Theme Park Apprentice 4: Challenge 1

Challenge 1

From Tim W
Posted June 3, 2012 at 6:27 AM
Welcome to the first challenge of Theme Park Apprentice 4!

Challenge 1 is a non-elimination round.

In this first challenge, you will be creating a dark ride for the Fantasyland section of Shanghai Disneyland. The challenge is that you need to base the ride around an animal or animal based franchise that has never had a permanent attraction made for it. Rides based on Tron and Mulan are not allowed since they are already slated for Shanghai Disneyland. Make sure that your franchise selection will fit in with Fantasyland.

In your proposal description, be sure to include the name of the attraction, the type of ride, specs, details, and anything else that will help to promote your proposal as the best one for this challenge.

The Deadline for posting is June 9th at midnight, website time.

Please review the rules posted in the signup thread before starting.

From Dominick D
Posted June 4, 2012 at 6:53 AM
Coming soon to Shanghai Disneyland is Fantasia Boat Tours, a boat tour through classic scenes from Fantasia.  There is no height requirement to ride, but there are a few drops and you may get wet! Fastpass is available for this ride.

Among your departure, you sail peaceful yet worried. 30 seconds later, your boat is suddenly lifted up out of the water and you go up around the outside of the mountain. Chernabog lifts spirits up from their graves ( they are a Peppers Ghost effect ). Going up the mountain is unique. You're being lifted up on an invisible track, in which the track is like the wind. When you reach the top ( takes about 1 minute ),a platform lifts you up to make it like your in Chernabog's hands.
A giant Chernabog's animatronic gives you a big, evil smirk, then you rotate 180 degrees and drop into the fire ( steam, but water when you land ) .

This drop is 20 feet. When you land, you enter Yen Sid's workshop, where Mickey is starting to bring the broomstick to life.
You follow them to the water fountain, then go back to the cauldron.The way this is achieved is in 2 separate tracks. When you're going to the well, it's the animatronics on a conveyor belt. When you reach the well, your vehicle spins 20 degrees, and you go backwards with different animatronics.

You go to sleep with Mickey inside the classic dream with magic. When you wake up, you find a whole clan of broomsticks. The boat spins crazy in whirlpools, followed by a drop down a staircase ( only about 12 feet ), and the spinning continues.


Soon, Yen Sid appears and ends the madness. He then kicks you out the door, and you land into Dance of the Hours. This is a change of pace from the last 2 pieces, as you aren't a part of the action. Instead, you get to sit back, relax, and watch high tech animatronics do a comic ballet act. You start out with morning as ostriches do a soft act. Next are the hippos in the afternoon as they twirl and dance. When a hippo lies down to rest, elephants in the evening come out wooed by her. Bubbles fill the room and water fountains are in the room. When the elephants are blown away, the crocodiles of the night come out. The king crocodile chases her around the room, followed by the rest of the hippos coming out and doing a big dance with every crocodile.


The way this works is like Carousel of Progress, four show rooms rotating with 2 boats each. After the audience applauses, you exit into a gift shop called Fantasiac Gifts. Fantasia Boat Tours is a fun ride for all ages to enjoy!

From Manny Rodriguez
Posted June 3, 2012 at 10:27 AM
Coming Soon To Shanghai DisneyLand.... A ride For The Kids Micky Mouse Club House Music Mouseical Adventure!!!! A Great 4D ride with The Big mouse and his friends Heres The Details, The Ride Is A OmniMover Ride And will be a kids ride I will have the ride Notice I cant post Pics so no logo SRY. :*(

From Chad H
Posted June 3, 2012 at 11:01 AM
Contestants Note: I'll try and edit in some images between now and official close.


Welcome one and all to Nottingham, Yorkshire, I guess you're all suprised to learn just how close Disneyland is to the North of England. I'm Alan-A-Dale, a minstrel, (thats an olde-time singer and storyteller) here to take you on a tour that puts you into the real story of Robin Hood.

Outside the ride, as you see the entrance to the queue you can hear the in the breeze a rather wonderful singer (if I do say so myself) singing the opening theme to the Robin Hood Movie, the outside themed to resemble a medevil town wall, with posters offering a bounty on Robin Hood vandalised, often with the result of making fun of Prince John.

Behind the wall you get to experience what some call the national sport of England - queueing - but this isn't an ordinary queue like at the bank. The queue snakes aroud the town of Nottingham, as you can see things aren't going too well in Nottingham, all of the shops seem to be out of business and those windows that arent boarded up (backed by a TV sceen large enough to prevent immersion breaking) show scenes of poverty. In fact, if you listen here you can hear a very differnet song - Not in Nottingham.

The queue eventually snakes into Friar Tuck's church, where patrons are admitted one group at a time (A dozen to 16).

Now Friar Tuck's church has a bit of magic going on here, I can't say I understand it myself, but I think I heard some of the other guests say something like "All of the walls are like TV screen", the guests sit in the middile of the church, whilst Robin and his Merry men walk and talk on all sides - In case you haven't guessed already there's a crisis here in Nottinham, and its bigger than you might have throught, Ol Friar Tuck and most of the townsfolk has been arrested by the Sherrif and is Imprisoned in Prince John's Castle. The guests couldn't have popped by at a more opportune time, and are quickly recruited into Robin's Merrie men to help rescue Tuck, the townsfolk, and make a withdrawl from the treasury.

Leaving the Church by a side exit the guests are boarded onto carts; the carts head up the hill toward John's castle. Now I hear guests talking about Walls being TV screens on this too, they recon theres some sort of magic in the images that make the cart ride seem longer and faster than it really is. Not too sure what to make of all of that, but eventually they do get to the pretender's (John's) castle, and after disembarking enter the castle by a side gate (similar to that the children enter in the movie to the courtyard).

The Castle has some of the same magic found in Tuck's castle, with Robin and other characters leading the guests through the castle, but apparently there's also a "Kinnect Spell" going on too that allows Robin and the other Merrie Men to interact with the guests... Those that straggle are encouraged to hurry, those that hurry are encouraged to slow down, and those who make too much noise are reminded that we're supposed to be sneaking. Apparently the spell also works on the guards, ensuring they look away at just the right moment to avoid seeing the guests.

As they're lead through the twisty castle the guests see images inspired from the film, they see townsfolk being resuced by other merrie men, the treasury being emptied, and John and Hiss sleeping - ol prince John even has his thumb in his mouth as he sleeps.

As they reach the main gate, a bell starts to ring, and voices can be heard shouting - the group have been detected. The guests are escorted to a waiting cart outside the front gate to make their escape. That "television magic" allows for the escape to seem like an epic cart chase - Prince John can be seen commanding his troops from his carrage, other Merry Men can be seen fleeing on similar cart, and Sir Hiss can even be seen flying thanks to his ballon (much like in the contest scene).

The twisty paths of Nottingham Forest soon ensure that the persuers are left behind - often crashing in ways that would make you laugh if it weren't you they were chasing, but eventually the cart ends up back at Tuck's church - although some of you guests have tried to convince me its a different church - can't see how that would be.

Heading back in the church, everyone is quickly thanked by Robin (nice guy that he is) for all their help; but his speech is soon interupted by Prince John and the Sherrif, looking very worse for wear. Prince John declares them all to be guilty of treason, and starts handing out summary punnishments to everyone (guests too)... however he to is soon interupted by the true king - Richard the Lionheart.

Richard pardons the merry men and the guests, marries Robin and Marrion, and the show being over its time to leave. As you all exit Nottingham (to the tune "Love goes on" again from the film) take a look over there where you can see (animal-tronic or something like that) Prince John, Sir Hiss, and several guard characters performing hard labour for usurping the throne.

And well, they all lived happily ever after, except Prince John I suppose.


*Surrounding the guests on all sides with TV/projection technology allows for incredible levels of immersion - the film world becomes the guests' world.
*Ride is extremely interactive - it reacts through Xbox kinnect style technology to guest actions to try and ensure that no ride is the same twice.
*Reliance upon TV/projection technology allows for easier retheming when ride is decommisioned, or for programme updates.
*Theme supports retail tie-ins - Olde English Pub, character store, etc.

From Karly Tenney
Posted June 3, 2012 at 1:22 PM
101 Dalmatians Escape from Cruella De Vil.
Coming to Shanghai Disneyland.As you head into the queue you will see a statue of Pongo and Perdita with Escape from Cruella De Vil on the bottom.
Then you will enter your cart. When you start the ride you will encounter Pongo and Perdita telling you to help them find their puppies. You will then go on the hunt to find their puppies. Meanwhile Colonel the sheepdog,Captain a gray horse and Tibbs the tabby cat find the puppies in a place called
Hell Hall.Cruella's dilapidated family estate along with other dalmatian puppies from different dog stores. Tibbs learns they will be turned into dog skin fur coats.And Colonel quickly sends word back to London,Upon receiving the message You,Pongo and Perdita immediately leave town to retrieve the puppies.Meanwhile Tibbs overhears Cruella telling the Baduns to kill and render the puppies that night,In fear the police may find out
Tibbs tries to rescue them himself when the Baduns
are watching television. But they finish their show and come for them before he has time to get them out of the house. Pongo and Perdita burst through a window before the Baduns kill the puppies. While the two adult dogs attack the men Colonel and Tibbs lead the puppies from the house.
After a reunion with their own puppies Pongo and Perdita realize their are dozens with them. Shocked with Cruella's plan,They adopt all of them
expecting their owners would never reject them.
In the end Roger and Anita (The owners) are trying to celebrate Christmas and his first big hit,A song about Cruella, But they miss their canine friends. Suddenly barking is heard outside and, after their nanny opens the door. The house is filled with dogs. After wiping away more of the soot,the couple is delighted to realize their companions have returned home. After counting 84 extra puppies,They decide to use the money from the song to buy a large country home for their 101
Dalmatians. After the ride you will go through the Dalmatian Corner where they have all Dalmation apparel and accesories

From Jay R.
Posted June 3, 2012 at 9:41 PM
Coming soon to Shanghai Disneyland:

Tiana's Froggy Adventure. (Princess & the Frog Fantasyland attraction)

As guest enter the que, you'll hear swinging jazz music as you walk into a busy New Orleans town square. Guest see an energetic young news boy yelling "extra extra" as 3 different newspapers list 3 different stories. Depending on where you are in line, the top story will either read "Mardi Gras Ball Tonight", "Handsome Prince Naveen Arrives Today" or "Dr. Faciler Escapes from Jail".

As guest walk through the que, we see young & spunky waitress, Tiana, asking the guest what their favorite food or dish is. This is interactive as Tiana will respond based on what the guest say.

Guest reach the loading dock, where the CM's "Are so glad y'all decided to head to Mardi Gras" but they warn the guest to "Be sure ya'll stay on the main road to get to the ball in time & don't go into the bayous".

Once inside the vehicles, the track leads into the first act / stage, where will see Tiana prepping food for the ball as Naveen arrives in the busy, hopping sqaure.........the next scene reveals an escaped Dr. Facilier laughing at the guest, informing them of his plan to turn Naveen & the guest into frogs. The end of that scene shows the transformation of Naveen & the Tiana kissing him, as the voice over states a kiss will turn him back into a human.

Only now, Tiana & anyone who witnessed the kiss (the riders) will now be turned into frogs.

After the kiss, the vehicle enters the next stage of the ride, where the guest discover EVERYTHING in the previous area is now huge. This creates the illusion that the guest are now as tiny as a frog. As we hear screams from the humans in the town square, the vehicle passes by a large "faux mirrored" screen that that displays the ride vehicle filled with frogs. This illusion can be seen by a 360 screen as the vehicle moves into the next portion of the ride.

The guest are now in the bayou at night, where large gators attempt to eat them & hillbillies try to catch them for gumbo. At this point the ride vehicles "extend" up quickly, followed by a quick descent, this implies that the guest are "hopping" like frogs. This happens multiple times as the guest dodge the gators & hillbillies. There are small burst of water from the bayou as the vehicles "hop" up & down. Soon they are recused by Ray, a firefly & a music loving gator, who leads them to the next area. The vehicles quickly move down a ramp (a narrow escape) as the ride speeds up, min roller coaster style.

The next room is completely dark, but soon tons of mini lights slowly begin to appear randomly. These "lights" are actually fireflies, and they light up the room in various colors as music plays. Once the lights are all on, Mama Odie tells the guest to dig a little deeper and they'll be human before the ride ends, because "Y'all are too special to be frogs, well except you in the second row sugar, you make a fine frog". The next scene finds Dr. Facilicers screaming "Noooo" as the all the objects are now normal size again and the we pass by a large mirror that reveals the riders to be themselves.

The final scene is a festival Mardi Gras Celebration as Tiana & Naveen thank the guest for believing in themselves as the vehicle pulls back into the loading dock.

As they exit, the CM's tell them Tiana left some special pastries at the exit for them, however as you exit, you see an empty plate & a frog behind it. The frog burps & says ribbit.

From Alan Hiscutt
Posted June 4, 2012 at 12:18 AM


"Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I have just met you and I love you! Please come with me to explore the caves, Oh Yes it will be fun!"

Dugs Underground adventure is a typical Disney-esque Dark ride, aimed at the younger generation. Riders will follow Dug through a network of tunnels as they try to find Kevin who has gone missing.

The staging area will be themed to match the jungles of Venezuela and will feature music from the film with Dug urging the riders to hurry up.

The vehicle itself will be a wooden cart that is going to be pulled by Dug. The vehicle will leave the docking station and pass through the caves entrance where Alpha will be sat. He will tell Dug he is wasting his time getting help. He will never find the bird. The Vehicle moves into a darkened room that has a pond in the middle. Dug will urge riders to 'Hold on tight, this will be fun!" and will run through the pond causing splashes to hit the riders.

From here Dug will start to pick up the scent of Kevin and the vehicle will speed up and down a very small hill into another chamber, this time Alpha and Beta will be spotted on a rock and they will laugh at Dug for getting wet. Dug will ignore them as he spots Kevin's shadow on the wall behind them.The ride will again pick up speed and move round the corner where we can hear Kevin. We also hear the other Dogs barking.

The ride continues round to reveal a large chamber that houses a nest. Kevin can be seen poking his head up from inside the nest but suddenly pops down again when Dug yells "I found you! Oh we are so clever! yes yes yes!" When Kevin disapears, Dug urges us to chase the bird again and as the ride speeds up a little he yells he can see a light.

The room in this part of the ride is again themed to be like the Jungle. On one side we can see Paradise Falls in the distance with Carls house on the side. Mist will be blowing across to the riders adding a nice effect. Dug forgets about the chase for a moment and starts to yell at the house. He suddenly becomes aware that Kevin is getting away and resumes the chase with more Urges of Hold on but Dug Looses the scent. At the very end, Alpha again Mocks Dug for failing to catch the bird but we see a large Shadow behind Alpha and then as we leave a loud squark and Alpha yelling for help.

Finally the ride comes back to the docking area and Dug is not that disapointed that Kevin got away. In fact he seems to be excited he gets to chase him all over again!

So heres some technical bumpf for you to digest. The Vehicle will resemble a pony trap that has Dug Harnassed to the front. There will be room for 4 to sit on any one ride. 2 in front, 2 in back. When I was designing this ride I had the same type of layout as maybe Cat in the hat at IOA or Wnnie the Pooh. if you can 'get' this then maybe my explanation of the ride will be more palatable.

I have to be honest, I struggled here, not because of the lack nof ideas but trying to get an animal that would fit into the Fantasyland genre and a ride that would be acceptable to Shanghai. I hope I hit both targets.

From Andy Milito
Posted June 4, 2012 at 6:17 AM
Dom, you may want to read Rule 6 on the Signup thread.

From Dominick D
Posted June 4, 2012 at 6:56 AM
Thanks Andy. Edited it to 5 pictures.

From Jeff Elliott
Posted June 4, 2012 at 7:04 AM
Thanks for helping out Andy, and thanks for fixing up your post Dominick.

But from here on out, lets move the conversation over to the Chatter thread.....there are going to be at least 20 proposal posts in here and we are going to need all of the extra room we can get (the thread will auto close at 100 posts).

Keep in mind that you will only be able to edit your post for 24 hours before it gets locked down.

From Andy Milito
Posted June 4, 2012 at 5:30 PM
Tarzan: Ultimate Adventure

In 1999, Walt Disney Studios released "Tarzan", their own take on the "Tarzan and the Apes" story created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was the last major box office success of the Disney Renaissance, the period of Disney animated movies from the '80s to 2000.

Now, the story is being retold with a new dark ride at Shanghai Disneyland: "Tarzan: Ultimate Adventure". The ride is a dark ride in the style of "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey", meaning that the ride uses a 4-seated KUKA arm to fully immerse riders into the setting. The ride mixes video screens with real sets.

Guests enter the ride building, which is cloaked in all sorts of vines, plants, and is surrounded by large trees. Inside, the ride winds through a simulated forest, similar to that of "E.T. Adventure". Occasionally, animal sounds (like cheetahs, birds, and similar animals you would find in a jungle setting) would be heard. The roaring waves of a nearby beach crash as well.

The KUKA arms have been designed to look wooden, as if they have been freshly carved out of one of the many trees seen in the queue and outside the ride building. The ride is on an omnimover system, meaning vehicles are constantly moving along the ride track. This prevents guests who are already riding from having to be stopped mid-ride for a new load of guests.


Once the guests have been seated and secured by a ride operator, the ride is ready to begin!

The first room takes guests to a tree house, made from parts of a destroyed ship, overlooking a large jungle near one of the African coasts. Something is amiss, as many items are scorched or singed. As guests hover in front of the house, we see Kala, a female gorilla, following the sounds of a crying infant: Tarzan.

Before she can get the infant to safety, a leopardess, named Sabor, attacks Kala, and guests are caught in the middle. The KUKA arm twists and turns as Kala simultaneously attempts to save Tarzan and fend off Sabor. Kala manages to secure Tarzan and escape from Sabor via a leftover life boat, which is simulated within the ride.


In the next scene, we see Tarzan, now living in Kala's gorilla troop, training along to Phil Collins's "Son of Man" from the film. The screens simulate moving at high speeds as Tarzan, the young gorilla Terk, and the paranoid elephant Tantor slide and swing through the trees... well, except for Tantor, who is too chicken.

The scene then changes to the scene with Jane, an English explorer who has been separated form her group, and the baboons. She calmly tries to talk with them and sketch a quick drawing of one, but she starts a chase with them. Baboons seem to pour out of every crack and corner of the jungle as Jane clumsily attempts to escape.


Tarzan swoops in and grabs Jane, but the baboons continue to attack. The ride vehicles swoop and soar as the baboons even manage to loosen up a dead tree, causing the riders, Tarzan, and Jane to go plummeting towards the jungle floor. Tarzan manages to grab hold of a vine and quickly stop their descent, ending the scene with a quick jolt of the ride vehicle.

We then see Tarzan at the English camp, learning of civilization and of the English language as another Phil Collins song plays behind them (this time it's "Strangers Like Me"). We slowly see Tarzan and Jane falling in love. Guests who look closely can also see Kerchak, the leader of Tarzan's troop, watching disapprovingly.


The scene changes to the tree house from the beginning of the ride. Inside, we see Kala telling Tarzan that he should leave the gorillas and live a real human life.

As Tarzan goes to the English ship, he is ambushed by Clayton, one of the group members who had been fascinated by Tarzan. He locks him in the brig, but Tarzan escapes. Tarzan gets to the deck and fights off the crew, and heads back to the jungle.

In the jungle, Kerchak and Tarzan battle Clayton. Kerchak is fatally shot by Clayton's double barrel shotgun, and the battle moves to a group of vine covered trees. In the fierce final battle, Clayton is stuck in the vines and is hanged, ultimately killing him.


The final scene shows Jane leaving the jungle, but she ultimately leaves to be with the one she loves. Seeing what has happened, Professor Porter (another English group member who had been interested in Tarzan) decides to stay too, as "Two Worlds" by Phil Collins plays until the ride's ending.

After exiting the ride, guests would exit to Tarzan's Tree House Tokens, where you can buy all sorts of jungle themed gifts and souvenirs.

From Tim W
Posted June 4, 2012 at 10:23 AM
*Since David L is out of town, I will be posting his proposal on his behalf.*

Basil’s Big Ben Adventure

Guests, err… mice, are invited to Buckingham Palace to hear Queen Mousetoria, but like all adventures, something goes terribly wrong…

Façade: A series of London town homes and stores draw guests to the entrance, a side alley with a particular boot on the ground. Other gue…mice might notice a particular toy store off to the side.

Queue: Mice walk down the alley and other streets for the first part of the queue. All the while, forced perspective and physical dimension growing makes the buildings on either side of the street (queue) seem bigger and bigger until mice actually feel as if they are the size of mice. Mice finally enter a crack in a wall to the final part of the queue to Buckingham Palace. Advertisements and wanted signs introduce Basil of Baker Street, Flaversham the toy maker, his daughter Olivia, Professor Ratigan, Dr. Dawson, and Fidget the bat. Mice enter the pre-show, the large room where the queen makes her announcement in groups of 90.

Pre-Show: As the mice stand in the announcement room, the Queen steps out from behind the curtain and announces that Professor Ratigan is going to replace her as supreme ruler of all Mousedom! Ratigan goes on to explain the horrible things he will do including extra taxes on the young, crippled, and old. Then, the Queen begins to denounce Ratigan as an imposter as Ratigan attempts to detain her. But the Queen begins to fall apart revealing her to be the robot created by the kidnapped Toymaker, Flaversham. When the robot falls apart completely, Basil of Baker Street, jumps out from behind the curtain with Flaversham and Dr. Dawson, Basil’s assistant, and assaults Ratigan. Fidget, Ratigan’s bat minion, kidnaps Flaversham’s daughter, Olivia. Together, they escape. As Basil, Flaversham, and Dr. Dawson race out, but Dr. Dawson turns telling you to follow after to help catch the villainous Professor Ratigan. All of the AAs are on a stage 6 feet above the standing area.

Ride: Mice are ushered outside by the Queen’s Guards into a courtyard at night (think Epcot’s Mexico, but with London from a mouse’s perspective). A flying Zeppelin carrying the villains flies away overhead, but hastily constructed matchboxes tied to balloons are taking off yonder. The 8 seated ride vehicles are akin to the ET vehicles, but with a wider range of motion similar to Dinosaur. So, think 2 rowed Dinosaur vehicles upside down. The matchbox-Zeppelin is cut loose and mice float into the air. The matchbox gently rises over London until Basil’s matchbox, with the English Flag holding the balloons together, is seen in front of Ratigan’s Zeppelin. Ratigan’s Zeppelin takes off and the matchboxes follow. Mice chase him around chimneys and even the London Bridge. Then, Ratigan throws Fidget out of his Zeppelin and the matchbox narrowly dodges the crippled bat. The next scene displays Basil jumping onto Ratigan’s Zeppelin, but Ratigan speeds up and crashes into Big Ben. The matchbox zooms in to look in the hole made by the Zeppelin. Basil is scene trying to save Olivia from the gears after trapping Ratigan by his cape in the gears. The matchbox flies up to the top of Big Ben to see Olivia get rescued, but Ratigan strikes Basil and they fall. The matchbox dives down after them, but Basil lands on the hands of Big Ben. Mice watch Basil and Ratigan fight on the hand until they both fall, Ratigan to his death. Basil, grabbing a propeller from the Zeppellin as he falls, flies back up and joins Dr. Dawson’s matchbox. The day is saved and mice float back to the London streets. As guests exit into a particular toy store selling uniform-less toy guards, the iconic credits song is played in the background.

Basil’s Big Ben Adventure will bring a unique and thrilling dark ride to Shanghai Disneyland’s Fantasyland.

Inspired by The Great Mouse Detective.

From Manny Rodriguez
Posted June 4, 2012 at 12:36 PM
Micky Mouses Mousical musical Adventure. This Amazing Family Ride takes Riders Right Into Micky"s house And on a adventure with the Micky Mouse Club House crew. the Que starts at the Front Lawn to the house, as you near the front door the shows theme starts the door opens and Micky appears on a screen he says that he starting a Music party for his friends and You So come on in and get on the mouseca,r and then ride starts. as you enter your mousecar ( a Spider man like car) You go into the first scene Micky Says they have to pick up goofy first So Micky makes the car fly. Thats when You Go up into the air and you find goofy in the air On his plane he bumps into you Because Well Hes Goofy I really dont need to explain, You crash into his barnshed and he gets in the front seat.. Next Part tommorrow.

From Matt Babiak
Posted June 4, 2012 at 5:11 PM
I feel the need to claim my theme(and to test photo bucket). So, I would now like to present:Photobucket

EDIT:Posting not working right now. I'll leave up the "preview and post as soon as possible.

From Manny Rodriguez
Posted June 5, 2012 at 10:51 AM
2ND Part of my submisson. As you exit the goofy scene You go to pick up donald and Daisy Then On there boat The boat has a leak And you got to get off quick and your car turns into a boat and you are weaving in and out then pete Throws water on you then Some Water pours on you now that The Duck Crews done You Go to pick up the Rest of The Crew in the forrest, First you pick up Chip And dale and the rest of the gang they Congratulate you Then You Go to Mickys home you see cake and Soda And Fruit and They Sing (I dont know Some Song????) Including the theme song then the Micky says come soon and that He hopes you have a good day at disney land..

From Brett Angwin
Posted June 5, 2012 at 1:50 PM
You should have told me that this was starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, good luck to all the contestants.

From AJ Hummel
Posted June 6, 2012 at 12:09 AM
I wrote this over the weekend, but refrained from posting yet since it fits in Fantasyland but not so much in Shanghai. However, with finals approaching I don't think I'll have time to come up with a second proposal before the deadline, so I guess I'll make it my submission.


Brother Bear: Kenai's Journey

This is a dark ride that basically follows the storyline of Brother Bear. Unlike more modern attractions, this is not a big E ticket ride but more of a C-D ticket ride very similar to the traditional Fantasyland dark rides (although it would feature more advanced effects then Peter Pan's Flight or Alice in Wonderland).

Facade: The attraction's exterior looks like a snow-covered mountain, though not nearly as large as other Disney mountains (the peak is approximately 4-5 stories tall) and not a true mountain (behind the front is a standard show building). At night, the colored lights of the spirits illuminate the peak of the mountain. The entrance to the attraction is through a cave at the mountain's base, with the exit at another location. The attraction's name is chiseled in the rock above the entrance.

Queue: The queue consists of three main areas. The first is a cavern with cave paintings surrounding the walls. Although some are decorative, there are also informational sections on the sacred totems. Next, the queue proceeds down a tunnel. There are a few paintings here, but far less. In addition, Denahi's opening narration is written on the walls, broken up into five shorter bits. At the end of the cave, riders emerge into the outdoor camp of the tribe. This functions as the last section of queue line as well as the loading area. When full, the queue holds about a 25 minute wait, and additional space is available outside the attraction for a temporary queue. Fastpass is not available on this attraction.

Ride System: The attraction uses the same ride system as Pinocchio's Daring Journey and Snow White's Scary Adventures. Individual cars with two rows seating two adults or three children each travel through the ride building at a constant speed guided by a metal rail on the floor. Riders are restrained by a single lap bar shared by the entire row. The vehicles are made of wood, but appear to be unfinished and each has a carving of one of the totems on the front.

Ride Description: The entire ride is approximately three minutes, and contains eight show scenes separated by barriers that move out of the way as the vehicles approach.

Scene One (Spirit Cave): Riders enter the show building through another cave entrance. The first scene depicts Tanana presenting Kenai with his sacred totem: the bear of love. Kenai's brothers, Sitka and Denahi, observe the ceremony, their totems (the eagle of guidance and the wolf of wisdom, respectively) clearly visible around their necks. The cars then turn and proceed toward a rock, which rolls out of the way.

Scene Two (Tribe Camp): The three brothers are sharpening spears and are making comments about a thief. As the cars round a corner, a bear comes into view, raiding a supply of salmon. The bear turns and runs off as a section of trees part to permit passage of the ride vehicle.

Scene Three (Glacier): Denahi kneels next to Sitka, who lies dying on the glacier. After he utters his final words, the car turns toward a mountain. Kenai climbs up the mountain, following a visible set of bear tracks. The ride vehicle proceeds toward the peak in the distance, which is revealed to be painted on a door.

Scene Four (Mountain Top): This is the mountaintop, and is perhaps the largest scene in the attraction. Riders wind in a circle around Kenai fighting the bear. They then turn away to go around a rock, only to emerge to see the bear's body lying on the ground, with Kenai standing above it. Colorful lights fill the room as the bear disappears and a ghostly form of Sitka appears. The cars pass a screen showing Kenai's transformation into a bear, then continue toward a waterfall. Before they reach it, Denahi appears over the edge, then the falls part.

Scene Five (Forest): Kenai is caught in a trap, while Rutt and Tuck talk to him. He tries to convince them that he isn't a bear and asks them how to get to "the place where the lights touch the earth." Koda, standing on a nearby rock, offers Kenai assistance if they can go to the salmon run first. An eagle observes, perched on a branch above. Once again, a section of the trees moves aside so the vehicle may proceed to the next scene.

Scene Six (River): The cars travel past a couple scenes of Kenai and Koda traveling, as well as one of Denahi tracking them. The cars then run alongside a river, out of which salmon jump. At the far end is a group of bears, including Kenai, Koda, and Tug. They all discuss significant events over the past year, with Koda mentioning that his mom was killed by a hunter. The cars pass Kenai, who has a horrified expression, then proceed into a valley (once again, painted on doors).

Scene Seven (Valley): Wind blows and lighting effects simulate snow as Kenai and Koda yell at each other from opposite sides of the track. Kenai tells Koda the truth, and Koda is stricken with grief. Kenai also warns Koda not to follow him to the mountain. The cars make a turn to reveal Denahi, spear in hand, then head toward a dark peak. Lighting illuminates the mountain as the lower portion parts.

Scene Eight (Mountain Top): Denahi is engaged in a life or death struggle with Kenai on the peak of the mountain. Suddenly, Koda appears and attempts to take the spear from Denahi. As Kenai moves to protect Koda, the room goes dark. Colorful lights flash around the room, then the scene reappears with Kenai a human again. Denahi is shocked and delighted to see his brother again, but Kenai looks sadly at Koda, who is now afraid of him. Kenai comments that Koda needs him, and the ghostly image of Sitka nods approval. As the lights return, the doors to the room open.

Ending: Riders pass by the entirety of Kenai's tribe standing around Kenai (as a bear) and Koda. In addition, an eagle is perched in a tree above the group. Riders then pass by the wall of handprints, now with a claw print on it, then exit the show building through a cave to arrive at the unloading area (the tribe camp).

Exit: The exit is another tunnel through the mountain facade. Unlike the queue line, there are not as many decorations, though paintings are present. In addition, just before exiting, Denahi's final lines are written on the wall. Guests then exit the cave back into Fantasyland.

From Dan Babbitt
Posted June 9, 2012 at 4:51 PM
Phineas and Ferb Rock N’ Summer Vacation


Backstory: Phineas and Ferb is an Emmy Nominated animated television show on the Disney Channel and Disney XD. Its about Phineas and Ferb (P&F) and friends who are genius inventors and there sister who tries to bust them and get them in trouble. P&F have a pet platypus named Perry the Platypus who has an undercover spy who tries to stop an "evil" scientist inventor Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz who is trying to take over the tri-state area.

Premise: Dr. Doofenshmirtz is trying to catch P&F and have them as his minions and create invention to help him take over the tri-state area. You are recruited by Major Monogram and Carl the intern to help Perry the Platypus and watch over the kids and help him if needed. Basically become Perry's sidekick!

The ride will be a 3D adventure using vehicles from Spiderman and will move back and forth, side to side and up and down depending on what’s going on. The ride will include and really revolve around the songs from the show which has really made the show truly unique.

The ride will move from scene to scene basically from screen to screen. At each scene we will use fans, water sprays and other techniques that will enhance the ride experience. While moving from scene to scene the vehicles will react to being hit, flying, dancing and another experience depending on the song being used. The ride will be based on what Perry the Platypus sees throughout the television show because hey your going to be his sidekick!

Queue: You will go through P&F house and will be interactive with some of the inventions that the kids have invented. You will then go through a secret door that Perry usually goes through in the show.

Pre-show: Major Monogram recruits and then gives you the assignment to watch the kids.

Ride: The ride will go through the kids adventures. They will make a couple inventions which you will get to experience, Perry will fight with Dr. Doofenshmirtz and P&F gets caught and does what Doof wants them to do. Candace wants to get them busted by there mother and get them in trouble. Inadvertently she helps you and Perry get them away from Doof and saves the day.

Songs: The songs being used scene by scene will be:
Ain't No Kiddie Ride
Squirrels in my Pants
My Nemesis
Mexican-Jewish Cultural Festival
My Chariot
Hail Doofania
My Ride From Outer Space
My Name Is Doof
Got These Chains On Me
There's a Platypus Controlling Me

Youtube these. They are hilarious!

Debriefing: After you help Perry get the boys out from Doofenshmirtz control and of course they is a mind-erasesonator that erases everyone’s memory and they don’t remember anything and its just a regular summer day!
The ride will also use the songs from the Christmas show and be able to change to the different seasons to keep it fresh and exciting!

From Mike Gallagher
Posted June 9, 2012 at 3:23 AM
Um, Brett?...It was pretty widely publicized.

I like Dan's idea the best so far.

From Dan Babbitt
Posted June 9, 2012 at 4:48 PM
Thank you Mike!

Sorry about that. I posted some things and then I went through the rules again to make sure I was ok. Then I realized I wasnt and made some changes.

From Joseph Catlett
Posted June 9, 2012 at 8:21 PM


Visitors at Shanghai Disneyland will happen upon a façade in Fantasyland decorated with oversized family vacation photos of the Flynn-Fletcher Family (Lawrence, Linda , Candace, Phineas, Ferb and of course Perry the Platypus). You’ll see photos of the family in front of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Taj Mahal, a Gator Farm (with Ferb wrestling an alligator), The Grand Canyon and dozens of other world wide spots of interest all with Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz lurking in the background.

We now enter the ride building and queue through a stylized version of a Disney park style castle. The interior queue will feature spoofs of Disney ride posters in the Phineas and Ferb style.

You now board the ride vehicles shaped like a Main Street vehicle with headlights and wheels. These ride vehicles, like the ones in Tokyo Disneyland’s Pooh ride, are trackless and use GPS to guide them.

Once boarded, you and five other guests take off into the ride’s first room. In front of us are Phineas and Ferb (and Perry’s) family in full audio animatronic glory. They’re so excited to be here on vacation at Disney and happy to meet YOU, their new friends on their holiday. However, mom and dad do need a little alone time and suggest that Phineas, Ferb, Candace and Perry go off and have some fun with our new friends. As soon as mom and dad walk off (using the Ben Franklin walking tech used in Epcot’s American Adventure), Candace declares herself in charge and decides that she’s going to go visit the New Ducky Mo-Mo movie in 3-D Mo-Mo-Vision) and that Phineas and Ferb should go find something to do or else they are TOTALLY BUSTED!

Candace then walks off and Phineas looks to Ferb and says he knows what we’re going to do today….we’re going to ride everything in a single day…..hey where’s Perry?

The first room of the ride is presented in the classic revolving room tech used in the original Journey into Imagination which lets a longer audio animatronic scene play to introduce a story as the ride vehicle and “stage” rotate together.

We now see a video screen image of Perry (with his fedora on his head in secret Agent P mode) racing across Disneyland , jumping into a Jungle Cruise hippos mouth and down a chute to spy headquarters.


The next scene is at OWAC (Organization Without a Cool Acronym) headquarters with Agent P watching his boss Major Monogram tell him that the evil scientist Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz has been seen at Disneyland, and that Agent P should tail him and find out what he’s up to. Major Monogram then takes a bite out of a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream pop and fades from the screen.


The next section of the ride is a spoof of sorts of Snow White’s Scary Adventures as we see Doofenshmirtz having taken over the ride room of the evil Queen’s palace set working on his newest evil invention: The Disneyknockoff-inator. You see, as he explains via a set of slides you pass by, as a young boy his parents took him to the biggest theme park in his town of Gimmelshtump, Druelselstein. It was a wonderful magical place called Dizzneyland, that’s Disney with 2 Z’s so they couldn’t get sued, you see those corporate lawyers are like rabid badgers don’t you know. Anyway, he explains, all he wanted to see was his favorite Disney knockoff character Dippy Dawg (he looked a lot like Goofy, but you really couldn’t call him outright Goofy and there was also the fact that he looked in retrospect more like a giant weasel than a dog, but that’s not the point). Anyway, he looked all around the park for Dippy but he was nowhere to be found. He asked the other characters like Robby Ratt, Darryl Duck and Koko the clown (you see they could use Koko because at this point he was considered a public domain work, but at this point who in the heck knew who Koko the Clown was?) but they all told little Heinz Doofenshmirtz that Dippy Dawg had the day off. He was crushed and vowed one day to have his revenge.

We then head down a hallway as Dr Doofenshmirtz unveils a wacked out ray gun he calls the Disneyknockoff-Inator. This device will turn anything he points it at into a Disney knock off character. We then head into a large room where the ride vehicle is free to roam about randomly, guided by the GPS system, as in the center of the room Doofenshmirtz fires wildly in all directions turning Stitch into a green six armed cat named Scratch, Pinocchio into a ventriloquist dummy named Lying Larry, Mickey Mouse into a long snouted flea worn Robby Ratt and Cinderella into a guy in drag called Cinder-Fella.

We then leave that room as Perry Agent P kicks open the doors and tussles with Doofenshmirtz via Imax screen and then find themselves on Space Mountain Rockets jumping from train to train in a knock down drag out fight for the ages as our vehicles once again in a revolving room watch the action as our ride vehicle bounces about to the action on screen.
Finally, Agent P and Doofenshmirtz jump off the rocket and crash through the roof. Agent P sailing to safety by parachute and Doofenshmirtz into the thatched roof of the Enchanted Birdy Hut of Wonder and Magic (you see the Disneyknockoff-inator also affected attractions as well).

Our ride vehicle then enters the Enchanted Birdy hut to see Phineas and Ferb sitting enjoying the show as they turn around to see Perry,and exclaim “oh, there you are Perry”. We then turn a corner towards the ride vehicle exit to see Doofenshmirtz with a black eye and a piece of thatched roof around his neck being pecked by an animatronic toucan and then yells, “Curse you Perry the Platypus!”

You now exit the ride and enjoy the rest of your day at Disneyland Shanghai.

From Manny Rodriguez
Posted June 9, 2012 at 5:22 PM
Dan Just to say From the time i looked at your TPA posts I loved Every Single One of them So if i lose i will be rooting for you Your TPA Posts Are Awesome Thanks.

From Bryce McGibeny
Posted June 9, 2012 at 7:42 PM
Name: Flik's Great Adventure

Type of Ride: Vehicles themed to Dandelions and on a track like Peter Pan.

Specs: Average speed of 8 MPH, 15 foot drop, spinning section, indoor dark-ride, sets, animatronics, special effects, 8 passenger cars, on-board audio, projecter scenes.

Details: The ride would be based on the idea that you've shrunk down to "bug size" and the only way to get back to normal is with Flik's help! But, you had to make a deal. In order to get back to human size, you have to help Flik defeat Hopper! Along the way you'll be hurled into gusts of wind, battle a snake, soar above the anthill, meet Flik's friends, escape the disastrous rain and battle the evil crickets!

The ride will use large projecter screens to simulate flight, animatronics of Flik's friends, Flik, the Grasshoppers and other bugs. Special effects such as water spray will be used to simulate rain, wind and other elements. The on-board audio will put you even more into this daring adventure! The ride will climax with a final battle with Hopper and a 15 foot drop. The ride will have a spinning section to simulate getting caught in a gust of wind while aboard your dandelion. It will be enhanced by wall to wall projecter screens of the anthill and wind effects.

The exterior will be themed as giant blades of grass that you walk between to get into the queue. Clinging on to the grass will be Flik and each of his friends and the ride sign will be directly above the entrance to the queue. The queue will be themed to being inside the blades of grass and the ceiling will be a moving projection of the sky. Smells of grass will be simulated in the queue and audio will be playing over about Flik and friends stressing about how to stop Hopper.


Holy crap, I just remembered "it's Tough to be a Bug" at Animal Kingdom. :(

And did I have sign up for this? I just kind of jumped on it...

From Michelle Kowalski
Posted June 9, 2012 at 8:40 PM
Mowgli’s Rescue

Façade: Upon first entrance of the attraction,
guests are greeted by a partially collapsed
stone wall. The wall is approximately four
to five feet tall. Sitting up against the wall is
a replica of King Louis' throne. Guests may sit
in the oversized throne and take memorable pictures. The entrance to the ride queue
is marked by a large archway in the stone
wall. Past the wall are the ruins of a once
magnificent palace, which is now dilapidated
and over grown with jungle plants.

Queue: The queue begins at the archway and
continues on to a path through the lawn.
The lawn is located between the stone wall
and the palace ruins. Along the path are large
trees and plants native to Indian jungles. The
path ends at the entrance to the palace. In the
palace the queue turns into a traditional Disney
ride line (maze walk ways with wooden or metal railing).
The indoor portion of the queue is used as an
opportunity to learn the backstory of The Jungle
Book. As guests walk through the queue,
they will pass important scenes from The
Jungle Book. The scenes are depicted by
large scale dioramas and narrations of
the story through hidden speakers. The first
scene is of baby Mowgli, alone in a seemingly
abandoned canoe.

The second scene in the queue: Bagheera
bringing Mowgli to the wolf mother and
her newborn cubs. The third scene will depict
a much older Mowgli playing with his wolf
family. In the fourth scene, the wolf council
determines Mowgli’s fate as the news of
Shere Khans return has spread through the
jungle. The fifth scene is of Bagheera taking
Mowgli on a ride into the jungle and telling
him that he must return to the man village.
The sixth scene is of Bagheera and Mowgli
making camp up in a tree while Mowgli refuses
to go to the man village. Finally, the
seventh scene is of Mowgli escaping from bagheera’s
sight to join the elephant parade.

At the end of the queue, guest start to board
the ride vehicles. The vehicles are designed
after traditional Bullock carts adorned with
colorful flowers native to India. They are much
like the vehicles at Snow White’s Scary
Adventure (three rows; each row fitting two
adults or three small children).

Ride description: The ride will be made up
of seven different scenes and will be
approximately six to seven minutes long.
The scenes will not be complete play by plays
of the movie, but instead they will showcase
musical points of the movie.
Ride: Scene 1: Mowgli has joined an elephant patrol,
but is having a difficult time following
them in their march. Then in a row call
colonel Hathi realizes that he is a human and
does not want him around. Playing in the
background is "Colonel Hathi's March (The Elephant Song)"

Scene 2: After being rejected from
the elephant patrol, Mowgli wanders into
the jungle and meets Baloo. He promises
to keep Mowgli in the jungle and never take
him to the man village. Then Baloo sings
and dances to "The Bare Necessities". They
take a ride down the river where Mowgli is
stolen by a group of mischievous monkeys.

Scene 3: Mowgli is taken to King Louis where
he is asked the secret of making fire. Mowgli
doesn’t know how to make fire. King Louis
and the other monkeys join in
“I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)".
While they sing and dance monkeys are moving
across vines above the ride vehicles.

Scene 4: Again Mowgli wanders into the
jungle by himself and gets pulled into a
tree by Kaa the python. He starts to hypnotize Mowgli
while singing "Trust in Me (The Python's Song)".
Above the ride vehicle there are giant hypnotizing
eyes swirling with color. Mowgli falls
asleep in Kaa’s coils. Meanwhile, Shere Kahn
comes by and asks Kaa if he has seen the man
cub. Kaa says he has not seen Mowgli.
Shere Kahn leaves and Mowgli wakes up.
He escapes from Kaa and wanders further
into the jungle.

Scene 5: The ride vehicle starts to enter
a darker part of the jungle. Mowgli
then meets the Vultures. They begin
singing “That's What Friends Are For
(The Vulture Song)". Shere Kahn comes
into the scene and tries to attack Mowgli.
Baloo comes and pulls Shere Kahn back but
is unsuccessful. Lighting strikes a tree
and the vultures set Shere Khans tail on
fire. Shere Kahn then runs in fear.

Scene 6: Mowgli is escorted to the edge
of the man village by Bagheera and Baloo.
The reluctant Mowgli refuses to go until he sees a beautiful girl singing "My Own Home (The Jungle Book Theme)". He follows her into the man village.

Scene 7: The ride exits with relieved
Bagheera and balloo sing “The Bear Necessities”.

Exit: The exit of the ride is immediately
after scene seven. “The Bear Necessities”
is still playing in the background. Guest
exit there ride vehicles and are led through
a path outside the building. The path outside
goes over a bridge crossing a river. It
leads back into the Fantasy land area of
the park.

From Isaac M.
Posted June 9, 2012 at 11:37 PM
Posting My Ride here soon...

Now Introducing the New Ride In Shangai Disneyland

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Welcome to the amazing adventure of Rapunzel of traveling from his far away taower to Her Kingddom to see the sky lanterns, and then fond out she is a princess.

Outside Fecade
The Fecade will be rather small, to and it will simualte a small wooden house with the rapinzel tower on the back standing like 40 foot tall. Obviusly the ride will be held on a hidden bulding the tower is just the fecade. Since is Fantasyland the castle should be the main attraction and the rides fecade mantain as small villages houses thats the concept. With Beautiful garden around that could held rapunzel appereances for meet and greet.

The queue starts outside on the garden, as you enter the building you can see walls made of grey bricks, arched columns, victorian print carpets, this is to give the illusion you are on the base of the tower and then outside again, this time you are on a little patio, where the station. The ride itself is a water/boat ride, same system to pirates of the caribbean. The boats are facing the tower.

The Ride:

Entering the tower is very dark, then you start to go up in the dark, and you hear the voice of Gothel the evil stepmother saying a spell about how young she will stay as she keeps Rapunzel hair. When you rach the top you see Rapunzel room and there she is with chameleon Pascal(animatronics) the whole room is sorrounded by rapunzel long hair, the boat makes a 180 turn to the left and there is a window with rapunzel hair going throug it. And Rapunzel says: ¨Over here¨ Come on ¨Jump she says, as you get closer to the window, and then a 20 foot drop causing a small wave.

When you reach down there is Rapunzel again with Flynn and Maximus (Animatronics as well). Now the setting is in the woods they are talking where to go to get to the kingdom.

Then The boat enters into another room and there is Gothel looking for Rapunzel on the woods saying lines like: ¨Where are you Rapunzel!¨ or/and Give me your hair for my eternal youth! This is a little scary part with thunder and wind. Then it shows Rapunzel getting into her horse and running away. The boat makes antoher little plungle and
the the boat hits the finale scene.

The finale scene is the sky full of lanterns, there is an illusion that the kingdom is far away, the water flow gets bigger as the boat is in the sea and there is another animatonic boat with Rapunzel and Flynn Together.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Boat hits another curve as it shows Rapunzel meeting her real Parents on her kingdom.
The End

Thanks for reading!

From Tim W
Posted June 10, 2012 at 6:04 AM
Here is my first review. You will here 2 others from Jeff Elliott and James Koehl. Please take these as constructive criticism that can help you during the weeks to come.

Dominick- I would like to say that you showed much improvement between the last season and this season. Your proposals became more comprehensible and easier to understand. The tricky part about a Fantasia attraction is its limited focus on animals and the segmentation of the whole movie. The inclusion of the Dance of the Hours, would have been a good basis alone for a Fantasia attraction. Try to incorporate some words such as audio animatronics to describe how there are characters appearing in your ride and how it will come to life. The storyline needs to flow a bit better, making sense as to why one scene goes into the next.

Chad H- Robin Hood was an interesting choice for a ride, and I applaud you for the bravery to tackle the lesser known and beloved Disney movie. As following the challenge rules, the attraction name needs to be included. Your storytelling and narrations that were included helped you to stick out as a beginner in the competition. I would advise you to keep up the great storytelling, and push forward hard into the competition.

Karly- 101 Dalmatians has always had a special place within my heart. In the ride, you basically did a run through of the climactic scene of the movie. Rides need to have so much more storytelling to explain why you are transported into a world where there are dogs in hiding, and an evil woman chasing them in the winter. Some further explanation of the ride system is also necessary to understand how the ride operates. Try to break away from sampling repeating a movie scene, and create something inventive.

Jay- I am glad you chose to explain the backstory of Princess and the Frog in the queue, and then focus on the animal based part of the story. The inclusion of the illusion leading into the audience becoming frogs was a great asset and basis for this attraction. It made the ride interactive and exciting similar to Haunted Mansion’s hitchhiking ghost scene. I applaud you on your great work in making a neglected Disney classic into a ride experience.

Alan- The choice of using Up in the point of view of Doug was an excellent idea. I am glad that your focus leaned towards Kevin and Doug’s story rather than focusing on the house, with the animals as an extra. Be sure to spell check and proofread the proposal, as there was a few (not many) typos within the proposal. As for your endnote, this is something that was unnecessary. Take pride in your work, and your difficulties do not have to be justified or explained to the judges.

Andy- I liked that you started by explaining the story behind the ride and the ride system mechanics in the beginning. I liked the choice of the Kuka Arm system very much so. Obviously, this ride would be much better suited for Adventureland, but that is beside the point. I wish you would have concentrated more on the untold story of the movie, with Tarzan’s interaction with the animals, rather than relying on Tarzan’s story. It sounded a bit much like a movie ride through. I believe the “Trashing the Camp” scene was necessary for this ride, and would have definitely showed off the animals a little more than focusing on Tarzan, himself.

David- This was a brave choice, using on of Disney’s lesser known animated movies. This is another of my favorites, and you did it justice. You did a good job at explaining ride mechanics, and the storyline from queue to the end. I enjoyed that you stayed true to the storyline, while heightening the action scenes and making it a thrilling experience.

Manny- The proposal submitted is in direct violation of our Rule Number 1, Grammar. I could hardly understand the proposal with all the misspellings. The proposal is lacking from any sort of cohesive story, organizational skills, and readability. From what I have gathered, you are using three different ride systems, which is generally impossible to utilize with in a time sensitive theme park ride. Dramatic improvement needs to happen next week in order to be considered a part of this competition. Unless a more literate proposal is given, I am afraid we cannot include you in the competition.

AJ- The organization and storytelling in your proposal are superb, the best of the week perhaps. I enjoyed that you broke everything down into scenes and thoroughly explained the details. From the beginning, I was transported into the mountain of which you described on a thrilling and magical adventure of Kenai. I think the ride does have a place in Fantasyland, most definitely. The ride stayed true to the movie, without being a plot summary. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, and your bravery of working with a lesser-known Disney animated movie.

Dan- Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this might be the 3rd time I am hearing of this ride or something very similar. That said, it lacks originality that I know you are capable of. Much more focus needed to be on Perry in order to make this seem more like an animal based attraction.

Joseph- Again, I think a Phineas and Ferb attraction for this week, needed to concentrate more on the animals, extremely Perry. The use of other Disney characters and a unique storyline made this ride fresh and enticing. I am not so sure Disney would be gung-ho about a Disneyland spoof ride, but it certainly made for a different concept and approach to the challenge. This ride reminds me a bit, of what they had planned for the Muppets a long while back, but Phineas and Ferb style.

Bryce- I realize that A Bug’s Life has multiple rides based on it, but let’s focus on what is important. You did have order to the proposal, and included some attraction specs, as well as a description to the façade. The façade should have probably been explained further towards the top of the proposal. Try to explain the attraction specs with a bit more detail, rather than just creating a list. The inclusion of special effects are noted as creating an interesting experience for a dark ride. I liked the fact that the storyline was unique, and avoided plot summary.

Michelle- You had another very well organized, and descriptive proposal. The queue sounds very immersive and natural, fitting in perfectly with the theme. You certainly paid close attention to the Indian details, especially in the use of vehicles for the ride. The ride probably would have probably been a better fit for Adventureland, but still works in Fantasyland due to the storybook nature of the movie. I am glad that you focused heavily on Mowgli’s different encounters with each of the animals in the jungle, staying relevent to the challenge.

Isaac- When hearing of a Tangled ride, I was hoping you would have focused on the limited animals that were present within the movie. However, you failed to mention the animals at all being unrelated to the challenge. The queue and façade descriptions were good, but the ride sequence seemed a bit choppy and rushed.

From James Koehl
Posted June 10, 2012 at 7:07 AM
Here are my critiques for this first round. I was trying to focus mostly on how well you used the theme of the challenge and the theme of your proposal, but I also looked at the complete write-up. I tried to be constructive with my opinions but honest also. Please believe me when I say that all three judges want all of you to do well in this competition, and to improve every week.

Dominick: Unless you count Chernabog, it took a long time to get to any animals. They almost seemed like an afterthought. Once they were introduced, though, it would be a very amusing and entertaining series of scenes which would require a major amount of animatronic technology. Previous knowledge of "Fantasia" would definitely help riders understand the story, but would not be a requirement to enjoying this attraction.

Manny: I admit that I would not have thought of using all of the Disney core group of characters. I guess, technically, they are animals, but saying that your proposal fit the spirit of the challenge is stretching it too far. I read your proposal several times and was unable to find any sort of rational flow, plot or theme. I could hardly find any punctuation, either.

Chad H: The Disney version of "Robin Hood" is not one of its better known titles, and I question how many guests at Shanghai Disneyland will know the film and the fact that all of the human characters have been anthropomorphed. Assuming that they do, or that this is explained in the queue before they ride, they should find it an interesting visual experience, even if they don't know the story and have trouble following its rather confusing narrative. It was an unusual theme to use for the challenge, using a film with animals playing historic human characters as opposed to animals acting as themselves, intelligent or otherwise. You thought "outside the box", something I always enjoy seeing.

Karly: You made a proposal true to the letter of the challenge if not to the spirit of the challenge. What I mean by that is, while you chose an animal-based franchise to base your attraction on, all you really did was restate the story without explaining well how it would work as a dark ride. Is it done with videos? Audio Animatronics? Live actors? An attraction should somehow carry the story further. If you can't make it better than the original film, then just watch the film.
Having a shop at the end of the attraction where guests can purchase Dalmatian apparel tells me that Cruella won in the end. That I found to be very disquieting. Other appropriate souvenirs would be fine, but don't make it look like you can actually buy clothes made from the puppies!

Jay R.: Great idea! Very good use of a popular movie that has been bypassed recently by newer films. This would help revive interest in this film. Interesting idea of turning the guests into frogs themselves, including hopping through the bayou, visuals showing them as frogs, and the surrounding environment being enlarged to give them a "frogs-eye-view" of the bayou. The firefly scene would be spectacular! Very good concept, well conceived and developed throughout the proposal.
Be aware of misspellings that could confuse the reader. Instead of "rescued" you spelled it "recused", which means for a judge to take himself off of a trial because he is not impartial about the case. In an excellent proposal, and as the competition gets tougher, small errors like that will stand out.

Alan Hiscutt: Fun idea with lots of potential for entertaining the guests. I was unsure why you would set much of it underground, when if it were set in the jungles of Venezuela you could surround the riders with a riot of color, jungle foliage and A.A. creatures rather than with dirt and gray stone walls. Be sure that the guests understand that Kevin and the bird are the same thing- remember that it is always possible that some of your audience, especially in Shanghai, have not seen the film. The basic concept was good and certainly was appropriate to the challenge.
Don't finish any proposal by telling the judges or voters that you struggled over anything. You should show confidence that your proposal is the best proposal for this challenge, not in an arrogant way but in a confident, exciting way.

Andy Milito: Strictly speaking, this attraction would be more appropriate in Adventureland than Fantasyland. The challenge was to create an attraction that is based on an animal or animal-based franchise, and the humans are the featured characters in your proposal. The use of violence (several people die by being shot or hanging) would be quite unusual and probably inappropriate for a Disney Park attraction.
It sounds like I don't like your proposal. That is not correct. I thought it was very well written, wonderfully detailed with a good storyline. It was very easy to visualize the ride because you "painted with words". I would encourage you to think through the appropriateness of your theme and story when creating your future proposals and ask yourself, "WWWD?" (what would Walt do?).

David L.: You chose an interesting story for your attraction, one that I would not have considered. I thought the pre-show explained the theme well, even to an audience not familiar with the film. Your description of the ride itself was not as clear, although your description of the ride vehicle itself was well-written and visually detailed. I would spend more time in telling the story in a detailed and visually descriptive way.
Perhaps I missed something, but why were the toy soldiers in the toy shop at the end of the ride uniform-less?

AJ Hummel: Excellent work! This could easily be the most visually beautiful dark ride attraction in any Fantasyland anywhere. Your choice of theme was appropriate and original, and the presentation was well-written, simple to follow and easy to visualize. You "painted with words" an attraction that would both entertain guests and encourage them to rediscover a forgotten treasure in the Disney archives. Not everything has to be cutting-edge technology. This attraction would immerse the riders into a world and story that, while not as familiar to them as the more famous (and possibly overused) Disney/fairy tale stories, would immediately grab their imaginations.

Dan Babbitt: Dan, a rerun from TOC? We all know your talent and ability (myself especially) but this proposal really had nothing to do with the challenge. I am primarily judging the theme and how the proposed attraction uses that theme in relationship to the challenge. I can't judge this proposal since it hardly mentions any animal, except Perry the Platypus as almost an afterthought. I hope this doesn't come back to haunt you in the future as the competition progresses- remember, as I've mentioned several times, in case of a tie we will look at the total body of work.

Joseph Catlett: Regardless of the fact that this attraction would NEVER be built by Disney, and it would fit into DHS better than Shanghai Disneyland, I found myself laughing out loud several times while reading it. Extremely funny, very original. You focused the action on Perry and his interactions with humans, and kept the action moving and interesting to all riders, even those from China who might not be familiar with the characters. It would help to use the queue to introduce the characters to the riders ahead of time, so that they understand that Perry is a secret agent AND a platypus.

Bryce McGibeny: An original idea, probably more appropriate for DHS in Orlando but possibly acceptable for Shanghai Disneyland's Fantasyland. However, the entire proposal seemed disorganized. You jumped around from the queue to the story to the exterior then back to the queue. It is important to make your presentation as a smoothly-organized progression of ideas, so that we can read your proposal and feel like we are riding the attraction from beginning to end, from approaching the ride structure to leaving the attraction after experiencing a well-organized story. You had a very good theme with lots of potential that got lost in the disorganization of the presentation.

Michelle Kowalski: This theme, while based on a classic Disney film, really belongs in Adventureland. You presentation was well-written, rich in description and described the scenes and story-line well, but was unclear as to how the scenes are presented past the queue. If they are a continuation of the dioramas used in the queue, are they all A.A.? If so, they would require extremely sophisticated technology. I think that you took a surprisingly unused Disney story and created a major (if mislocated) attraction that would push the limits of Disney's technology.

Matt Babiak: You did post a theme and a logo, therefore I am going to consider you as competing. You chose an appropriate theme for Fantasyland, probably one of the better choices for this challenge. There is nothing else I can say. You had the same amount of time as all other competitors, and I am not aware that you contacted any judge with problems.

Isaac: Your proposal had nothing to do with an animal or animal franchise other than an off-handed mention of a chameleon (Pascal) and the horse (Maximus). Your challenge was to create an attraction where the animals were featured. You did not did this. The proposal was not well written, but was disjointed and jerky, with random punctuation and capitalization, and poor grammar. When you write something that is supposed to convince someone about something (as in here, where you are trying to convince the judges and the voters that your proposal is the best), try reading it out loud exactly as you wrote it, and have someone else listen to it. If it doesn't sound like something you would say, or if your listener can't follow the story or understand what you are trying to explain, it needs to be rewritten. We have been doing these competitions for several years now and take them very seriously. I do want you to compete, and I do want you to do well. I'm sure my fellow judges want the same thing, also, but you will have to take more time with your proposal and turn in a much higher quality proposal if you hope to stay in this competition for much longer.

And use a spellchecker!

From Joseph Catlett
Posted June 10, 2012 at 7:20 AM
James, I'm glad you found my concept so funny. You are right, however, in Disney probably never building something so self-aware. I decided to go with the concept of cheap Disney knockoffs being inspired by the lack of copyright laws in China and Disney poking fun at it.

From Dominick D
Posted June 10, 2012 at 7:29 AM
James, I'm gonna count Chernabog as an animal, but he is a mytholical creature.

From Matt Babiak
Posted June 10, 2012 at 9:16 AM
(In a desperate attempt to get this ride proposal up, I'm doing it with no pictures in 2-3 parts.)

Lady And The Tramp Adventure
Ride Vehicles- The ride vehicles themselves share a resemblance to Toy Story Mania without the “blasters”. Each car will seat 4 people, all on the same side, and the vehicle spins during the ride. The vehicle also has a group lap bar, rather than an individual one.

Exterior- The exterior is basic, just set up to look like the old house that Lady lives in.

Queue- The queue winds around inside of the house, with photos on the wall showing Jim Dear and Darling, along with Lady and her neighborhood friends, Jock and Trusty.

From Matt Babiak
Posted June 10, 2012 at 9:18 AM
The Ride-(NOTE-This rides uses mainly animatronics, unless where otherwise noted.) The ride starts with Lady sleeping under a chair that Darling is sitting in. Darling and Jim Dear are discussing Darling’s expected baby, while on the other side, the Tramp is shown begging for food from a restaurant owner. The ride then goes to a scene which on one side shows Lady and the new baby. On the other side of the scene, you see Jim Dear and Darling about to walk out of the house, but telling Lady not to worry, and that “Aunt Sarah will take care of you”.
The ride then goes into the next scene, which shows Aunt Sarah trying to keep Lady away from the baby. On the other side, Lady is barking franticly at Aunt Sarah’s 2 cats. Aunt Sarah is heard yelling at Lady, and the ride moves into the next scene. The next scene shows Lady trying to avoid Aunt Sarah, who is attempting to put a muzzle on her. Finally, on the other side, Lady is seen fleeing the pet shop with the muzzle on her.
After that, the Tramp is shown walking in a zoo with Lady. They move up to the beaver exhibit. On the other side, Lady is shown without her muzzle on, with the Tramp thanking the beaver.
The ride then enters the famed spaghetti dinner scene, with both dog animatronics having the same piece of spaghetti in their mouth.

From Matt Babiak
Posted June 10, 2012 at 9:41 AM
The ride then enters its climax, the scene in which Lady gets caught by the dog catcher. This is where the ride gets interesting, as ahead of you, you see Lady in the truck. Here, the riders also get “caught” by the dog catcher. This effect is done similar to the drop in Pirates of the Caribbean. In front of you, there is a mist projection of a dog net, getting closer as you move farther along the track. At the point where the “dog net” is about to catch you, you go down a 15 foot drop. The ride picks up inside of the pound, where Aunt Sarah is seen picking up Lady. When the vehicle turns, you can see Lady barking, tied to the dog house.
The next scene shows Tramp running through the house, trying to catch the rat. You can hear the loud noise of many of the objects breaking. As the vehicle turns around, Lady can be seen showing the dead rat to Jim Dear and Darling.
The ride then comes to its conclusion, showing Lady and the Tramp lying down on a rug with puppies in between them. Riders then exit the vehicles and enter back into Fantasyland. (No gift shop here.)

From Karly Tenney
Posted June 10, 2012 at 9:57 AM
Yeah I completely understood this. A few days after I posted I didn't like it Everyone else did so great but I have to say I didnt do well. But I will do much better for challenge 2!

From Andy Milito
Posted June 10, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Yeah, thank goodness this is non elimination...

From Jeff Elliott
Posted June 10, 2012 at 3:17 PM
According to the other judges, I am the Simon of the group, which I guess means that Tim is probably Alvin and Jim is probably Theodore…..let me just say that it is better than being Paula.

Dominick D – Fantasia Boat Tours – I have some problems with the continuity of the story, you are starting with Chernabog’s story and then dropping into the Sorcerer’s Apprentice story arc after a drop, and while I understand that they are both part of Fantasia, you seem to force them together like spaghetti and peanut butter and then add Dance of the Hours at the end of it which thematically is an avocado sauce to go with the rest of the meal. Separately, I think each of these could have been really good, but mashed together it just doesn’t seem to work. In the story arc of a ride you look for a beginning, a middle, and an end….and while this started off really nicely with the innovative lift system and a close encounter with the Chernabog, the story was abandoned instead of completed in favor of other story lines. While I have no problem with the two different tracks, I wonder if maybe they should have been combined in order to make a longer ride since the Sorcerer’s Apprentice section is the only one with the split. I think you have all of the elements for a good attraction, but assembled in the way you have, it becomes just a big mishmash of scenes. Disney is a huge stickler for story and it might have been a good idea to choose one of the stories and exploit it out fully in order to get a fuller dramatic arc that has a payoff and climax at the end. Although maybe I am being too harsh here, as a kiddy boat ride, this may actually have all of the elements that it needs to have a line all of the way out of Fantasyland (although the drop and the spinning might be a little much for a kiddie ride), but I don’t think it works as an adult ride.

Chad H – Robin Hood – I like how you start your proposal, although you haven’t given the name of the ride, you have prepared people for what they are going to see. The medieval village seems like a good fit in Fantasyland. I like the theming of the attraction, but worry about the desolation and church settings, two things that Disney wouldn’t be excited about installing in their parks even though it is a really good setup to the story. I think it is a very good call to action to recruit the guests into the Merry Men. I wonder exactly how you are using the TV screens, you make mention of them, but not quite how they are being used. In most attractions while there are TV screens or projections, usually it is hidden well enough that they are never referenced as TV screens (example: the Harry Potter talking portraits). I am wondering what the purpose of the cart is at the beginning and wonder if the story line would have been better explained in a the queue leading all of the way up to the action point where you are in the castle. I can’t quite tell what the mechanics of the attraction are, particularly in the final cart chase scene….is this a motion simulator? I greatly worry about the load and unload time between the different elements. While the narration at the beginning of the proposal was done well, it caused confusion later in the proposal when I was trying to figure out the interaction between guests and attraction elements. I think the storyline is good and with some fine tuning this could be a really good attraction, but would definitely need to hone in more directly on what story elements you want to include and what ride mechanisms you want to use to get you there, but the theming was fantastic. As a first try, this was a really good place to start.

Karly Tenney – 101 Dalmatians Escape from Cruella De Vil – In future proposals, please give us an indication of what the queue looks like… the start of your attraction, particularly at Disney and Universal attractions, the queue is where you start to set up your story. I am wondering if the Colonel, Captain, and Tibbs blurb would have been better executed in the queue, allowing the cart ride to start with the call to action of Pongo and Perdita. There are some definite problems with the story here, as an overview of the story I think you did a good job, but the jumping back and forth between the dog’s story arc and the bad guys would take me out of the moment. Maybe it might have worked a little better if the tension in the story was being built by updates that you are getting via The Bark but you never actually see the bad guys until you get there and see how bad it is. The climax of the ride is breaking into the bad guy’s house, but in the movie, most of the dramatic tension was derived from the escape and traveling back to London, something that you skipped over in the ride. I think your theme is a good one, but think the ride needs to be thought through a little more to give a single cohesive story arc that will immerse the riders into the situation. Despite the fact that the ride is sub-named for Cruella and talks about the escape, exactly what the ride should have been about, it seems very short on interactions with Cruella or the escape. What you have created is what I would call a movie overview ride, which is fine for kiddie rides, but adult rides need much more immersion into the story. Overall, I like the start that you have here and would be very interested to see what edit number 3 of this ride concept would look like.

Jay R – Tiana’s Froggy Adventure – I like the queue of the attraction, it sets the story well and, if I am not mistaken, the animatronic Tiana would be a nice place to really slow down the queue as guest try to interact with it. You have a very nice call to action, but I wonder if the cast members would be able to give a consistent performance after 8 hours, some signs in the queue or along the ride track right after you leave the platform would remedy this though, so not that big of a deal. I really like the effect of turning the riders into frogs, which then pushes the tension into the next section where you have huge gators and the jumping effects. The process of becoming human again needs a little work, but it is not that huge of an issue. I think there are a couple of scenes that are missing that would further show the sense of danger, but I can easily see how they would fit in, since the rest of the proposal was done well, although I wonder what the mechanism of the vehicles is.

Alan Hiscutt – Dugs Underground Adventure – Excellent setup for the ride, quick and to the point. I really like the concept for the ride, but worry that the animatronic Dug on the front of every 4-person cart would be a maintenance nightmare. I also have an issue with the fact that Kevin is never rescued even if at the same time it makes it feel like a reride is essential. While it may work for a while, I would think that the payoff at the end of the ride should be the rescue of Kevin, unless the sense of danger was greatly reduced and it became more or less a hide and seek game, something that the kids would probably enjoy. I don’t think there is any problem with this ride being in Fantasyland, even though like you said, it is probably not the best place for an UP ride to be, maybe it would be better next to the Jungle Cruise, but that is hardly a complaint. As the main focus character, I think Dug is a fantastic choice. I think this one would have a line right out of Fantasyland.

Andy Milito – Tarzan Ultimate Adventure – Very well done and expertly put together. I like the choice of the ride system, and can’t think of any other current ride types that could handle what you are trying to do. I do have a problem with the story arc; you are trying to tell the entirety of the Tarzan story instead of just grabbing a sliver or new story arc…making this one of the overview movie rides. There is also the small problem that this is supposed to be an animal centric ride and while you can make the argument that Tarzan starts as an animal, the whole story arc is about becoming a man. I would also think it would be difficult to tell the entire movie’s story line in just over 4 minutes while trying to get in enough action to make the robotic arm essential. So I guess I would have wanted something that takes on a climactic moment or a smaller story arc in order to fully explore it with a nice helping of action. Any of the set pieces that you mention in your proposal would have been good enough for the whole ride. I also wonder about the rider’s role in the action, as the proposal goes, they are just an observer.

David L – Basil’s Big Ben Adventure – I like the choice in characters and the outside appearance would work well in Fantasyland. The ride vehicles are an interesting choice of old tech and conceptual new tech. While the beginning of the ride is having the guest experience the chase, in the climactic scene, the riders are merely passive viewers to Basil and Ratigan’s fight. With the hardware involved I would think that you could get the riders much closer to the action, quickly dodging in and out of the cogs of the clock attempting to help Basil in his rescue attempts, but this is a minor complaint that could be easily remedied as all of the other really good elements are in place. The setup is a good one as well as the escalation of tension. The finale is a really good one if the guests are not in passive view mode and the payoff at the end of the ride is well done. You have done a very good job of taking the essential elements of the film and distilling them down to make an exciting ride. Well done!

Manny Rodriguez – Micky Mouses Mousical musical Adventure - Rule Number 1!! There should never in this competition be 134 words strung together with random capitalization and no punctuation. It bothers me somewhat to know that you were the first to talk trash to the other competitors (not necessarily a bad thing), yet when it came time to deliver, you give what at first glance is a random pile of words with no organization and no direction. I actually tried my best to give you the benefit of the doubt, but got downright angry after you call your proposal a musical adventure (where you don’t even bother to sing the Mickey Mouse Club song and get the spelling of your main character correct….M-I-C…..K-E-Y…..M-O-U-S-E) that doesn’t even have any music in it and very little adventure. In one spot you purposefully call out that they should sing something and then state that you don’t know of a song, a startling statement that could have been easily remedied by saying that it was an original song written specifically for the attraction if you couldn’t come up with anything better. I am the only judge that is standing in the way of you getting kicked out of the tournament this week, even though this is a non-elimination round, but if we get a proposal like this from you next week, you are going to be out of the tournament without a vote from the rest of the website visitors. Please find some kind of word processor program and write your proposals in there and let it help you fix the writing and spelling. Once you have that fixed, please think through your ideas a little more a give us an explanation about what is really going on. You start with a Spiderman system, then start flying, and then a boat… need to pick one and stick with it, and explain how certain things like the characters getting into the car with you is going to work. Also, it would be best for the continuity of your proposal to write it all and then post it at one time instead of spread over several days…in the near future, the challenges are going to be too complex to require a reader to fish around for the different parts of your proposal. It might not be a bad idea for you to take a look at the organizational system that AJ used and try to sort out your thoughts in a similar way.

AJ Hummel – Brother Bear: Kenai’s Journey – I understand your use of characters and have chosen to once again completely ignore the fact that it is not quite Fantasyland material. Your attraction, however, is fantastic. I love how you have your thoughts are very well organized and separated. You did a very good job of starting with the façade, then the queue, then the ride system, and then the breakdown of the scenes. You also did a very good job for what is essentially an overview ride in getting the important bits of the story in and telling it in such a way that I feel like I can see the ride as you are describing your way through it. The ride itself while not the most exciting in the world is a system that is famously done in most of the Fantasyland rides, although I personally would have wanted much more thrilling, your choices seem to be very well thought out and reasonable. Your attraction definitely has a beginning, a middle, and an end, with plenty of theming elements and story to go with it (something I have been harping on the other proposals about). Despite the difficulty of finding a franchise that fits thematically into Fantasyland, everything else about your attraction fits in with the norms of Fantasyland. Very good work. I would wonder if the mooses wouldn’t have been better in front of the attraction much like Mr Potato Head is in front of Midway Mania….but that is not a complaint at all.

Dan Babbit – Phineas and Ferb’s Rock N’ Summer Vacation – Let me be upfront here, I don’t watch Phineas and Ferb and know very little about them, which generally means that if you are going to do an attraction about them, I am going to need much more than: “the ride will go through the kids adventures”. While this ride may have the potential to be really good, that little blurb of description is not enough to get it done for me. I would have needed a couple of adventure description spelled out for me. I see where you were going with having the platypus as the driver of the action, but once again, too brief of a description made it really hard to visualize. I have been harping this week on story and in your proposal you give a high-level of what the story is, but never really settle into what the narrative track is and while there may be a beginning, middle, and end to your attraction in your head, it did not translate to the proposal.

Joseph Catlett – Phineas and Ferb’s (and Perry’s) Disneyland Vacation – Once again, I’d don’t watch Phineas and Ferb and know very little about them, so I am at a distinct disadvantage here when it comes to really understanding the characters that you used. Despite that fact, I was actually tracking what you were doing and considered it very well done with very nice tongue in cheek references to the rest of the park, something that the sea lion and otter show at SeaWorld has made an almost cottage industry out of. The spoof section of taking over different characters and rides was a little confusing for me as I couldn’t quite see how to make that work in a ride….so concept pretty good, execution iffy at best. I then got down to the Space Mountain Rockets section and also couldn’t quite see how the independent vehicles would have been the best choice in this situation. For a such a high intensity scene as jumping from train to train, I find it a little difficult to reconcile that with the particular ride hardware you chose. Overall I think the proposal is very good, but from a ride/guest perspective I think that the hardware is lacking the intensity of what the characters on screen are going through…making it seem like the characters are having all of the fun….

Bryce McGibeny – Flik’s Great Adventure – I think you nailed it in the last line of your proposal. Not only is there a Bug themed show at Animal Kingdom, there is also a mini Bug land at California Adventure. So we will have to call that a thumbs down for the theme, but let’s move on and see how the rest of it went. Your shrinking idea immediately calls up visions of “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and that movie makes me want to go and slam the seat of a toilet on my head for a little while….so once again, not good on the theming. In future rounds, it would be good idea to give us a bigger bite into what the different scenes are and a better insight into the why. The ride system that you describe actually sounds pretty cool, although it does sound very similar to the ET ride hardware, not that it is a bad thing. All in all I think you did a good job with the theming with what you had, picked a bad theme, and could have explained the ride a little more than what you did. For a first week, this is not too bad, given a few easy corrections, you definitely have the potential to find a spot consistently in the top five.

Michelle Kowalski – Mowgli’s Rescue – Nice opening description, I can see King Louis’ throne being an attraction unto itself and a good backdrop if any of the characters came out to work the crowd. The murals in the queue are a really good way of setting up the story while not being so in your face to take away from a conversation with the people in your group. Very nice and classy way to set up the ride. I really like how you distilled the ride down into the different showpiece songs. This by itself will make your ride stick with the park guests much better than a ride that is not associated to such iconic music. For example, It’s a Small World would have been torn down long ago if it wasn’t for that #$%&& ear-worm of an annoying song. The songs in The Jungle Book are one of the sterling highlights of a good flick. You also seem to have included just enough connecting tissue that all of the scenes seem to stay related to each other while further progressing the story. While this would be classified in my book as a simple overview ride, it is done in stellar fashion, hitting just the right notes with the right vehicle selection to make it something that is going to have a line all of the way down Main Street. Good Job!

Isaac M. – Tangled – There are some spelling issues right off the bat that set a bad precedent, please use a spell checker and a grammar checker, because these issues are pretty obvious and it doesn’t allow your proposal to even have a chance of getting off to a good start. I think it is a very good idea to get Rapunzel’s iconic looking tower out front in order to draw the crowds in. The use of a boat system seems like a decent choice and while the drop out of the tower seems a little clunky for such a system, it seems to do what it needs to do. I am not quite following the story arc on this one. It seems that you have four scenes that are not really that relatable, and while this may be an overview ride that merely retells the story of Tangled, it would probably be better to either grab a specific portion of the story and fully exploit that portion of it. Since this week’s challenge was supposed to animal focused, maybe that is really where you should have gone with this one. The scenes that you chose were not bad, they were just not wrapped into a larger narrative for the ride….you have to assume when you create a ride that whoever is riding it has not seen the original film.

Matt Babiak – Lady and the Tramp Adventure – This is one of the overview rides that I have been harping about. While you did get pretty specific about what hardware you were using, you didn’t get into the reasoning behind or how the technology was going to be used. For an expensive and sophisticated ride system, there needs to be a good reason for the added expense….just because it is cool is never the right answer. I think breaking down your scenes a little better would have added to my enjoyment of the ride. As it was written it seemed to skip around a bit trying to find the high points of a fairly tame movie. I get the feeling like this ride would have benefitted from finding a specific scene and exploiting that out to its fullest. The Siamese cat scene or the running from the dog catcher scene could have all been good ride concepts, but they just seem to not quite resonate as well when you are moving quickly through a large concept overview ride. While this would have worked well enough as an electric car kiddie/family ride, with the hyper technology that you used in the vehicles it took the concept from a family ride to a thrill ride and the rest of the attraction didn’t quite live up to the added expectations. You would have been much higher in the final tallies if you had gotten the submission in on time.

From Jeff Elliott
Posted June 10, 2012 at 3:17 PM
Here are the week 1 challenge final judging rankings.

1. AJ Hummel – Brother Bear: Kenai’s Journey
2. Jay R – Tiana’s Froggy Adventure
3. Michelle Kowalski – Mowgli’s Rescue
4. David L – Basil’s Big Ben Adventure
5. Joseph Catlett – Phineas and Ferb’s (and Perry’s) Disneyland
6 (tie). Alan Hiscutt – Dugs Underground Adventure
6 (tie). Andy Milito – Tarzan Ultimate Adventure
8. Chad H – Robin Hood
9 (tie). Bryce McGibeny – Flik’s Great Adventure
9 (tie). Karly Tenney – 101 Dalmatians Escape from Cruella De Vil
11. Dominick D – Fantasia Boat Tours
12. Dan Babbit – Phineas and Ferb’s Rock N’ Summer Vacation
13. Isaac M. – Tangled
14. Matt Babiak – Lady and the Tramp Adventure
15. Manny Rodriguez – Micky Mouses Mousical musical Adventure

If this was an elimination week (which next week is, so be prepared) the following players would be in the elimination vote: Isaac M., Matt Babiak, and Manny Rodriguez.

From David L.
Posted June 10, 2012 at 3:41 PM
Thanks for the critiques! James, the attractions would be filled with tidbits to delight fans who have seen the film multiple times. Details like the uniform-less toy soldiers (Fidget took the uniforms as disguises when breaking into Buckingham Palace), the boot, and others throughout the attraction provide visuals that relate with the movie, but not directly with the events in the ride.

From Andy Milito
Posted June 10, 2012 at 3:46 PM
6th...I guess that's ok for me :P

From Bryce McGibeny
Posted June 10, 2012 at 3:49 PM
I am happy with 9th considering I entered the contest in a last minute, "wrong" kind of way and didn't read the rules first!

Great job everyone!

From Karly Tenney
Posted June 10, 2012 at 3:52 PM
I completely understand 9th let me admit this I sucked really bad. I hated it I really did after a few days I read it over and over and thought why did you do this. It was probably one of the worst things I ever wrote. I love 101 dalmatians and I made it look like a piece of junk.

From Dominick D
Posted June 10, 2012 at 4:00 PM
Thanks Jeff. My next proposal is better then Fantasia, so watch out!

From James Koehl
Posted June 10, 2012 at 4:08 PM
David, thanks for the explanation. It has been a very long time since I saw the film, and your explanantion made sense. I thought it was some kind of gimmick to sell different uniforms to dress the soldiers up!

Karly, don't beat yourself up. That is why we had a non-elimination round (uh, not to beat you up). It was to give competitors with experience a chance to get back into the groove, and for new competitors to learn what it is like to write a proposal. It's not as easy as it looks, is it? Use this experience and learn from it. Everything that the judges said was meant to help you see what needed work, not to make you feel bad. If you want that, just ask Jeff and he'd be glad to oblige :+) When I started doing these competitions, I approached them like I was writing a proposal for "The Apprentice" and I looked at Tim as Donald Trump (and often called him "The Donald"). If you are going to win this competition, and that should be the goal of every competitor in this game, you must bring your "A" game every week and work on your proposals until they are perfect. I've posted on the Chatter thread some thoughts that I had about how to create a good proposal. I hope they help. You and everyone in here has great potential- this is your chance to develop it. I know that I speak for all the judges when I say that we want all of you to do well, have fun, and improve every week. If you know you did your best, what more can you ask for? If you didn't do your best, figure out what you can do next time to improve. Don't give up!!

From Karly Tenney
Posted June 10, 2012 at 4:15 PM
Thanks James you made me feel better.

From Isaac M.
Posted June 10, 2012 at 7:32 PM
13th ok I know Ive could done a lot better, I admit this was pretty rushed, next week willbe all, bring it!!!

From AJ Hummel
Posted June 10, 2012 at 9:54 PM
Wow! I figured mine was good enough to get in the top third (or at least half), but I never expected 1st place having never played before. I guess that just shows that you don't need some groundbreaking headliner E ticket for everything, but just something well thought out and described in as much detail as possible.

I read a majority of the proposals, and I really think most of the competitors this year have good ideas that they just need to elaborate on, which will probably become easier as the competition progresses. With so many new people and a learning curve, it probably takes a couple challenges to learn how to write a good proposal. I'm sure different people will be better at certain challenges than others as well.

From Matt Babiak
Posted June 11, 2012 at 4:15 AM
I think my ranking is about right. When I looked over my ride, it seemed to be a case of "good concept, bad execution". Although, I get this little feeling that i would have been a spot or 2 higher if I got this in on time.(thank you SO much,10 year old computer, I sarcastically yell out)

From Manny Rodriguez
Posted June 11, 2012 at 1:52 PM
Sry For the miss Spelling Of course This Is The First Round I had a lot to do Sry Everybody You Will see A improvement. Thanks.

From Manny Rodriguez
Posted June 11, 2012 at 1:55 PM
And It was not A Real Boat yet a Projection On the screen Sorry next One will Be better.

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