Theme Park Apprentice 5: Challenge 6

Thrill Ride

From Tim W
Posted July 7, 2013 at 9:45 AM
Every amusement/theme park needs to offer a variety of attractions, something for everyone to enjoy. Few if any self-respecting parks exist without such classics as a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, a carousel, a water ride, and this week’s challenge- a thrill ride.

What constitutes a thrill ride? That is for you to decide, and to justify to the judges and the voters if you hope to progress to the next round of this competition. This challenge leaves the creative door wide open for you to create a “thrilling experience” for your guests. It must have some sort of theme that makes it not just fit into your park but add to your park’s theme. It cannot be similar to any sort of attraction already created for your park- no “thrilling” roller coasters or “thrilling” dark rides. Use your imagination and create that great new concept never before seen in a park anywhere, or make an established type of thrill ride seem brand new with your imaginative reworking of it.

All submissions should be posted by July 13th at 11:59 PM, PT. Please hold posting of proposals until after the Challenge 5 poll concludes.

From Joseph Catlett
Posted July 10, 2013 at 7:19 AM
coming soon to SCREAM! Park

"they're heeeeeeere"

From Bryce McGibeny
Posted July 13, 2013 at 9:00 PM
Destination: Eruption is a thrill ride located in Uncharted Adventures' "Early Earth". The ride is located in the volcano that dominates Early Earth. The volcano also holds the attraction Origins of our Planet. This attraction is sponsored by National Geographic.

Premise - The idea behind this attraction is that guests are now part of a massive volcanic explosion and since volcanos were key elements in the creation of the Earth, this attraction fits perfectly with the land's theme. This ride is thrilling, as well as educational. Guests are a part of this volcano, so therefore they are fully involved in the processes that help to make a volcano, well, a volcano.

Technology - This attraction uses a modified version of the Tower of Terror ride system. This ride system was used because it relies on a computer system to control it, and not more simplistic methods that, for example, an S&S space shot would use. Also, it allows for all riders to see the same view because with say, an S&S space shot, you've got four sides that riders are sitting on, which would make things a little bit more complicated. Each ride vehicle has two rows, and each row can seat six people horizontally, lessening the amount of people that each vehicle can carry, but also creating a more intimate ride experience. The ride vehicle moves on a track at some parts, and detaches itself from the track when entering and exiting the drop shaft.

It is also different from Tower of Terror in that it has an advanced system which allows for only the guest seating area to be able to rotate. This allows for more fluid motions and it does not require the entire base of vehicle to rotate with it, which helps to alleviate spacial issues. It should be noted that there are three different drop towers located within the volcano, and that the ride is shorter in duration than the Tower of Terror. Lap bars are used to restrain riders.

Ride Specifications - The ride will lift and drop riders a total of six times, which is synchronized with multiple special effects and narration. Projection effects, changes in lighting, loud noises, fog/smoke effects, heat generation, etc. will all be used to enhance the experience and place guests right in the center of this erupting volcano. The highest drop(s) in the ride will be of 180 feet, but it also features smaller drops as well, before the final two. The vehicle accelerates at speeds up to 55 MPH, and will free fall at the speed of gravity.

Queue - Rider's enter through a cave-like entrance at the base of the volcano, and then proceed to wind through dark, rocky tunnels. Stalactites hang above riders and the sound of water dripping helps to enhance the experience of being in a dark and quiet cave. As guests continue through the dark tunnels, pools of bubbling magma begin to appear, to symbolize that they are getting to the heart of this volcano. Guests emerge into a larger room, which consists of a lot of switchbacks. The switchbacks are raised on a rocky platform, as it appears to be floating on a massive pond of magma. Steam vents which jut of the magma occasionally release steam into the air.

Projections of caveman drawings in motion will occasionally appear on the rocky walls of this large room. There are three spots where the moving drawings will appear, each spot showing a different image than the rest. The moving drawings depict images of the inside of the volcano and the voice of a narrator will narrate to guests near the drawing what they are seeing. For example, the last projection will depict the actual eruption and the narrator will tell guests what exactly they are seeing. These moving caveman drawings serve as sort of a pre show, so guests are not completely confused while on the ride.

After guests make it through the massive switchback room, they will continue down another long cave. Three separate caves will branch off at the end of this cave, and will lead guests to their ride vehicles. A Team Member will be standing there to direct guests down the appropriate cave. Once guests are directed by a Team Member, they will continue down the appropriate short cave and will be asked to stand on numbers, which symbolize the seating arrangement. Soon, a rocky wall directly in front of guests raises up, revealing the ride vehicle. A Team Member helps guests to get into their seats, and makes sure that they are restrained properly. Once guests are good and secure, the Team Member exits the ride vehicle, the wall comes down and guests are left alone in the dark.

Ride Experience - The vehicle begins to rotate 180 degrees in the darkness.

The low voice of a man comes over guests... "We are at the heart of a very active volcano in Earth's earliest years."

Once the ride vehicle is finished rotating, guests have a view of many bubbling pools of magma. The ride vehicle slowly guides itself on a track in between multiple pools of hot magma. Two steam vents go off and startle riders. The ride vehicle moves slowly through this short cave scene, before rotating 180 degrees in the opposite direction, so that the ride vehicle is facing the same way as it began. It moves backwards, still giving the view of the boiling pools of magma and the steam vents, before it locks into the drop shaft. The ride vehicle comes to a dead stop.

"Pressure will be a main factor in what gets us going. As we build up pressure, we will be close to erupting. But for this to happen, pressure must continue to push us up and out. Just look at the magma".

The pools of "magma" begin to bubble wildly. Wisps of flames are shot out of the pools and into the air. The heat begins to increase and the cave is pulsating with colors of red and orange.

"Get ready!"

One last burst of flame is released from the bubbling magma pools before the ride vehicle rapidly ascends up the dark drop shaft at 45 MPH, reaching a peak height of 80 feet. A faint glow of orange and red is projected onto the rocky inner walls of the drop shaft, which symbolizes the magma rising and falling with the riders. The ride vehicle falls one last time and returns to the beginning show scene.

"See? We're starting to build up pressure. A couple more blasts and an increase in pressure, and the volcano will blow!"

The entire room begins to shake. A clever use of projections shows the cave walls cracking with the intense pressure. The pools of magma bubble even more rapidly than before, and more and more fire is shot of the magma pools. The heat in the room intensifies. One giant "crack" cuts all across the cave ceiling, and then the ride vehicle is shot up the dark drop shaft at speeds of 50 MPH.

"We're almost there!"

The ride vehicle rapidly ascends up into the darkness to about 120 feet. The glow of red and orange still follows the ride vehicle, and is now brighter against the dark inner walls of the drop shaft. The vehicle fluctuates in height, bouncing up and down in intervals of 30-40 feet, before free falling back down. The ride vehicle levels out at the same beginning show scene.

"If that wasn't it, then this is! The pressure has reached it's peak. Too much magma has escaped from the crack in the Earth's surface due to the tectonic plate's converging. It has no where else to go but out! Get ready!"

Fountains of magma are shooting out of the pool. Wisps of fire are coming out of the "cracks" in the wall, and the entire cave begins to rumble heavily. A series of massive fireballs emerge from the pools of magma, which disperse all across the roof of the cave. Just as the last massive fireball is released, the ride vehicle ascends up the dark drop shaft at 55 MPH.

The ride vehicle reaches the top and a loud boom echoes through the drop shaft.

"Brace yourselves!"

The ride vehicle falls down the complete height of the drop shaft, then rises again. Once it reaches the top again, another very loud boom is heard and a pair of horizontal doors just above the top of the drop shaft open, letting in sunlight. Mist and fog effects that are hidden on the sides of the ride vehicle and at the top of the drop shaft go off and are shot upward at high speeds. They are colored red and orange. They are meant to symbolize the magma that is blasting out of the top of the volcano. Fire effects just outside the drop shaft and on top of the volcano also go off.

All of this happens at the same time, and as the riders are experiencing massive airtime. This makes for a very climatic ending to the ride, as you rode the volcano all the way to the point of eruption. The horizontal opening at the very top of the drop shaft closes and the vehicle free falls in complete darkness to the bottom of the drop shaft.

The ride vehicle reaches the bottom and then rotates 180 degrees in darkness again, so it is now facing the opposite way as it began, allowing riders to exit at a different location. The ride vehicle is still in the drop shaft at this point.

"Who knows what this certain volcano did to the land of our planet in it's earliest years. It could've formed an island or it could have completely shaped the land around it. Volcanoes, no matter how destructive they can be, were important to the Earth as it was being born, as they helped to build it."

At the narrator's last word, a rock wall in front of the ride vehicle raises up, and guests disembark from the ride vehicle. As soon as guests leave, the ride vehicle then leaves the drop shaft, rotates itself again, and then guides itself on the track back to the loading area at the very beginning of the ride.

The Volcano Lab by National Geographic - This is where guests will exit the ride from. It is an interactive, educational play area located in a massive cave inside the same volcano as the ride. Adults and children can tinker on large touch screens and shape their very own volcanoes, cause them to erupt, etc. There are many interactive games and activities located in The Volcano Lab, which teach kids and adults about how volcanoes can be important, but also how dangerous they can be. Guests can also purchase their on-ride photo here, as well as Destination: Eruption merchandise. The Volcano Lab is a great place for children and more modest adults to wait and play while those thrill seekers in their party enjoy the ride.

The Volcano Lab exits back into the pathways of Uncharted Adventures' "Early Earth".

From Christopher Sturniolo
Posted July 13, 2013 at 8:55 AM
Jack and the Beanstalk

DISCLAIMER: I know that most of my submissions were inspired by Once Upon a Time and I am aware the series has retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. In the case of this attraction, parts of this attraction will be connected to the series and some parts of this attraction are complete deviations. For example, the giant in this attraction will be portrayed by the same actor who played him in the show. However, Jack will be portrayed as a male character while the series portrayed her as female. Also, just if anyone’s wondering, I did not rip off Bryce’s idea of a themed drop tower.

Background Information: This attraction is going to be a combination indoor drop ride similar to Tower of Terror (which will be less intense to appeal to a family audience) as well as a motion simulator in certain portions. The attraction’s exterior will feature Jack’s cottage as well as a 150 ft. beanstalk out front (the actual ride is in the first 100 feet and the remainder is just a prop). Inside the beanstalk are three identical drop towers that the attraction will take place in with four 8-abreast carriages (imagine a larger version of a Frog Hopper vehicle) on each side of the tower. This ride will also incorporate both physical sets and film (like a simulator) and we will have 12 identical carriages/simulators operating at once to make sure the line moves smoothly. In addition, these carriages will not only freefall on a drop shaft, but will also be able to extend out and move like a simulator or a robocoaster in certain portions of the attraction.

Queue/Pre-Show: The ride will be located in the Fantasy Faire section (also home to the aforementioned Master Sorcerer 4D attraction) and will be set up as a public exhibition of Jack’s famous beanstalk as well as his mother’s recently prosperous harvest. The queue will take guests through Jack’s family farm as we go through the gardens of crops and farm pastures. Additionally, we see colorful banners inviting guests to marvel at the giant beanstalk which has brought Jack and his mother so much. As guests enter Jack’s cottage, we meet the giant’s golden goose (AA) who will interact with guests (living character) and makes comments about them (what they’re wearing, if they’ve ever seen a giant, etc.). The guests will then proceed into another room where Jack (who will be brought to life via the Musion technology similar to FJ or Legend of Jack Sparrow) greets the guests and tells them that they have been invited to join him on his latest mission up the beanstalk and into the giant’s castle to steal the giant’s singing golden harp. This is so because according to the original story, Jack had to go on multiple trips up to the giant’s castle to help make his family prosper. The guests are then broken into groups of 8 (similar to The Simpsons/Antarctica) and are ushered into an antechamber where a cast member will give them safety instructions.

Main Attraction: Here guests are ushered into a leaf shaped carriage and a large lap bar is lowered across the vehicle. Once on board, the carriage swiftly rises up the beanstalk (about 50 or so feet) while high definition film footage plays of the outside area as the leaf-carriage passes through the clouds (film and both physical props and overlooks the Fantasy Faire area. Once the carriage comes to the doors of the giant’s castle in the clouds, Jack creaks open the door (film) and warns them not to wake up the giant (played by Jorge Garcia of Lost fame). The vehicle then rises up the tower and through the giant’s castle (film mixed in with the rising vehicle and the simulator motion) before reaching its top height of about 100 ft and on the giant’s table (film). Once on the table, Jack notices the singing golden harp and the sleeping giant and tries to steal the harp without waking him up. As Jack has the harp in his hands, the giant wakes up and prepared to attack at Jack and the guests. As he chases Jack and the guests down the beanstalk, the vehicle drops about 20-25 feet as Jack and the guests escape through the castle. While the vehicle is dropping, the guests will see film of Jack racing through the giant’s castle towards the beanstalk while dodging the giant’s club. Once the vehicle is about 75 feet above the starting point, the vehicle stops and begins to shake as the giant runs towards the carriage. Here the carriage begins to face the ground (think of the new Falcon’s Fury ride at Busch Gardens) towards a screen on the loading platform. This results in the carriage free-falling 60 feet towards the ground face down towards the screen as they flee from the giant. Once the vehicle is 15 feet above the loading platform, the vehicle stops and is brought back to its original state to face one last screen as Jack begins to cut down the beanstalk while the giant begins to climb down. After Jack cuts down the beanstalk, the vehicle is pulled down towards the loading platform as the giant falls down and is crushed by the beanstalk. Jack then thanks the guests for helping him on his mission as the guests unload and make their way to the exit.

Exit Area: As the guests exit the cottage area, they are greeted by an AA of the magic harp who sings a new version of “My, What a Happy Day” from Mickey and the Beanstalk as a little allusion to the Disney version of the story. When the guests head back into the Fantasy Faire area, the exit path is situated so that the guests can’t see the giant beanstalk out front. This is so as the guests see the giant’s body crushed underneath the beanstalk (animated statue, not AA) as he curses Jack and the guests.

From Chad H
Posted July 13, 2013 at 3:52 PM
Only a theory…. Face to face with Gravity, and Issac Newton
Location: Elizabethia

Issac Newton is one of the most famous people ever to have lived, rather unusually for a mathematician. Children all around the world today will learn mathematical and physics principles that he put down onto paper for the first time. The image of him being inspired to write his theory of gravity by a falling apple has is one of the most widely recognised, and parodied, depictions of sudden inspiration.

He was also, quite literally, as mad as a hatter.

Only a theory allows the rider to come face to face with one of Newton's best known works - the theory of Gravity through a thrill ride experience based on an intamin gyro drop tower, but with a unique twist.

Queue experience

"Trinity College", in the Elizabethia area holds the main queue area (technically Newton was during the Stuart period, but this section is closest to the correct era in feel, Albert dock is more Empire-focused and placed later).

The structure is based on the real life trinity College in looks - and yes, there is a large, prominent, apple tree, right by the entrance.

Inside the queue winds around several mechanical and other devices, and several other exhibits depicting his life's work - the area is supposed to come across as his personal lab or study (albeit a very very large one). These devices highlight several scientific principles and devices known around newton's time, or that otherwise can fit within a "Clockpunk" motif, these include:

*A Giant "Newton's Cradle" set (Highlighting Newton's laws of Physics)
*A large Galilean thermometer
*A desk with a noticeboard above it detailing crime-style maps looking to link coin counter fitting crimes.
*A prism under a focused beam of light, that splits the light into the visible rainbow spectrum
*A replica of Newton's reflecting telescope (with notes on the wall detailing his discoveries… Including a very large picture of a heliocentric solar system)
*A section of particular completed machinery, chemicals, and large lumps of lead. There's also a long list of processes with various methods and ideas crossed off (his doomed efforts in Alchemy)
*A replica of Principia Mathematica

There are large plaques explaining to visitors what they are seeing, and as much as possible are "active" rather than static.

The queue eventually leads into a small lecture hall.

After a cycle of passengers take their seat, the guests are joined by an actor portraying Issac Newton.

"Ah, new students, good to see you. Welcome to Physics 101. This course will not be quite like any other course taught here at Caimbridge. Sure, I could have you memorise a whole bunch of facts and figures, and have you read my book…. Or we can go outside and do some real physics , yes?

I bet you've all heard that I managed to do some of my best work while sitting under an apple tree, no?

I thought you might all like it if we take a look at that… in fact I could really do with your help with an experiment. You see, I have a new device I was hoping to refine my theory of gravity with… Come come, I'll show you what you need to do."

Loading Area and Ride Experience
Newton leads the guests to the base of the drop tower, decorated in a clock punk motif (Brass gears, cables, cogs, etc seeming to do all the work to make the device work).

The tower uses a single ring gondola, holding 42 guests at a time, with a shoulder harness and lap bar. The guests mount, and the tower ascends at a slow pace, a record-matching 400 feet high.

As the tower reaches the top, it holds for a moment "Don't worry" a prerecorded Issac newton can be heard to say via PA "its on'y a theory". The Gondala then drops 250ft, before "bouncing" back to the top

Issac newton can then be heard again via pa "Sorry, forgot to remove the safety line, but at least you got to see the equal and opposite reaction. There you go"

On the word "go" the guests mount moves through 90 degrees so the guests are now face on with the ground.

"Hmm, that wasn't supposed to happen, Oh well. Shouldn't harm the experiment. Good luck, and if I don't see you, thanks for the help".

The guests then fall, face first, towards the earth. There are 3 strategically placed large TV screens, displaying the gondola's current speed (again in a fake clockpunk motif, a flip style mechanical digital clock). The ride stops about 5 ft off the ground, and then lowers gently whilst restoring the guests to their normal upright position.

"Ah you made it" (pre recorded Issac newton says) "Please make sure you bring your observations to class on monday… You did take notes didn't you?"

Exit into a gift shop selling replicas of some of the items in the queue.

From Alan Hiscutt
Posted July 13, 2013 at 5:25 PM

In 1986, a girl called Sarah is thrust into a mystical world in an attempt to save her brother Toby. Pitted against the Goblin King Jareth and his minions, she overcame adversity and self doubt to complete her quest. Now Lucasfilm Studios gives you the chance to complete your own adventure and survive the Labyrinth.


Labyrinth is a gentle river ride that takes guests on a scenic tour of the Labyrinth and view characters such as Hoggle, Sir Didymus and Ludo as they pass through the Labyrinths rich countryside. Until Jareth learns you are there and then things take a turn for the worse.

Voyage through Labyrinth is a mix of a river ride, rapids and drops, set inside and outside in a round boat similar to those found on Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges in islands of Adventure or the Rumba Rapids in Thorpe Park, 8 seater circular boats.


The building that houses the loading and unloading stations is a decorated with a purple rock face facade. It has strange plants outside that slightly resemble Venus fly traps but instead of catching flies they warn guests about the perils of venturing into the world of Labyrinth.


Once inside the building, it resembles a cave that leads into a dark forest. (Think ET but more alien looking) The forest trail is filled with plants that chatter away to each other and the trees seems to whisper as you pass. Every so often you can hear a baby cry away in the distance. As the queue meanders along, there is a crude sign written for the Bog of Eternal Stench which whilst not in the queue area itself can be seen bubbling away with mist rolling off the bog and yes, there is the faint smell, not overpowering but at 4 minute intervals a nozzle will fire out a burst of the rotten egg smell and it can be caught by guests in the line. Unpleasant yes, but the smell only lasts a few seconds and some people may not even smell it at all.

Just past the bog, An animatronic Sir Didymus will urge you to hurry, the guards will soon return and then your path through Labyrinth will be blocked. Just past Sir Didymus, guests enter rows with numbers on, 1-6 to aid with boarding. Each Boat seats up to 8 with the final row (6) being for single riders and pairs of riders only. Groups of 4 or less may be asked to share a boat during busy times.


Guests will enter their rows and they will be individual 'rock tunnels' so they cannot see the other rows, at the end of each row, Hoggle will address the group, his voice will be piped through speakers to make it seem as if he is yelling at you from some distance away. He apologies for having lured you here but time is running out. His Master, Jareth grows suspicious, so board the boats quickly and with that a door will open and the guests will board their boats that are stationary on a conveyor belt that sits just above the water.


The boats will leave in a staggered start with about 20 seconds between each boat. The Boat will move along the belt until the lead boat hits a smaller one that lowers it into a very slow moving river. You pass through the Purple cave into a larger cavern that has a large projection of a series of caves leading off. SIr Didiymus once again appears advising you to stay on the main river, it might be longer but it is much safer. Whatever you do, do not pass through the water fall, for once you do, Danger is all you will find.

The boats gently meander along, the river itself is still very calm and you pass through the Purple cave and enter outside. As the river winds along, you pass the village that is seen in the film, Ludo is sat on the bank and he waves as you pass. The river widens and is starting to get a little faster, not much but a little. The village passes away and you meander through some exotic flora before you take a turn into quicker water that is starting to turn white now.

Hoggle warns you that you need to stay left as the river forks, and your boat does indeed take the left fork but suddenly the boat is caught in a series of whirlpools that lead you into another series of caves and straight away you are faced with the belt lifting you up. Hoggle's voice echoes up to you asking for your forgiveness, he had no choice.

The boat is lifted up 54 feet where you are faced with a waterfall, the one Sir Didymus warned you about. You pass under it, getting very wet, and suddenly your boat is caught in a very quick body of water, it throws you around and you will be bounced off the walls until you meet the middle area of the river, the cave is now very dark with just yellow and orange bugs illuminating the walls, not very well it has to be said, and then you drop, 26 feet down into another swirling pool that throws you about, in near darkness. At this point your boat will be ushered onto a belt system that will raise you up another 32 feet (so you are no up 60 feet from where you started) As you are being lifted, Jareth's image is projected onto another waterfall where he (played of course by David Bowie) accompanied by Hoggle demands to know why you have dared enter his Labyrinth.

"Who dares enter my Kingdom? I sense treachery, Hoggle! Curse you! This time I will not play a game, this time, there will be no 13 hours to save yourself. This time, I banish you for eternity!"

With that the waterfall goes dark and Hoggle screams, which can be heard as the boat starts its descent, in darkness down the 50 foot 'Helter Skelter' in darkness with not one but two additional waterfalls that the boat must pass under, the last 12 feet are a drop into a pool that, should, be unexpected and in the dark guests wont know how long the drop lasts until they hit the water at the bottom. As you leave the pool you are back on the belt you started from, Sir Didymus atop of Ambrosius and Ludo are waiting. Sir Didymus cries with relief as he sees you more or less safe and announces this time, he will not stand in your way and suggests you exit the boat and return back home. As guests walk out to the Jareths Jamboree (gift shop) A wet Hoggle is seen locked in a cage high above your head.

Jareths Jamboree is filled with a mix of general toys and of high end gifts, Models of the characters and ornaments. Stuffed toys are everywhere and with David Bowie playing Jareth, there is an extensive collection of his CD's available for sale.

Labyrinth is situated in the Indiana Jones area of the park but is a stand alone attraction.

So, A voyage through Labyrinth. A boat ride that is guaranteed to get you wet and provide one or two unexpected thrills.

From Jay R.
Posted July 13, 2013 at 10:04 PM
007: Espionage

Exposition Summit: A Literary Park

Adventures on the High Seas & Land

This hi tech thrill ride is inspired by Ian Fleming's James Bond. The attraction contains elements from Flemings novels, as well as the films.

Outside of the attraction is a large sign placard that resembles an open book. The right side list the author, Ian Fleming & sub notes about other authors who have penned multiple Bond novels including John Gardner & Ray Benson). The left side contains a brief history of James Bond.


Guest enter a London neighborhood & immediately see a tall, expansive building at the end of the street. This building is one of the largest structures in the park & towers over the London street below. A compilation of Bond songs are played as guest enter the attraction (Artist include Carly Simon, Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner, Adele, etc.)

As guest approach the entrance, they will notice two completely different entrances. An "Informant" (aka the attendant), will ask guest if they are associates of MI6 (Heroes) or SPECTRE (Villains). Guest will choose & will be directed to the appropriate line. Guest are informed that each line will lead to a different queue, storyline & loading dock.

MI6 (Heroes) - For guest who choose this option, the outside line eventually leads to the headquarters of MI6.

Upon entering the MI6 queue, guest will see a sleek, steel hi tech environment. There are display cases featuring prototype weapons & spy equipment, as well as screens displaying various agent missions.

In the next room of the queue, a British spy "instructor" appears & gives a (humorous) lesson on proper spy techniques. This includes fashion tips, how to be cool & debonair, & super spy "moves". The instructor will interact heavily with the crowd (Turn to the person next & practice the "spy stare"...... also remember, last names are always said first, Bond. James Bond. Let's try this, but use your own name, etc.)

As guest proceed, one of the most impressive parts of the queue is the Bond auto collection. In this section (which contains security guards) guest can get close up views of authentic, actual working models. These car models include Bentleys, BMWs, & a silver Ashton Martin DB5.

The line eventually will lead to Miss Moneypenny, who will introduce herself & direct guest to the assignment station. She will send guest through the "Agent Detector" (the turn style) There is a digital display above that supplies you with you agent # (004, 009, any number but 7 is available)

After passing the agent detector, guest will enter a large room with multiple video screens. M (a performer) enters and explains the story.


MI6 Heroes:

"Hello operatives....I'll keep this brief. Agent 007 has intercepted info on a mysterious briefcase that contains the launch coordinates for dangerous weapon......should this briefcase fall in the hands of the criminal organization, SPECTRE, the result could be disastrous to say the least.....Your mission is to assist Agent Bond in retrieving the briefcase before they do, as we currently believe they have dispatched members as well.

As M is speaking, the visuals play out on screen (we see an outline of the briefcase, info on SPECTRE, large scale destruction, a rocket launch, etc.)

"Q has designed special vehicles & weapons to assist you in your mission". (The video then switches to the ride vehicles & guest see the simple instructions)

"Agent Bond will direct & instruct you via specially designed audio equipment. Remember, the fate of the world rest with you Agents".

The doors open & the James Bond theme plays as guest proceed to the loading dock.

SPECTRE Villains:

For guest who choose the SPECTRE line, that queue includes the following:

The entrance leads to a volcano base. The halls are designed as cave tunnels & guest see the octopus logo & large scale blue prints for destruction, international heist, ransoms, etc.

In the next room, guest meet a top official of Spectre. This official will give (again in a humorous manner) a lesson on how to be a villain (Villains must be able to raise one eye brow while laughing manically.....let's practice!)

The next room features an aquarium tunnel that with real marine life & a large mechanical octopus.

Guest meet the next operative who directs them through the turn style & guest are able to "stroke" a stuffed cat if they so choose before entering into the mission room.

Once inside the mission room (which is designed as a command center) Emilio Largo appears (stroking a stuffed cat) & explains the mission.

"New recruits of Spectre, welcome! The world believes we are a criminal organization.....If that's what they believe, then let's not disappoint them! The contents of this briefcase are of great value to us, if we have the briefcase, then we can demand any amount of money & if the nations of the world refuse, then they'll suffer the consequences....a minor warning, a certain agent 007 & his team may attempt to stop you....I advise you not to let that happen"

A video plays as Emilio speaks (similar to the one with M) & after it's completion, the doors open & guest proceed to the loading dock as a sinister soundtrack plays.


The vehicles seat 4 (back to back pairs) & each ride experience will include more vehicles (the 4 other riders will be from the villain side, in a separate vehicle). However, multiple ride experiences will be loading & proceeding at any given time.

The ride vehicles are suspended from an overhead track. These vehicles are sleek & can spin 360 degrees, as well as swing from side to side. (Imagine something along the lines of the Ninja coaster cars at SFMM or the old People Mover attraction at Disneyland).

Each seat contains a "laser gun" & small panel. There is an audio system next to the headrest.

The restraints include a shoulder seat belt as well as the standard lap bar.

The audio, James Bond, informs agents to aim for SPECTRE vehicles & objects (while the Spectre audio says to aim for Bond vehicles & targets)

There are various sensors on all vehicles that will respond if they are "hit". The responses can be either:

A 360 degree vehicle spin.

A jolting, vibrating seat "buzz" (like in It's Tough to Be a Bug).

A sudden, surprise "mini drop" of the vehicle from the overhead track (it will raise back up momentarily if it drops due to a hit).

These "actions" happen immediately, so riders won't know or be able to prep, the "shock" will just happen at that moment.

Additionally, there are various items throughout the ride that have targets on them. If guest aim & hit these targets, explosions, loud sounds, sparks, etc. will be felt & seen. There are also suitcase targets that riders will need to pay close attention to.


The 2 sides are directly across from each other as the ride begins. The overhead track will constantly cross, giving all riders equal time to face off against each other....basically a continuing figure 8 style pattern. (Although there are important objectives if you happen to be on the outside at any given time). Riders will get a few "laps" in each room.

The Science Lab- Room 1

The first room is covered in a smoke effect & "security laser beams". In order to "take possession of the suitcase", guest must fire at specific suitcase targets that light up (and disappear) throughout the room. Whichever side hits the most targets, gets current possession. Be aware that the other side can still fire at the opposing ride vehicle at anytime (therefore spinning them or causing a jolt or a drop to distract them from hitting any suitcase targets). Suitcase targets can appear from the floor to the ceiling & everywhere in between. Possession can alternate throughout the ride.

The Dam - Room 2

This room is filled with large pipes pouring larger amounts of water into the pool below. The track descends near water level & the battle for the suitcase continues as the ride picks up speed. If guest fire at specific targets in the water, large water cannons explode & riders will get wet. If riders experience a drop in this room, they will get wet as well.

Rush Hour - Room 3

This room is filled with multiple "decoy" vehicles all spinning around, so it's harder to find & hit targets. All guest vehicles will swing more in this room. This is also the final room to get suitcase targets (the audio will inform riders of this).

Rocket Launch - Room 4

In this circular room, the overhead track changes & the vehicles begin spinning rapidly on the outer area of the room. The room begins to rumble & in the center of the room, the bottom floor open. Red smoke billows up & we see the top half of a rocket begin to emerge. The audio tells riders to "get clear of the rocket by ejecting".

The vehicles spin faster & faster & raise up (this is just an illusion, as the circular room "elevates" down, ala haunted mansion)

The rocket descends and the vehicles proceed to the next room.

Conclusion -

As the vehicles enter the final room, the results of the battle are revealed, with corresponding audio & music. (If the Bond side won, riders will hear that message / music.....If Spectre, then that message / music). At the conclusion of the message, all the vehicles do a "mini drop" and proceed to the unloading dock where the guest exit.


This is the ultimate 007 retail shop where guest can pick up the novels, movies, clothing, novelties & assorted Bond merchandise. Various Bond songs are also played as the in store music.

From Tim W
Posted July 14, 2013 at 8:57 AM
Bryce: Destination: Eruption worked as the best theming for a drop tower style ride this week. However, it fell short of originality, seeming a bit predictable. I liked the added educational component, but felt that it might be hard to grasp an education when you’re being dropped and raised constantly. I thought a few other details could have gone under some other consideration. Rather than having doors that open in the volcano, the tower could have protruded above the volcano to feel as if they were part of the eruption. I felt this climax destroyed the illusion that was created.

Christopher: I thought the theme was very original for a drop tower style attraction. I really enjoyed the added use of film within the ride to give the illusion of falling past objects, etc. However, one thing that caught me off guard was the mixture of the Jack and the Beanstalk stories. The theming worked fine staying true to the original Jack story. The added elements from Once Upon a Time and the Disney version made this experience somewhat confusing. I think the ride would have worked better with a focus on one version of the story, rather than the mix that was utilized.

Chad H: I think the ride that you’ve created was the best overall experience for a drop tower. You provided an interesting backstory that showcased the storytelling aspect that I have loved of yours. The ride was extremely thrilling, pushing the height limited to new maximums. I thought it was a cool choice to have a steam punk theme to the environment of the tower. However, the actual ride did not trump the previous two entries with the level of theming that was provided.

Alan Hiscutt: Going with a water ride as a thrill ride was a bold move for this week’s challenge. While we do have another water ride challenge in two weeks, I think you chose an interesting way to make this one as thrilling as possible. The ride itself starts off very slow, almost calming. However, by the midpoint, it picks up a lot of speed! While I’m not familiar with the story of Labyrinth, I got the gist of the characters and the plot line. Towards the end of the ride, I liked the Helter Skelter 50 foot descent. However, the ending with a 12 feet drop, seemed to be a bit underwhelming for a final drop.

Jay R: 007 Espionage served as the best ride of the week in my opinion. The Bond themed spy ride was designed wonderfully with immersive theming. The inclusion of two different paths and rides would certainly keep things entertaining to visitors. Based on your description, I would be more partial to becoming a recruit of Spectre. While the ride itself may not have been a straightforward thrill ride, I think you created a rather unique way for a thrill ride to be displayed. It ended up being a mix of a dark ride, thrill ride, and target shooter style of an attraction which made for an interesting design.

From Andy Milito
Posted July 14, 2013 at 10:24 AM
Bryce McGibeny: I think the theme you chose is the one that would work best for this type of ride, a tower drop experience. The ride was exhilarating, but I think the educational element could have been toned down a bit for this ride. For a more simplistic ride, a lot of education and learning would not be the prime focus. The effects matched the theme very well and all, but the educational element took away from the experience a little.

Christopher Sturniolo: Another drop ride with another great theme! Your ride felt similar to Bryce's, with the vehicles moving around, as well as dropping and climbing. The use of screens was a nice touch, and helped add to the experience. The ride was exciting, interesting, and fun overall.

Chad H: Another drop ride...with another great theme... deja vu! You picked a common ride type, but you executed it very well. Isaac Newton's interaction with the guests was great, and never overdid it with facts and education. The story was simple, but built up to the ride very well. Great job overall!

Alan Hiscutt: Labyrinth isn't a very popular intellectual property, but you did a good job of telling the story. The beginning of the ride had a nice E.T. Adventure vibe to it, but once it picked up, it improved even more. You made a water ride as thrilling as it could be, and was quite an enjoyable entry for this week.

Jay R: Picking James Bond for your theme appeals to me even without going into detail of the ride! I can rightfully say that your theming was superb, it really had the Bond vibe to it. The concept felt like Men in Black, except the competitive element was much stronger. I wished the actual ride had included some well known scenes from the movies or books, like the boat chase from Live and Let Die for example.

And Joseph, it's a shame to see you drop out. You've done a great job leading up to this, and I was really looking forward to your Poltergeist ride (that's one of my favorite horror movies ever!). It's a shame to see you leave so early, but I understand your reasoning.

From Tim W
Posted July 14, 2013 at 11:01 AM
As Joseph has decided to drop out of the competition, I am still waiting to hear from Mike by the end of today. Rankings and the Next Challenge will be released tomorrow. No poll this week guys!

From James Koehl
Posted July 14, 2013 at 5:11 PM
Bryce McGibeny- "Destination: Eruption" definitely qualifies as a thrill ride, taking the best of current drop tower technologies and pushing them forward with elaborate theming. Your ride would have great special effects, and the opportunity of experiencing a volcanic eruption would be one that every thrill ride lover would ride over and over- if they didn't mind waiting in line for a very long time. You didn't give a length of duration for the ride, but did say that it would be shorter than TOT. Since I don't see how it would be possible to run more than one ride vehicle per tower, thereby making it impossible to preload one vehicle while another is on the ride, I don't see how you could run more than 500 riders/hour (based on some quick math), and that would be generous. For those lucky enough to ride it, they would have an amazing experience. I found your description of the ride mechanics complete and easy to understand. This was a very good proposal, well themed, with a rider/hour problem.

Christopher Sturniolo- "Jack and the Beanstalk" would be a thrilling experience, one that knowledge of OUAT would not be a prerequisite to enjoy. Your attraction was very well conceived, well explained and would be a thrill ride to be remembered. The combination of movement and film/visual effects would be technically challenging but visually stunning. When I read that the ride vehicle tilts forward and the riders plunge 60 feet face-first towards the ground I actually had second-thoughts about riding this- that is the sign of a great thrill ride! The preshow and postshow made this a complete thrill experience, and the story told during the ride itself would be easy to follow even while the riders are being scared by the plummeting.

Chad H.- "It's Only a Theory". Another drop tower, but not to worry- all have been quite different from each other. Putting a "clockpunk" drop tower in a Trinity College setting is rather incongruous but your back story and preshow justifies it, and frankly I think it would look pretty cool. I liked that you want the preshow devices to be active, to keep the area from being too "educational". I think the live "Sir Isaac Newton" ride host was an unusual addition, but with the right actor(s) could definitely make the theme of the attraction more vivid to the riders. The ride itself, with the addition of the face-first drop, would be an OMG thrill ride (and to set the record straight, I have no doubt that you and Christopher came up with the idea independently. What's that about great minds? This was a very well-themed thrill ride, visually exciting and one that would definitely get the heart pumping (and possibly the stomach emptying during the face-down fall).

Alan Hiscutt- "Voyage Through the Labyrinth" is an interesting thrill ride, one guaranteed to get riders totally soaked and quite entertained- as long as they either already know the Labyrinth story or don't really care about it. I don't know the story, and didn't know who the various characters were, so while I didn't really know who they were or why they did what they did, the visuals on this thrill ride were enough that it didn't really matter (and might actually inspire me to rewatch the film, something I haven't done since 1988). I was confused by your description of the ride vehicle/boat, where you specified the rows of seats and how many riders sat in each row, then said that it was a round raft-style boat- the only round raft boats I've seen have all the riders facing into the center with no rows. The ride itself would be a soaker, with multiple waterfalls guaranteeing a totally drenching experience. The thing that surprised me most was the fact that your proposal had multiple grammar and punctuation errors, with sentences that seemed to run into each other. This is the kind of error that detracts from your proposal, and by now you should know that you can't give your competitors any edge over you. Should you move on into the next round of competition, be sure to do major proofreading of your proposal. This was a very good concept, well themed but with presentational issues that detracted from the final impact of it.

Jay R.- "007:Espionage". This was a remarkable attraction, a unique thrill ride quite unlike anything I am familiar with. Your ride practically begs visitors to ride it twice, once on each side to get the full effect and maximum enjoyment. I thought the preshow(s) was/were extremely entertaining, and could cause a bit of traffic jam just from riders wanting to stop and check out all the cool secret agent stuff. The actual ride description was excellently presented, and your use of multiple effects in the different rooms was an imaginative concept that would make this attraction seems almost like multiple rides. This was a memorable proposal, imaginative and well presented.

From Mike Kinshella
Posted July 15, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Based on the exotic adventures of classic pulp icon, Doc
Savage, Sky Rippers puts you in the cockpit of a specially designed biplane as
you soar over the lost valleys and snow-capped peaks of Savage Country in
pursuit of the Red Raiders - a sinister band of air pirates. As expected, not
everything goes smoothly.

This impressive thrill ride is manufactured by Dynamic
Structures and utilizes a custom modified KUKA robotic arm similar to what they
used in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey but with some significant
differences which allows for even greater range of movement including the
ability for the “plane” to perform full barrel rolls and a realistic
splash-down water crash landing at the attraction’s climax. Most of the
experience takes place in state-of-the-art specially designed domes that allow
the 3D ride film to be projected in 360 degrees around and above you (there are
some sequences where a similar dome screen is situated underneath the vehicle
as well. High powered fans (cleverly hidden out of sight) are used to simulate
wind and speed. Other than the take-off and landing sequences, Sky Rippers is a
very intense simulator type experience but features dramatic vehicle movement
unlike any experience that precedes it.


Located in the jungles of Savage Country at Doc’s Camp
Hidalgo command center, a makeshift archway decorated with old propellers and
other plane parts marks the entrance to the queue - an unmanned machine gun sits
on a turret behind some dusty sandbags and lush tropical foliage presses in on
all sides. Once we pass under the archway (with its hand-painted “Camp Hidalgo”
signage) we enter an area where the jungle has been cleared to make way for
what appears to be a military style base camp. Several rusty JEEPs are parked
amongst tents and Quonset huts, a large plane emblazoned with the Hidalgo
Shipping Co. logo is positioned ahead with its propellers spinning and beyond -
a massive hangar rises out of the jungle! The queue snakes through the camp,
rich with details and references to some of Doc Savage’s adventures, toward the
hangar - where the ride begins.


The queue enters a large Quonset hut adjacent to the hangar
that is set up in the fashion of a classroom with a pull-down screen at the
fore. As the queue line switches back through this large space a film flickers
to life on the screen. Doc Savage gives us the low-down on the new experimental
“sky ripper” biplanes specially designed by his trusted allies John “Renny”
Renwick and “Long Tom” Roberts, which we are about to board for some “amazing
views” of the jungle. Doc turns the film over to Renwick and Roberts who, in a
comedic bickering fashion, give us the safety specs of the ride as they argue
over which aspects of the plane are most impressive (with each man clearly
backing his own addition to the design). As the film wraps up (with Renwick and
Roberts still arguing) we leave the hut, receiving our “flight goggles” (3D
glasses) and enter the hangar proper where the ride vehicles await.


"scale model" of a Sky Ripper aircraft

When we enter the hangar we see the vehicles which, at this
point, appear to be normal planes taxiing through the hanger (the robot arm
that actually propels the vehicle is at this point hidden under the body of the
plane). We board the plane (each has two open-air cockpits which seat four
respectively) and it taxis towards the open back end of the hangar - and the
jungle beyond.


The plane enters a physical set which depicts a long but
narrow runway that has been hacked out of the creeping jungle. A low lying
cloud cover hovers near the top of the canopy. Our radio crackles to life and
we hear Renwick and Roberts (still arguing) as they attempt to talk us through
take-off. The plain gains an incredible amount of speed down the bumpy dirt
runway, barely getting enough lift to avoid crashing into several large
boulders at the runway’s end, shakily breaking through the cloud cover and
entering the screen dome and into the ride proper…

Scene 1

As we “get the hang” of flying the plane (a shaky affair) we
soar and dive over the jungle and the base camp (where we see people standing
in the queue that we were just in!). As we make a climb almost straight up,
Roberts comes over the radio informing us that the Red Raiders - infamous air
pirates - have been sighted in the sacred mountains. He asks us to join him in
checking it out as his own personal plane appears next to us (Renwick is riding
in the back cockpit, manning the tail gun). We follow them through a massive
cloud bank as the impressive sacred mountains come into view.

"concept art" of the sacred mountains, sans Red Raiders

As we come closer to the temple ruins on the mountain tops
we see the Red Raiders in their black and red planes! A savage dogfight ensues
which leads us into…

Scene 2

A mad chase into a deep and misty jungle valley. We chase
the Red Raiders between cliffs, under massive waterfalls and through dense
jungle - narrowly dodging tress left and right! Out of nowhere a huge dinosaur
crashes out of the brush, crunching the Red Raider plane that we have been
chasing in its mighty jaws. We pull up just in time, barreling through tree
branches and breaking through the canopy. One Red Raider plane is escaping into
the distance and we meet up again with Renwick and Roberts who comment on (and
argue about) the dinosaurs. A long-necked sauropod rears up unexpectedly from
the trees and knocks us into a wild tail-spin.

A sauropod knocks our plane off course!

We are knocked back into the air by a huge pteranodon which
pursues our flailing aircraft, snapping and clawing at us before being scared
off by machine gun fire from Renwick. Just as we right our craft, Renwick informs
us to “look out behind!” where a dozen more angry pteranodons are flying toward
us - fast!

Pteranodons pursuit in 360 degrees!

Scene 3

Escaping the pteranodons we pass through a cloud bank -
almost crashing right into the huge airships of the Red Raiders (as well as
more of their raid planes). A massive and chaotic battle ensues between ours
and Roberts’ planes, the Red Raiders and the advancing pteranodons. One of the
dinosaurs destroys the biggest airship while our plane pulls off multiple
barrel rolls and ends up viewing the action from a disorienting angle - flying
upside down!

"concept art" of a possible view of the airship battle.

Scene 4

As we fly away from the battle (leaving the pteranodons to
seemingly finish off the Red Raiders), a piece of airship flies toward us (the
result of a fiery explosion), hitting our tail with a pyrotechnic effect and a
huge plume of smoke. We’re going down! We pass through a cloud bank, in effect
leaving the screen dome and entering a physical set - back in the jungle. The
plane is losing altitude fast! We careen and crash through the thick canopy -
Roberts on the radio trying to guide us toward the best place to “land”.
Suddenly we break through the dense vegetation and a lagoon appears in front of
us! WE splash down hard into the water for a wet and surprising, but ultimately
safe crash landing, firing up the propellers and taxiing out of the water and
back through a carved-out patch of jungle which leads back to the hangar at
base camp.

Roberts and Renwick come back onto the radio, making sure we
are okay and commending us for our bravery in action - arguing all the while
about what design aspect of the plane saved us from almost certain death.

From James Koehl
Posted July 15, 2013 at 2:16 PM
Mike Kinshella- "Sky Rippers" meets every description of a thrill ride, and would push the level of technology required to a new height. You incorporated humor, an easy-to-follow story and breath-taking special effects to make this thrill ride one of the most memorable adventures in your park.
I think the story line would be great fun to experience, and the images you included were a good addition and helped me to visualize this story, one I am not familiar with.
I have problems, though, with the mechanics of the ride. Each plane only carries eight riders. Are there more than one plane in the screen dome at a time? In "Harry Potter..." the ride vehicles are moving continuously through the attraction, and the various scenes are presented to the riders as they pass by. If the majority of the action takes place in the screen dome, are there multiple planes in the dome at the same time, as in "The Simpsons Ride" at Universal Studios? If so, it sounds like they would have to enter the dome one at a time and leave one at a time, since you stated that the runway and landing took place in actual sets outside of the scene dome. This would make for awkward time delays as the planes line up to enter and leave, resulting in a terribly low rider/hour rate, a disaster for an attraction as potentially popular as this.
I have read the proposal multiple times trying to grasp how it physically works, and still come up with confusion. This is a problem with a potentially out-of-the-park proposal like this. I love the story and the effects. I think it would be a thrilling adventure for riders. I just don't understand how it works.

From Andy Milito
Posted July 15, 2013 at 3:16 PM
Mike Kinshella: Your ride was really exciting and fun. You managed yet again to sprinkle humor and fun in with your thrills and excitement with great finesse. I've briefly heard of Doc Savage, and I think you chose a good theme to go with for your pulpy, "strange" theme park you've envisioned. At times, there were a few cliches, but it was a fun entry nonetheless.

From Tim W
Posted July 15, 2013 at 7:07 PM
Here are the rankings for this week:

1. Jay R
2. Mike Kinshella
3. Chad H
4. Christopher Sturniolo
5. Alan Hiscutt
6. Bryce McGibeny

The judging panel was certainly all over the place with their rankings this week. However, we all gave a unanimous first place to Jay R this week. Congrats on a job well done this week Jay!

From Jay R.
Posted July 16, 2013 at 1:13 PM
Thanks Tim!!! (And to all the judges!!!)

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