Accidents Involving Injury at Adventure Land Play Rides

Official U.S. federal and state data on theme park accidents is almost nonexistent. That's why Theme Park Insider users are creating this visitor-maintained database of theme park accidents--to give public at least some information about attraction safety records.

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Unverified Reports

10/23/2003 - Submitted by Name Withheld on 7/24/2005
i was on black hole at alton towers and everything was sooo fun until i was goin down and it was ok but suddenly the safty bar was digging into me i could hardly breath, it was right under my ribs!It was painful and when i got off the ride i told the operater and he said you should be fine it happens so i went alond with that. A few days later i was all bruised there. i am fine now but will feel unsafe if i go on black hole again! please dont dis alton towers its a great theme park i do want to go again!

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