Six Flags Magic Mountain in October?

Six Flags Magic Mountain: I am looking for some basic info and strategy for navigating Six Flags Magic Mountain in October.

From Peter Rozenberg
Posted July 24, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Hello all, my fiance and I will be going to LA for our honeymoon in October. We are both thrill ride enthusiasts so we will be making a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I am curious about a couple things...

1. Do we need to worry about flash passes or will October 8th (being a Monday and the only day they are open while we are in LA) not be a busy time for them?

2. What order should we visit the rides? I have read other threads and they have all given slightly different orders, however all those people asking where going during the summer months.

3. Any other info to know for first time Six Flags Magic Mountain goers?

Thanks all!

From Martin Hughes
Posted July 24, 2012 at 10:55 PM
My family and I have visited SFMM twice. We spent 4 days there in July 2011 and 3 days in July 2012. I don't know how busy it will be in October but it was certainly packed in 2011! I think I recall talking to someone who went in October and they said the park was fairly empty.

I don't think a flashpass is necessary unless the park is really busy, like on a Saturday. We used a platimum pass in 2011 and it cost around $300 for the four of us for the day. It did allow us to walk onto any ride at any time and ride twice, but it was a lot of cash.

In 2012 we found we didnt need the flash pass. Crowds were not too bad although there was a huge wait one day for Tatsu as they were only running one train....BOOO!

Regardless, as soon as you get entry you should head left to X2. It has the longest queue lines and you might want to run! Expect to wait about 90 mins if the park is busy.

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