Next Walt Disney Challenge 3

Walt Disney World: The schedule has been changed, so this week, contestants must make a 3D or 4D show.

From Andy Milio
Posted January 30, 2011 at 12:29 PM
First of all, I have decided to change the schedule up a little. The parade challenge is now a water ride challenge, and that challenge is being moved to Week 6. So here is the updated schedule:
3. 3D/4D Show
4. Themed Roller Coaster
5. Hotel
6. Water Ride
7. Themed Land
8. Theme Park

Now for the challenge: this week, you guys must create a 3D or 4D show for any Disney park. Please tell the name of the show, what park it is in (which land it is in, as well), if it has live actors (like T2 at Universal), estimated length, a storyline (short or full), preshow (optional), and examples of the 3D/4D effects.

Again, nobody was eliminated last challenge, as we had a drop-out. This challenge is due by February 8th. Good luck!

From Andy Milio
Posted January 30, 2011 at 1:06 PM
For now, I'm gonna claim an Incredibles 4D show for Pixar Place at DHS

From Tim W
Posted January 30, 2011 at 8:31 PM
Nobody is eliminated again? So I get another week, as people must really not like wonderland all that much.

From Andy Milio
Posted January 31, 2011 at 5:04 AM
^You're in luck, Tim. I guess nobody else will drop out, as everyone else has posted 2 ideas. And I liked the wonderland idea, for the most part.

From Eric S
Posted January 31, 2011 at 10:16 PM
Darn, Incredibles was the idea that I had, but alas I'm too late. Back to the drawing board. Btw, I just noticed that the themed restaurant week was taken out. That's disappointing. I had a great idea.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 1, 2011 at 4:50 AM
^It was? It wasn't in the schedule from Challenge 2. But yeah, the themed restaurant will play a part with the hotel challenge. And you can do Incredibles as well. As long as they aren't identical :)

From Joseph Catlett
Posted February 1, 2011 at 11:41 AM
Coming soon to the sites of Muppetvision 3D on both coasts.....

Yes, that is the actual title. It is the Muppets after all, so why not be a little snarky. It will look great on a marquee sign.

Details to follow.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 1, 2011 at 5:03 PM
^Ha ha, I agree with the title :D

From Randall Peek
Posted February 1, 2011 at 9:25 PM
In view of the recent fire at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, one of their classic attractions is in serious need of an overhaul. In light of this, I call dibs on the Enchanted Tiki Room.

From Eric S
Posted February 2, 2011 at 2:39 PM
The restaurant was from the original one, so it was probably taken out before that, I just didn't notice. And I might have to do Incredibles as well, but I probably won't.

From damond harris
Posted February 2, 2011 at 4:06 PM
can we do a simulator ride like the simpsons or jimmy newtron?

From Andy Milio
Posted February 2, 2011 at 4:37 PM
^I say no. I may allow a simulator ride in place of the water thrill ride challenge. But please keep your ideas as SHOWS

From Tim W
Posted February 2, 2011 at 5:42 PM
Coming soon to Sunset Boulevard, near Rock 'n' Roller Coaster....Concerts! 3D. This will lead into the eventual expansion of the area into a land called Music Row.

From Tim W
Posted February 3, 2011 at 11:48 AM
Concerts! 3D

This new one of a kind experience show will kick off the start of Music Row, the new land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the area of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Concerts! 3D will be very similar in nature to Legends in Concert, except that you will be attending a 3D concert event of a bunch of different actual artists, instead of impersonators. Concerts! 3D will take some of the biggest artists of today, and project them on a huge IMAX screen inside of a building that resembles a concert hall. 3D effects will float around the artists, as a concert backdrop. The artists will occasionally hold their microphone out into the audience and do other things that would be made into 3D effects. Of course Disney will be contracting a number of artists to continually record and film new sequences for the films. There will be 3 different films shown twice throughout the day featuring a number of different artists. Each film will be about an hour to and hour and a half in length.

The first show will be called Rock Legends. Here you will see a diverse mix of artists from a number of different decades. You will see performers such as Aerosmith, U2, KISS, Green Day, Nickelback, Bruce Springsteen, and the Rolling Stones. In this show, the audience will hear more than one song per band. This show will most likely be kept in, but could possibly be rotated by a new show.

Aerosmith: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Jaded, and Dream On
U2: Pride, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, With or Without You, and Vertigo
KISS: Rock and Roll All Night and Beth
Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Good Riddance, and 21 Guns
Nickelback: How You Remind Me, Photograph, and Rockstar
Bruce Springsteen: Hungry Heart, Dancing in the Dark, and Born in the USA

The second show offered will be Girl Power, featuring some of the strongest Women singers in the history of music such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Reba Mcentire, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Martina McBride, Beyonce, Alanis Morissette, and Shania Twain. This show will be all about female empowerment as these women sing some of their most famous hits!

Celine Dion- The Power of Love, Because You Loved Me, My Heart Will Go On, It's All Coming Back to Me Now, and of course, Beauty and the Beast.

Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You, I Wanna Dance with Somebody, and I'm Every Woman

Reba Mcentire- Fancy, Somebody, Consider Me Gone, and duet with Kelly Clarkson, Because of You

Kelly Clarkson- My Life Would Suck Without You, Miss Independent, Since U Been Gone

Madonna- Like a Prayer, Vogue, Material Girl, and Hung Up

Mariah Carey- Hero, Always Be My Baby, and We Belong Together

Martina McBride- My Baby Loves Me, Wild Angels, and Anyway

Beyonce- Single Ladies, Irreplaceable, and Halo

Alanis Morissette- Hand in My Pocket, Ironic, and Thank U

Shania Twain- Man, I Feel Like a Woman, She’s Not Just a Pretty Face, From this Moment On, You’re Still the One

The third show offered will be Country Stars. In this show, you will witness stars like Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Reba Mcentire, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, and Sugarland. Each performer will sing one song from the current year. The performers will generally change from year to year based on the current hits. The following is an example of a 2010 show:
Carrie Underwood- Undo It
Tim McGraw- Felt Food on My Lips
Reba Mcentire- Turn on the Radio
Miranda Lambert- The House that Built Me
Taylor Swift- Mine
Kenny Chesney- The Boys of Fall
Keith Urban- Put You in a Song
Toby Keith- Bullets in the Gun
Lady Antebellum- Need You Now
Rascal Flatts- Why Wait
Jason Aldean- My Kinda Party
Brad Paisley- Anything Like Me
Sugarland- Stuck Like Glue

Finally, the last show will be Pop Madness. This will probably be the most popular show of the three and will feature songs from the most current artists that dominate the Billboard charts. In this show, you will see current artists such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Pink, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Usher, The Black Eyed Peas, and Taio Cruz.. Of course this show would be ever changing as well to incorporate more current songs about every 6 months or so. And since it’s a video, there does not have to be constant refurbishment, just simply switch out the videos. Here is a list of songs that would be currently featured:

Katy Perry- Teenage Dream, Firework, and California Gurls
Lady Gaga and Beyonce- Telephone and Born this Way
Justin Beiber- Baby and U Smile
Rihanna- Only Girl and What’s My Name
Pink- Raise Your Glass and Perfect
Bruno Mars- Just the Way You Are and Grenade
Britney Spears- Hold it Against Me
Ke$ha- We Are Who We Are and Tik Tok
Usher- More and OMG
The Black Eyed Peas- The Time and I Gotta Feeling
Taio Cruz- Higher and Dynamite

Concerts! 3D will bring you and your family close and up center to the artists that you love of today and yester year. Catch it at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2012.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 3, 2011 at 1:42 PM
^Wow! That was very good.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 3, 2011 at 1:57 PM
From Andy Milio
Posted February 3, 2011 at 3:05 PM
The Incredibles: Ultimate Sowdown
The Incredibles: Ultimate Showdown 4D

The Incredibles: Ultimate Showdown is a 4D show that would be placed at Disney Hollywood Studios' Pixar Place or Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. The show would last 20-30 minutes with a 5-10 minute preshow.

When guests enter the building (which is designed like a laboratory), they notice they are in Edna Mode's laboratory from the movie. As they wind through the facility, they see some of the experiments from the movie (for example, the fire test on Jack Jack's suit). After winding through the facility, guests come to a large opening, where the preshow begins.

Using the same hologram technology as the Forbidden Journey at Islands of Adventure, a holographic Edna Mode appears to talk to the guests.

"Oh! Hello, darlings! I am Edna Mode, I create the suits for those Incredibles. Oh! Speaking of that, go this way.
*points direction of line*
The Incredibles are ready to see you, darlings! Don't forget to grab your safety glasses!"

Guests continue down the queue until they come to the theater, which holds around 300-400 guests at a time. Guests are told to put on their glasses and the show begins.

The Incredibles appear on the screen and begin to lecture guests about how a lucky guest can get super powers. Radiation is going to be used, and one lucky guest will win the superpowers (this is the reason for the glasses).

Suddenly, the seats begin to shake. Mr. Incredible yells "Don't worry; it must just be a slight tremor!" over the calamity.

Then a long, mechanical arm with 3 sharp "toes" blasts through the wall (on the screen) and shoots out towards the guests (3D effect). The Omnidroid crashes through the wall, and a Syndrome look alike flies through as well.

"I am the new Syndrome! I have inherited the Omnidroid, and now it is invincible! Good luck trying to stop us, puny heroes!"

After this is said, other villains crash through. The seats are still rumbling as Bomb Voyage, Futur10n, Organa, and Mezmerella (the last few are from the Incredibles comics).

Bomb Voyage begins throwing bombs around everywhere. Soon, the lab is on fire (the heat would be changed to match the scene). Dash begins running and grabbing the bombs before they explode. He tosses them back at Bomb Voyage, and the bombs explode in Voyage's hands (explosions are 3D effect).

The scene changes to Organa and Mrs. Incredible. Organa sends out clay golems to fight Elastigirl (Mrs. Incredible). Mrs. Incredible fights off the first few golems, before she uses her flexibility to shoot the golems back at Organa like a slingshot.

Violet and Futur10n fight as well. Violet uses her force field to block Futur10n's devolution bombs, and Violet even tosses a bomb at Organa (who hasn't yet been killed by Elastigirl). Mrs. Incredible avoids as the bomb hit Organa and she devolved into a monkey. Mrs. Incredible and Dash arrive at Futur10n and finish him off.

Mezmerella begins to try to hypnotize the guests into attacking the Incredibles (a 4D effect with smoke). Violet uses her invisibility to distract her while dash uses his rapid punches (from the movie) to finish her off.

Now all is left is the Omnidriod (who Mr. Incredible had been fighting the previous moments) and "Syndrome, Jr.", who cannot be hit as he is using the rocket boots previously used by Syndrome. Mr. Incredible finds one last devolution bomb left by Futur10n, and he arms it and throws it at the Omnidroid and Syndrome, Jr., who is nearby.

The Incredibles dive out of the way as the bomb explodes. This would be the finale, with smoke, fire, and the rumbling of the whole theater.

Once everything has cleared, the guests and the Incredibles find that the Omnidroid has been devolved to a calculator, and Syndrome, Jr. has been devolved. Edna arrives in the room and looks around at the carnage.

"Oh dear, oh dear! We do NOT need any more superheroes to cause more damage! These 5 can do it well enough by themselves!"

She storms off the screen, and the show ends. No guest gets superpowers.

Guests leave the theater and enter the gift shop, where they can buy plush dolls, DVDs, video games, T-shirts, etc.

I got an email from an anonymous source who said I might want to announce that I am not changing the schedule for my own personal preference. I only changed as to find challenges that I thought would be more fun for everybody to do. I am not changing for personal preference.

From Tim W
Posted February 3, 2011 at 8:28 PM
Sounds cool, and Thanks Andy!

From Anthony Murphy
Posted February 4, 2011 at 10:58 AM
EPIC Mickey (DHS- Animation Courtyard)

In this live action and 3D show, we will join Mickey in battling the Mad Scientist and the Evil Shadow Dot along with other live character such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (the first time he will be a meetable character).

The show starts innocent enough with Mickey Showing his guests a new way to make animated features. Of course, he cares for our safety so he asks us to put on "paint splatter" glasses. He demonstrates how to create with this new brush by creating a live character who literally "jumps" off the screen.

From Tim W
Posted February 4, 2011 at 12:07 PM
Sounds well EPIC!

From Anthony Murphy
Posted February 4, 2011 at 12:24 PM
The EPICness is not completed yet!

It wont let me post due to swear words in my submission?!?!

I mean, I know we all want to see Mickey Mouse let loose with the curse words and make the first Disney attraction rated R, but this is not one of those attractions :)

From Tim W
Posted February 4, 2011 at 3:06 PM
Wow, I never knew that would happen. I guess its good though to keep the safe clean, however.

From Anthony Murphy
Posted February 4, 2011 at 4:31 PM
However, all of a sudden, the "paper" rips and the Mad Scientist comes out of the screen! He tells Mickey that he is back and wants to take the guests back to Wasteland (which is an alternitive Disneyland) since it has no guests. The Mad Scientist brings out some of his machines that will grab the guests including ones with fans lighting and effects as if the 3D item is actually hitting parts of the theater. Through the hole in Wasteland, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Come out to help Mickey fight the Mad Scientist with his magic paintbrush. Defeated, the Mad Scientist has one more trick up his sleeve. He uses his pinchers to grab Mickey's Magic Paintbrush and creates the Shadow Blot (the black inky villan from the game).

From Anthony Murphy
Posted February 4, 2011 at 4:31 PM
From the audience, Mickey and Oswald fight against the Blot as he destroys pieces of the theater. Oswald then jumps up and grabs the paintbrush back and he and Mickey (along with the audeince) says the magic words and sends a rainbow of color towards the screen throwing the Mad Scientist and the Blot (who is leaking ink on the guests) back into the page. Oswald, being a responsible older brother of Mickey, volunteers to "watch them" and jumps back into the page

From James Koehl
Posted February 4, 2011 at 6:01 PM
Anthony, the problem with the site blocking "vulgar language" is the same problem I had multiple times in WPA and TPA2. There were no vulgar words, so I sent that info to Robert. He said it was helpful information, but I had trouble posting just about every time I tried. Sometimes I would rewrite a sentence and it would let it go through, other times it still rejected it, while other times it would accept the entire post with no problem. The only consistency was the inconsistency. Good luck!

From Andy Milio
Posted February 5, 2011 at 9:57 AM
Good job Anthony! And remember: submissions are due by the 8th

From Joseph Catlett
Posted February 5, 2011 at 6:33 PM
(Completely, Totally, Unnecessary & Eye-Crossing)

Coming to the sites of the former Muppetvision 3D attraction in Florida and California, will be a brand new 3D experience once again starring Jim Henson's Muppets.

The show building will be modeled after the current Henson studios in Hollywood which used to be owned by Charles Chaplin and whose red brick facade is relatively unchanged after 80 years.

On the front of the building a large sign will announce the new show's title "THE MUPPETS GO TO THE MOVIES" with "In Completely, Totally, Unnecessary & Eye-Crossing 3-D!" painted hastily with wide brush strokes. This obviously snarky after-the-fact, add on to the name is attributed to Rizzo the Rat who sits on scaffolding, red paint brush in hand.

After entering the building, you are now in the pre-show room designed to look like a lobby-reception waiting area for some very important Hollywood Studio Boss. On the walls are framed movie posters for coming attractions like "Piggy Poppins", "An American Gonzo in London", "The Good, the Bad and the Furry", "Pi-Rats of the Caribbean", "Franken-Beaker" "Gone with the Swine", "Harry Monster and the Search for a Plot", "Pigs in Space, the Next De-Generation", "All the President's (Sam) Eagle's", "The Rocky Horror Piggy Show"," Gonzo-07 in For Camilla's Eyes Only", "Honey, I ATE the Kids" and "Terms of Kermit's Endearment" amongst many others.
On monitors above our heads, clips from the original Muppet Show will play interspersed with the occasional appearance of a secretary thanking us for our patience in waiting for the Studio head to greet us and take us into the studio screening room where we will be amongst the first people in the world to get a sneak peak at some of this studios new sure to be blockbuster hits. We're just waiting on the boss to show up and welcome us in. Security is tight because if rival studios get word of what this studio is working on then they'll be sure to, um RIP OFF our ideas that they never had anything to do with, no way, no how, hand in the air, no foolin', we had these ideas first!
The lights in the preshow area now dim and spotlight shines to the area above our heads. On the balcony is our host, the studio head KERMIT the Frog (an audio animatronic) who welcomes us to his studio and lets us know how excited he and the rest of the Muppet gang are to have us here and that they can't wait to show us the Coming Attractions Trailers they've been working on for this coming year. Some, he explains, are comedies some are dramas but all are made with dignity and will NOT rely on cheap gimmicks to get a laugh. Then on the TV monitors SAM the eagle, on the set of THE NO NONSENSE ZONE with Bill O'Reilly, interrupts Kermit to say "That's a good thing. I as the representative of the MPAAAAA (Muppet-Policies-Awarding-American-Achievements-in the Arts)trust that standards of decency and good taste will be adhered to.
Kermit assures Sam that the Muppets would never sink to low brow humor just for an easy laugh.
Visitors then pick up their 3D glasses and enter the theater which is styled like a private screening room that you'd see on a studio lot. Your seat in the theatre is rigged with binaural sound, the 3D sound effect used in Stitch Encounter. The audio system for the theatre is THX certified,but the personal sound system is used only for effects to be discussed later.

Now, unlike most theme park 3D shows that have a shelf life realistically of 7 to 10 years at best. This show is ever changing. No one will see the same show twice, as sequences, thanks to digital 3D, will be random. 15 different MUPPET spoof trailers will be initially filmed with 6 per show actually used.With new portions filmed and added to the show over time, thus extending the life of the show exponentially. Only two sections will remain constant as it will be used to end the show's signature in-theater effect.

As seen with Bill O'Reilly's cameo in the preshow, this experience will take inspiration from the Muppet Show and theatrical release's use of Celebrity guest stars.

Once everyone has a seat, the curtains in front of the screen opens. In private boxes to the left and right of the screen will be in one, Kermit and Sam the Eagle (audio animatronics) who will introduce each trailer and comment on them along with Statler and Waldorf in the opposite box. The comments will have a Mystery Science Theater vibe to it, commenting on the action on screen as it happens into your ear using the binaural sound technology.

Some examples of the trailers playing will be:
Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow will be introduced and then attacked by the Pi-RATS, with flying rats coming off the screen, firing cannons at the audience while smoke effects fill the aisles, the rats make Captain Jack walk the plank, his splash sends water flying off the screen.

Miss Piggy is the Practically Perfect Nanny, with Scooter and Skeeter as little Jane and Michael Banks. Scenes from the chalk drawing come up with the muppet penguins being karate kicked by Piggy into the audience, crashing into walls. Dick Van Dyke guest stars reprising his role as Burt.

Ala Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns, featuring Kermit as THE GOOD, Rowlf as THE BAD and Animal as THE FURRY. Including Leone style extreme close ups where the camera bumps into the face of Animal, over the top gunplay and obviously dubbed English. Clint Eastwood cameos as Dirty Harry Callahan, excusing himself for wandering into the wrong spoof.

Featuring a Goldfinger soundalike opening Song, superspy Gonzo-07 (say it out loud) fights international criminals all while wearing a Tuxedo. Roger Moore cameos as super villain Dr. Oh No, the master of an all chicken elite fighting force. When Gonzo-07 takes them on, the feathers literally fly throughout the room.

Mad Dr. Bunsen Honeydew of Muppet labs brings his creation to life! Behold in glorious black and white the monster Franken-Beaker, coming to life by lightning strikes that enter the theatre, and gasp as the creature runs rampant through the village. Robin Williams cameos as Dr Bunsen Honeydew's lab assistant IGOR (doing a Boris Karloff style voice). This will be one of two constant segments and will show Animal wandering onto the set playing fetch with a leg bone thrown by IGOR. Animal picks up the tossed bone right in front of Dr Honeydew's Gigantism ray, which goes off in Animal's now rapidly expanding face.

Its the first day of school for all the young wizards and witches of Pigwarts School. Young Harry Monster, Robin Frogsley and Camilla Free-Ranger learn all about magic, set off spells that fly off into the audience turning Statler and Waldorf into houseplants (temporarily). Penn and Teller cameo as Professors of Card Trick and Party Magic 101 Class.

These are just a few of the trailers that can be shown.

The final trailer is the second of the constant segments, and is entitled:
This concert film chronicles a Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem concert. Animal is on drums and is still rapidly growing from his earlier run in with the Gigantism ray. He is growing and growing as Dr Honeydew interrupts the concert to stop the now 15 foot tall Animal who is now overturning the drum set, flipping over chairs as the concert goers flee in terror. Amongst the fleeing will be cameos Ozzy Osbourne, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, DEVO, Cindy Lauper, Stephen Colbert (who agrees with Sam the Eagle that this movie is really without any redeeming qualities), Belinda Carlisle and the members of the band SPINAL TAP.

Animal's rampage has ripped right into the next trailer:
"HONEY I ATE THE KIDS", as Animal, now 50 feet tall is taking bites out of the scenery on screen and knocks over the lighting equipment sending the theatre into darkness. The screen (having been moved up and into the ceiling during the blackout) is now replaced with a ripped version. Animals' 30 foot tall, audio animatronic head is now poking through the now ripped open screen. His 20 foot long left arm poking through a hole in the ceiling. He yells "BIG STAR! BIG STAR!"
Statler, Waldorf, Sam and Kermit cower down low as Kermit apologizes to everyone and tells us to come back next year for more movie trailers, maybe by then Animal will have calmed down and Dr Honeydew will have gotten his Shrinking Ray he borrowed from Dr Wayne Szalinski fixed.

Everyone leaves the theatre, returning their 3D glasses into the receptacles as the theme from the Muppet Show plays.

Now, regarding the use of these famous films. Yes, Disney does NOT own the rights to most of these films which inspired the Muppet version spoofs. They do NOT have to. The United States allows through Satire Laws the use of copyrighted material owned by others. As long as the versions showed are obviously satire (as in the cases of Mel Brooks' films, Mad Magazine and Weird Al Yankovich) and not a cheap rip off intended to confuse the audience into thinking that they are one and the same.

Hope you all enjoyed.

From Ryan waddington
Posted February 6, 2011 at 2:59 AM
ive only just come across these Threads, some of the ideas are great. im just wandering if anyone can take part?

From Tim W
Posted February 6, 2011 at 3:50 PM
^I'm blown away. I think this would be a great replacement!!!! I never, ever thought that there would be any feasable replacement whatsoever for Muppets 3D, but this proves that there can be. I honestly believe that this is some of the best work done so far in this season, and could possibly be above some of the best ideas in both TPI 1, 2, and WPA that I hosted.

Speaking of TPA, but not wanting to distract people from the current competition, I would like to just mention that I am planning on resuming the game with a 4th competition (possibly an international version or with another theme) at the begining of June 2011. It should give people a nice break to rejuvinate their minds after this competition, and I would love some of the fellow participants in this game, as well as some of the old contestants to rejoin.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 6, 2011 at 11:07 AM
Joseph, that was flat out amazing.
Ryan, you may play if you want. This challenge ends on the 8th so you may want to wait until the next challenge starts. But a new member would be great!

From James Koehl
Posted February 6, 2011 at 11:46 AM
Joseph, when does the line start forming for this show? Excellent work! I could see the entire show from your description. You really threw down the gauntlet with this one!

From Tim W
Posted February 6, 2011 at 3:50 PM

From damond harris
Posted February 6, 2011 at 8:16 PM
can i post mine tomorrow i got tied up in a lot of superbowl parties!

From Andy Milio
Posted February 7, 2011 at 5:07 AM
^Of course! The super bowl was great!

From Andy Milio
Posted February 7, 2011 at 5:13 PM
We still need ideas from Randall, Eric, and Damond. and we do NOT need any more dropouts so please post by tomorrow, or ask for a later due date, if necessary.

From Joseph Catlett
Posted February 7, 2011 at 8:52 PM
Randall, Eric, Damond c'mon where are you guys? I've been watching this thread all day long hoping to see your entries. Where'd you all go?

From Randall Peek
Posted February 8, 2011 at 3:11 AM
The Enchanted Tiki Room

It has the same name as the classic attraction, and it uses a building built along the lines of the previous occupant, but there are now major differences and upgrades to the original AA show.

I was never a fan of the 'Under New Management' overlay. It seemed crass and vulgar compared to the quaint banter of the original show. True, the original was getting awfully long in the tooth, but it was a classic and still a good way to spend a half hour on a hot day. Is that the best we can expect from Disney, though? I think not.

I saw the recent fire in this attraction as a serendipitous chance for Disney to reinvigorate the show, and bring it up to current standards both in storytelling and technology.

A scene-by-scene breakdown of the show I envision is, by necesseity, impossible, as you will soon see. The format is considerably more free-form than what was there before. How is this possible? Through the use of digital technology and the Living Character Initiative.

The show takes place in a Polynesian ceremonial hut, as before. The building is essentially in the shape of a large cross, with four seating areas surrounding a central rotunda. Visually there is little to distinguish the interior of the new showplace from that of its predecessor. The tikis are in place, the perches are occupied by seemingly inanimate birds.

From Randall Peek
Posted February 8, 2011 at 3:21 AM
part two posted below, but the formatting got weird when I pasted it in, and I can't correct it without it timing out or something. My apologies for the difficulty in reading it.

From Randall Peek
Posted February 8, 2011 at 3:22 AM
When the show begins, however, much has changed. Our host is still Jose, but he is no longer restricted to a set script. He is operated from off-stage by a puppeteer, much in the same way that waldos are used for Crush over at Turtle Talk with Crush in Epcot. He is able to interact more directly with guests, joking with them directly. Perhaps even one of the secondary host birds is 'live' as well.

The shows vary throughout the day. While the format remains fairly constant, with Jose

providing improvised intro's for the various numbers, the numbers themselves are drawn

from a large library of pre-programmed numbers. Some are true Polynesian classics, as

were featured to some degree in the original show, while others are Polynesianized

versions of classic music and Disney classics alike. Jose may even poll the audience as

to what they want to hear next. The AA figures would be accompanied by lush music coming

from all sides.

The ends of the four arms of the room have bamboo panels covering the prjection screens

that will now figure prominently in the show. During many numbers, these screens will be

rolled back and 3-d content will be projected from a central location, I believe that

either the fountain or the drop-down cockatoo carousel could serve as the projection

site. Because of the four-way seating, all guests will be facing one of these screens,

while there is also a screen directly behind them.

Due to the combination of improvisation and set-pieces within the show, each performance

will be different while retaining the charm of the original show. I think that 4-d

effects could easily be incorporated into the show, including the scent of orchids, the

fresh sea breeze, and even the smell of lava from the volcano that sometimes erupts in

the distance...

Oh, I didn't tell you about that? As with the original show, each performance ends with

one of a number of rousing numbers that gets a little out of control, angering the local

gods. Whichever god is particularly angry will end the show with their signature

disaster, whether typhoon, volcano, or tropical storm.

I hope this pays suitable homage to a true Disney classic.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 8, 2011 at 5:07 AM
Damond has asked for another day to finish his, so the due date is now February 9th. We still need confirmation from Eric

From Eric S
Posted February 8, 2011 at 2:01 PM
Sorry for being on the last day again, I'm just finishing it up and I should have it in by the end of the day.

From damond harris
Posted February 8, 2011 at 3:02 PM
^^same here

From Eric S
Posted February 9, 2011 at 4:05 PM
The title of my show is Zero to Hero: Phil's Hero Training. This takes in prospective heroes and lets them be taught by the gods how to be a hero. I would put the show in Fantasyland, but it could also be put in a potential Greek pavilion in Epcot.

In the queue, there are pictures of the Greek gods on the walls. The "heroes" will be taken into a gleaming white room where Hermes will tell them that Phil is waiting for all of the gods to get ready before they can be let into the arena. However, mere mortals can't look directly at the gods, so they will need to put on protective goggles before they can take the class.

Guests are then let into the theatre. The arena is set up like the Colosseum, with stadium seating on gleaming marble benches. As the guests are sitting, Hermes is making jokes and urging everyone to sit down quickly, because "you don't want to make Phil angry."

Phil comes onto the screen: "It's about time you lot sat down. My name's Philoctetes, but you can call me Phil, not that it'll matter because most of you won't make it past day one. Okay now let's get started. Most of you probably know me as Hercules's trainer. Ever since he hit the big time, I've been looking for the next big hero. This group is not looking promising, but Herc managed to convince a few of the gods to come here and help you get a jumpstart. Hermes here is our master of ceremonies. Hermes, get it started."

Certain gods start to do demonstrations of their powers. Zeus throws lightning bolts around and challenges Poseidon to a duel. The lights flicker, water sprays the audience, and eventually Zeus wins. Hermes takes over for a bit and flies around the audience creating a lot of wind in the auditorium. Artemis comes out and does a quick hunting demonstration. She points her arrows into the audience and does both a rapid fire and accuracy demo. There would be vases located around the auditorium that she breaks with her arrows.

Right as Phil is about to close the show, the seats begin to shake. Phil asks Hermes what the problem is, but Hermes can't figure it out. Hades bursts through the floor: "Hold on Philly. I think you forgot someone." Phil tells everyone not to listen and that they should just go ahead and leave. Hades says that he doesn't think that's such a good idea. He snaps his fingers and fire erupts right in front of the doors. Phil assures everyone that all of the gods are close-by so there's nothing to worry about. Hades says that the titans have them taken care of and shows them up on the screen. They're tied up with Pain and Panic standing guard.

Hades decides to do a little demonstration using Phil as his victim. He decides to tie Phil up to a board and practice throwing knives at him. He narrowly misses with the first two, but he decides he should close his eyes for the last one. As he throws it, Hercules and Pegasus fly in and knock the knife out of midair and into the audience. Hercules: "Drop the knives Hades, before you force me to knock you back down to where you came from." A fight ensues with Hades shooting fire all over the theater, with Hercules dodging and lunging at Hades with his sword. Finally, the gods come out. Hades: "How did you get free?" Zeus: "We distracted your crack team with some candy." The screen shows Pain and Panic tied up and eating chocolate. Zeus picks Hades up and throws him back down the hole that he broke in the stage. The audience roars and Hercules tells Phil to begin training anyone who wants due to their bravery in the face of extreme danger. Phil tells them to come back tomorrow and they can start their training.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 9, 2011 at 5:24 AM
^Good job!
Damond, we only need your idea!

From Eric S
Posted February 9, 2011 at 7:18 AM
Apparently for some reason apostrophes and quotation marks don't translate very well from Microsoft Word to the message box.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 9, 2011 at 2:18 PM
^That's weird. Mine did not do that

From Eric S
Posted February 9, 2011 at 4:08 PM
I went ahead and edited mine so it wasn't as annoying to read.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 9, 2011 at 5:10 PM
Damond, where are you? Today's the last day, unless you need one last day. But that will be all!

From Mike Gallagher
Posted February 9, 2011 at 5:28 PM
I'm not enjoying this "tournament" much compared to previous ones. But my comment here has little to do with that.

In a real tournament, in what's commonly known as real life, there wouldn't be these second and third extensions. In a real tournament, sports, spelling bees, whatever, you miss it, you're out. Imagine a NCAA team makes the Sweet Sixteen, and the coach calls officials and says "We need another day of practice." Are they gonna say, "Sure, we'll give you another day but THAT'S IT! NO MORE!" Again, you miss it, you're out is the way it should be.

I have a very bad cold this week and have missed work most of three days. I was scheduled to take the JEOPARDY on-line test last night, but fell asleep doped up on Nyquil. So who do I see for my second chance? Correct. I don't get one.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 9, 2011 at 5:38 PM
I guess you're right. But keep in mind; if Damond drops out, we will have 3 straight drop-outs and 3 straight weeks WITHOUT ELIMINATION. Call me crazy, but I don't wanna go ANOTHER week without [real] elimination.

From Tim W
Posted February 9, 2011 at 8:50 PM
I know it is tough not wanting dropout eliminations. It is something I dealt with every season. However, in this game, I am seeing absolutely no excuse to post on time. It has now been 11 days. The ideas should not be taking this long to finish. I think you have been handling this quite well Andy, just hang in there. I wish I could say it gets easier, but the dropout rate increased immensely each season of TPA. Bottom line is though, DON'T cause the person extra stress if it will take you much longer than given and DON'T dropout because it is extremely disrespectful to the other conetstants and the MC. And that goes for Andy's current game, and my own competition.

From damond harris
Posted February 10, 2011 at 4:35 AM
Sorry everyone, normally i have my ideas sketched out on my ipad before we even get the challenge, but there was a kitchen fire and a lot of stuff got burned (including the ipad) and my step dads father died so ive been very busy. i will have it up by this afternoon though once i finish retyping it. again i am very sorry for the wait.

From Andy Milio
Posted February 10, 2011 at 5:21 AM
^:( Ok, I guess I'll allow this. But this is it. I know you faced some hardships there, but I just can't allow dozens of days for you to finish

From damond harris
Posted February 10, 2011 at 6:42 PM
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
This ride will either go in Hollywood Studios (maybe replace beauty and the beast), or in adventure land in Magic Kingdom. The ride will be around 10min long.
Intro: You and your family are the first ever to go to Camp Half blood, and what luck, they are going on a field trip to visit their parents. Aka, the gods. Since the camp counselor has to go with the students, eh has decided to take you along with them!
Queue: guest will first enter through an area that looks like a huge portal. Beside the portal is a fairly large tree that has the golden fleece strapped to it and a animatronic dragon sitting under the tree (smoke will blow out of its nose every once in a while). When guest go through the “portal”, they will end up in a lush green area with camp buildings painted in the distance, armor laying around, mystical animatronic creatures greeting guest (some will also be interactive), and campers (cast members) monitoring guest. Guest will wait in a large room (similar to the one in phillharmagic) where they will wait until instructed to move into the final screen room. The Doors leading to the main movie room are shaped like school bus doors.
Pre Show:
Camper: Everyone please may I have your attention! Apollo is about to arrive in his magic school bus chariot to take you off to the gods! Please make sure you have your personal belongings! Remember, the gods are angered very easily so please no flash or film photography, food or drinks, and please turn off your singular devices! Oh look! Right on time, Apollo is here. Now would you please direct your attention to the opening doors and watch your step as you enter the bus. Have a nice trip everyone!

(the gods in this movie will look the same as they do in the books or look similar to the designs. If they aren’t on this website they will look similar to the style of the ones shown:
Apollo in the driver’s seat: “Hey there everyone, welcome aboard the sun chariot! Well… it’s more of a bus right now, but you get the idea. In about 5 seconds, we will accelerate at the speed of light to go see the gods in Olympus and hopefully we won’t get to much trouble from….”
BOOOOOM! Rockets at the back of the bus explode and scenes of clouds and blue sky zip through the screen and wind blows into the face of the guest. After about 5 seconds, everything slows down and you arrive circling around a city in the sky (Olympus).
Apollo: Well that was fast…. (Changes voice to a big and loud booming voice) WELCOME EVERYONE TO OLYMPAS: CITY OF THE GODS! (changes voice back to normal as the bus nears the main building that holds all the gods) now remember, as we near your favorite gods and goddesses, don’t say ANYTHING to offend them.
Apollo: uh oh, gotta go. But in the mean time, you can hang out with Percy and his dad. And also, be careful around the gods, they often try to fight over who is your most favorite.
(Percy enters the bus and his dad, Poseidon, is outside the window waving at us. As he waves, water begins to spout from the bottom of the floor into the face of the guest.)
Percy: dad cut it out these are our guest!
Poseidon: sorry about that, I haven’t gotten to be around mortals in quite some time
Percy: sorry about that everyone, welcome to Olympus, pretty soon the rest of the gods will be joining us. Now, im going to open the roof of the bus so you can see everyone. (percy presses some buttons on the steering wheel and the surrounding perimeter of the bus falls away revealing a whole new 3 screens that show giant chairs in which are decorated accordingly to the different gods) There, that’s better. Now you should be able to see everyone as they arrive.
Loud crash and argument accurse as giant metal doors swing open and many different gods walk through shouting and arguing.
Ares: Who are these losers? (as he says that, his arms grow out super long and his fist grow super big, each fist appear to be holding something) Can you guess what hand the bombs are in? (opens both hands) both of them! (loud explosion and smoke begins to fall from the ceiling. You appear to be propelled through a window into the sky and wind blows into your face. A bolt of lightning flashes and Zeus is in front of you, while behind him, a giant wave of water begins to rush toward you and water begins to spray in your face.
Poseidon: I’ll save the guest Zeus!
Zeus: Oh no you won’t! (Zeus zaps Poseidon with electricity and Poseidon sprays gallons of water Zeus. The bus begins to turn around while still falling and as you near the earth, it opens up and Hades appears)
Hades: Hello kiddies, while my ignorant brothers fight over what will probably be your last days alive, why don’t you take a tour of your future homes 9hades ghostly hands pull you into the crack and ghouls and goblins pop out of the screen saying funny puns and screaming for help. (Some of the ghost form haunted mansion will also be seen like the hitch hiking ghost just as a little teaser. Eventually Percy and his friends; Annebeth, Grover and Tyson, come to the rescue on their Pegasus and use grappling hooks to take you out of Hades realm and into the sky. Pretty soon, Aphrodite takes you away and the smell of roses and good food fills the air.)
Aphrodite: welcome my lovelies, to my paradise! (Behind the clouds appears a mountainous, lush green, beautiful land with waterfalls and birds. just then Annebeth on her Pegasus burst through the clouds. )
Annebeth: DON’T LOOK! IT’S A TRAP! (just then Aphrodite screams and lunges for Annebeth who dodges her and grapples the bus again taking it back to the main room of Olympus. She presses the buttons on the steering wheel of the bus and the walls and roof begin to close again.)
Annebeth: I’ve got to get you out of here! This is no place for a mortal! I have no clue what Percy and Apollo were thinking. (bus goes back to normal and she leaves the bus) see you guys later!
Percy (sticks head in window) sorry about all that folks, I have these magic pearls from my dad that will transport you all back home. Get ready to transport in three…two…one! (Percy throws pellets at screen and blue smoke and bubbles shoot out covering the screen and the guest. Guest will then exit.)

From damond harris
Posted February 10, 2011 at 6:43 PM
sorry again it took so long to finish!

From Andy Milio
Posted February 11, 2011 at 5:24 AM
Tim- You had a very good idea. this is probably your best so far. I liked how your show featured different artists and different genres each day. However, I think this would be suited better as a live show, although that would be tough to pull off. A great idea.
Anthony- Wow. That was very good! I'm liking the use of Epic Mickey! This was much improved over your others as well. My favorite of the week.
Joseph- Very good! I liked the idea of the Muppets spoofing popular movies. However, I just can't picture a show that just consists of spoofed trailers. I love me some trailers, but I prefer the movie. One of my favorites, runner-up for favorite
Randall- I like the update of the enchanted Tiki Room. I liked the creative use of having Jose answer guests and such, and I enjoyed the songs and 4D effects. Great work
Eric- Good! I liked the use of Hercules, which has gotten a lot of attention in this game. I liked the inclusion of a Zeus and Poseidon battle. I also liked the inclusion of Hades. One of my favorites.
Damond- Iknow you had trouble posting, but you still did well. Percy Jackson is one of my favorite book series, so I enjoyed this one. I liked the idea of having guests sit in a "bus" while experiencing 3D effects. Good job.

From Josh Morgra
Posted February 13, 2011 at 3:17 PM
Hi I was wondering if I could start doing the chalenges starting with the next one. I just found this today and wondered if I could start?

From Andy Milio
Posted February 13, 2011 at 4:22 PM
^Sure, why not! challenge 4 is up! nut now I have to add another challenge...

From Josh Morgra
Posted February 13, 2011 at 4:56 PM
When will the 4th challenge be posted and will it still be a roller coster?!?

From Joseph Catlett
Posted February 13, 2011 at 6:10 PM
Andy. Will any new posters to this tournament be just posting just for fun or actually in contention for the title? I ask this because it would seem to be a little unfair to Tim who got the boot this week only to have new competitors just step in who didn't compete previously. Obviously you make the rules here, so it is your call, but it does seem a bit unfair to Tim.

From James Koehl
Posted February 13, 2011 at 7:06 PM
I agree with Joseph. If someone wants to post an idea for fun, then that's fine, but if they want to compete then they should wait until the next competition and start with everyone else. I doubt that this is going to be the last such competition in here.

From Josh Morgra
Posted February 13, 2011 at 7:22 PM
Ya I thought about that to, but two people have drop out of the compatition so why can't we take their place in the compation. Also what do we get if we win?

From Andy Milio
Posted February 14, 2011 at 5:10 AM
I agree with Joseph. I think Josh can post for fun, but I do think it's unfair for him to join after Tim was eliminated

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