Updates: the Negatives

Universal Orlando: I just visited the Universal theme parks from June 20th to the 22nd, and here are some updates.

From Allison Bazzle
Posted June 26, 2011 at 7:13 PM
Well first off, I stayed at the hard rock hotel with my family again this year. The service was great, and so was the atmosphere, but I must say that the pool was absolutely filthy! Every time I got in the pool dirt was floating around, and in the corners were dirty looking bubbles! But other then that Universal was super fun! But there were also some things in the park that were not up to top shape, I will list those now:

The mummy ride: When the cart goes into the treasure section, and the mummy shows the audience the treasures and gold, and then the evil zombies pop up, only 3 out of the six zombies were working, and then when the coaster goes to escape that room, the wall never started to come down, to pretend to close on the coaster.

Jaws: The second to final shark that pops up to bite the electric cord, never came up, so the skipper of our boat pretended to shoot where the shark would have been, and then the fried shark came up at the very end.

Spiderman: During my spiderman ride, our cart, number 103, started out the ride moving at a slow pace, and not whipping you around, then before we knew it, our cart was off timing with the 3D screens, and things were happening at the wrong times. Then our cart completely stopped, and the lights came on. We were greeted by a worker of the ride, and he guided our cart to the area where they switch out the carts. We got to see basically the whole ride with the lights on, and see the workings of the ride! Since I was a fast pass carrier, this was basically a bonus for me, because I got to see a bit extra, and then got back on and ride again!

JPark River Adventure: In the ride, right before you start to go into the building and go up, the two little dinos that are usually sitting on the crashed boat fighting over a workers T-shirt, are no longer there ):

Rip Ride Rockit: the coaster had its various technical issues as usual, I had to get out of line after it broke down again.

Also I went to eat in toon lagoon, at the comic strip cafe, where we were basically line jumped. We had been some of the first people waiting in line for the cafe to open at 11. When lines finally opened to order food, people who hadn't been waiting at all, ran to the lines right in front of or beside us. We ended up standing in line waiting to order for another 30 minutes! They need a better food ordering system Pronto!

Next I will make a note about the positives.

From Allison Bazzle
Posted June 26, 2011 at 8:37 PM
Yeah,I guess you have to always refurbish rides often

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