Too fat for Cedar Point coasters?

Cedar Point: Which CP rides are likely to pose a problem?

From Karina Thomas
Posted June 13, 2013 at 8:04 AM
I'm heading to CP in a few weeks and pretty apprehensive/nervous about the way their rides are so unforgiving with larger riders. Which rides are likely to cause problems for me when I go?

I'm 5'7", 250lbs, female, and I carry *all of that extra weight in my belly area. Thighs and hips are normal-sized, I'm very top-heavy, but I've never had a problem getting OTSRs to fit over my chest.

I'll give you a history of which rides I've fit and haven't fit so you guys can advise me properly:

I know Intamin is really unforgiving with fat people, but I've never really had many problems with Bizzaro at SNFE or El Toro at GADV. I've been stapled on El Toro, but I've never been unable to buckle the belts or get the lap bar to come down far enough; I've never had to take a walk of shame on that ride. The seatbelt lengths on Bizzarro at SFNE are variable. Twice, I've been unable to fasten the belt. I've successfully fastened the belts on Bizzaro hundreds of times though, and I always manage to get the lap bar down far enough, but it's always a tight fit. How do the seatbelts on MF and TTD compare to the seatbelts on Bizzaro?

With wooden rollercoasters, those are often a tight fit, but I've never had to take a walk of shame on any woodie.

I've never been unable to fasten OTSRs, but on most B&Ms with OTRS, I only manage to get 2 clicks down. I manage to get the belt buckled by myself on every B&M OTSR I've ever ridden, but there isn't a lot of slack once the belt is buckled.

So, what do you think? Which CP rides are likely to pose a problem?

From Russell Meyer
Posted June 13, 2013 at 10:58 AM
Millennium Force and Dragster are going to be the biggest issue. Both use seat belts with the annoying lap bars that you find on Bizarro at SFNE. The length of the belts are a bit inconsistant, especially on MF, so while you might be able to buckle the one on the test seat, you might be a half inch short on the actual train.

You shouldn't have a problem with anything else. Maverick uses the newer Intamin OTSRs, while Wicked Twister uses the older ones. Magnum uses a standard seat belt and lap bar with plenty of room. Raptor is a standard B&M invert while Mantis is a standard B&M standup. Gatekeeper uses the new style B&M OTSRs utilized on fliers with the ratcheting vest, while Corkscrew and Draggin' Iron use standard Arrow OTSRs.

My advice would be to expect to not be able to fit on MF or TTD.

From Bradley Keith
Posted June 13, 2013 at 1:48 PM
Yeah, all the harnesses on the major rides at CP are standard. You will be able to fit in Gatekeeper but the harness slowly tightens as the ride goes (it's not bad at all but I thought I should mention it.) If you've ridden a B&M flyer the foam thing that sort of is loose, between the actual harness and the seat, that thing tightens. Again, it's not that bad though.

I'd sadly plan on not riding Dragster or MF, but I'd try, as they're both great rides. Like, really great rides.

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