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Six Flags Magic Mountain: Need help for Six Flags Magic Mountain

From Brandon S
Posted July 1, 2010 at 7:42 PM
I'm going to Six Flags Magic Mountain in about a week and a half, so I'm wondering what are the best ways to ride all or most of the roller coasters there. I probably won't be able to purchase a flash pass so keep that in mind. Also, we're planning on either going on a Monday or a Wednesday. Which day would be best? And how long are average wait times this time of the summer? Thanks for the help!

From James Rao
Posted July 5, 2010 at 7:29 AM
Bumping up...where are all the Magic Mountain fans when you need them? You gonna help a fellow TPI member out or not?

From Nick Markham
Posted July 5, 2010 at 8:22 AM
Here, I'll give you some help!

First, consider getting yourself some Gold FlashPasses. If those are not in the budget, buy the $10 Early Entry Pass. Either way, here is what I would do.

If you have the early entry option, head directly for X2. After this go for Tatsu, and then finish up with Goliath as the hour early entry is only good for those attractions. If you do not choose this option (or it is not available) skip this.

Upon arrival if you decide to get Flash Passes (which I HIGHLY suggest) get them at the location nearest the main gate. While you are getting that for an added $20 per person, you can skip the 2 hour lines at X2. You can also do this for Terminator, but it is not necessary if you follow this plan.

After this, head straight up the mountain directly for Terminator. The best part about getting the Flash Passes is this: Terminator will be the ONLY coaster you have to wait for, and, when you go around first thing you get there, the longest line you should see is 10-20 minutes!

So, from here, you can basically choose whatever you want to ride if you have a Flash Pass. If not, go to the following coasters in order of listing once you enter through the gates:

1.Tatsu- It is closer to the main gate kind of, but still a good walk. Being the tallest, longest, and fastest flying coaster generally calls for long lines later on in the day.

2.Viper- This Arrow coaster is deceiving as while it may seem like an old coaster, it is just thrilling enough to call for 15-25 minute lines during the day.

3.Terminator Salvation- This is in my opinion the best GCI around, but for sure is the best themed. Expect anywhere from a 5-30 minute wait depending on the crowd that day.

4.Deja Vu- It is best in the front, and right next to Terminator. Should be a 10-30 minute wait.

5. Riddler's Revenge- Next closest coaster. A great stand-up, and record breaking too. 20-40 minute wait, depending on crowd.

6.Gold Rusher- A very rough little mine coaster, but you say you want to ride them all. 5-10 minute wait.

7.Superman Escape- This is at the top of the mountain and quite the walk. Don't expect the 100 mph launch it promises, but still worth the credit. 10-20 minute wait.

8. Ninja- The entrance is just steps down the other side of Superman. While listed as more of a family coaster, this is very thrilling and awesome Arrow suspended coaster. 15-30 minute wait.

9. Revolution- Said to be the world's first looping coaster. Located closer to Viper. Pretty fun, and very exciting drops through the trees. 5-10 minute wait.

10. Goliath- Formerly the tallest and fastest coaster around, this monster of a coasters delivers awesome thrill rarely found anywhere else. 25min-1hr wait.

11. Colossus- A classic racing coaster that only runs one side of the track. 5-20 minute wait.

12. Scream!- A very, very nice B&M floorless that is hated upon by too many parking lot haters. 15-45 minute wait.

13. Batman: The Ride- This is said to be a very good B&M invert, however my ride on it was not so spectacular. 10-20 minute wait.

After adding lunch and dinner to this ordeal, the park may be nearing closing. Ride as many rides as possible until about 15 minutes prior closing. This is win 14 comes in to play...

14.XXXxxxx....22222- It is big. It is fast. It is unlike anything you have ever seen or felt before. It will mesmerize, thrill, distort life as you know it. This is X2. On my list, it is my #1 coaster in the world. And while the wait could be an hour or more, SFMM will let anyone who is in line before closing ride even if it goes past closing! 50min-2hr line.

Now, please note that these times for lines are all educated predictions based off of what I remember and know about these coasters and only apply if you choose not to get early entry or FlashPasses (which again I HIGHLY recommend).

Hope this helps!

EDIT: I would choose Monday if I were you, but either should work out pretty well as both are weekdays.

From M. Ryan Traylor
Posted July 5, 2010 at 11:30 PM
Alright, so you have 10 1/2hrs to complete 14 coasters. Well, 10 1/2hrs to get in line for 14 rides. Remember, as long as your in line by 8:59PM for that last coaster, you can still ride.

School is definitely going to be out at this time so don't be surprised to see camp groups there.

Also, I'm not sure if SFMM has an early entry. You can call the park and ask them. There is nothing on the webpage about this.

Your longest lines are going to be at the following rides: X2, Tatsu, Goliath, Terminator.

Shortest lines: Colossus, Goldrusher, Revolution, Ninja.

Medium lines: Batman, Scream, Riddler, Viper, Superman, Deja Vu.

Nick's tour is a good idea. It will cause to walk the mountain a couple of times. Here is an idea of what is located near each other.

To the left of the entrance: X2, Viper, Revolution, and Tatsu. Tatsu is the furthest from the entrance in this group.

Right of the park entrance/Gotham: Goliath, Colossus, Scream, Batman.

Back of park: Deja Vu, Terminator, Riddler, Goldrusher.

Top of park: Ninja, Superman.

You could skip Viper and come back to that later with Revolution or before X2.

From Nick Markham
Posted July 6, 2010 at 8:00 AM
^I had just heard somewhere about early entry. Could just be a rumor...

Still, Try to get there early if you can beat any crowds!

From AJ Hummel
Posted July 6, 2010 at 9:54 PM
Here is what I do when I visit the park, which usually works for me.

1. When the park opens, do NOT go directly to X2. Everyone rushes there and it isn't always open right away. I've seen a two hour wait in the morning and a half-hour wait later in the day, so it is better to wait. Instead, go up to Revolution, but go up the exit to get a head start toward Tatsu, the first ride of the day. If you get there quickly you can easily be on one of the first few trains of the day.

2. Head down the back of the hill and ride Terminator Salvation: The Ride. If you are lucky you may be on one of the first couple trains of the day here as well.

3. If Deja Vu is open when you get off Terminator, ride it. Deja Vu has a very long and slow-moving line later in the day.

4. Head back to Tatsu but climb the steps just before you reach the ride. Once at the top of the hill, ride Ninja.

5. Next, ride Superman The Escape. This ride also has a slow moving line later on.

6. Head down the back of the hill and ride Riddler's Revenge. If you are doing well it will be about noon when you get off Riddler's. If you don't care where you eat lunch and the line isn't long, just eat at the Waterfront Commissary across from Gold Rusher.

7. Ride Gold Rusher after lunch because it is tame enough so you won't get sick.

8. Head to Gotham City and ride Batman The Ride unless the line is back past the queue area at the entrance to the tunnel.

9. Go down the walkway to Colossus and ride.

10. Ride Scream. Note that this ride has a very short queue and the line will take less than a half-hour even if it is backed up to the entrance.

11. Go past Goliath and go all the way back to the park entrance. Once there, ride Revolution.

12. Go up to Viper and ride.

13. Go ride X2. By now, the line will likely be less than half of what it was in the morning on an average weekday.

14. Now, go back to Goliath. It will either be nearly empty or will end up being your longest wait of the day, but on a weekday waits over an hour are extremely uncommon unless the ride is only operating one train.

15. You can now do whatever you want since you have completed all the roller coasters.

A few other random things...

Flash Pass: I do not recommend this on weekdays as it is extremely unnecessary. With the exception of X2, Tatsu, Goliath, and Terminator, nothing else usually has more than a half hour wait. Even those rarely get to be longer than forty-five minutes except in the morning for X2 or if they are running one train. It is not uncommon for many of the park's coasters to have waits shorter than fifteen minutes for the majority of the day, which makes the Flash Pass somewhat useless. Unless you have a lot of money or will not be visiting again for ten years, don't bother with it.

Early Entry: I haven't been when they offered this, but I would say go for it only if X2 is included. I've heard they usually only include one or two coasters. If X2 is inculded, try to ride it two or three times during early entry then head to Tatsu as soon as you can afterwards. If Goliath is included, don't head over there because it is a significant distance away from X2 and Tatsu.

Non-coaster rides: With the exception of the water rides, none of the non-coaster rides at the park ever get significant waits because they are all fairly standard and aren't worth doing. If it is hot, you may want to do a water ride or two but do be aware that they often have long waits in the summer and can sometimes take longer than some of the coasters.

Well, that's about it. I hope you have a good time.

From M. Ryan Traylor
Posted July 7, 2010 at 9:18 AM
Just want to clarify AJ's note about going through the exit of Revolution. Basically follow the flashpass signs for this ride, but just before the loading platform, take the stairs up to your right. This will put you on a main park path, turn right, and continue on to Tatsu.

Removes about 3 minutes from a your walk and a large portion of the crowd.

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