What would you put in shanghai disneyland?

Hong Kong Disneyland: Let's hear suggestions

From carl tugwell
Posted July 16, 2009 at 9:37 AM
What do people want to see in shanghai disneyland?

From TH Creative
Posted July 16, 2009 at 10:38 AM
Jungle Cruise.

From Michael Owen
Posted July 16, 2009 at 10:56 AM
We need more of the generic, timeless lands and attractions that we have seen at other Magic Kingdom style parks around the world.

I noticed that Hong Kong Disneyland will be getting a Toy Story Land similar to that at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. For me this is a bad move, Toy Story, whilst great, is a movie franchise with it's third blockbuster coming up next year. How long will Toy Story be popular? How many more great movies can the people at Pixar make? I think these are crucial factors that the management have looked over in search of short-term increases in attendance at a poorly performing park.

Shanghai should look to the early days of the original Disneyland for its inspiration. Shanghai Disneyland needs to steer away from the movies and focus on creating unique and interesting attractions that are timeless.

I'd like to see some of the classics Big Thunder, Space Mountain and Pirates as well as something new. Maybe an all new mountain for an all new Magic Kingdom?

From Nick Markham
Posted July 17, 2009 at 11:26 AM
So, I have a whole "plan" I have come up with for the enitre park! I figured this one would include many of the classics or favorites that Hong Kong Disneyland did not get as well as many new features due to Hong Kong Disneyland being so much like a classic Disneyland.

There would be 6 lands: Main Street U.S.A., Walt Disney Studios (new as far as Disneyland parks go), Discoveryland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Caribbean Isles (again, a new land).

Main Street U.S.A.- Would be a carbon copy of Disneyland's Main Street with all of the different mMain Street Vehicles, but without the theatre showing Pres. Lincoln and instead of an actual station for the train it would instead just look like a station with a train always pulled in, but actually somewhat of a little Walt Disney/Disney park museum type of attraction. Main Street U.S.A. would stretch all the way down the center of the park to the castle in the center, just like all of the Main Streets, to the central hub.

Walt Disney Studios- This would be a new idea because Disney has never put in a movie studio themed land into one of their main Disneyland or Magic Kingdom parks. Though it would actually fit very well. This land would be connected to both Main Street U.S.A. (using what would be in Disneyland a fake street with a dead end as an entrance to the land instead) and the central hub. It would be to the left of Main Street U.S.A. and would shift from the Main Street theme to movie studio theme quite well. It would feature a Toy Story Mania, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (facing away from the rest of the park of course so as to not reveal the hidden buildings to the public, and a Great Movie Ride copy but with Disney movies replacing all of the MGM movies.

Discoveryland- This would be a somewhat unique Tomorrowland like land what with a diferent color scheme and unique new rides. The first would be Stitch's Laser Blast, a copy of Buzz Lightyear but themed to Stitch (giving Stitch an attraction that is actually good).Stitch's Laser Blast would also feature a Stitch animatronic in place of the Buzz Lightyear one along with several other animatronic experiments like Stitch which would entertain the guests in line. There would alsobe a Star Tours ride (by then with the new film and 4D), a Wall-E-ncounter (like Turtle Talk With Crush but with Wall-E instead), and a very unique Space Mountain. From the moment you see this Space Mountain you will notice a difference with a Silver surface, black outlining the different details of the structure. This would be most unique because of many other things as well such as the layout, the fact thaat it would launch (not like the one in Paris but straight track), a few new effects, different sound track, andf the fact that the ride would instead be a custom Intamin launch ride with the same track type as California Screamin', creating a smoother launch.

Fantasyland- This would keep true to most Fantasylands, just with a different layout andf would include a Peter Pan Flight, Snow White Scary Adventures, Dumbo, Mad Tea Party, Sleeping Beauty's Golden Carrousel, Little Mermaid's Sea Adventure, and a subland themed to Winnie the Pooh with a playground, a Pooh's Hunny Coaster (like gadget go coaster but the cars would look like hunny pots) and a Tilt-A-Whirl like ride called Spinning Honey Pots. The castle would be a 180 foot Cinderella Castle and would have a walkthrough like Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland but themed to Cinderella.

Frontierland- This Frontierland would stretch from Fantasyland to the front of the park along a long windy path, though most of its length would be due to the Grizzly River Run like ride but called Western River Run with more of a western theme. There would also be a smaller, Disneyland copy of Big Thunder Mountain, a Grand Western River with a Tom Sawyer Island, Western Riverboat, Canoes, and rafts.

Caribbean Isles- This new land would be the most unique part about the park. IT would be quite similar to the propsed pirates land for Hong Kong with a few differences. First off, there would be a Jungle Cruise ride but called Pirate Cruise with a Pirate tourguide and Pirate animatronics replacing the natives but with the same animal animatronics. And then there would be Pirates of the Caribbean. This version however would be the biggest, nicest, most different version ever! It would be inside of a giant, 130 foot tall mountain and would be on its own island (of course with a bridge connecting it to land). It would feature most of the scenes from the other POTC's but would also show a lot more of Pirates 2 & 3 and would have a big, 70 foot drop finale! All in all, it would be the most incredible Pirates ride ever! And at night, the water surounding the island would come to life with a show to the magnitude of Fantasmic! but themed heavily to the Pirates story with many new fresh effects include a water wall that can shoot up to 100 feet to project the giant Calypso (I think that is her name?) in Pirates three at the end!

So, what do you guys think about my ideas?

From Tim W
Posted July 17, 2009 at 2:13 PM
I have to say i like what youve done with discoveryland and making stitch host the buzz light yr ride and to have a wall-e show. Very clever. However the whole pirates thing may be just a bit too much. To me theres not a hell of alot to do after pirates of the caribbean. However a cross between pirates and splash mountain would go great in a true adventureland. I have a feeling that you are ridding the park of splash mountain because of the western river run. I do think that Th would be appalled with your plans for his jungle cruise lol ;). For adventurland i think they need to retain the tiki room, a classic jungle cruise, and a pirates with a large splash at the end. I would love to also see them revive plans of having fire mountain in the park. But you have some great ideas nick. I also like the idea of having a movie land in the magic kingdom style park itself. For adventureland i think they need to retain

Now for some of my ideas:

Glacier Bay/Polar Bay:
The lost land from The HKDL expansion plans. It could feature a snow queen ride that was a past ride idea and the classic matterhorn coaster. Id also love to see an arctic version of the living seas here as well called The polar experience. And then of course the land would be decked out with snow.

Spooky Hallow:
An original of my own that i would love to be a part of designing someday. The land itself would be an ancient and deserted colonial town that centers around the Haunted Mansion. Along with the classic ride would be Mr. toads wild ride, a simulator similar to star tours that would feature the headless horseman and ichabod crane, and a type of disney mountain coaster focussing on the salem witch trials called Witch mountain with no connection to the movies or books. The land would be decorated with dead looking tress, a very colonial bridge leading into the land, and great architecture.

From Nick Markham
Posted July 17, 2009 at 2:18 PM
I am a little uneasy about a Glacier Bay area but that Haunted Hollow sounds really cool. And I know an Adventureland is needed, though due to Hong Kong having one, I figured Caribbean Isles could replace Adventureland. Though now that I think about it, Adventureland rides could still go into Caribbean Isles given the fact it doesn't necesarily have "pirates" in the name...

So instead for Caribbean Isles I would keep the Pirates show and ride but return Jungle Cruise back to its original state (maybe) and add an Indiana Jones themed coaster, but not like the other Indie coasters that are so rough. Still thinking about what type of roller coaster it should be...

From Tim W
Posted July 17, 2009 at 9:05 PM
Now heres a bit of a backstory to Haunted/Spooky Hollow.

The town of Settler's Hollow, discovered in 1691 in new York, was a bustling town at first. However, things started to downfall as soon as the witch trials had hit the small town in 1692. It left the town barren for years. The mayor's haunted and abandoned mansion became a popular tourist site around 25 years later. Eventually the town regained significant status with population increases before the Revolutionary War. The town was renamed to Sleepy Hollow in the mid 1700's. However during the war, a Hessian troop stationed in this town was killed with his head shot off by a cannonball. About 20 years later, the ghost of the Hessian came to haunt the land leaving the town barren once again to rot in its ghostly appearance. The town has been left deserted since 1800 where noone dares to enter the creepy, abandoned remains that is Spooky Hollow deemed by the abandoned population. The town has become a haven for ghosts, witches, and the headless horseman himself. BEWARE...

From carl tugwell
Posted July 18, 2009 at 4:17 AM
That version of the park would be great and a next generation pirates ride is a must.

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