How I rode all the roller coasters at SFMM in one day!!!

Six Flags Magic Mountain: A tale of how to ride all the roller coasters in order...

From Mateo sams
Posted October 11, 2009 at 3:48 PM
My SFMM trip was perfect, me and my friends rode every roller coaster! We started in the morning around 10 and went to revolution first. After that we took the Orient express to the top of the hill, unfortionatly ninja was closed so we went to SUPERMAN: THE ESCAPE. After that we went back to check if ninja was open and it was!!! We rode in the blackbelt of all coasters and then went down the path of stairs to Tatsu. After we rode Tatsu we went down the hill and rode DeJaVu and Terminator. Next we rode The Riddler and Batman, then headed for collossus and SCREAM! after we ate a quick lunch at Johnny Rockets. We rode those and then preceded to Goliath. Unfortionatly my poor friend lost consiousness on the helix but regain it before we got to the station. It was about 4 by now and we rode Log Jammer and the Carasole. We then boarded Viper for a bumpy, yet intense and fun ride. After that we got in line for X2. It was about 6:45 when we boarded, in my opinion it isnt worth the wait, the rides too short... We then ate some dinner at Papa Johns, the pizza was okay. It was about 8:45 and we head to our last and final coaster to complete all the coasters riden in one day and that roller coaster was GOLDRUSHER!!! Its way better at night because you cant see crap!!! after that we headed up the hill and rode SUPERMAN: THE ESCAPE one last time and then rode our final ride Ninja. After that we took the Orient Express down the hil and headed for the exit.

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