Six Flags Gold and Platinum Flash Pass

Six Flags Over Texas: What's the difference?

From Dana Truong
Posted March 28, 2010 at 8:27 AM

I'm about to go on this trip with my school and we're planning to go to Fiesta Texas on a Saturday.
I really wanna go on all the roller coasters so I'm planning to purchase a Gold or Platinum FLASH PASS.

First of all, whats the difference between the Gold and Platinum?

Second, When I went online, it asked what day and what time I'm planning to go. It only gave me one choice, which is 11:00AM, but my school is gonna arrive there around 12:00PM. Are they gonna cancel my reservation or is somebody gonna take my place? If so, would I get a full refund?

Third, I've read some stuff about it and it says that once you get there, you gotta give the rental people your ID as collateral or something, but I don't have an ID so would they let me pass if I'm just 14?

And last, I'm gonna be going on May 8th, do you think its gonna be crowded or not? I really don't wanna waste $70 if its not even gonna be that crowded. If its not, then would you recommend getting the regular flash card?

And last, can you explain to me what a q-bot is?

Sorry for asking too much questions. >.<
Thank youu[:

From Noah Meeteer
Posted March 28, 2010 at 8:35 AM
The Gold Flash Pass lets you reserve your spot in line, and also dicounts 50 percent of the line. But the Platinum Flash Pass lets you reserve a spot in line, and cuts 90 percent of the line. The Platinum pass also allows you to re-ride rides without getting off.

You don't necessarily HAVE to reserve a Flash pass in advance. They have many there, and I doubt they'll sell out. And if you did reserve one already, they'll only give it away if they sell out.

I'm not sure about the ID thing. Whenever I get a flash pass, I always use my season pass ID.

Since you're going on a Saturday, I would recommend getting a Gold Pass just to make sure you ride all of them. Another thing you could do, is NOT get a Flash pass at the start of the day, and see how crowded it really is. That way you'll make sure you're not wasting any money on smething you don't need. :-)

And finally, the q-bot is the small Flash pass device. The Flash pass isn't a card. It allows you to make reservations for a ride from anywhere in the park.

Hope I helped. :-)

From Dana Truong
Posted March 28, 2010 at 7:37 PM
Thanks Noah(:
You've completely answered my first question, but I need a complete answer for the third one,

From Anthony O'Neal
Posted March 30, 2010 at 2:36 PM
I would send them an e-mail and ask. For collateral, they've used either my driver's license or my Season Pass (something with my picture and/or name on it) in the past. That was at Six Flags Great America.

I've only used the regular Flash Pass, so I can't answer the other question.

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