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Pirates 4-D reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Pirates 4-D, a 4d movie at Busch Gardens Tampa.

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Posted: September 7, 2013

2 films, each screened 3 times daily, are shown at this theatre. One is "Sesame Street Film Festival 4-D", starring the Sesame Street cast. The other is "Pirates 4-D", starring Adam Wylie as a young marooned sailor, Davie, Leslie Nielsen as the maleficent Captain Lucky returning to Davie's island upon which he murdered his last crew, and Eric Idle, of Monty Python fame, as the bumbling, obsequious first mate Pierre.

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Thank god it's being replaced 2/10 - Owen Scott

We went just to get off of our feet and laugh at the cheese factor, but people acted like animals trying to get into the show for some reason. Barring that, the show itself is mildly entertaining and clearly aimed for kids, but the effects didn't work at all during our show.. so it was more Pirates 3D than anything else. - Eric Malone

I think the new Sesame Street 4D film is a nice replacement for Pirates 4D, but Busch Gardens could do better than that. My suggestion would be to keep Sesame Street 4D, but simply move it over to the Sesame Street Safari of Fun area(would require a newer, yet smaller 4D theater to be built, but it'd be worth it as more families would appreciate it being with the other sesame street attractions. Then do a completely different 4D film about either Timbuktu or Animals in the wild as the new film for the Timbuktu theater. - Justin Kermgard

Sesame Street show is better than the Pirates. I don't think I every got so wet in a 4D theatre! I went in to get out of the rain and came out wetter than I went in. Bad, bad, bad movie though. 2/10 - D H

liked it better with the light house just be glad that it is not barny - Manny Rodriguez

We saw the Sesame Street Film Festival Show and thought it was all right. They seemed to be having problems with the speakers as some things were too loud and at other times the characters' voices were drowned out by the music. - Carl Stovall

LAAAMMEEE [Jay-Z "Takeover" voice]. Super-cheesy, super-corny, pitiful special effects. Unless you just want to sit in an air-conditioned room, skip this. - Formula 40

Just an ok show. Nothing fancy. Shrek at USO is much better. - Andy Milio

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