone any other suggestions?

    From Kirsty Franks
    Posted April 24, 2006 at 11:33 AM
    Hi, you might want to add Stealth (the new rocket coaster) in there somewhere.

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