Theme Park Apprentice: Challenge 6

Design a Hotel

From Tim W
Posted May 18, 2010 at 3:10 PM
Welcome to Challenge 6: Hotel. I will be asking for an original themed hotel. The hotel can be built at any US park. So it can be placed at Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Cedar Point, Sea World, Busch Gardens, etc...Any place you feel that they need a hotel. The hotel must have a theme like most theme park hotels do. No generic hotels in this next challenge. And the theme must be original. I do not want you to be creating a clone of an Animal Kingdom Lodge at Busch Gardens, or putting a hard rock hotel at Cedar Point. Be original and create a theme nobody else has created. There are a few I'm thinking of that could be amazing!

Please include descriptions of rooms (beds, bathrooms, lighting, walls, views, etc), hotel building description, name of hotel, rates, a shop that sells specialty merchandise, number of rooms and floors, any special events or effects at the hotel, park it will be located at.

Please do NOT include a restaurant description, you may mention a restaurant in your hotel description but do NOT create a menu, prices, theme, etc.

Have fun with this challenge, and try posting by sunday or monday. Thanks

Please do NOT begin until the next person is fired in the post below.

From David L.
Posted May 18, 2010 at 1:25 PM
I'm posting this because i'm not in the competition
Mr.Six's Estate

location: Sixflags Great Adventure: Across Prospertown lake from the park, the is a bridge across the lake leading into the park.

The main building would be four stories tall a little less the size of the Biltmore. The lobby level would have a nice Mr.Six restaurant, the check in area, a shop, offices, and a small indoor pool. The upper three floors would twenty hotel rooms each. Each room would have rides' themes like a bed spread with midway rides at the park, pictures of rides on the walls, a roller coaster mural on the walls, roller coasters on the carpet, ect... They would also be bigger than other building's rooms. The back of the main building would be gardens with a carousel, an eatery, a miniland sixflags, and smaller buildings with rooms. The four buildings would be one story each with about 20 rooms each. the first building would be themed to loony toons, the second to DC comics, the third to Tomas the tank engine and the wiggles, and the forth to animals. Rooms rates would be about $80-$140 a night in the back buildings, and $120-$200 in the main building sweets.

Can I have some comments on what ya'll like, what ya'll don't, ect...

Edit: Just realized i would be placing it on a wildlife area so i would move about 300 yards behind Nitro.

From Tim W
Posted May 19, 2010 at 2:27 PM
I'm probably not going to be able to do this more in the afternoon, so Dan Babbit you are fired. I thought your idea was original, but had limp storyline. Nevertheless, you and everybody else did a great job.

I realize that my eliminations have been based on the polls each week. However, I didn't intend for it to go like that at all. These are actually the ideas that I think would work the least in the challenge. I usually have an idea whose idea i liked the least. I never intended this to work as a "TPI Idol" persay, but it has just been working out that way. If I continue with making a second version, it would most likely be called that. It hit me about halfway through that thats what it should have been, as I had intended for a poll to be set up.

Its been a pleasure running this game so far, as I've enjoyed the proposals for each challenge. Hopefully we can have a few more participants if we continue with a second version. But I will need time to think of new ideas, a new concept, new challenges, and perhaps a new twist to be added in to the game. However, I might be moving on from TPI Apprentice to think of a new game. I guess we will see what happens.

Anyways, you may all begin your work on Challenge 6 and try posting as soon as you can. I would like all ideas submitted by Sunday though.

I hope all you can catch this, BUT Please Do NOT submit a hotel design that was a previous disney hotel idea. I know there have been a few for Disney like the Persian Resort, Venetian Resort, Mediterranean Resort, and Asian Resort. I would appreciate if you stay away from recreating these themes.

From Wok Creative
Posted May 19, 2010 at 10:59 AM
I like the idea of the smaller, themed buildings in the back. Disneyland Hotel used to have smaller buildings that were more of a bungalow style, with a separate patio for each. This allowed for much more variety in lodging choices. It would make it fun to pick from those different areas of the park, especially depending on ages of kids or different interests (or just picking a different one for each visit).

From Tim W
Posted May 19, 2010 at 2:29 PM
I think the wiggles and thomas the train would be somewhat odd themes because they would only attract children. I wouldn't want to be stuck at that theme if I was staying there for spring break or going with a family of teenagers. However, it would attract alot of families nevertheless. Would I be able to stay at which one I wanted?? And the animals theme just sounds a bit random with the other themes revolving around charachters or franchises. Seems like not too many rooms.

I hope all you can catch this, BUT Please Do NOT submit a hotel design that was a previous disney hotel idea. I know there have been a few for Disney like the Persian Resort, Venetian Resort, Mediterranean Resort, and Asian Resort. I would appreciate if you stay away from recreating these themes.

From Dan Babbitt
Posted May 19, 2010 at 5:09 PM
Well it was great playing and coming up with the attractions and all that. I think I should stick with themed restaurants and all because that was the only event I won.

But you guys all have great ideas and its been fun playing!

From Tim W
Posted May 19, 2010 at 5:28 PM
You did an excellant job Dan, and I'm sorry to see you go. I hope you participate if we have a second version.

Speaking of a second version, I do have a few unused challenges that we could make into a second version. My only problem is that these were the ones that i rejected for the 8 you guys have been playing with. My unused challenges include shop, water ride or park, fireworks, music for a ride, festival, and live show. Each one had its own purpose for being deleted from the competition. I'll let you guys know more once this competition is over with!

From David L.
Posted May 19, 2010 at 8:46 PM
I originally thought to have a separate thomas one and wiggles one but i added them together. You would get to chose which one to stay at but It would be hard for a sixflags hotel to get started because there is only 2-4 days of stuff to do at Great Adventure plus a lot of people only do the amusement park. In the future the hotel would be for sure expanded and then a hotel that i was thinking of would go next to the water park called the Harbor Hotel. After these i would add a not as nice hotel for people on a budget. Also I forgot to add a large outdoor pool in the Estate. Dan, (and others who have been fired) you can still submit ideas and i think it would still be fun just to see shat people can come up with.

From Nick Markham
Posted May 20, 2010 at 6:52 AM
My hotel will be coming tomorrow!

From Tim W
Posted May 20, 2010 at 1:49 PM
Thanks Nick! Looking forward to be hearing someones idea for this challenge!! Once this challenge wraps up, i will be posting my own hotel idea as well. That is unless someone takes my theme. I really hope noone does, because this hotel has been a dream of mine for quite a few years!!

Oh and btw you may want to include a pool in your descriptions as David did and any other ammenities you may think of, like a gift shop. You do not need to include ammenities such as towels, ac, heat, tv, etc as these are most likely presumed to be include.

From Amanda Jenkins
Posted May 20, 2010 at 7:04 PM
The Imagination Towers Resort: Located Walt Disney World

The building itself is a dual set of 20 story towers connected by a middle section. Each tower would be constructed as if the pointed sides of two "V"s were pointed at each other with a 5 story middle section connecting the two "V"s. There would be approximately 600 rooms. It would be set in the Magic Kingdom area of hotels with a view of the park along with connecting monorail service. Like the Contemporary Resort, the monorail would go through the middle main building. I felt the monorail going through the resort provided an extremely nice convenience that was developed with the Contemporary Resort. The placement of the Resort in view of the Magic Kingdom allows visitors to view some of the best firework displays I've ever seen. The placement of the resort would be in between the Contemporary Resort and the Transportation and Ticket Center.

As visitors enter the lobby area they would see what appeared to be a regular resort from the entrance but as they approached the front desk the magic of the experience would begin. The main lobby would have murals along the walls of battle scenes of heroes against villains, i.e. Captain Jack Sparrow vs. Davy Jones, Mulan against the Huns, Flick against Hopper, etc. The dual towers would each represent a "Heroes" tower and a "Villains" tower. Upon making reservations adults would decide where they would like their family to stay. If your child prefers say, Captain Hook, or any Disney villain then you could choose to stay in the "Villains" tower. If your family preferred any hero then your family could choose to stay in the "Heroes" tower. Arrangements would be made to pick which tower you wanted to stay in along with your favorite character or characters. If at the time of booking your reservations, you were unable to stay at the tower of your choice, you would still be able to have a great experience staying in the other tower.

Your room would be personalized by castmembers. Photos frames mounted on the rooms walls could easily be changed out with pictures of your favorite Disney characters, heroes or villains depending on which tower you stayed in. If your child really loved Peter Pan for instance, yet was unable to get a room in the Heroes tower, if you booked a room in the Villains then the castmembers would be sure to have Captain Hook pictures with Peter Pan in them. Multiple favorites could be shown also for families with multiple children. Beds, furniture, and bathrooms in the rooms would be decorated in basic colors: White and blue for the heroes, Purple and gray for the villains. Wall colors would be a neutral cream as would the carpets. Tile floors in the bathroom with marble dual sinks. The villains would have torch like scones over the beds, while the heroes would have more contemporary boxed sconces. There would be both a couch/daybed and table and chairs. Screens savers on the rooms computers and character personalized stationary could be also easily interchanged by staff. Villa level rooms or higher could be personalized with the heroes and villains to a larger extent depending on how much quests wish to spend. On a side note an important change I would make would be a new set of Disney channels for guests. These would run Disney movies and cartoons. Disney has material for some nice TV shows and movies that could be shown to guests during their down time.

Upon arrival guests would be given a badge, they would pin on their shirts. This badge would tell cast members which tower they were staying in. This would allow the castmembers to interact with guests.with a more personal touch, as they visited the opposite tower in the resort. For instance, if you were staying in one of the villain rooms and went to visit the heroes store; castmembers could say, "We're watching you! Don't make us call the heroes to help." I really like the way the castmember interact with my children so anyway to encourage it or give a castmember more chances to interact will make the guest's experiences even better.

The towers would each have their own view of a garden and restaurant in between the sides of the "V". The restaurants (The Hall of Heroes and the Villains Lair) would both be based on Chef Mickey's. Both would have a long list of characters that could make appearance's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Allowing more visitors to see more of their favorite Disney characters. Also more castmember interaction when guests visited the opposite tower's restaurant would be available.

Just past the restaurant but still inside the "V" would be a garden. The Hero garden would be filled with light colored shrubs and flowers making up a heroes face that could be seen from the tower's rooms and balconies. The villain garden would be the same except the flower and shrubs colors would be darker. At night guests would have a view of lights set up in the gardens that would resemble the sidewalk lights set up in Epcot near Spaceship Earth. This would allow all visitors to have a interesting view at all times, no matter where they were staying at in the resort.

There would be two specialty shops to buy items from located in the main building. "Save the Day," would offer all kinds of unique merchandise that would portray heroes. If you liked the pictures hanging in your room, you would be able to purchase these to take home. "Up to No Good," would be the same, except for offering true villain merchandise. Along with the stores, there would be quick service eatery/mini grocery called, "Battleteria" and a coffee/pastry area called, "Battle Grounds". There would be an arcade/gaming area known as "So It Begins..." The game area would have several games where villains could battle heroes in various games of different skill levels. Any of us who have played video games know how important it is to allow various skill levels for video games. This way we make sure that children of all ages and skill levels have a chance to play, win and have fun with the games.

There would be two pools, one in the back of each tower. The heroes' pool would have a light colored castle that would have a straight down speed slide. There would be a "little heroes" wading area with little slides and fountains. The villains' pool would have a dark castle with a twisting slide. As with the other pool, there would be a "little villains" wading area with slides and fountains. At night, the pool lights for the heroes would be bright blue, while the villains would be a purple color. On special nights during the week, movies would be shown on large screens near the pools. Guests would be allowed to visit the pool of their choice regardless of room affiliation.

Special events could be held at this resort. Examples would be a Villain Party during the month of October or a Heroes gathering in the month of May for Memorial Day.

Price Range: Deluxe Resort prices: $280-$500 depending on time of year and view chosen.
Club Level Rooms: $400-$750 Suites: $1200-$2800

Special Suites would be located on the top floors of both towers. These would have two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and two bathrooms (with jacuzzi). They would have not only the pictures and such, but there would also be special bedding with the heroes/villains upon them.

If celebrating a special occasion, one could order the hero/villain of their choice in either white, dark or milk chocolate surrounded by chocolate covered strawberries.

From Tim W
Posted May 21, 2010 at 5:57 AM
Wow! I'm gonna hold my applause and critique till the end, but excellant work Amanda! I'll be looking forward to hear the other three proposals from Anthony, Nick, and Wok. And then I'll post mine. Hope you guys will like it!

From Anthony Murphy
Posted May 21, 2010 at 9:33 AM
The Grecian Inn

Located in Walt Disney World across from Downtown Disney, the Grecian Inn is a Moderate to Deluxe Resort in the style of Greek Themeing. The entire hotel building is flanked with Greek Columns on the outside, representing the different architectural styles and times of Greece. When walking into the main area, it looks like an outdoor marketplace (an agora) with the wall paper changing based upon how it is outside (light blue when it’s day, black with twinkling stars at night). On the back walls behind the front desk are Spartan Shields showing the labors of Hercules. Off to the side of the lobby is the Herc’s Tavern (Bar during the night, character breakfast during the day) and Aphrodite’s, a fine Greek Dining restaurant. Going down the Golden Elevators would be the entrance to get to the pools, quick service restaurant, and a Greek Museum showing the arts of Greece. However, not all is what it seems. Guests, especially little guests, are invited to take up Zeus’s challenges to find some of the gods’ lost items that Pain and Panic have hidden throughout this floor, both inside and out. Guest can purchase golden medallions given to the cast members by the gods to “enchant” art and statues in helping them with their quests. This also takes them outside to the sculpture gardens that lead to the pools. When the statues are not helping solve riddles, they double as a romantic walking trail for all those “Hercs and Megs” out there. The main pool will be situated at the bottom of Mount Olympus with Zeus’s Palace on top. Guests could “hike” or take a “flying chariot” (ski lift) up to the top to go down the Zeus (open slide), Hades (enclosed slide), and Poseidon (freefalling slide like Summit Plummet). For the adults, there is the Muses’ Spring which is a hot tub. For the kids, we have Pegasus’s play spot, an interactive water play area. Going up the Golden elevators will take you to floors 2-6 which would be standard rooms for the resort. In these rooms, there would be a flat screen TV that would double as Greek Painting, Bed with a Golden Fleece Blanket and scrolls and curls in the olive colored wooden bed, and walls featuring Greek Cave Painting. In fact, there are even some areas in the room that can be “enchanted” by the Golden Medallions. Each room would also have a small balcony which would look out onto the pool/sculpture garden or Downtown Disney. The 7th floor would be the Olympus Floor which would be the highest end rooms fit for the gods. All rooms on this floor would face the Pool with a great view of Mount Olympus and would have everything the standard rooms have, but also have marble in the bathroom, free room service, and free golden medallions for everybody in the room. On this floor would also be Phil’s which is a bar with a high selection of different Ouzos. So come to the Grecian Inn!
Standard rooms: $150/night
Olympus Room: $300/night

From Nick Markham
Posted May 21, 2010 at 3:03 PM

The San Francisco Bay Resort & Spa is unlike any other and an amazing addition to the Universal Orlando Resort. After winding your way through "Napa Valley", you cross the "Golden Gate Bridge" with an amazing view over the bay before crossing back into trees and beautiful gardens.

Resort Map

After curving around the outer edge of the hotel, you come to the drive-in area to access the hotel just across from the parking lot for the hotel. The entrance is extravagantly decorated with flags. The lobby area is also lavishly decorated, matching the entrance. There is a sitting space for guests. However, once you leave the lobby, you are transported into the rich culture of San Francisco.

Hotel Entrance

Hotel Exterior (Bottom Buildings)

The exterior of most of the hotel is much like what you would see driving down a street in San Francisco. The rooms brings in even more of San Francisco, with three different room types: The classic room with all sorts of pictures of the city and famous places within the city; The Fisherman Bay View Room is themed to the Fisherman's Wharf (which the room overlooks) as well as a view of the magnificent bay and bridge; and the family suites feature Shrek themed rooms.

Classic Room

Fisherman's Room

There is a nice pool with an Alcatrez Island themed waterslide.

There are two shopping/dinning areas: Ghiradelli Square and Fisherman's Wharf. Ghiradelli Square features a chocolate factory where you can devour and take home some of the world-famous Ghiradelli chocolate as well as buy Ghiradelli Memorabilia.

Ghiradelli Square

The other, Fisherman's Wharf, is much larger with a variety of shops and dinning locations with great seafood. Fisherman's Wharf also is where hotel guests can rent boats, canoes, etc. to enjoy the bay with as well as the place where the dock for the park ferry transportation.

Fisherman's Wharf

If you do not want to take the ferry, the hotel has its own nicely themed private walkways that have their own private entrances into the two parks. At Islands of Adventure, the path enters between the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Lost Continent, allowing 1 hour early entrance to enjoy the WWOHP. The Universal Studios Florida entrance alows 1 hour early entry to experience Jaws, Earthquake, The Mummy, Shrek, Neutron and HRRR. The entrance of course goes into the San Francisco/Amnity area of the park.

So with all of the amnemities, you will never want to leave San Francisco Bay Resort & Spa.

Floors: 5
Rooms: 725
Shops: 10
Restaurants: 8

Classic Room: $180
Fisherman's Wharf Room: $250
Family Suite: $300

From Camille Kirk
Posted May 21, 2010 at 4:33 PM
Can't believe I spent so much time doing this....but boy was it fun.

Name: Castle of Dreams
Location: Walt Disney World, Florida
Hotel Type: Deluxe hotel

This hotel would be for all of us who want to be treated like a Prince or Princess, or even perhaps for those who like to play the villain. It would be built with aspects that resemble the castles in the movies Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast. Although it would have all of the best modern conveniences, guests would feel that they are staying in a real castle.

With the amazing landscaped courtyard featuring award-winning, multi-colored roses, the wishing well, and the romantic gazebo, this is the perfect resort for a wedding, a romantic escape, or for pleasing that special little princess.

But this hotel isn’t just for little princesses! Princes and Kings can find lots to love, especially if they have ever wanted to play the villain!

Remember that where there is good, so is there evil. If enchanted gardens and wishing wells aren’t your style, then venture down into the castle laboratory. But beware! You never know what the witch is brewing down there. If you are polite, the old witch might even tell you a story or two that will make your skin crawl.

Cast Members:

All cast members would dress like they belong in a Disney Castle. Many would be princesses, while others might be princes, jesters, Kings, Queens, knights, or even walking, talking dishes, candlesticks, and clocks. They would always be in character while interacting with guests.


3 restaurants:

Happy’s Good Times Diamond Mine: A casual, tavern atmosphere with good drinks and English/Irish inspired food. Entrees range from $10-16 dollars.

The Cozy Cauldron: A quick service café decorated in dark tones and located in the bowels of the hotel. All of the cast members here are witches. But not real ones. ☺

The Glass Slipper: An elegant French/Italian/Swiss/American fusion restaurant, with entrees ranging from $20-$45.


The Grand Ball: Every Wednesday and Saturday night features a Grand Ball, held in, of course, the Grand Ballroom, with a live band and an elegant buffet and a cash bar. Seating begins at 7:30, dinner is served at 8 pm, and dancing continues until midnight, when the clock strikes and Cinderella, who is always present at the Grand Ball, runs off into the night, leaving behind her glass slipper and her forlorn prince. From 9 until midnight, guests may choose to dance with each other, with the several princes and princesses (cast members trained in dancing) who attend the event, or may watch the elegant dancing of others.

Price: $100 per person, $175 per couple.

The Princess Tea: Every afternoon at 4 pm little girls and ladies alike are invited to take tea with the princesses in Tiana’s Tea Room. There are many activities for the little girls, such as bracelet, necklace, and crown making. Tea sandwiches and cookies are served, along with a nice selection of teas.

Price: $20 per person or $35 per couple (mother/daughter, sister/sister, etc.)

Princess for an Evening/Magician for an evening: If the parents would like an evening out, this is perfect for the whole family. While the parents enjoy a private evening together, the little girls have a fun evening with the princesses, trying on dresses, wearing tutus, making crowns, and learning to dance like a princess. Little boys spend an evening with the Court Magician, watching a magic show and learning magic tricks. Children are served pizza or hot dogs and juice or milk for dinner. Offered on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat. , 7-10 pm.

Price: $30 per child, $55 for two, $80 for three

If the parents would like to enjoy the Grand Ball or simply have more time together, they may opt to leave their children in the care of the princesses and magicians until midnight, when the children will have cots and watch Disney movies or sleep. Additional $15 per child.


This lovely resort offers a large, beautiful zero-depth entry pool with a Grotto bar, decorated with a Little Mermaid theme. Look out! You might just find Ariel sunning herself on one of the rock islands. There are two hot tubs as well.

Spa: The Pampered Princess

This is a full service spa featuring hot stone massages and Ariel’s seaweed body wraps. Guests are treated like the Kings and Queens they are.

Guest Rooms

There would be 900 rooms in this castle.

The castle would be separated into two distinct sides: Good and Evil. Of course, the good side would be significantly larger than the Evil side, with 770 guest rooms on the good side, 126 on the villain side, and 4 tower suites.

600 of the rooms would be themed to a specific princess from the Disney Movies. Unless staying in a specific themed suite, guests will be happily surprised at which princess they get upon check-in. Princesses include Belle (yellow color scheme, with a single rose in a glass cover on the bedside table), Snow White (red, yellow and blue color scheme with pictures of the dwarfs and small ceramic animals), Sleeping Beauty (pink color scheme, with a spinning wheel in the room), Ariel (red and green color scheme, nautical theme), Jasmine (Middle Eastern decor and a "magic" carpet), Cinderella (blue color scheme with mice and a glass slipper in the room) and Tiana (green color scheme with a large ceramic frog for kissing).

100 rooms would be themed with "friendly" characters from the movies. Such rooms would be themed for The Seven Dwarfs, Naveen, the Genie from Aladdin, and the Dishes from Beauty and the Beast.

100 rooms would be themed with the villains, such as Cinderella's Evil Stepmother, Jafar, Maleficent, The Beast, the witch in Snow White, and Ursula.

50 rooms would be suites that can accommodate up to six people, having 2 queen beds in one room and two twin beds in the second room. 40 of these suites would be themed with one of the princesses and 10 would be themed with one of the villains.

30 rooms would be on the club level and decorated with princess themes. 20 of these rooms have 2 queen beds and 10 have a king bed.

16 rooms would be on the club level and decorated with villain themes. 10 would have 2 queens and 6 would have one king bed.

There would be a King of the Castle suite that would be 1,100 square feet, themed in bold reds with a King sized bed, and have a separate living and dining area. It is located in Tower 1. It has 360 degree views.

There would also be a Queen of the Castle suite that is also 1100 square feet, with a bold purple and gold color scheme. It is otherwise the same as the King of the Castle Suite, but located in Tower 2.

Tower 3 contains the Cinderella suite, which is designed for a family. It has a King sized bed in one room, a separate living and dining area, and two twin beds in a separate room. It is 1400 square feet and also has 360 degree views.

Tower 4 contains the Snow White suite, which is also designed for a family. It has two queen beds in one room, two twin beds in another room, and separate living and dining area . It, too, has 360 degree views.

All suites have a balcony with amazing views of Walt Disney World.

Rates: (rates vary based on season and availability)

Standard room: $200-250 a night

Family Suite: $275-$300 a night

Club Level Room: $300-$350 a night

King of the Castle Suite: $900 a night

Queen of the Castle Suite: $900 a night

Cinderella Suite: $1100 a night

Snow White Suite: $1100 a night

From Nick Markham
Posted May 21, 2010 at 9:54 PM
^Great hotel! I am sure glad I don't have to compete with that in the competition!

From Wok Creative
Posted May 21, 2010 at 11:33 PM
Mine will be coming very soon. It has been nice to have time to do research for it this time.

From Tim W
Posted May 22, 2010 at 4:35 AM
Really great job so far everyone! Looks like another very tough week!!!

From James Koehl
Posted May 22, 2010 at 4:47 AM
I've been having a great time following this discussion, and frankly am a bit jealous that I didn't try to get involved in it as a participant. Are there any plans for "Season 2"? I've got lots of ideas for future challenges, and I suspect lots of others do, also. Perhaps we can send in our ideas and someone can choose the best challenges for Season 2?!

From David L.
Posted May 22, 2010 at 4:54 AM
Wow... maybe i should of added more details to mine... all of ya'll have thought up phenomenal hotels.
Amanda: I really like your's, it's just that it seems a bit too much like the contemporary from afar. If you mad it smaller or with multiple lower buildings it would be better(but then you would have to fit the monorail in)
Anthony: I really enjoy theme and the mountain and pool, but because it's a moderate hotel, it may not be able to compete with the others in terms of which one we would enjoy going to most.
Nick: Awesome. I love it, but it may get a little cramped with everything else around it. My favorite competitor so far.
Camille: wow... I love this Idea! I would totally vote for you if you were in the competition. The only thing I see as a possible problem would be price(all those activities) and too many princess rooms. You did a great job.
Wok: I'm looking forward to yours.
season 2... maybe we could do it next March? or maybe twice a year and do it next September. We need to do a round of all of your games Tim at least once a year!

From Tim W
Posted May 22, 2010 at 10:26 AM
Wow thanks guys! Glad your enjoying the game, and I already have some new participants! A season 2 is in the works for starting in july. However, i was thinking moving forward with a different game. But that is not sent in stone yet for what I exactly want to do. I would be very open to any suggestions for challenges for season 2, so post them when you get the chance. I need some more challenge ideas to create a new game, and it would be greatly appreciated if you guys submitted your own ideas!

Thanks again for following the thread, and participating!!

Oh and I'll be posting my hotel once Wok posts, I hope to have some criticism back. If Wok posts today or tomorrow, it looks like we will move the poll and elimination up a day or two.

As for Challenge 7: Themed Land, or in this case themed Island, will consist of redesigning a land for a park. That land will be Marvel Superhero Island at Islands of Adventure. You must create a new themed island, after Disney has fully acquired all aspects of Marvel, including the Fantastic 4, Spiderman, and Xmen. So its your job to replace this island with new rides, experiences, and a brand new theme that could realistically be acquired by marvel to use. Keep in mind, Universal makes use of movies and other media/entertainment at this park. It may be best to take a movie or a few and turn it into a themed land. Also, you may wish to use some of the existing rides, or completely gut the entire land. Its you choice what you wish to do. The sad thing is, No more Spiderman. But its your job to come up with an amazing replacement for that ride and the island!

From Wok Creative
Posted May 22, 2010 at 12:03 PM
Calico Trails Hotel

[For those unfamiliar with Knott’s Berry Farm – It was created by Walter Knott, first as a berry stand, then chicken dinner restaurant, next adding Calico Ghost Town to occupy guests while they waited, and grew into the Southern California theme park that it is today, now owned by Cedar Fair (Picture Frontierland and the Golden/Diamond Horseshoe). The on-site hotel has only recently become called the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, if fairly nice, but only has a few rooms with some Snoopy pictures and decorations on the walls.][Spellin’ and grammar intentional]

Are you lookin’ ‘bout as sad as a tick-fevered dogie? Maybe feelin’ as unhappy as a woodpecker in a petrified forest? Has the extent of yor travelin’ been goin’ round the coffee pot lookin’ for the handle? Well, come on down t’ the Calico Trails Hotel at Knott’s Berry Farm and set a spell. Tale goes that when Ol’ Walter Knott wanted to build hisself a Calico Ghost Town, he had a lot o’ left-over pieces that just didn’t seem to fit, somehow (rumors about ghosts in ‘em). Them pieces had been just settin’ thar, collectin’ dust all these years. Now, it took a might bit o’ persuasion, but we finally got them walls to comin’ together, and even cleaned up a good bit, much like it woulda looked back in 1850 – the height of the gold rush in them parts.
We got ourselves a nice corral out front, ta keep yer Mustang or Bronco safe from the rustlers “puttin’ their own brand on it”. We won’t even charge ya extra for leavin’ it there over night.
You’ll find yerself welcome in the grand lobby, fitted out with tiffany lamps, decorative wallpaper, comfy sofas, and a piano that plays itself, when the piano man ain’t there hisself, tinklin’ on the ivories. We even got a great big chandeeleer hangin’ right in the middle. If you find yerself wanderin’ round in the hallways, you’ll find all sorts of interestin’ things to entertain you, with some nice banjo and fiddlin’ music to comfort you even more. We got ourselves a General Store, where you can pack up on supplies, enjoy lookin’ at some local hand-crafted goods, or get yerself some o’ that famous Boysenberry Jelly (and bout anything you can think of with Boysenberry flavorin’), or take a seat by the ol’ pot belly and have some coffee so thick, yer spoon’ll stand up. Git yerself fit as a fiddle in Jim’s Fitness Room. Learn more about the history of the Knott Family, Knott’s Berry Farm and theme park, and the town of Calico and mining in our little Museum.
When you wanna check in, we’ll show you to your room. We got three stories of rooms here! (Actu’lly, we got lots of stories round here – most of ‘em, ghost stories – but are they jest stories?) Yer gonna love the nice, comfy feather beds, with wagon wheel head and foot boards. There’s nice, home-made quiltin’ on the bed, and gingham on the winduhs. Every room’s got its own indoor plumbin’ with hot and cold runnin’ water – even a big ol’ claw footed tub. If yer really feelin’ like some of the modern conveniences, like TV and internet, you can find ‘em inside the antique armoire. The phone only looks old, but works just fine. Don’t worry ‘bout those oil lamps. They’re sure safe ‘nuff. We got scenes o’ the old West and minin’ crews hangin’ on the walls for your enjoyment, too.
Rested up a bit? Come on back down stairs t’ see what we got waitin’ for yer family, out back. Hope ya brought yer swimmin’ trunks for the swimmin’ hole (careful o’ the rocks). It’s got a rope swing and a dock for jumpin’ off of. Some o’ the more rascally local boys turned that ol’ laundry line into a Zip Line, with Jed’s long johns and breeches hangin’ on both sides. It goes right over the Cemetery, where you can find Jed, who blew out his last lamp, and Jim, who played his last card right in our own Saloon. Speakin’ o’ our Saloon, git yerself some o’ the best Red Eye, Wild Mare Juice, Brave Maker, Liquid Dynamite, Snake Poison, or Gut Warmer this side o’… well, ‘bout anywhere round these parts. The young’uns can have themselves some good ol’ Sasparilla back in the General Store if they start to buildin’ up a thirst. ‘Round high noon, we got some folks that’ll put on a good ol’ gun fight show. Watch out fer Bart – story goes, he chews up nails and spits out tacks. Betsy ain’t much more genteel – some say she shares her plate with a rattler. Gittin’ in the way o’ them fightin’ is more dangerous than kickin’ a loaded polecat. Better hope we can find a Deputy in time to keep the rest o’ the folks safe. Any volunteers? Or, come on over for a real, live puppet show at the Circus Wagon Theater.
When evenin’ starts to settin’ in, don’t be surprised if ya start hearin’ things in the hallway outside yer room. It may just be Sallie Mae, who got killed til she was dead when she fell outa the winda at the end o’ the hall after havin’ a little too much Conversation Fluid one night. She’s friendly ‘nuff. Can’t say the same fer some o the others runnin’ round these halls. The doors to yer rooms are good solid oak, so they shouldn’t be botherin’ y’all too much at night.
If’n yer feelin’ hungry, we got room service, or you can choose to come on down to Cookie’s Place or the Forty-Niner Miner Diner for some fresh vittles on tin plates and cool drinks in mason jars fer wettin’ yer whistle. Served family style, you’ll git more than ya can eat; just try ta save room for some o’ that Boysenberry Pie. Now, if that still weren’t enough, just mosie on over t’ Chuck’s Wagon for some snacks.
Chuck’s waitin’ for ya, ‘specially after dark, with hot cocoa and marshmallows for roastin’ on the fire – even make yerself some s’mores if ya want. Pull up a stump and join the rest of the folks for some fun around the fire with some ghost stories.
If yer feelin’ like settin’ up a spell still, the kids can have fun in the arcade and shootin’ gallery while you play some poker in the game room (all for fun, now – no gamblin’ allowed – don’t need no one just settin’ there, puttin’ money back inta circulation fer no reason). If ya start to getting’ real relaxed and maybe doin’ a little more spoonin’ than ya planned on, we got a Chapel down at the end o’ the hall where ya’ can git yerself hitched. Just tie up yer nag outside (yer hoss, that is).
When it’s time to finally settle down fer the night, ya might see some stars lightin’ up the ceilin’ in yer room. Might even be a little harmonica to help ya relax a bit, and a lone coyote off in the distance. Git some good rest, now – ya got a theme park t’ visit tomorrow. We’ll take you and the kids over there in a buggy if ya want.
As far as the money, if you got a roll big ‘nough to be called Mister, we got some suites available. If’n ya ain’t ‘xactly been strikin’ it rich lately, we still got some nice rooms fer you, too. We’re all friends here. Fact is, we’ll back ya til the hen gets a toothache; maybe even share a toothpick, if ya need one.

Now, that oughta keep ya from feelin’ weary as a tomcat walkin’ in mud.

From Tim W
Posted May 22, 2010 at 12:19 PM
Alright thanks everyone and without any more waiting, here is my own idea that I designed before the harry potter land was even in talks.

Hogwarts Hotel

Hogwarts Hotel will be a deluxe hotel, themed to Harry Potter, with four hotel towers surrounding the Great Hall, located at Universal Studios Orlando. The towers will consist of the common room floor, three residential floors with 100 regular rooms per floor, and a fourth floor with the Wizard Suite. The hotel will almost be like having four hotels in one. Each tower will have a separate pool and a separate fast-service restaurant. You must provide the special password provided upon check-in to enter your house. Once you enter, you will be in the house common room. In the common room, a projection of the house ghost will greet or haunt guests. From there, you can reach the elevators up to your rooms and the fast-service restaurant. The rooms will all be set up with having a set of bunk beds and a queen bed in one room. Each tower will also hold one Wizard Suite, which will be like a Presidential suite. The Wizard suites will feature two bedrooms. One with a king sized bed, and the other with two single beds, along with a separate living area.

Great Hall: This will be the check in/out area for the hotel, featuring the Hogwarts crest at its entrance. One member of the group will adorn the hat, answer a few questions from an employee, and will be sorted into their room assignment. The room assignment will be based on your personal answers to various questions. Also featured here is the Great Hall Dining Room. This will be the main restaurant for the hotel, a 5 star restaurant. It will be a formal restaurant, featuring exquisite food with magical theming. Candles will be “floating” on the ceiling, as in the books. Waiters and Waitresses will wear wizard hats and cloaks. There will also be a few “wizards” around to perform tricks for the guests.

The Four Houses-

Gryffindor: Rooms in scarlet and gold, Projection of Nearly Headless Nick, The Potter Suite, Lion Pool, Godric’s Tavern

Slytherin: Rooms in green and silver, Projection of The Bloody Baron, The Malfoy Suite, Serpent Pool, Salazar’s Cafe

Ravenclaw: Rooms in blue and bronze, Projection of The Grey Lady, The Lovegood Suite, Raven Pool, Rowena’s Bistro

Hufflepuff: Rooms in yellow and onyx, Projection of The Fat Friar, The Diggory Suite, Badger Pool, Helga’s Diner

Hope you have an enchanting stay at Universal's Hogwarts Hotel!

From Tim W
Posted May 22, 2010 at 4:03 PM
And now my critique:

Amanda: You did an excellant job. I like the idea of the heroes/villains resort. I didn't quite understand the name for the resort, or the shape you chose. My other complaint was the location. In my personal opinion, this may work better as a moderate or deluxe resort. You see very classy and fancier hotels around the lagoon. And I just think this might be out of place. But I do think you have some innovative ideas in your hotel, such as changing the rooms to accomadate towards the younger guests. That was very well constructed and hospitable. The pool description was fantastic as well. Great work!

Anthony: Whats better than a trip to Greece or a Greecian pavillion at Epcot? Well this resort! I loved the concept to it. I do think this could be made into a deluxe resort however. It could be extremely classy, while retaining Disney charm. The Zeus's challenge is an excellant idea. I'd love to see this resort come to existence! Great use of the movie, and Greecian culture. My favorite of the week!

Nick: Nice concept. Sounds beautiful and very well thought out. I liked the room pictures alot! Sounds like the layout of the boardwalk a bit with the separate shopping areas. The only problem I personally have is that I'm not a huge fan of resorts that are inspired by US cities. I'd much rather go to that city than have an immiataion. But most will consider it a nice alternative. Idk something just seemed to be missing from this resort to wow the heck out of me like you Iron Man coaster did. But it still sounds like a great hotel concept, for a park in need of another hotel!

Wok: Probably the most immersive. Best story to a resort. I laughed a bit, and found myself immersed in a ghost town. I also enjoyed that you took on a character in your description. Sounds like Frontierland into a resort form. It would definately take people back into the old west. I have to admit, I did get a headache from reading yours over. I'm not sure if I fully understand, but it sounds like there would be oil lamps? It may be taking theming a bit too far. Not sure if it would attract guests or scare them away with the theming. However, it sounds like a great resort, that guests would enjoy due to the hospitality and extensive theme!

Congratulations everyone for making it this far. You've made it halfway, but unfortunately someone will have to be eliminated. You are all amazing designers in this competition. You all definately stepped up your game this week, and are in it to win it. I think this will be another tough week for an elimination. I have my opinions, and we will see how the poll goes. And next week, we have out top 3 and then our finale week. Stay Tuned and remember that our contestants will be voting the finale week.

From Nick Markham
Posted May 22, 2010 at 3:51 PM
The Shrek rooms were added only because every other Universal hotel has some kind of suite like that (ex. Jurassic Park Kids suites at Royal Pacific or the Dr. Seuss theme dsuites at the Portofino). They were only added to match. Other than that, I really hope my hotel turns out great in the polls!

From Tim W
Posted May 22, 2010 at 4:07 PM
Alright thanks for explaining Nick. May the best 3 advance. I'll be looking forward to this week. It will be an extremely difficult elimination. I'd love to stay at everyone's hotel, well including my own and the two others posted.

From James Koehl
Posted May 22, 2010 at 4:35 PM
Tim, put me down as a potential apprentice for the next game. Do you want a sample of our writing? Do you want us to post potential ideas in here, or do you want them to be sent to you privately?

From Tim W
Posted May 22, 2010 at 5:27 PM
No not neccessary. You may post challenge cattegories in the current thread.

From Wok Creative
Posted May 22, 2010 at 6:22 PM
The oil lamps would only be made to look real, for the authenticity of the look, but actually something more modern/current, for safety.
Thanks for the notes on all of them. Truly great ideas and competition this round, again.

From Amanda Jenkins
Posted May 22, 2010 at 7:28 PM
The name was to match whatever the guest wants to have in their room. Whatever character they "imagine". As for the looks of the outside, I would have it blend well with the other resorts around the lagoon. It would be along the lines of flowing with Bay Lake and Contemporary, since it would be on their side of the area. The "V"s shape would represent the ongoing battle of hero vs, villain.

Thanks for the critique. I also realized I forgot to put into place our nice table service area, which was called Triumphant. It would be a softly lit area overlooking the lagoon. It would be at the top of the middle building.

Also, I really loved everyone's ideas. Anthony, I believe you are really on to something there with the Greece theme. I always wanted them to bring this to World Showcase, thus I would want your hotel close by.

As I have said in previous threads, I want to visit everyone's place and try it out. I don't know about everyone else...but I am having a ball playing this game!

From Tim W
Posted May 22, 2010 at 8:12 PM
Oh. Now i get the V shape. And nice name for the restaurant btw.

From James Koehl
Posted May 23, 2010 at 5:13 AM
OK, Tim, here are some of my ideas for Season 2 (or whatever you want to do with them):
1) Design an iconic structure for a theme park. Many parks are identified with a structure that, when people see it,immediately think of that park (the Eiffel Tower with King's Island/Dominion; Sleeping Beauty Castle with MK). It can be at any park, with or without such a structure already (hate the Magician's Hat at DHS? Replace it!). Describe what it would be, where it would be at the park, what (if anything) it would contain (ride,show, restaurant,etc.).

2) Resurrect an attraction from any park's past and reinterpret it for today's visitor. It must have been in the park you choose sometime in it's past (No "Monsanto House of the Future" in Epcot's Future World.) You can't just rebuild it exactly as it was. It must have the theme and feel of the original attraction but meet the expectations of today's visitor. It can be anything- flat ride, coaster, dark ride, show,etc., and does not have to be on the exact location of the original. If you need to move or remove present attractions for space, you may do so, but explain what will happen to them (demolish, move and where to, leave and build around them). It can be an attraction from ten year ago or one hundred).

3) Design a children's play area. This should be a playground, with very limited if any mechanical rides. It should incorporate the family theme connection that many parks already have (Peanuts with CF, Looney Tunes with Six Flags), but if your chosen park does not have such a connection you may choose one not already taken (we'll work out the legal documents later ;+) or you may create one of your own. This is to be a place for the 0-10 crowd to run and play and burn off energy while Mom and Dad sit down and rest. Remember support facilities for parents (diaper-changing area, snack bar/restaurant with healthy kid-friendly foods).

Well, Tim, is this enough ideas for now? I've got plenty more. So, am I hired? Fired? Are you calling Security on me and having me drug out of the building?;+)

From Tim W
Posted May 23, 2010 at 5:59 AM
Haha, actually i am including the #1 idea in the finale with the theme park. But i like ideas 2 and 3!

From James Koehl
Posted May 23, 2010 at 9:43 AM
I've got other ideas, most of which were originally aimed at my local park (CP), but I'll try to alter them to fit most other parks if you're interested. Thanks!

From David L.
Posted May 23, 2010 at 10:53 AM
Season 2: All New
does that sound like a good title? Possible games... animal exhibit at AK, transportation ride, a new pavilion(at Epcot), snack bar, water slide(at water park), water ride(theme park),themed midway ride(like dueling dumbos and the tent), and a game area.
and maybe Season 3: Tackling a Six Flags :)
we can go on and on

From Tim W
Posted May 23, 2010 at 11:34 AM
I like a few of your ideas, David. I think I'll start work on coming up with the concept for season 2, and compile the list of challenges in late June or July. It seems we have alot of participation already for a second competeition!

I'm not sure when the poll will be posted, but hopefully it will be posted soon!

From Anthony Murphy
Posted May 23, 2010 at 1:01 PM
To respond, I am never a good gauger of costs at resorts, especially Disney resorts. My family are DVC members so we haven't used "real cash" for awhile, just points. The only reason why I made it moderate was because there are few of them or they are not well known.

One of my inspirations for my resort was Coranado Springs by DAK which I think is very underrated. Disney claims its moderate so I was going more in that direction.

From Robert Niles
Posted May 23, 2010 at 2:23 PM
The voting booth is open!

From Tim W
Posted May 23, 2010 at 2:39 PM
Elimination will be held tuesday. And Challenge 7 posted on tuesday as well! These eliminations just keep getting tougher and tougher though.

I agree with you Anthony. Its tough to know the price of things, when your on a points system!

From Nick Markham
Posted May 24, 2010 at 10:53 AM
Hey Tim, will it be against the rules to use one of my entries from these challenges as one of a few rides in the new land?

From Tim W
Posted May 24, 2010 at 1:15 PM
Nope it won't at all. You may use your own rides that you created in the competition for your island!

I was thinking of a revised voting format for the next competition, but realized it would not work very well. Season 2 may be a bit delayed...I want to make sure the competetion is fresh and won't be a repeat. I continue my work on challenge ideas, but that depends how much response we have for a second season.

To determine how many challenges for a second season, I would like people to sign up for the second season on the conclusion of the final challenge. That way, i would know how many challenges to have!

Due to the results of the poll, we will be firing someone off as soon as Challenge 7 is posted!

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