Boardwalk questions

Hersheypark: looking for guidance on the boardwalk/water park at Hershey.

From Scott Sanders
Posted June 13, 2010 at 5:47 AM
Heading up to Hersheypark on June 16th, probably will get there at night. So I have two days (Thurs/Fri)to play around at the park. When is the best time during the day to go to the Boardwalk area so it isn't majorly crowded. I'm guessing Thursday won't be as crowded, but is early/later in the day best to go.

Do you rent out a locker and bring your own towel? I called the park and the woman on the phone seemed like it was her first day! Anyhoo, thanks in advance.

From Phil B.
Posted June 13, 2010 at 10:34 AM
Definitely go earlier in the day. The park and the Boardwalk area both open at 10am. Although there is plenty to do, it isn't a tremendously huge section of the park and as the day goes on it will become very congested. I was there on a day that it was cloudy and in the 70's, and it was still fairly packed in the afternoon. This coming Thursday looks like it is going to be very nice out, so I would recommend this plan of attack.

There are several areas around the Boardwalk section where you may rent a locker to store your belongings. Again, getting there early in the day will ensure that you are able to get one easily and not have to hunt around for one when it becomes crowded.

As far as towels I am not certain, as when I went, my group and I rented one of the cabanas and the package we chose included towels with the deal. If you bring one and decide to leave the boardwalk area just throw it in your locker, the Boardwalk closes at 8pm so you should have enough time to get back there later on. The whole park closes at 10pm.

One last thing, not sure what time you are actually getting there Wednesday night, but Hershey will allow you into the park the night before starting at 7:30pm for a preview of the park for free, just be sure to present your tickets when you go. If you have purchased your tickets ahead of time this is a great way to enjoy a few extra hours at Hershey, walk around the park and maybe plan your attack for the next couple of days, and possibly catch a ride or two, or even better yet, a Hershey hot fudge ice cream sunday :)

From Scott Sanders
Posted June 13, 2010 at 1:56 PM
Thanks for the info! Early it is.

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