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Disneyland: A trip report

From Shane Malaski
Posted May 12, 2013 at 11:01 PM
My first Disneyland trip was may 7 to 11. We stayed at Best Western Park Place Inn across street. Its was cheap but if we ever go again, were definitely going to stay at the disneyland hotel. Seeing bums on the bus benches on harbor when you return from the park kindve takes away the magic you just witness. We bought a 3 day park hopper ticket for wed, thurs, and fri. On touringplans it was a 2,2,7 for the week for park crowds. Disneylands 2 equals disney worlds 5 or 6. I love disney but disneyland is a step down from the world and heres why.

My biggest gripe of the parks our the downtime of rides whether its for handicap people, tours, people with nothing wrong, and line cutters. California Screaming, Grizzly River Run and Matterhorn were down every day at some point when we were there. Wednesday and Thursday California Screaming was down multiple times throughout the day and night. Indiana Jones was closed one day and down the next two days, great ride by the way. When we went on its a small world, we shouldve stuck to the right queue when they divided because we had to wait time and time again for people to be boarded whether they were handicap or not. Toy Story Mania this was another ride with that. During that ride the ride shut down 2 times for 10 seconds at least. Then on haunted mansion every time it went down 3 or 4 times with extended delays during the ride experience. It just took away the magic of the ride.

Another thing is the line cutters. It was adults and teenagers. Youre suppose to have half of your party in the queue before you enter. There were multiple occasions there were people cutting in line to catch up to the one person who was in line for the group. Disneyland needs to be stricter on this. I dont see this at cedar fair parks or disney world. Matterhorn opened at 1 every day was well. There is no reason why this ride has to open up at 1.

California Adventure has some real duds. The monsters inc ride is a awful. Most of the ride is just not disney creative except for the doors room. And the loading of one car was atrocious for the 20 min wait which it shouldnt of been. The zypher ride is a waste of space it wasnt working at all anyways when we were there. I think California adventure is at least another e ticket ride from being a quality park. Toy Story needs to have a fast pass machine. Disneylands ride operation no where near match the quality of disney world.

The great things about this trip. Radiator Springs is everything is built up to be and more. Disneyland has some great food. The beignets at cafe orleans great. We got the dessert party for fantasmic and i went to cafe orleans for the berry and vanilla dips and got beignets from mint julep bar. What a great experience. Also the mint julep was great as well. The cozy cone motel food is fantastic. Get the chicken verde its great. The tower of terror was different we had i think 6 quick drops. I like it better then disney world. Pirates and Space Mountain are better here as well. The new Princess faire was great addition as well.

The crowds friday night were crazy. I have never been in a park that crowded before. We always go non peak times to orlando and cedar fair parks and six flags. This was suppose to be a 7 and yet it was a nightmare. Do not go to disneyland on friday, saturday and sunday.

Disneyland needs some work, toon town and tomorrowland needs a facelift desperately. My favorite part of the park is new orleans square, to me that was the purest disney. The whole cars land is definitely worth the price to go see this park, just if they keep the lines moving.

From Shane Malaski
Posted May 12, 2013 at 7:00 AM
Also i forgot about my world of color experience. We ate at carthay circle for the dining fast pass. It was a great meal by the way, i had the ravoli and my wife had the salmon. The problem was that the tickets didnt provide good seats. We had to stand for the show, and we were behind 4 lines of people. For my daughter i had to pick her up most of the time. Disney i think is trying to make it orderly fashion like fantasmic but i think they can do better.

From Russell Meyer
Posted May 13, 2013 at 7:53 AM
I would agree with the Carthay Circle World of Color seating. We arrived about 20 minutes before the show, so perhaps that played a role, but you would think guests spending so much for a meal in the premiere restaurant in the park would be guaranteed some good seats for the show. I'm not sure if it was that we were too late or if that was the designated seating area for Carthay Circle patrons all the time, but it was not the greatest location.

The Golden Zephyr is a great ride, and a cool throwback to seaside amusement parks. However, it has frequent downtime because it is sensative to high wind conditions.

Midway Mania is a very complicated attraction, and if you're going to complain about getting stuck on a screen for a few extra seconds, then you should just stay at home. All it takes is for one hiccup in the load/unload process to "stack" the cars and create that delay. Also, the DCA version cannot have FastPass because there's not enough room for the FastPass queue. They used to have a single rider line, but even that created a mess because of inconsistant management of the lines.

DCA has five "E" ticket rides (Soarin' Over California, Tower of Terror, Radiator Springs Racers, Toy Story Midway Mania, and California Sceamin'). That's a pretty good collection, and they're spread around the park. It's far improved over where it was just 5 years ago, and is totally a full day park these days.

The DCA Tower of Terror is far inferior. Not only does it lack the 4th Dimension room, but the drop sequences are the same every time. The Disney Hollywood Studios version has random drop sequences and is far better overall.

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