Least sickening coaster(s) at BGA?

Busch Gardens Tampa: Scaredy-cat mom looking for big coaster recommendations for kids.

From laura breemer
Posted March 29, 2010 at 9:12 AM
We'll be going to Busch Gardens in Tampa next month, and my 2 kids (11 and 10) want to ride at least one of the larger coasters. They've ridden the Scorpion, but want something "cooler." I freely admit that I hate coasters (Cheetah Chase is plenty wild for me), and the whole idea makes me nervous. But my phobia needn't be theirs. I know the rides are all pretty safe, but which of the big coasters is least likely to cause motion sickness? They won't eat before going on the rides, and I don't want to do Dramamine or anything. Any advice? Thanks for your help.

From Michael Smith
Posted March 29, 2010 at 10:13 AM
I didn't start getting sick on any coasters until I was around 18. I used to be able to ride Kumba over and over again. Now I can't ride it once without having that sick feeling for the rest of the day.

Anyway, if you are prone to motion sickness, avoid Kumba and Montu. I can handle one ride on Montu if all the stars are aligned. But these 2 have some pretty strong forces and are pretty long coasters. I haven't ridden Kumba in a while, but the last time I rode Montu I didn't think it was ever going to end. If you do ride Montu, ride in the front row and watch where you are going. It keeps your systems oriented and does help keep you from getting sick.

Gwazi doesn't give me motion sickness and is my favorite coaster at the park. Some people can't handle the roughness though. If you have any back or neck trouble heed the warning signs on this one. It will rattle and shake you up quite a bit.

Sheikra may scare you to death, but it is a very smooth ride and doesn't last very long. It doesn't make me sick at all.

So to answer your question.. in order from least sick to most sick: Sheikra, Gwazi, Montu, Kumba.

From Tony Duda
Posted March 29, 2010 at 10:35 PM
Sheikra would be my recommendation if you ride the back (third) row. The ride looks way more scary than it actually is. The 3rd row doesn't lean over the edge when it stops before it drops straight down.

From hannah caller
Posted March 30, 2010 at 7:47 AM
Shikra is the LAST coaster i would ride if ur afraid, i would go for Montu,could u not get in line with ur kids then let them ride alone and just wait in the unload area, that way the kids are happy going on the coaster and u dont have to ride?

From Eugene Koh
Posted March 30, 2010 at 10:05 AM
Montu is more intense than SheiKra. But SheiKra is better.

From Anthony O'Neal
Posted March 30, 2010 at 2:17 PM
If I had to pick one that I thought would be better for motion sickness, it would be SheiKra. We rode this coaster a couple of times in a row, and I did not have any issues. Montu, though, I had to take a break after the second consecutive ride. It was the inversions. . .

From Denise Ungeheuer
Posted March 30, 2010 at 2:57 PM
I would not recommend SheiKra, especially if you are already against roller coasters and you get sick easily. The forces from the drops is more than I imagined, and I love coasters.
I would actually recommend Kumba. Gwazi is easy on the stomach but very rough on the back, where as Montu has so many loops and turns it'll make your head spin and probably make your stomach go for a loop too. Kumba would probably be the best bet, in my opinion.

From Pyra Dong
Posted March 30, 2010 at 6:38 PM
Sheikra does NOT give motion sickness-- but a great thrill! And if your kids can handle SheiKra, then they can handle any roller coaster I say.

Personally, I would also recommend Montu-- the young'uns seem to like that one b/c it feels the most like flying compared to the other coasters.

Remember, you have to be over 54" to ride SheiKra, Montu, and Kumba.

From Erin B
Posted March 31, 2010 at 8:37 AM
Laura, can I ask why you don't want to do Dramamine? If you're concerned about drowsiness, try Bonine. I get motion sick so easily & that kind of started to get in the way of coaster riding. A friend recommended Bonine, which her family would use on scuba trips because it didn't cause drowsiness. I used it this past season & I was able to survive 30+ ride Magnum marathons without a problem :)

From laura breemer
Posted April 1, 2010 at 5:45 AM
Thanks for everyone's responses - it's been very helpful.

I should have phrased my question more clearly. I won't be personally going on the big coasters(bad back plus I'm just afraid of coasters), but my kids will. I will be waiting with them at the gate, and then let them go. I was concerned about potential motion sickness for them. They are both prone to headaches, so Gwazi may be out. I don't want to give them Dramamine because of drowsiness plus, well, I just don't like to give kids any kind of meds unless absolutely necessary. At this point I'm leaning towards Sheikra. If that goes well, maybe Montu, but in my Google searches seem to turn up that more people seem to get sick on Montu than anything else.

Everyone's advice has been so great - thanks! I'm still interested in more opinions if anyone else has anything to add.

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