Stuck in the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Disneyland: Stuck on Indy goes from lame to AWESOME.

From Thomas Crain
Posted July 8, 2011 at 5:53 PM
Got back from DLR recently, and had a wonderful time. However, one memory will stick out more than some others.

It was the start of our third day, and me and the wife planned on hitting as many rides as we could in rapid succession before we departed at 1. As the park opened, we raced for Fast-passes for Space Mountain, then walked on to Indiana Jones.

We reach the pre-show room when the lights come up and the audio on the video stops. A CM comes in and says that the ride's broken down. No worries, she says. It'll be back in a jiffy. Some people bounce, and sure enough those of us that stuck around are rewarded about ten minutes later.

We board and the ride starts. It's great, and then we reach the Rat Scene. Right as we hit the projection, the car stops and the lights come on. Announcements are made and CMs run by, saying it's nothing to worry about. 15 minutes later, the car lurches foward... but the lights are still on. No music playing either. The lights go off and everything returns to normal just as the ride ends.

Our car-load starts chanting for 'One More Ride,' and the CMs send us through once more. Once again, at the EXACT SAME SPOT, the ride breaks down.

Couldn't we be stopped in a cooler scene? Like on the bridge? Our room was just so plain.

20 minutes pass and the CMs come to evacuate our car... starting the COOLEST PART OF THE TRIP as I got to walk the rest of the ride, including the boulder scene and the final Indy animatronic. Everything was still moving. Too cool for words.

So, yeah. Made a memory that will last a lifetime.

From Manny Barron
Posted July 8, 2011 at 11:36 PM
That is cool. I would expect that they would have you exit in an emergency exit door hidden in the ride, for the evacuation. But walking the actual ride while some of the sets are in motion, thats pretty special.

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