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Cheetah Hunt reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Cheetah Hunt, a roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Posted: March 30, 2014

Cheetah Hunt is an Intamin launch coaster that includes three launches, a heartline roll, and many more airtime features. The attraction also features an adjacent cheetah experience where park guests will be able to learn more about the cheetah, through interactive displays. Fans complained about the ride's name when the park announced it, but Busch Gardens clarified that it's the cheetah doing the hunting on this roller coaster chase.

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If you want a smooth ride that is fun but not too intense, this is a very good coaster. It's also a good, long ride. For me, though, I would rename it "Buzzkill." You launch at 60 mph, only to slow immediately to a crawl. It was such a letdown. The next launch takes you straight up a hill - and slows to a crawl again. The third launch was fun, though, because it led to some decent airtime. The best part of the ride was the track twisting through the rocks and water. Overall, I was expecting this to be more intense because of the way Busch had promoted it. - Roger S

Fantastic roller coaster with a fantastic layout! Cheetah Hunt is smooth, fast, and exciting. It also traverses a large area of the park which makes it unique compared to other coasters that are centered in a compact area. Do this ride first as it usually builds up a line rather quickly in the morning. 9/10 - Brendan Sutton

The smoothest roller coaster I have ever been on. Some unique movements as well. - Ryan Chard

Excellent ride and SO SMOOTH!! Love everything about it 10/10 No doubt - Owen Scott

For what it is, it's a great coaster. Decent speed, a long ride time, and great scenery make up for a lack of traditional coaster thrills. There is a burst of speed but the payoff is lost as you immediately travel uphill and lose your momentum. Get there first thing when there is a short line, when the wait time is still worth it! 6/10. - Nick McKaig

Busch gardens did a fantastic job on this ride, I consider it a must ride. It deserves a 10. - Gehrig Ewing

I'm not a "coaster guy." I prefer dark rides, stories, and immersive entertainment. But Cheetah Hunt not only ranks as one of my favorite coasters, it’s in the top ten of my favorite attractions. The launches, speed and effortless turns make this an extraordinary theme park experience. - TH Creative

It's not quite your average coaster: the three launches make it seem like a one-trick pony, but it has a lot of airtime to it and it's an extremely entertaining coaster experience. It says the coaster lasts three and a half minutes, but it sure doesn't feel like it. Not to say that it's not, of course! Lines are currently quite excessive most days, so get to the park before it opens and be the first in line to ensure an enjoyable wait! - Eric Malone

Very nice ride. The queuing area is interesting with facts about cheetahs as well as the coaster posted as you walk up. The initial launch is enjoyable, and I really liked the distance traveled while on the ride rather than having it all crammed into a small space. Also loved the low, bounding action through the rocks in the middle. It can immerse you in the experience where you feel like you are a cheetah running through the park. - Carl Stovall

Cheetah Hunt is an excellent ride! And it's even better at night! - Karly Tenney

Awesome the speed and thrill is intense but EPIC! My friend nearly vomited! The heartline roll is most terrific! Overall, an imense ride! - Ben Goldby

I was so excited about this ride....I understand not every ride has to a whitenuckler experience. It doesn't make sense to be launched 60mph just to slow to a crawl and never regain speed. If you bill it as a family coaster then its "O K" but isn't Thunder Mountain a family coaster as well? (and a good one) This ride seems to take up too much space and have cost too much money for being so tame. Shoulder harnesses for 1 slown inversion? I think this one sounded better on paper. In addition, watch the prerendered CGI of this before it was built. Looked WAY faster and Busch keeps saying "the new breed of speed". So that's why my negative review. Can't wait for a new coaster from Busch... they usually don't dissapoint. - brian newsome

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