My trip to Knott's Berry Farm...

Knott's Berry Farm: My summary of my trip to Knotts BF.

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted June 12, 2010 at 8:14 AM
Sorry this has been late in posting. I'll just skip the happenings during the bus trip so I'll just start w/visiting the park. Went to KBFarm on May 16. I found the park very neat & inviting. I liked the shops that were placed on the walk on the way to the park. I did not like being charged for parking by the resort, however. I dunno if I just missed that part of the reservation or anything posted on here (sorry if I missed anyone's info on that) but I thought I was doing good at staying at the resort then I wouldn't hafta worry w/paying for pking. Other than that, I found the resort less than what I expected. For a 'resort', the room was very small, I had to either cut across the bed or close the tv cabinet to get to the bthrm area. The rm had no 'fridge or microwave. Shower was hard to use. I found it difficult to figure out how to operate the remote (don't laugh, I'm just used to the normal, turn on tv & it's good to go type of setup!). The great thing is though, my room was in earshot of Ghostrider so I got to enjoy the sweet sounds of a good woodie & the screams that go w/it! That part was just awesome! I luved it. The park itself was easy to navigate for the most part. I did get a little turned around in the front area by Silver Bullet. I had a hard time finding the entrance to Jaguar so I spent about 20 min trying to find the entrance, the map wasn't very clear. The park seems about the same size as Fiesta Tx I think. It wasn't crowded at all til around noon although I found it frustrating getting to be inside the park but having to wait at the 'chain gate' to be let in to ride rides. They should let us walk around at least til the rides open but oh well. I found the prices a bit on the high side but not so outrageous that it was a turnoff. I do agree that Pony Express is WAAAAAY too short! I think all the rides I enjoyed were worth the trip. Ghostrider was kinda jerky but not as bad as others I've ridden. The spinning coaster was a bit freaky going up the lift as I ended up being backwards. I thought I was going to fall out. It was disappointing, however, that the video setup was closed so no souvinir video of the spinning coaster ride that day. The ppl were friendly & always greeted me whether I wnt into a shop or somewhere else. I did not ride Excelerator, I'm just a little too chicken just yet for those kinda rides. I only planned to stay til 2pm at the latest b/c of time restraints but ended up leaving around 2:30pm I think then getting over to the other hotel by 3:30 if I remember correctly, a bit later than I'd planned to stay but got thru it just the same! I actually found the second hotel I stayed in, the Rodeway Inn, a lot better in its accomodations. The room was a lot bigger, had microwave, a 'fridge, a really nice laundry area (although I found out I had to goto Walmart...just down the get my own detergent. No one told me that, I had to find out after toting my laundry there then having to leave the lot for WallyWorld. I'll at least know to ck first nxt time!). It offered free breakfast & had other room ammenities that currently eludes me to mention. All in all, I didn't get to see everything as I explained earlier that my time was very limited. I actually should've gone on Monday instead as I had planned my time to allow a Monday visit to one of the parks in the area but chose to do other things instead til my bus left at 8pm that nite. I really couldn't afford any of the Disney parks on this trip & wasn't going to trek all the way up to SFMM (just too far outta the way). At least it'll be something we can do another time hopefully.

From Rob P
Posted June 17, 2010 at 3:00 AM
It sounds like it's not always better to stay onsite. We've visited Knott's a number of times but have always stayed down near to DL.
Sometimes the better rates and the better quality of the accommodation makes it worth paying the parking charges.
Still it seems like you enjoyed Knott's despite all of that. We haven't been since 2003 so don't know if it's improved or deteriorated in that time.
Do they still have the "baddies" robbing people on the train ?
and is the chicken still good at Mrs Knott's ?

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