Theme Park Apprentice 5: Challenge 7

Live Show

From Tim W
Posted July 15, 2013 at 6:31 AM
While becoming less of a prominent feature due to the rise of 3D shows, live shows have had a long history in theme parks. Disney’s Hollywood Studios park has an eclectic mix of live shows ranging from musicals to stunt shows.

This week’s challenge will comprise of creating a formal live show for your theme park, which will run at various times throughout the day. Therefore, this cannot be a nighttime show. Your live show should be defined in one of the broad categories of a comedy, musical, or stunt show. However, if you have a different or unique idea, just be sure to run it by us first. The proposal should include a list of acts, performers, and a run time. If you decide upon a musical, please be sure to provide a list of songs.

All submissions should be posted by July 20th at 11:59 PM, PT.

From James Koehl
Posted July 15, 2013 at 8:02 PM
Challengers, remember that I will be on vacation (I know, again?!) over this weekend and will probably not be posting critiques. I will send in my rankings to Tim. Good luck to all!!

From Tim W
Posted July 19, 2013 at 1:14 PM
Remember everyone that tomorrow is the deadline for posting! Please email me with any comments, questions, or concerns pertaining to this week's challenge.

From Alan Hiscutt
Posted July 20, 2013 at 3:40 AM

LucasFilm Studios have confirmed 2 live shows for their new Theme Park. A recreation of the Indiana Jones Stunt Show that is currently shown in Disney Hollywood Studios and their Star Wars themed: Jedi Academy.

The Jedi Academy show is a Live action stunt and behind the scenes show.

The show is housed in the 2500 "Jedi Academy" Theater in the Rebel section of the park. The show runs 3 times a day, 11am, 2.30pm and 4.30pm with each show running about 25 minutes. The theater is covered with an enclosed backstage area so regardless of weather the show will go on, although the sides are open to the elements. (Think the Indiana Jones theater at DHS and you'll get a rough idea.)

The show is hosted by See Threepio and Master Kinkade. The set will have 2 changes (so that's 3 in total) but to start off with, See Threepio and Master Kinkade will enter through the main door on the stage which is decorated to look like the inside of the Jedi Temple.

The stage components are on wheels which make it easier to move, and the first set will revolve to reveal the second set. (I hope that's clear) and for the final the two halves are pushed back to reveal a stationary third set that is always in situ.

The show starts with Threepio and Kinkade entering the stage and welcoming everyone to this demonstration of the latest latest Jedi Academy.

They explain that as well learning about the force and the Jedi, there will be a chance to witness a Lightsaber duel between two of the most promising students here at the Academy.

Threepio: "Hello and welcome to the Jedi Academy. I am See Threepio, Human cyborg relations. And this is Master Kinkade, the teacher here at this Academy"

Kinkade: "Thank you Threepio. Yes welcome to our Academy! I sense much potential here today with our guests. I Have a feeling that today's exhibition will be very special! Now, let me tell you about what you can expect today. We have a great show lined up for you, we are going to test one of you to see if you can use the Force, yes that's right, one of you lucky padawans will get a chance to see if you have the potential to be a Jedi. We will also have a training duel with two of the apprentices here at the Academy.

Threepio: "Master Kinkade, should is it alright if I get my counterpart, R2-D2?"

Kinkade: "Sure thing Threepio, Ill tell our guests a little about today.

With that Threepio exits the stage. At this point, Kinkade will go on to ask if the guests have seen the 'Historical documentaries' that were broadcast ? (He is of course referring to the 6 films) He will encourage the crowd to say YES, and in typical theme park fashion he will then start to get the crowd to yell and cheer whenever he makes a gesture.

As this is a stage show and a behind the scenes look at the effects used in the movies, Kinkade explains that not everything is at seems in the Star Wars universe.

R2 and Threepio come on stage and after some banter between Threepio and Artoo, Kinkade takes the dome of Artoo off and uses the force to reveal a large screen above the doorway that shows up close the stage area so everyone can get a clear view. He reveals that Artoo is just a remote control toy and that one of the students is controlling him off stage. The Real R2 is busy with Luke.

After Kinkade has explained how Artoo works, he uses the force to pick a volunteer to see if they are ready to be a Jedi.

Kinkade: "I sense a presence in the Force, one you here is strong.... Yes, I think..... You, please join me down here, give them a clap guys"

Kinkade will pick a child, if there is a disabled child, present then Kinkade will pick them as well as another child. He will get them to stand in the front of the stage and asks them say their name.

Kinkade: So, before we start, do you know what Darth Vader said to Luke Skywalker? He said, I know what you have for Christmas, Luke said, How? Darth Vader said, I felt you presence! get it, presents? Ahh, never mind. So listen, I think that you might have the Force. Are you ready to test it? Good, See that Ball? I want you to try and lift him with your mind. Like this."

Kinkade will use the force to make ball rise off the the ground, this is actually just the student using the remote control to lift the ball off the ground much like a toy helicopter. After a couple of attempts, Kinkade will encourage the child to stretch out with their feelings and trust in the force, which of course will work and the child will get a goody bag for being a Jedi.

Usually in shows at this point, the child would leave the stage but Kinkade invites them to stay and watch the rest of the show on stage.

At this point the stage will turn round and will look a bit like the interior of a Docking bay and Threepio will leave with Artoo to be replaced with a Jedi called Freya.

She and Kinkade will talk about The Force and what it takes to be a Jedi, the years of training and sacrifice. Kinkade will then joke that he got his Lightsaber from Toys R Us.

Freya will then call out her sparring partner, Yanosh. Freya and Yanosh will perform a 4 minute sparring match using Lightsabers and martial arts with Kinkade calling the action like a WWE commentator.

Kinkade: "Freya looking for a weak spot, OH MY GOSH, did you see that, what a move by Yanosh, he presses home his advantage but great block by Freya. All that training looks like it paid off, but Yanosh is still looking for a chance, Ooh Freya with a kick to the chest, that's gonna hurt in the morning!"

Just an example. As the two Jedi finish sparring, Threepio comes back to the stage.

Threepio: "Master Kinkade, Master Kinkade! Sensors have picked up an incoming shuttle, It bears Imperial markings! What shall we do?"

Kinkade: "Calm down Threepio, you get the students to safety, Freya and myself will investigate"

Threepio: "Oh my, We're doomed. I knew I should have stayed with Master Luke."

As they leave the stage through the door, the actual stage itself rolls back revealing a duplicate of the second set but with what appears to be glass in front of the set itself. This is in fact a Special effects Interactive screen. It allows visual effects to play out as the real time action takes place. In essence it becomes a see through blue screen to allow the visual effects of blasters and lightsaber clashes to be visualized in person.

(Kinkade will explain this after the event, but I thought id best add it in here for clarity)

As the stage pulls away we see Kinkade and the Academy guards readying themselves as the Imperial March start to play out over the PA system. Off from stage right we see Blaster bolts zip across the stage (thanks to the afore mentioned screen) Most fly wide but Kinkade and Freya deflect those away that get too close.

Three stormtroopers enter from the right, shooting at the Jedi, the guards return fire and then Vader appears. He uses the Force to swat away the incoming blaster bolts and the Troopers take their place to the side of the Stage as he ignites his Lightsaber.

Vader: "So, you thought you could hide your Academy from the Empire. A Grave mistake Master Kinkade. Like Obi Wan you will pay for that mistake."

Kinkade: "Darth Vader, only a Sith would be so arrogant. You are outnumbered. I have a whole platoon of guards to call upon and the Jedi students. Give it up, you cannot win."

Vader: "Your faith in these untrained children is misplaced. The Dark Side of the force is too powerful. Lay down your lightsaber and you may yet walk out of here alive"

Freya: "You don't scare us Vader, The Force is strong with us!"

Along with the dialogue, Kinkade and Freya will be
encouraging the crows to cheer and boo at the relevant times.

With that Vader starts to attack Freya and Kinkade at the same time, just when it looks as though the Jedi are getting the upper hand, Vader uses the force to send Kinkade sprawling, whilst Freya and Vader continue their battle, Kinkade asks for help from the Child who took part in the Jedi test. He tells the child to point his finger and yell Stop. Once the child does this, Vader and Freya stop, then Vader lowers his lightsaber.

Vader: "Impressive,Most impressive. I see you have a new student. Indeed they are powerful. They remind me of a child I once knew. I will spare your Academy this time Master Kinkade, but next time you will not be so fortunate."

With that Vader exits and the stormtroopers follow him off stage. Kinkade and Freya along with Threepio walk round the screen and get the crowd to cheer the child. They make them an honorary student of the Academy and send them back to their seat.

Kinkade then breaks character and thanks everyone for a good job. He addresses the crowd and reminds them that Lucasfilm makes films and what you saw here today was an example of Acting and stage fighting.

He asks the Stormtroopers to come back on stage and they explain a little about the screen and how it works. The Original set is back in place with the TV monitor in place, a pre recorded video plays as Kinkade and the Stormtroopers, who are minus their helmets, explain that their blaster rifles have a program loaded that is connected to the screen, when they press the trigger, it causes a Light to fire across the screen giving the impression of a real blaster firing.

Kinkade talks a little about the costumes and the Stormtroopers explain that in the film, the costumes were very heavy and bulky, but the ones used here today are much lighter and more flexible allowing them more movement.

Kinkade: "So can you explain how we are able to deflect the blaster bolts with our lightsabers? If they are not real, how does that happen?"

Trooper: "Well, that's all about timing. As you know it takes weeks of practice to get it right, and even then sometimes we make mistakes. On the stage behind, there are marks on the floor that you have to stand on or 'hit' in Movie speak, and it is a bit like a dance, you have to know when to move, keep track of what's going on and try to keep in time with the other guys on stage. That's partly why we have music playing, we use the music as a cue when to move. As you can see when we play the video in slow motion, not every shot is perfect but with the speed at real time, you can see it looks very good and very real"

Kinkade then thanks the trooper and Freya for another good show. He and Threepio then stand out in the front of the stage again and thank everyone for coming, they hope they enjoyed the show and of course, May the Force be with you.

So A live action stage stunt/behind the scenes show based on the Star Wars Universe. Based at the younger end of the spectrum, hopefully there is enough to keep everyone entertained. The short length of the show is partly due to the time the actors have to spend in their costumes, those things get very warm and their safety has to be considered. The show obviously culminates in the fight with Vader and the special effects screen hopefully adding a new and innovative way to heighten the experience.

From Christopher Sturniolo
Posted July 20, 2013 at 8:51 AM
The Hero’s Journey

Background Information: In the early part of the 20th century, American mythologist Joseph Campbell produced a thesis entitled “The Hero’s Journey” which revealed the underlying story “skeleton” that supports all stories. This thesis can be applied to any story whether it is a fairy tale, myth or even a modern movie. In this attraction, the guests will see this theory put to action as they will see (and even participate in) this thesis as it is brought to life on stage.

Location/Theater: This attraction will be located in the Grimm village (the park’s entrance land) in the Storybook Theater. The theater will have a covered, but not enclosed seating area for about 250 guests (similar to Fantasy Faire’s Royal Theater). The theater setup is long wooden benches with backrests. The show will be about 20 minutes and will play about 4-6 times a day. Also keep in mind I have multiple events for each stage of the Hero’s Journey which will be selected at random to create variation with every show.

Main Show:
•Scene 1 (Introduction): The show starts off as the curtain rises to reveal our host for the show Sir Joseph Campbell (this is just a name allusion, I know the real guy existed centuries later) who tells the guests that all stories are connected together through the idea of a Hero’s Journey. He explains that while these stories come from different cultures and countries, the idea of a Hero’s Journey can be found within them. (There are multiple variations of this thesis, so some steps might not be present in my take on this idea) He asks the guests if they would like to see this idea demonstrated if they help him out. As the show progresses, we will see the various elements brought to life on a large LED screen serving as the backdrop.

•Scene 2 (The Ordinary World): Sir Joseph starts off by telling the audience that all stories begin in the ordinary world. Here the hero is bored with their everyday life and seeks something greater. To explain this he selects the hero of the story (a child between the ages of 7 and 12) and tells them to describe their ordinary life (school, work, parents, etc.) which results in some comedic banter between Sir Joseph and the “hero”. But because today’s story is a fairy tale, the ordinary world is a quiet little farm (painted out on the background) out in the country where the “hero” deals with such “dangers” as milking the cows, planting crops and the biggest of them all, HOMEWORK!

•Scene 3 (Call to Adventure/Refusal of the Call/Assistance): Things are about to change for our hero as he is given his call to adventure. There are two variations on this depending on the gender of the hero.
1.If the hero is a male, the hero’s father (or any other male adult) is chosen to play the part of a wizard who tells the hero that he is the chosen one to save the kingdom from a fire-breathing dragon. Here the hero is given an enchanted sword and comes to assist the hero on his quest.
2.If the hero is a female, the hero’s mother (or any other female adult) is chosen to play the part of a fairy godmother who tells the hero that she is really the long-lost heir to the throne and must save her kingdom from an evil queen. Here the heroine is given a royal locket given to her from her mother before she passed away.

In either scenario, the hero seems hesitant about their journey and might consider staying in their ordinary world for a change. However, the hero accepts their quest through the audience’s encouragement.

•Scene 4: Trials: For the road of trials element of the story, the following happens for each of the two scenarios.
1.MALE: In this version, the hero rides off (Monty Python style complete with Sir Joseph on coconuts) towards the dragon’s lair as he cuts and hacks through the forest (on screen and with Sir Joseph holding up tree branches as props) before approaching the dragon’s lair.
2.FEMALE: Here, the hero enters the kingdom (on screen) where she is approached by the queen’s guard (played by Sir Joseph) as he tells the hero that her story is false and that the queen will never believe her story. (This scene results in some comic banter between the two.) However, the guard lets her in after she uses her most powerful weapon…her big sad eyes.

•Scene 5: Crisis: At this part, the hero finally meets their enemy (played by a fellow guest) and the following happens.
1.MALE: The hero finally comes face to face with the dragon (played by a guest holding a cute, Muppetlike dragon puppet) and defeats it with ease. However, it is on the way back that the hero faces an even bigger battle…
2.FEMALE: The hero finally meets the evil queen (played by a park guest) and reveals her locket to her. This shocks the queen now that her secret is exposed and orders the hero to be locked in the dungeon.

•Scene 6: Return: The hero is now at their darkest hour as they face one last battle before becoming a true hero.
1.MALE: Just as the hero triumphantly leaves the dragon’s lair, the dragon comes back for one last final battle (The dragon is now a large-scale lifelike puppet head extending from stage left.) The hero dodges the dragon’s fiery breath (blasts of hot air) as he is cornered by the creature. Just as the end is near for our hero, the wizard from before tells him to “follow his heart” (in a “Use the Force” type moment) as the hero takes his sword and stabs the creature in the heart, vanquishing it.
2.FEMALE: The hero is locked in the dungeon and cries tears of despair. Just as all hope seems lost, the fairy godmother from before frees her and tells her to believe in herself before letting others believe in her. As the evil queen prepares to address her subjects (the audience), the hero comes out of imprisonment and reveals the royal locket to everyone. Sir Joseph tells the audience to react in surprise as they cheer the hero and boo off the evil queen.

•Scene 7: Resolution: The hero finally defeats their enemy and enters new life.
1.MALE: The kingdom (audience) celebrates the defeat of the dragon and wishes to bestow riches on the hero. The hero then says “No thanks” and tells that the courage he discovered was greater than any riches.
2.FEMALE: The hero is crowned queen of the kingdom and makes her first royal proclamation that all the things kids hate (vegetables, homework, etc.) are banished.

As our hero lives happily ever after, Sir Joseph thanks everyone for coming, especially our three guest actors and reminds guests to live their own lives as if they were on a Hero’s Journey. Each of the three guest actors will receive special pins with their role on it (Mentor, Enemy or Hero).

From Mike Kinshella
Posted July 20, 2013 at 8:17 PM

Located within the Wild Wilderness region, in an outdoor
theater, Showdown at Skull Creek combines elements of a musical comedy with the
classic wild west stunt show. Brutal fist fights, daring horseback stunts,
massive explosions and harrowing gunplay as well as songs and dances will
delight and surprise the audience in this action packed fun filled live show

The Theater

Guests enter the outdoor arena via a wide thoroughfare and
take their seats on two large grandstands situated to the left and right. The
actual staging area is designed to look like the Skull Creek Saloon and
adjacent hotel, as well as a few other structures and a tall scaffolding that
serves as a public gallows (complete with dangling noose). Some barrels and
crates are stacked about and a live horse stands, tethered to a hitching post
in front of the saloon.

The Characters

Big Jim McClain - our de facto hero, Big Jim is a classic
gunslinger type. A renown bounty hunter, he is often at odds with the local
Sheriff and has a romantic past with Bullwhip Annie.

Little Bear - a huge Native American, Little Bear is Big
Jim’s right hand man. He has a big personality to fit his imposing stature and
is almost as quick with a joke as he is with a blade.

Bullwhip Annie - a prominent entertainer at the Skull Creek
Saloon, Annie is as beautiful as she is deadly. She has a romantic past with
Big Jim but takes no guff from the rough and rugged men of Dastardly and her
skill with a bullwhip is unmatched.

Professor McGuillicutty - a swindling rain maker from out of
town, the Professor is seeking protection against Bart Mulligan who is looking
to kill him, but just because he has a known murderer hot on his heels doesn’t
mean he isn’t going to try to peddle his wares to the folks of Dastardly.

Sheriff Flint - the Sheriff of Dastardly and also a horrible
drunk, Flint resents Big Jim (and to a lesser degree, Annie) as they are the
ones that actually keep the peace in town.

“Bloody” Bart Mulligan - well known highwayman, gunfighter
and murderer, Bart is the leader of the Scrub Dogs and a menacing figure feared
far and wide.

The Scrub Dogs - Bart’s gang of outlaws, cutthroats and
miscreants. Truly a nasty bunch.


As guests enter and take their seats they are treated to
entertainment by a local Balladeer named Banjo Bill. He sings traditional
Western songs to the accompaniment of his trusty banjo, tells corny
groan-inducing jokes and picks on people in the assembling audience.

The Show

Once the show begins Sheriff Flint emerges from the Saloon,
bottle in hand and clearly three sheets to the wind. He tells Banjo Bill to
scurry along. When Bill is initially hesitant, Flint pulls a pistol from his
belt and fires several warning shots at Bill’s feet. Bill dances nimbly to
avoid the shots and runs off, hollering at the Sheriff.

Flint then proceeds to welcome us to the boom town of
Dastardly, situated at the mouth of Skull Creek. The Sheriff bemoans the fact
that his sleepy little town is changing and that “hooligan troubadours” such as
Bill are a bad sign, as “singin’ and dancin’ ain’t got no place on the wild
frontier”. As if on cue, Annie bursts out of the Saloon singing a song:

Song: The Ballad of Skull Creek – Annie and Sheriff Flint

Annie describes the rough and rugged lifestyle of folks that
live in the dusty little boom town. The Sheriff backs her up, not generally
agreeing with her points.

After the song, Big Jim and Little Bear ride onto the scene
on horseback, down the center thoroughfare that the guests used to enter the
theater area. They clear the area as behind them a large wagon, drawn by two
grey mares, comes rumbling into the arena. The man driving the horses, short
and squat Professor McGuillicutty, is desperately trying to make them stop. He
finally does. They stop suddenly and he is jettisoned from his perch on the
wagon, flying through the front window of the saloon.

After the dust has cleared the Sheriff demands that Jim and
Little Bear tell him what is going on. They do, in an up-tempo musical number:

Song: Trouble on the ridge – Big Jim, Sheriff Flint, Little
Bear, Annie

Big Jim and little bear describe the scene that they came
across while riding back to town – the Professor surrounded by the villainous
Scrub Dogs on Rattlesnake Ridge. They explain how Little Bear drove off the
outlaws while Big Jim helped the Professor to safety and the three of them
ultimately ended up in town.

The Sheriff is horrified that they are leading the Scrub
Dogs back to Skull Creek – a considerable headache that he doesn’t want to deal
with (especially considering the one he already has thanks toa  wicked hangover).

Again, as if on cue, Bart Mulligan and the Scrub Dogs ride
onto the set, firing their guns in the air they circle the theater at breakneck
speed. Bart himself rears his horse and fires into the air, signaling his men
to stop.

Song: Vengeance – Bart and the Scrub Dogs

Bart introduced himself through a sinister tune with backup
from his gang. He also explains that Professor McGuilicutty swindled him and
stole his gang’s stash of guns. He demands that Jim give up the Professor so
that he can get his comeuppance.

Of course, Jim refuses and a huge fight breaks out. Jim,
Annie, Little Bear and the Sheriff all fight off the Scrub Dogs as Bart chases
the Professor around the set to humorous effect. There is gun play, bullwhip
stunts, horseback shenanigans and explosions a plenty. The whole fiasco ends
with Bart about to lynch the Professor on the gallows only to be foiled when
Jim shoots through the rope. There is a final battle between Jim and Bart as
the Professor retrieves a huge mounted machine gun from within his wagon –
firing it madly all about the arena (tiny pyro effects hidden throughout the
rails of the seating area, coupled with sound effects make it seem as if
bullets are narrowly missing the audience). Ultimately Jim throws Bart (who has
a stick of dynamite stuck in his mouth) into the Hotel which blows up in a huge
fiery explosion.

With the gang subdued and Bart dead, the citizens of Skull
Creek celebrate!

Song: reprise – the ballad of Skull Creek – Annie, Jim,
Little Bear, Sheriff Flint, Professor McGuilicutty

In a big finale the cast sing about their wild lives in Skull
Creek where this type of drama is a daily occurrence, except for the Sheriff
who sings about how much it will cost to rebuilt the town… again.

The End

From Bryce McGibeny
Posted July 20, 2013 at 9:05 PM
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The Girl & The Agora is a musical located in Uncharted Adventures' "Ancient Civilizations - Athens". The show follows the misadventures of a young orphan girl who is living alone in a Grecian Agora. She made a wrong decision, and she is now property of the Greek God of the Underworld; Hades. The only way to break this bond is by finding herself and finding those who truly love her.

Show Aspects - This is a live musical show, and has a run time of about 40 minutes. Show times are prone to change, but are typically at 10:25, 11:45, 1:15, 2:35, 3:45 and 5:35. The stage used is a proscenium stage, and can seat 2,200 guests. The show is all indoors.

The show utilizes many live actors, puppetry, audio-animatronics, heavily detailed sets, lighting changes, multiple effects such as fire, fog, etc. Most of the action takes place in the Agora itself, but some quite a few set changes do occur.

Location and Facade - Like previously stated, the show is located in Ancient Civilizations - Athens. The facade of the show is that of the building behind the main stage area, in the picture shown below.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Guests will enter through the main archway, which takes them directly to main the seating area. It is important to note that when entering through the arch and into the theater, that multipleTeam Members will be efficiently directing guests down the appropriate rows. The first guests in line will fill the first row, then the second, and so on. Wheelchair seating is available near the front of the stage.

Main Characters

- Galene - The main character of the show. Galene is young, but hopeless. She gets by with stealing from different vendors in the Agora.

- Cyrus - Galene's only (human) friend. Cyrus is an older, but funnier and clumsier male character who sticks with Galene wherever she goes.

- Apollo - Apollo is Galene's cat. They have a very special bond and are inseparable. Apollo is made possible by advanced puppeteering.

- Euthalia - A kind and caring woman who sees good things in Galene and her friends.

- Kyros - A spiteful vendor at the Agora who has an iron grip around Euthalia.

- Hades - The God of the Underworld. Hades owns Galene, and is holds her back from being something more than what she is.

Song List

- Typical Day (2:27)
- Typical Day - Reprise (:34)
- Mercy (2:38)
- Who Are We (1:38)
- God of the Underworld (2:22)
- Euthalia's Burden (:49)
- Path to Nowhere (3:12)
- Path to Nowhere - Reprise (:40)
- Does She Care? (2:07)
- I Love Them (1:28)
- Kyros (1:04)
- A New Beginning (2:44)

Main Show

The setting is that of the Agora. Multiple stalls and merchant stands are scattered all across the stage. Tall Grecian columns lie against the far back wall of the stage. The lights are dim, but everything comes to life in the split second with the opening song, Typical Day.

All of the merchants and vendors participate in this song as they go along with their daily routines. It's a fun opening song which is loud and catchy. The vendors and merchants dance and do their daily things around the stage while a small girl snakes her in between them and steals/pickpockets from them. The song comes to a close as all of the merchants and vendors exit the stage, leaving young Galene alone at the center of the stage. She sits over her latest stolen goods and looks down solemnly at them. Galene then goes in to sing Typical Day - Reprise in which she sings about the typical day, but from her viewpoint. At the very end of the song, Cyrus and Apollo rush on stage.

Cyrus - "GALENE! I overheard Kyros talking about you to another vendor! They really want us out of the Agora... I won't be surprised if they go to someone of higher power to get us kicked out of the Agora."

Galene - "But we've done nothing wro..."

Cyrus, Galene and Apollo all direct their eyes to the pile of stolen goods.

Galene - "Well maybe we aren't exactly innocent, but they still can't kick us out!"

Cyrus - "Ahem. According to the decree of Athens, part VII, we are trespassers. We have no home. We are wanders and since we don't own this land, we can be forcibly removed.

Galene - "And where have you found this information?"

Cyrus pulls out a copy of the decree of Athens and finds the spot where he found the information from and points at it rapidly, as Galene tries to read it.

Galene - "Cyrus! You know I can't read! But... I didn't know you could?"

Cyrus straightens his posture and adjusts his clothes and lets out a small cough.

Cyrus - "I am a gentleman of many trades Galene" He says in a snobbish voice.

Galene - "You amaze me sometimes Cyrus, you really do!" She says while laughing hysterically. Apollo lets out a loud meow and runs around Cyrus' feet, causing him to fall over. They all begin laughing hysterically together.

Kyros - "Enjoying yourselves, are we?" States Kyros as he walks onstage and stands above the laughing group of kids on the ground. Galene and Cyrus immediately stop laughing and hop to their feet. Apollo jumps up onto Galene's shoulder.

Galene - "Hello Kyros. We were just moving along..."

Kyros - "Ha! Don't lie to me peasant. You have nowhere else to go... This is the only place you know. But soon that will change. I am planning on talking to higher power in the city about the situation very soon."

Cyrus - "No, you can't!" Cyrus interjects. Then, Kyros, Cyrus and Galene all break into Mercy. The song consists of both Galene and Cyrus begging Kyros for mercy, but Kyros refusing. Kyros abruptly ends the song but slamming his foot down on the ground, and rapidly departing from the stage. Leaving a crying Galene, a hopeless Cyrus and a supportive Apollo alone in the center of the Agora.

Both Galene and Cyrus then perform Who Are We, a much slower and sadder song than Mercy. The song is about them questioning their place in the world and how they don't belong anywhere. Soon, the Agora is flooded with merchants and vendors once again, and they continue on with their daily tasks. Galene, Cyrus and Apollo begin to converse amidst the chaos.

Galene - "We need to get out of here. And fast. I don't know where we will go, but we can make a life somewhere else."

Cyrus - "My mother lives in a small town on the outskirts of Athens. I haven't talked to her in a while, but we can go there and start fresh."

At Galene's last word, a loud bang echoes through the Agora. All the merchants and customers shriek and flee. A purple smoke is omitted from a spot on the center left of the stage, and fireballs are shot into the air. Amidst the smoke and the fire, a massive AA of Hades emerges from under the stage floor. The AA is very advanced and is most impressive.

Hades - "Galene, Galene, Galene. You're not leaving this Agora. You know our special deal that we have..."

Galene - "Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know it alright." Galene says, crossing her arms and looking away.

Cyrus - "Wait... You have a deal with Hades... The God of the Underworld? Hades? The God of..."

Galene - "YES CYRUS! I mean, uh, yes... I do. I made a very wrong decision a few years back with my family, and it was the only way to save them."

Hades - "In order to do that, she could either die herself, or continue a hopeless existence. I bound her to this Agora, knowing this would be the place that she could never truly thrive or grow into anything special. Sad, I know. But, she chose her fate."

Cyrus - "That's cruel... Is there anything she can do to break this bond?"

Hades - "There is, but why would I tell you? After all, I am the God of the Underworld! Hahaha!" Hades then goes into performing God of the Underworld, a catchy and fun (but kind of dark) song where Hades sings about himself and his deal with Galene. At the very end of the song, more purple smoke is omitted and three fireballs are released. Once the purple smoke disperses, Hades has disappeared.

Galene then begins to cry, and both Cyrus and Apollo begin to comfort here.

Euthalia - "Galene! Cyrus! Come with me!" Shouts Euthalia from the farthest corner of the Agora. They all look up quizzically at her, so she rapidly motions again. They all stand up and run towards and she grabs Galene by the arm and takes her off stage.

The lights dim for a few moments as a very quick and efficient scene change occurs. The lights come back on and reveal Cyrus, Galene, Apollo and Euthalia siting in a small and crapped house. They are all sitting around a wood carved table, not speaking, as Galene pours cups of water in the kitchen. She brings them the water and takes a seat at the table also.

Euthalia - "Kyros has informed me about what he plans to do with you two. I see something in both of you... I don't think you deserve this... Any of this."

Galene - "But what can you do? To help us?"

Euthalia - "I can..." Euthalia is interrupted by a banging on the door and the shouts of Kyros. She urgently motions for Galene and Cyrus to hide, but they can't find anywhere in this small home. Euthalia opens the door slowly and Kyros bursts in. Once he sees Galene and Cyrus, he erupts with anger. He yells at them to leave and they quickly run out. He then yells at Euthalia and she yells back, which transitions to the sharp and fierce duet; Euthalia's Burden.

The whole stage is dark, except for both Kyros and Euthalia. This allows for another scene change to occur while they are still performing the song. At the end of the song, Euthalia solemnly walks off stage, while Kyros storms off. The set lights come back on revealing a night scene of a street in Athens. Galene leads the way and belts out the powerful Path to Nowhere with Apollo and Cyrus solemnly following her. Soon, they find a spot to sleep next to a building. But Cyrus finds himself unable to sleep. He sits up and begins to sing Path to Nowhere - Reprise, a shorter but still emotionally powerful version of Path to Nowhere. At the end of the song, he lays down and falls asleep, and the whole stage goes dark.

The set lights come back on and the set is filled with the citizens of Athens rushing around. Cyrus and Galene still lay asleep, but they begin to awake at the sound of someone shouting for them.

Euthalia - "Galene! Cyrus! Galene! ... Apollo? Apollo!" Euthalia shouts as she manages her way through the crowds. Galene and Cyrus notice it's Euthalia looking for them, and they begin to run from her.

Euthalia - "No, wait!" Euthalia catches up with Galene and grabs her arm.

Galene - "We don't want any trouble! Please just leave us alone." Galene tries to push her off.

Euthalia - "No please. Listen to me. I told Kyros to leave me to alone... We are no longer seeing each other. Just trust me." Galene looks at Euthalia for a long time and then nods. Euthalia takes Galene by the hand, and then Galene grabs Cyrus' hand. Apollo jumps onto Galene's shoulders and then Euthalia leads them through the crowds and back to her home. Another set change occurs during a brief period of darkness.

Euthalia, Galene and Cyrus are seen sitting on the floor of Euthalia's humble home. It's storming outside, as the windows show lightning and rain. Lightning occasionally flashes through the whole theater, followed by the sound of thunder. Euthalia talks with Galene and Cyrus about how she wishes to care for them, and provide them for a home. Euthalia lays down comfortable mats on the ground for Galene and Cyrus to use as temporary beds. Everyone gets read for sleep, but Euthalia is restless.

While Galene, Apollo and Cyrus sleep, Euthalia sings the sweet I Love Them, where she sings about how much that these kids already mean to her, and she wishes to have them as her own, especially after her very own child died a few years back. At the end of the song, Euthalia dozes off to sleep and the stage grows dark.

The next scene starts out with a loud bang at the door. Sunlight is now beaming in through the windows, as it is now morning. Everyone jumps up quickly and Apollo starts to hiss. Another bang is heard and the voice of Kyros echoes through the house.

Euthalia - "I'll deal with this." Euthalia pushes her way to the door and slings it open in anger.

Kyros - "Oh Euthalia. So good to see you."

Euthalia - "I told you to let me be. We are no longer going to see each other and that is final."

Kyros - "Oh Euthalia, you can be so... Wait. What's this?" Kyros tilts his head to the side and sees Galene and Cyrus. He squints with anger.

Kyros - "You better explain this! I have reported these kids and they are going to be removed the Agora! They have no home there! Why are you keeping them Euthalia?!"

Euthalia - "They don't have a home there anymore, they now have another home... With me." Before Kyros can respond, Euthalia takes a stand for herself and pushes Kyros out her doorway. She then begins to perform Kyros, a loud and abrasive song whee she sings to him about all the wrongs he has done to her. She finishes the song by slamming the door on him, as he still lays on the ground silently.

Cyrus - "You were so brave in standing up for yourself Euthalia..."

Euthalia - "Thank you... I don't know why I didn't do that sooner. His iron grip around me was too much... Hopefully you won't be removed the Agora, because... Well, you have a home with me."

Galene gets teary eyed, then runs into Euthalia's arms. Euthalia holds her tightly and laughs/cries. Cyrus and Apollo then join and they all embrace one another.

Euthalia - "I truly love all of you. You guys are part of my family now, and you now a have a permanent home... With me."

Suddenly, purple smoke effects are launched from the center floor of Euthalia's house. Then, three fireballs are released into the air and while the smoke is dense, the Hades animatronic rises from below the stage. When the fireballs are finished and the smoke clears, the advanced and large AA of Hades is visible to the crowd.

Hades - "Galene. You have been accepted into the home and heart of Euthalia. She saw true meaning and a great soul inside of you, allowing her to develop a great love for you, and you for her. Along the way, you, with the help of your friends, have discovered where you belong. The love from Euthalia, Cyrus and even Apollo is enough to break the bond. You are now free."

At Hades' last word, he disappears again amidst a dazzling array of smoke and fire effects. Everyone is still holding each other in astonishment. Galene begins to cry tears of joy and then settles herself down on Euthalia's bed.

Galene - "It looks like this is a new chapter in my life, and in all of our lives. It's a new beginning."

Euthalia, Galene and Cyrus then begin to sing the joyous and powerful final song "A New Beginning" in which they express their joy in this new chapter opening up in all of their lives. At the final note, they all take hands and bow.

All of the cast then makes their rounds on the stage, bowing to the audience. When the final cast member bows, the curtains close and Team Members begin to direct the audience out of the theater.

Note: This is not the full dialogue for the show.

From Jay R.
Posted July 20, 2013 at 11:51 PM
Book! The Revue! (as in review :-)

Exposition Summit: A Literary Park

Location: Americana

While Exposition Summit offers a regular season of productions (Shakespeare, Arthur MIller, Tennessee Williams, etc.), "Book! The Revue" is an original variety show designed exclusively for Exposition Summit.

This is a variety show that includes sketches, music, improv & games that allow guest to win prizes. This show offers different experiences daily.

Show Run Time: 35 - 45 Min.
Daily Shows - 4 (11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm)
Theater: Indoor
Seating: 99 Seats

Show Format: Sketch / Improv / Musical / Game Show.

The outside is designed as the outside of a library. The queue leads to the entrance, as guest go through they will see literary facts & info on the walls.

As they enter they see 2 attendants. The attendants get everyone's first name & last initial & direct them to the theater.

The Theater: There is a large stage with a screen behind it. For seating, there's house left, house right & center. There are aisles separating each.


As guest are seated & waiting for the show to begin, the interactive element begins. Actors are planted in & around the audience & mini scenes are performed in succession.

Scene Example: An "older woman" (obviously costumed) is walking down the aisle, when her "older friend" yells up to her in an exaggerated midwest or southern accent.

Old Woman - "Francine, did you finish the book, 50 Shades of Grey, for our book club meeting?"

Francine - "Oh, I only got to 47 shades before my blood pressure went up & I had to put it down!"

They laugh & giggle & fan themselves as they exit. There are about 3 - 4 of these style of "mini scenes" in & around the audience before the show.


The house lights dim & the theme from Reading Rainbow (Butterfly in the Sky) begins playing. In the middle of the song, the audio stops & audiences hear a woman speak.

Woman - That song is nice, but I think we need something with a little "ummphh".

At that point, dancers enter from the back of the house, heading down & doing choreography in the aisles. On stage, a sassy, doo wap, girl group in matching sequin dresses (like the Supremes or something) saunters out & begins singing & dancing.

Belting vocals go to Eb.

There will be original music composed for the show, but just for easier reference, I'll use well known songs here, but with changed lyrics. For example, "Reading In the Streets" (original song is the Motown song "Dancing in the Streets")

Lyric excerpt:

Oh, it doesn't matter, what your speed
Just as long as you can read
So come on, everyone, grab a book,
From a Kindle, or a Nook

We'll be reading....Reading in the streets.....

The song ends with everyone on the stage, posed ridiculously & taking huge breaths, while smiling in a cheesy manner.

The main cast runs out on stage clapping & with high energy. There will be usually be 5 - 7 of the core cast, with a designated caller or host.

The cast will be comprised on trained improv actors (long & short form), so they'll be able to work off each other as well as the audience.

Cast / Host - "Welcome everyone to "Book! The Revue" (the title card appears on the screen) The fun part is you have no idea what's going to happen during this show.......and neither do we, so we're all on the same page!" But we are going to have a blast! There will be music, improv, games, prizes!

So sit back & we'll be back after a word from our sponsor!


Commercials: There are humorous, quick "commercial" breaks during the show. These advertisements give the cast time to set up the next portion of the show. The commercials will either be live or taped (this allows all commercials to be updated / changed at any point)

Sample Commercial:

V.O - In an effort to get more young people into classic literature, we've reintroduced them in a stylish new way! So be sure pick up the debut album by Edgar Allen Poe - Teen Pop Sensation!

At that point, a cool, teenage Poe begins to croon..."Lenore, girl.....ever since you went away, my heart has been in a pit, & feeling like pendulum..."

On the screen, guest will see the album track listing as the voice over reads them & plays samples of each.

1. Fall of the House featuring Usher
2. This Party is a Rave'n
3. Tell Tale (My) Heart

Ending V.O. - You'll go "mad" if you don't pick up this album!

ACT 1:

The first act of the show will be a "game show" portion, where members of the audience can win prizes. There are a variety of games & specific games will vary from show to show. I'm using a quiz show for this example.

Game Show Music begins playing as the HOST runs out in full on game show outfit (wig, sequin jacket & mic). Another actor walks in front carrying a sign that reads "APPLAUSE".

The doo wap girls return as the game show models & the other cast members go in the crowd to recruit & select volunteers. The stage is set with lecterns.

The Host will have quick banter with all volunteers before any game play.

Host - So, what do you do for a living?

Audience Volunteer - Uh, nothing....

Host - Oh, so you work for the government!


Pop Quiz - Test your literary knowledge! You don't have to be smart to win, just smarter than the people you're playing against! (Questions will be relatively easy for a mainstream audience.)

What type of animal is Moby Dick? Fill in the blanks. Where the ___ ___ Grows?)


This break features an ad for Family Feud - Game of Throne Edition

The House of Stark vs The House of Lanister

We surveyed 100 people about weddings.....

ACT 2:

The Dating Game: Literary Edition. - A few audience members will have a chance at love when they play the dating game with surprise literary characters (played by the cast) including Bella, Jacob & Edward from Twilight, Harry & Voldermort from Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Jay Gatsby & more! Who knows who will show up? Will they be able to find true love?

Barnes & Noble: The Soap Opera - The cast perform in the original soap, Barnes & Noble. The audience soon finds themselves caught in the middle of this steamy drama as a few guest are exposed. (The names & initials taken in the queue are used here).

The cast pose dramatically on stage as the torch ballad, Barnes & Noble, is sung.

Lyric excerpt.

Someone's giving dirty looks
next to the cookbooks
there's a rumor
spreading near humor
there's a steamy plan,
steps away from the newsstand
the drama goes global
at Barnes & Noble.....

The scene begins on stage & ends on a cliffhanger in the audience.


An ad for Agatha Christie's Home Security Systems.

The show ends with the full cast & The Reading Rainbow Theme song "sing along". The lyrics are played over the screen.

From Chad H
Posted July 21, 2013 at 2:12 PM
It's… Not Monty Python

Playing now, live in the Ol' Queen Vic theatre, conveniently located in the heart of codename: WINSTON is "It's…. Not Monty Python"

The Mythos places this "version" of the show as existing before the rise of Monty Python as we know it. Instead the skits were performed by different actors who were replaced after they dared to demand to be paid for their work, and replaced with substitutes from Cambridge for the TV show.

The name alludes to the the "Its" man sketch that cold opened the TV show.


The Ol' Queen Vic is styled as a mid 19th century theatre as it might appear in 1940's london. Classic Gothic architecture fronts out onto the main path. The windows are dark, and recreations of classic wartime propaganda posters align the building.

Inside Foyer

inside the Queen Vic the Foyer continues the stresed, but still grand vision of the outside. Although there are openings for a "cloakroom", "Bar", and upper balconies, these are roped off, or otherwise marked as "closed" due to "Wartime Shortages"


The main seating for the show is in the stalls, there is a balcony and boxes above but it is just for show (the fake entrance being "roped off" as mentioned before). Runtime is approximately half an hour. Note I'm not including the full sketch, just a few lines for those unfamiliar with them.


Sketch 1 - Four Yorkshiremen

The show opens with a variant of the Four Yorkshiremen sketch made famous by Monty Python (but actually predating python) For those who aren't familiar, its 4 now rich men trying to top each others story about how hard their childhood was… here is part of the sketch

Who'd have thought thirty year ago we'd all be sittin' here drinking Château de Chasselas, eh?
FIRST YORKSHIREMAN:In them days we was glad to have the price of a cup o' tea.
SECOND YORKSHIREMAN: A cup o' cold tea.
FOURTH YORKSHIREMAN: Without milk or sugar.
FIRST YORKSHIREMAN: In a cracked cup, an' all.
FOURTH YORKSHIREMAN: Oh, we never had a cup. We used to have to drink out of a rolled up newspaper.
SECOND YORKSHIREMAN: The best we could manage was to suck on a piece of damp cloth.
Sketch 2 - Bookshop sketch

C: Er, yes. Do you have a copy of 'Thirty Days in the Samarkind Desert with the Duchess of Kent' by A. E. J. Eliott, O.B.E.?
P: Ah, well, I don't know the book, sir....
C: Er, never mind, never mind. How about 'A Hundred and One Ways to Start a Fight'?
P: ...By?
C: An Irish gentleman whose name eludes me for the moment.
P: Ah, no, well we haven't got it in stock, sir....
C: Oh, well, not to worry, not to worry. Can you help me with 'David Coperfield'?
P: Ah, yes, Dickens.
C: No....
P: (pause) I beg your pardon?
C: No, Edmund Wells.
P: I... *think* you'll find Charles Dickens wrote 'David Copperfield', sir....
C: No, no, Dickens wrote 'David Copperfield' with *two* Ps. This is 'David Coperfield' with *one* P by Edmund Wells.
P: 'David Coperfield' with one P?
C: Yes, I should have said.
P: Yes, well in that case we don't have it.
C: (peering over counter) Funny, you've got a lot of books here....

Sketch 3 - Parrot Sketch
Rather than clear the stage, the customer is replaced with one carrying a birdcage, to segue naturally into Monty Python's famous parrot sketch… The story of a man trying to return a defective parrot he had purchased earlier…

Owner: No no he's not dead, he's, he's restin'! Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn'it, ay? Beautiful plumage!

Customer: The plumage don't enter into it. It's stone dead.
Owner: Nononono, no, no! 'E's resting!
C: All right then, if he's restin', I'll wake him up! (shouting at the cage) 'Ello, Mister Polly Parrot! I've got a lovely fresh cuttle fish for you if you show...
(owner hits the cage)
O: There, he moved!
C: No, he didn't, that was you hitting the cage!
O: I never!!
C: Yes, you did!
O: I never, never did anything...
C: (yelling and hitting the cage repeatedly) 'ELLO POLLY!!!!! Testing! Testing! Testing! Testing! This is your nine o'clock alarm call!
(Takes parrot out of the cage and thumps its head on the counter. Throws it up in the air and watches it plummet to the floor.)
C: Now that's what I call a dead parrot.

Rather than the usual ending, the sketch instead ends with the shop owner quipping "Blimey, when I took this job I didn't expect the Spannish Inquisition

Sketch 4 - Spannish Inquisition
NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency.... Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.... Our *four* *Amongst* our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll come in again.
Sketch 5 - French Taunting

A recreation of the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail / spamalot where they try and storm a french castle

French Soldier: I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

Sketch 6 - Ministry of Silly walks
More of a visual joke, so I sadly can't describe John Cleases' silly walk sketch in a way that gives it credit. Its set in a typical English office.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, but I’m afraid my walk has become rather sillier recently.”
Sketch 7 - Argument
Rather than clear the stage again, the office scene of the previous sketch

Man: Is this the right room for an argument?
Other Man:(pause) I've told you once.
Man: No you haven't!
Other Man: Yes I have.
M: When?
O: Just now.
M: No you didn't!
O: Yes I did!
M: You didn't!
O: I did!
M: You didn't!
O: I'm telling you, I did!
M: You didn't!
O: Oh I'm sorry, is this a five minute argument, or the full half hour?
M: Ah! (taking out his wallet and paying) Just the five minutes.
O: Just the five minutes. Thank you.

Show Closing

To Close the show, after the curtain comes down, one of the actors comes through the curtain and explains that he indeed never wanted to be a comedic actor… Instead he wanted to be…. a lumberjack… The curtain reveals the remaining cast, ready to perform Monty Pythion's Lumberjack song

Alternative Show

During peak holiday season, the its.. Monty Python is supplemented by a sketch review written and performed by the "Cambridge Footlights". This university group is famous for giving many of the Pythons, and other famous british comedians their big break. Chances are in 10 years or so you'll be able to say you saw someone before they were famous.

From Tim W
Posted July 22, 2013 at 5:58 AM
Alan Hiscutt: Jedi Academy would have been a promising and original live show, if it did not already have roots tied to a current Disney’s Hollywood Studios show. I hate to be so nitpicky, but I could not wrap my head around why you referred to C-3PO, as Threepio during the entire proposal. This appeared to me that you did not do your research this week, however the reasoning became clearer later on in the proposal when you introduced Artoo. Some of the details, such as having the stage on wheels seemed a bit odd to me, when wonders can be done with mechanics and a stage system similar to Carousel of Progress. There certainly was some story differences, but the basic conception to have a children’s Jedi show came off as redundant.

Christopher Sturniolo: The Hero’s Journey was a really fun, cute take on a live show for this week’s challenge. Rather than continuing with the Disney or Once Upon a Time stories, the curveball that was introduced sounded like a very special show to attract younger audiences. The show had an entertaining, dual story that would certainly satisfy prince and princesses alike. One potential flaw is the lack of audience participating by only having one participant per show. While chances for participating in a Disney show are already slim, I think it would have been in the best interest of the show to have the one prince or princess, but invite multiple other children to participate in various roles as well. Overall, the show came off as a very Disney family friendly show.

Mike Kinshella: Showdown at Skull Creek went above the expectations of a musical, stunt show, or comedy, by combining all three genres into a great live show. The show captured the spirit of the wild west, with an old time revue setting. I was hooked on this show, and could envision the songs mixed in with the various scenes, stories, and fight sequences. The final battle scene put the show over the top, with the massive explosions and pyros. The showdown would certainly be a showstopper at your park!

Bryce MCGibeny: I thought it was a bold move to create this musical show off of a weird subject matter. However, you definitely made things work this week. It was such a passionate story, that you mixed well with music, including a list of your own created song titles. The addition of pyro, puppets, and other special effects made this show truly remarkable. I believe that the addition of the effects made this a Broadway style show, which could easily be replicated in NYC, if it ever came into existence.

Jay R: Book! The Revue, was a very cute and comedic show. I found it to be an unusual choice given all the opportunities you have to create a singular book themed show. There were many funny aspects to the show; of course you would have to love all books to get all the jokes. The quiz show part really took the show to a different level. I liked this addition, where people would be able to test their knowledge about literary classics. I especially loved the dating game segment, believing this would attract crowds with the addition of high profile literary couples.

Chad H: It’s Not Monty Python was a rather confusing entry to your park. While so many of your attractions have been serious, this attraction throws all seriousness out of the window. I’m not even sure if a show like this would mesh well with other park aspects, being so cheesy and lighthearted. I liked the idea of doing this show as a sketch style comedy show, but I wish there was somewhat of a plot to combine all the various sketches.

From Christopher Sturniolo
Posted July 22, 2013 at 6:22 AM
Tim, I think you misread my proposal. While I do hav one child participate in the show. I also have two other parts for the adults to fill (mentor and enemy)

From Andy Milito
Posted July 22, 2013 at 9:20 AM
Alan Hiscutt: I can't help but feel that your entire show was just too much in the vein of the Jedi Training Academy at Star Wars Weekends at Disney World. The mannerisms and routes the show took, while enjoyable at times, were just too similar to the Training Academy. It also bothered me that the characters essentially broke the fourth wall several times, referencing real world products and such. It was then that I couldn't really decide what was going on with the writing. The stage moving didn't utilize some of the technology that would've been better, but it got the job done.

Christopher Sturniolo: Your show was a cute little show that I'm sure younger kids would definitely enjoy, but adults as well. There was some funny tongue-in-cheek humor (like the Monty Python coconuts), and it wasn't just run-of-the-mill jokes. The audience interaction was fun, and it would definitely be a blast to be a part of a fun show like this. I thought the whole "skeleton of a story" plot wasn't entirely necessary, and could have been a cute show without it. In fact, I thought the whole concept of explaining how a plot is made would have worked really well in the Literary Park that Jay has created!

Mike Kinshella: Your show was the absolute perfect mix of music, comedy, and adventure in the Wild West! You did a great job of setting up the atmosphere of the Old West, and I was really invested in the nice little setting (as a fan of Westerns, I was particularly intrigued). The songs were fun, and all added to the plot in a fun and unique way. There was also a handful of Wild West humor (kinda reminded me of The Lone Ranger, actually!), and it was all mixed together seamlessly with good transitions. I think this is a must-see for Western fans like me, but most everyone will find something to enjoy about it!

Bryce McGibeny: Your show was quite interesting this time around. I think making a musical wasn't completely necessary, but you made it work REALLY well by putting so much effort and detail into your songs, right down to the very run time of each song. The effects were also well done, especially that of puppets. I'm always a sucker for traditional effects over some bombastic effects, and I'm glad you chose the more subtle route of puppetry and such. Something about this show gave me a vibe similar to that of Guillermo del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth," probably due to the whimsical nature of the story and the effects. Great job!

Jay R: I liked the concept of a sketch comedy for your show this time. It really added the feeling that you could watch this show several times and have something different each time, which I absolutely love. The references to each book or book series were absolutely hilarious (the Game of Thrones one really got me!). The use of commercials was a good transition, but using the word "commercial" made me think more of TV than literature. I understand that the whole show had a sketch comedy TV show vibe, but the whole theme of literature acted against it, and kind of confused me.

Chad H: Another interesting sketch comedy show that I found enjoyable for the most part. Monty Python is absolutely hilarious, and you nailed the humor of the character. There wasn't much of a transition between your sketches, however, kind of losing any sense of storyline or plot. Your show was goofy and fun, a strange but interesting difference to the other attractions of your park.

From Tim W
Posted July 22, 2013 at 10:20 AM
Jim will not be able to post critiques this week, as he is on another roller coaster high. I did, however, receive his rankings. Here are the rankings for this week:

1. Mike Kinshella
2. Jay R
3. Bryce McGibeny

All 3 of you will be saved this week from elimination. The three contestants who need your votes to be saved will be Chad H, Christopher Sturniolo, and Alan Hiscutt.

Please vote when the poll becomes available!

From Tim W
Posted July 23, 2013 at 6:38 PM
Voting is now over, and we have to say goodbye to our next contestant. Christopher Sturniolo, you have been fired. Great job during the competition!

From Christopher Sturniolo
Posted July 23, 2013 at 8:17 PM
Thanks for allowing me to participate and best of luck to the rest of the contestants! PS: Who let that random guy post in this week's challenge area?

From James Koehl
Posted July 24, 2013 at 6:49 PM
Christopher, you're a fine competitor and a classy guy. As far as the rogue poster on TPA5 challenge 8 goes (O T) there is no way to block anyone from posting a proposal. He will not be critiqued nor voted on, since he is not in this competition. Perhaps if he wishes to participate in future competitions...

And yes, I'm back from vacation.

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