Going to six Flags Magic Mountain Need to know rides.

Six Flags Magic Mountain: I need to know what rides to go on at six flags magic mountain and the ride order to get maximum riding. theyre only open for 7 1/2 hours the day im going so take that into consideration.

From Jarod Rydalch
Posted September 12, 2013 at 9:14 PM
I am going to six flags magic mountain on september 28 2013. i want to be able to rid all of these rides i just dont know what order to ride them in so that it is possible to ride them all. That day i am going they are only open from 10:30 to 6:00 so i need to be able to ride all of those any and all suggestions help. ok heres the list.
7.full throttle
12.Ridlers Revenge
15.lex luthor drop of doom
16.green lantern
If there is any other great rides i should ride or rides i should ride twice tell me also great food in park?

From James Rao
Posted September 13, 2013 at 3:54 AM
Jarod, I just posted a similar thread last week to which a few TPI regulars answered most excellently. So scroll down a bit in the listings and you should find the info you seek. It was titled "Best Coaster Touring Strategy for Six Flags Magic Mountain?"

One thing I would note, the main thing, is that X2 is down and out for a while, so that may definitely change your plans. It changed mine.

From Tyler Harris
Posted September 13, 2013 at 11:42 AM
X2 is down. Full Throttle is overrated. All the other coasters except Green Lanern are typical Six Flags coasters. Just go to Disneyland :p.

From AJ Hummel
Posted September 13, 2013 at 12:46 PM
Tyler, have you ever been to SFMM before? If not, it's probably better to not comment. At the event I attended last weekend, a majority thought Full Throttle was one of the best coasters in the park, and while SFMM may not have the world's best coasters they have a number of unique rides and the best collection of any park I've visited.

Jarod, here is the information I posted in James's similar thread last week (updated slightly to reflect current information and your other questions):

In the off-season, SFMM is rarely too crowded that you can't get everything done in a day. I like to visit on off-season Sundays as it is rare for anything to have more than a 20 minute wait unless only one train is running. In fact, I've gone and ridden all the coasters (and a few other attractions) without difficulty even though I had a full sit-down lunch. If you visit on Sunday, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you are visiting on Saturday only and are not willing to get a Flash Pass I'd recommend the following order:

1. Full Throttle
2. Goliath
3. Green Lantern
4. Batman The Ride
5. Riddler's Revenge
6. Apocalypse
7. Tatsu (if line is over 45 minutes, return at the end)
8. Ninja
9. Superman
10. Gold Rusher (optional)
11. Colossus
12. Scream!
13. Road Runner Express (optional)
14. Canyon Blaster (optional)
15. Revolution
16. Viper

A few notes about SFMM's coasters in general:

-Full Throttle, Green Lantern, and Superman all have low capacity, so you absolutely want to get all of them done before lunch. Scream and Apocalypse also currently only have one train so lines may be longer than normal on those coasters.
-Colossus, Gold Rusher, and Revolution rarely get significant lines. Ninja, Scream!, and Viper are also typically less than 10 minute waits unless only one train is running.
-Goliath, Apocalypse, and sometimes Riddler's Revenge develop long lines in the afternoon that don't typically vanish completely, but are often dead in the morning. Tatsu consistently has a long line all day.
-Lex Luthor is a tempermental ride and often breaks down. If it is running when you walk by, ride, and if not come back later. The ride rarely has more than a 15 minute wait anyway.
-The kiddie coasters are rarely busy. Note that Magic Flyer has a maximum height restriction of 54", no exceptions, so you won't be able to ride (hence why I didn't include it in my plan above).
-Be aware that X2 has recently had some issues (broken lift hill chain) and will be closed until December. If this is a deal breaker, you may want to hold off on a visit, but fortunately this is not SFMM's only top-tier coaster. Also note that Colossus may be closed in order to reverse the trains for Fright Fest.
-Apocalypse, Full Throttle, Goliath, Riddler's Revenge, and Tatsu are all worth re-rides if time permits. Batman, Lex Luthor, Scream, and Superman are worth a second ride only if there is no line. Given your time constraint, nothing else in the park is worth more than one ride.

For reference, here are the wait times I encountered at the event on Saturday (I assume crowd levels will be fairly similar):

30-45 minutes:
Full Throttle

15-30 minutes:
Green Lantern
Riddler's Revenge

Everything else was 15 minutes or less except the water rides (probably because it was a 100 degree day).

As far as food goes, there is no good food at SFMM. Everything served there is standard amusement park fare at high prices. If you want a decent lunch, leave and return later. However, as you will be visiting on a Saturday I would recommend just getting something quick in the park unless it is dead or you may not be able to get on everything.

From Jarod Rydalch
Posted September 15, 2013 at 2:29 PM
Oh dangit i really wanted to go on x2 thankyou for the information though.

From Jarod Rydalch
Posted September 15, 2013 at 2:53 PM
Is it Worth it to plan another trip for next year to go down to ride x2 this trip on the 28th is already planned because we are also going to disneyland so is it worth it to come down again next year or should i go somewhere like great adventure or cedar point?

From AJ Hummel
Posted September 15, 2013 at 3:20 PM
If you've never been to the other parks, I'd pick those over a return visit to SFMM. Cedar Point is definitely a better park than SFMM, and while I'm not a huge fan of SFGAdv they do have El Toro, Nitro, and Kingda Ka. X2 is just one coaster and despite all the hype I don't even think it's the best coaster at SFMM (although it is still a great ride). If it's a choice between no trip and SFMM, then return to SFMM, but if not I'd pick a different park and return to SFMM after they've added the next big coaster (rumor has it Colossus could be receiving a Rocky Mountain conversion as early as 2015).

From Jarod Rydalch
Posted September 15, 2013 at 7:07 PM
So we are most likely plannig another trip to six flags next year but we dont know wich one is the best. (we have never been to any six flags) Is there any specific ones that you think have great thrills, Rollercoasters, and lots of fun in general?

From AJ Hummel
Posted September 16, 2013 at 12:49 PM
For Six Flags parks, I have been to:

Discovery Kingdom
Great Adventure
Great Escape
La Ronde
Magic Mountain
New England
St. Louis

Of those parks, Magic Mountain is the only one with a good enough coaster collection to make a trip specifically to visit the park. New England and Great Adventure are both pretty good parks as well, but neither of them are worth traveling across the country for. If you're planning a larger trip and want to include one of them, they are definitely worth spending a day at, but don't fly all the way to Massachusetts or New Jersey just to visit the parks. The others in the above list aren't worth visiting except as a side trip, as while they do have some good rides none of them have more than one standout attraction and a couple of them (namely Great Escape and La Ronde) are not full day parks.

For the Six Flags parks I have not visited, I generally hear that Great America and Over Georgia are best. Over Texas used to be good as well, but in the past couple years I've heard a ton of negative things about the park. Fiesta Texas is said to be pretty good, but isn't a full day park, and Six Flags America is generally considered the worst park in the chain.

To be honest, if you're planning an amusement park trip, unless you're going to Florida or Cedar Point you need to visit multiple parks for it to be worth it. There are very few parks worth traveling just for that park. If you're more looking for a park you can add onto a non-park trip, pick a destination you want to visit and just go to the nearest major park. While some parks are better than others, I have yet to visit a major park that wasn't good.

From Jarod Rydalch
Posted September 23, 2013 at 7:28 PM

From Andrew Dougherty
Posted September 24, 2013 at 5:40 AM
I really liked Great America when I was there last year.

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